(1939-01-21) Unity Against the Violence
Details for Unity Against the Violence
Summary: Cassius Malfoy finally speaks on behalf of the Unity Party, taking a stance on Gellert Grindelwald and the recent violence that has plagued the wizarding world.
Date: Jan 21, 1939
Location: Ministry of Magic Atrium
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In the two weeks since the Sykes Gala, when controversial politician, Cassius Malfoy, was among those targeted with the Cruciatus Curse, there has been ceaseless speculation about what this could mean for the future of the Unity Party. At long last, the party announced that Mr. Malfoy would be delivering a statement for the press in the Ministry Atrium. Reporters from every news periodical cram around the small stage where the podium has been set up. The Wizarding Wireless Network is present, broadcasting the speech live all over the British Isles.

At last, Cassius Malfoy appears, emerging from one of the Ministry's many lifts, surrounded by four rather intimidating looking wizards, all wearing badges that read Aegis Security. Leaning slightly on a polished cane, Cassius is escorted to the podium with Rhyeline Diderot on his arm. The tall, platinum haired barrister steps up to the podium, towering well above the heads of the pressmen present.

"Throughout history," Malfoy begins, "oppressors have used violence as a tool to gain power to dominate and to terrorize. A 'tool'. But, violence is not a tool. It is a crutch — a crude instrument to prop them up as they stumble about, wreaking havoc all around them. A true tool is an instrument of creation. Not a weapon of destruction. We use tools to build homes, roads, bridges — to build what shelters and connects us. Violence shatters those connections. It destroys what we’ve built. It destroys our very lives."

Cassius furrows his brow, a glimpse of a frown forming before it is quickly banished. "With two dead and I myself among the five tortured on the night of the Sykes Gala, already we begin to witness first-hand the horror of such methods.

"This attack was the vile act of narrow-minded agitators who have allowed their blind hatred to control them. A problem exists in our society. But rather than take constructive action towards reform, they would tear families apart through death and shatter souls through the unspeakable agonies of their Dark magic.

"These are sins that we cannot forgive. I will not rest until these culprits are brought to justice: captured, prosecuted, and locked away in a cold, dark cell of Azkaban until the end of their days. And justice will be done. But I refuse to condone vengeance or retaliation that seeks to match the horrors dealt. Further violence will heal nothing. It will mend no broken lives. Yet some have raised a call to arms. The proponents of the Army of Truth seek to widen the growing schism in our world.

"Is this how we will respond to the heinous acts of that night?"

Cassius shakes his head slowly, with a stern set to his jaw. “No. Unequivocally, the answer is no. The call to arms, the demands for boycotts, will only propagate further segregation. Division is a disease we must cure. It has plagued us. It has plagued humanity for centuries. Division has harmed us long enough." He spreads his arms wide, wincing as if in pain, then brings them together in a firm joining of his hands, a calm coming over his features. "We must unite against this violence and stand strong in the face of would-be oppressors.

"Gellert Grindelwald means to dominate the world. His manifesto reveals his delusions, how he believes himself our world’s only salvation. Yet, this ill-trained healer of humanity’s ills would achieve his aims through war and conquest. He will overrun those that disagree with him and kill any who stand to oppose him. Once there might have been a time when his harmful influence might have been curbed. However, those in Europe with the power to do so failed to act, and this has allowed him to consolidate power.

"Grindelwald's crusade will tear down all the veils that hide our world, and will reveal us to the Muggles as tyrants and devils. They will recall their legends of terrifying witches and evil sorcerers, and they will fight back with weapons more devastating than we could have ever conceived.

"But all is not lost. Although there is no longer a question of whether secrecy will continue to conceal our world so long as Grindelwald remains on the warpath, we can mitigate the damage he will cause.

“Here at home, we can take action to reveal ourselves as friends, mentors, and fellows suffering under the same yokes. We will remind the Muggles of their legends of the likes of Merlin, who served as an advisor and dear friend to their greatest king. We will be allies against the oppression that threatens us all. United, as one world." Again, Cassius brings his hands together in a unifying gesture.

"It must begin here in Britain when I introduce the Unity Act.

"Under the Unity Act, Great Britain must declare its independence from the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. We must have the freedom to move in time to pre-empt the damage that Grindelwald’s actions will soon cause. Additionally, the Ministry of Magic must restructure itself to accommodate this new shift. We must increase communication and collaboration between our government and the Muggles' leaders.

“The Department of Magical Education will come to include programs to teach Muggles what we truly are, and not what their half-remembered legends tell them. Likewise, the Muggle education establishment will work with us to better help wizards comprehend the Muggle world. The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes will become the Department of Magical Assistance and Collaboration, devoted to lending aid in the event of magical mishaps, rather than merely cleaning and covering up their existence.

“At every step of program design and implementation, we will consult and cooperate with representatives designated by the Muggle government to ensure an equitable and mutually beneficial transition. Our governments and citizens will move forward as allies; companions in a shared struggle to save our world from domination or destruction.

“We must demand action of our Ministry," Cassius says forcefully as he brings his hand down on the podium. "For the sake of our own survival, for the future of our children, the Wizengamot must hear our call. They must call for a vote and when the time comes, the vote must be 'yea'. I call on the wizarding community to set aside their righteous anger to take up the banner of non-violence, to stand with the Unity Party in support of a future that allows us to step out of the shadows, away from fear, and into the light wherein mankind will stand as one at long last."

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