(1939-01-20) A Beautiful, Moonlit Night
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Summary: In a bid for a private moment, Esther arranges to have Zayn meet her just in time for curfew - A move that costs Slytherin a few points, but has an excellent pay-off.
Date: 1939-01-20
Location: The Armour Gallery, Third Floor, Hogwarts

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Zayn enters the Armor Gallery his hand holding a small pocket watch as he looks out at the window which has has Esther standing in front of it, "Come on I need to take you back to the commons." he says, "I don't want to have to take points." he says, softly, his hand moving running through his hair, "Esther, you really shouldn't time things so close to curfew." he says shaking his head and moving towards her.

"Sssh." Esther smiles, looking out over the lake. It's strangely calm, and the clear night has the moon up and shining, reflected upon the surface. Zayn is beckoned /very/ gently, as if she's worried that he might disturb it by being too loud. "Come a little closer." She asks, "I'll come in just a moment. I just want to share this with someone." Someone. Someone right now is played by Zayn, though…

To say Zayn look impatient would be an understatement. Though he moves closer none the less, speaking a bit quieter now. "What Esther?" he asks curious as he stands directly behind her, his head over her shoulder, perhaps a bit too close, his warm breath easily on her neck as he speaks. His body only a few inches from hers.

There's a line that's about to be crossed, too. Esther gently slots into Zayn's body, sliding infront of him, reaching behind to take his hands, and rest them over her stomach. Her own holding his in place, his chin up above her shoulder. His breath feels so pleasant, it causes her eyes to flutter closed for a few seconds. And then she opens them, to look out over the lake once more. "I don't get to see it like this too often. The castle is a beautiful place at night, Zayn. Even despite the shadows about." She murmurs.

Zayn holds her close and looks out the window, softly he nuzzles her neck. "It is, though it is rather quiet at night, I rather prefer it." he says softly with a slow nod, "You certainly are a night owl, Lowe." he comments with a slow nod. "Is that what you wanted to show me? The lake?" he asks curiously, he says softly holding her close with a small squeeze, "Or was this a ploy for me to hold you?" he asks a soft smile tugging on his lips.

The nuzzle isn't accepted unkindly either, Esther canting her head to the side a little and smiling. "Why not both?" She asks, as if she'd expected him to call her on it. "You're not complaining, Zayn." She turns her head towards him, looking at him. Her lips pursed a little, before she speaks. "I'm confused. I think… I'm just a stupid young girl all full of hopes and best wishes and stupid dreams."

Zayn nods slowly, "Nor would I, though as stated I will never do something you don't want Esther." he says nodding a bit, his hand running through his hair as she looks at him, a soft smile on his face, "I am not trying to confuse you Esther, I believe I have made my thoughts and intentions rather clear." he says with a small shrug, "Nor did I mean to offend Myrus, though it seems that I certainly was a bit more hostile then need, for that I sincerely apologize." he says closing his eyes a letting out a small sigh.

"That's… Not what confuses me." Esther bites her lower lip briefly, reaching a hand up slowly - Gently running a hand through his hair as well. "What if I'm less than you're thinking..?" Her voice drops. "What if this is just a dream?" She's staring in his eyes, lit by the moon. It's a beautiful place to have a conversation. "… What do I mean to you?"

Zayn looks at her for a long moment, listening to her. He doesn't answer right away, he just stares into her eyes, in the silence for a good long moment, "What if you are more then I think?" he asks her, "What if this is reality?" he continues, "What if you mean more to me then the words we use can describe?" he inquires, "Because my question is still, why." he says with a small shrug, squeezing her a little tighter, "Why do I care for you beyond the use of words?" he asks.

Esther's voice shrinks into nothing. Her cheeks are mildly flushed, as she looks up at Zayn; "Zayn…" She whispers, her eyes lidding a little in the moonlight. "… Kiss me." Her words are followed by her fingers spreading a little behind his head, pulling him in gently, leaning up to press her lips to his very gently. It's a chaste moment, a pure, sweet touch of their lips that she's determined to let last for as long as humanly possible. Held in his arms, pressed lightly against him.

Zayn stares into her eyes for a long moment, he doesn't instantly kiss her, he waits, giving her time to think in case she wants to change her mind before they do this. "Okay…" he says slowly, in nothing more then a whisper. Then he leans in and softly presses his lips to hers. His and arm tightening around her as his free hand moves up to support her neck as he kisses her softly.

Esther delights in the soft kiss for a few long seconds, before she pulls away… Eyes fluttering open to look at Zayn again. The gaze is affectionate. Considered. And then she leans in again, touching their lips - This time her own instinctively begin to part. Her cheeks are a little flushed, her mind is overwhelmed, and her heart pounds like it's trying to break free of her chest…

Zayn tilts his head curiously as he watches her as she now this time kisses him. He returns the kiss, holding her close, his hand moving off her neck into her hair as he kisses her, his eyes closed, he can feel her heart beating. His is doing the same, as they break away from the kiss, he nuzzles her cheek softly for a moment, "Esther, Five points from Slytherin, for being out past curfew." it is the first thing he says her after their first, two kisses, but perhaps that is all his mind can manage to comprehend right now.

"… You're supposed to call me Esther Lowe, if you're going to do that." Esther whispers against his ear, the girl nuzzling against his cheek in return. Her hand slowly slides out of his hair, and she murmurs. "Gonna take me back to the common room then?" A gentle press forward with her body pulls it away from his, so she can turn to face him. Her cheeks flushed, but…

Zayn nods slowly, "Esther Lowe, Five Points from Slytherin, for being out past curfew." he says slowly, still in almost a whisper, "That better?" he asks, his hand running through his hair slowly, "And yes, I am." he says. His eyes move across her as she turns and faces his him, his hand moves up and slowly strokes her cheek, "Just because you kiss me doesn't get you off the hook." he says, his tone still affectionate, "Did that just confuse you more?" inquires curiously.

"No." Esther smiles sweetly. "I'd expected to lose ten… So clearly I'm affecting your best judgement." She reaches up, holding his hand in place, cuddling into it - And touching her lips to it once, twice, three times. "Did that clarify anything for you, Zayn?" She asks, seeming a little bit shy again..

Zayn wraps his arms around her slowly, pulling her close, "Pfft ten is extreme, you just barely missed curfew and clearly alerted a prefect when you found one and asked to be escorted back, not trying to sneak, five is reasonable." he says softly, "Just that I love you Esther." he says slowly, with a small nod, "But I understand and respect your choice." he says, his hand moving up to stroke her cheek, brushing some hair away.

Esther shakes her head, sighing sweetly. "'m gonna have to avoid telling you about all my misbehaviours, if we're to win the House Cup." His words have her eyes widen, the girl's reaction possibly not what he might expect. The girl's legs feel weak, as if they won't support her any longer - And in two short steps, her arms are wrapped around him for support. She might not say it back, at least yet, but her hold is sweet, and needy.
She… She hadn't expected that.

Zayn just holds her close and up, he doesn't say anything he just holds her close and tight his eyes closing, "I have thought that perhaps I loved you, but wasn't sure." he whispers softly in her ear, "But kissing you… it was beyond words, just like my feelings." he says his hand moving to brush a bit of her hair out of her face, "I am sorry if it was too much, but we agreed to be honest." he says nodding slowly.

"… I want to love you." Esther whispers against his chest. "I… I know I do. But…" The girl bites her lower lip, cuddling in to him. "I… I've complicated things so much, Zayn. Forgive me, please…" She whispers, "I feel so weak." That's… Honesty. She feels powerless. Especially now that she knows how real her feelings for the prefect are. "

Zayn helps to steady Esther on her feet, his thumb rubbing the side of her cheek, "You want to, but you don't." he says slowly, the smile doesn't vanish from his face, "I know this and I have known this, like I said, I understand and respect your choice." he says, leaning in and kissing her forehead, "You are not weak, Esther Lowe, you are just struggling." he says his hand moves up and taps her nose, "Life comes in seasons, we all have winters, but eventually spring will come and melt away all the snow." he says softly with another nod.

Esther shakes her head, and pushes away from him suddenly. It's a flash of the passion that she's aware gets her in trouble, so often. But it's used for good - Her hand cupping his cheek, and her voice soft, clear and sweet. "I know that I love you, Zayn Arshad Shafiq." She admits. "I've… Never felt a kiss like that. A moment like that. A true… Kindred spirit." She looks down suddenly, her confidence fleeing until a long, drawn breath builds her back up to meet his eyes. "…I shouldn't feel like that. But I do. And I… I can't deny my heart what it truly wants."

Zayn stands quietly and stares at her, he doesn't speak once again just listens and quietly thinks to himself, "Lets get you back to the dorms." he says softly nodding, his eyes closing for a moment, "I think it would be best for you, Esther, to let your head settle and sleep on the thoughts you have." he says nodding, "Not that I do not like them, I simply do not want you to be caught in the heat of the moment and make a brash choice." he says beckoning her to follow, "Also please do not mistake my concern for you, as a lack of affection." he says softly, turning and smiling at her, "Contrary to what some may believe, this is not a elaborate plot of dressing snakes up as frogs. I want you to truly consider and think about your choices and actions." he says softly still smiling at her.

"I… I think I've always known, Zayn." Esther bites her lower lip. Her conversation with Medusa is the one that lingers, as she can almost still feel his lips on hers. "Take me back then. I think I've lost enough points for one evening." Her hand reaches for his, almost instinctively.

Zayn nods softly, "Would be fore the best you do not get in any trouble." he says softly, "Perhaps you have perhaps you haven't, I simply care and respect you far too much to take advantage or not allow you to seriously think about everything, Esther." he says taking hers and giving her hand a soft squeeze, "Even if it means loosing you, I would rather loose you then take advantage of you." he says, his gaze moving towards her a small smile of his face, "Because I do love you." he says softly as he starts to escort her out.

"And I love you." Esther's response is immediate, this time. "… Would be you could tuck me in, Zayn." A small smile. "… I feel almost like I could sleep, tonight." She begins the walk back with him.

Zayn nods, "I can see you off at the stairs, I am doubtful that my presence would be much appreciated in the girls dorms." he says softly with a small nod, "And you sleeping would be a good thing." he says walking with her, hand in hand, taking her back.
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"Perhaps. Besides, I have a jealous side." Esther bites her lower lip again. "I have… A great many sides. I can only hope you're as tolerant of them as I dream." Hand in hand sounds good. Once in the common room, at the staircase, she turns in the semi privacy of the landing, gently grasping his shoulders to come in, and touch another kiss to his lips. "Take care, Zayn…"

Zayn returns to kiss, "Rest well, Esther." he says before he turns to head back to boys dorms, his hand running through his hair softly as he does so. Silently pondering things in his mind.

Esther goes to bed almost immediately, not bothering with a nightie before she slips inbetween the covers… Consumed by thoughts, fears, and the memory of Zayn, pressed up against her.
Zayn, handsome, charming, heartstealing.
Zayn. Sweet. Loving.
Zayn. Hers?
… Zzzzzz…

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