(1939-01-22) An Unexpected Malfoy
Details for An Unexpected Malfoy
Summary: A young girl is welcomed into the Malfoy family.
Date: Jan 22, 1939
Location: Orphanage, then Berylwood

Cassius's day has been largely consumed by the very interesting file that was sent to him from the social services desk. Normally he doesn't handle such matters, being much more involved in criminal law and legislative procedure. But it was fairly clear that he should be involved in this one. Now that he has fully familiarized himself with the case, it is time to meet the subject of the file. Having made his way to the wizarding orphanage and meeting with the mistress of the house, he raps lightly on one of the many doors, donning a warm, but reserved smile in preparation.

Aris is handling things better than most children her age would. Of course this is only on the outside and the ten year old girl has taken to isolating herself since she was brought here. Sitting inside the small room that served as her bedroom she is in a chair that she placed near the window reading a thick book on basic political strategy. It was the only thing she managed to grab before she had to leave her home and she has almost finished it by now. Pale gold eye look up as she hears the knock and calls out in a soft, calm and yet clear voice. "Come in." She closes the book and rises to her feet setting the book ontop of the dresser and watching the door.

Cassius opens the door peeking it at the platinum blonde girl, his lips parting in astonishment. "Hello Aris." He steps in, thanking the mistress and leaving her in the hall, shutting the door behind him. "This must be a very difficult time for you. I hope I can make it a bit easier. My name is Cassius Malfoy. Aris…I'm your uncle."

"Hello.." Aris is hesitant when she sees the man but his next words have her eyes widening slightly. She looks like she wants to ask a multitude of questions but she remains polite. "It has been difficult yes…" She lowers her head remembering the incident that landed her here and lets out a soft breath before she looks up her eyes are slightly damp but she keeps her composure not letting the tears fall. "Its nice to meet you Mr Malfoy. As you probably know I'm Aris Shafiq. To be honest I didn't know if my father and his family even wanted me…This is a surprise for me but a welcome one." A small but sincerely happy small crosses her lips and she takes a slow step forward. If you would like a seat please take the chair I can sit on the bed…there isn't much room here I'm afraid." She moves over to the bed and sits down neatly smoothing out her dress and watching him with curiousity.

Cassius takes the chair with a nod, crossing his legs. "Thank you, Aris. I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope that you will also find that you are gaining something in this tragedy. Tell me…did you know your father was a Malfoy? I think perhaps you should tell me how much you already know."

"Your welcome." Aris nods slowly her smile fading into a thoughtful look. "Mother didn't like to talk about my father…she seemed…embarrassed for lack of a better word. She never told me his surname or that I was a Malfoy but I started asking questions about him when I was six. I was curious. She never told me more than his first name and that I look a lot like him. I know now that his name was Cyril Malfoy and I didn't even know the surname until I overheard a conversation the orphanage mistress was having with some ministry people. I hate being in the dark about things…its always best to now whats going on when it involves you." She brushes a strand of her pale hair over one shoulder and continues to study the man across from her. "Can I ask what will happen to me? Provided anything has even been decided yet?"

Cassius's smile broadens evermore as the girl illustrates her inquisitive nature and need to be on top of things. "My, my…you truly are one of us. I admire your drive, my dear. Of course you may ask anything you like. What will happen to you is not yet firmly decided. In fact, I should like to have your input. As I see it, there are a few options. There are other Shafiqs that might consider taking you in, but from what I have gathered, they are as unknown to you as we Malfoys are. Your father — my brother — does not yet know about you. I do not know how he will react, but I will say this, Aris. If you want it, you will always have a place in our family. Blood is an unbreakable bond."

Aris smiles faintly and thinks for a minute. She nods at the answer to her question her eyes widening a little when he offers her a place in the family. "My grandparents on my mothers side wouldn't take me in….I can't say I'm hopeful that other Shafiqs would take me when they wouldn't. Still you have offered me a place in your family and I'm very grateful for that. Thank you. I think I would like to be a Malfoy more than a Shafiq at this point but I want to know all my options and any other vital information first. Whatever I decide though I still want to meet my father." She gives him a soft smile it would even be considered sweet if her eyes didn't look so calculating.

"Vital information?" Cassius chuckles at the ten-year-old's vocabulary. "Oh, you are a dream, child. I do believe I can be frank with you. Very well, you shall meet your father. Tonight. If he does not want you, then you shall have a place in my home. You have two other aunts as well, you know — Edwarlinda and Medusa — and a baby cousin, Circe." He leans forward, propping his elbows on his knees. "Aris…if you truly wish to be a Malfoy, I can make it happen. I've already drafted the documents necessary for a legal name change. All it will require is the signature of whomever becomes your legal guardian, whether that be Cyril, myself, or another."

Aris's cheeks turn a bit pink at the praise but listens quietly while Cassius speaks. She seems excited by the look in her eyes and yet she does her best to remain composed and calm. She nods her smile bright when he mentions the papers. She shifts on the bed slightly trying to contain her excitement. "Thank you Uncle. I am now almost positive this is what I want. I want to be a Malfoy and if my father doesn't want me I think I would be very happy with you as my guardian. Will you tell me what I should expect when I meet my father?"

Cassius smirks with amusement, clearly quite endeared by this precocious child. "Your father is an impulsive man. He feels things very deeply, and does not often hide his feelings. Undoubtedly, this is what your mother saw in him. He is very charismatic, and easily draws people to him. I cannot say just what you should expect. But…it is my hope that your presence in his life will be an anchor, to help him settle down."

Aris listens as Cassius speaks and nods slowly taking the information in with a thoughtful expression. "It sounds like his reaction to me could either be very good or terribly bad…from what you have said I gather his reactions to surprises like this would tend to be extreme? Still if he does want me then that would be good if not…" She smirks back at Cassius. "Then I also have a backup plan, where you will take me instead…if that happens I suppose I would still have the opportunity to get to know him which I think I would like."

"Whatever happens, you will be a part of one another's lives in some form or another." Cassius rises, smoothing out his jacket. "I suspect you are more than ready to leave this place. Would you like to come with me now? We'll go to Berylwood, my home, and I'll send an owl for your father to meet us there."

Aris nods barely able to contain her excitement and rises to her feet as well. There is a pleased look on her face when he mentions taking her with him. She smiles brightly up at Cassius. "I would like that yes. I'm ready to leave now if you are?" She goes to get her book and then moves beside Cassius ready to follow him out.

Cassius offers his arm in gentlemanly fashion to the young lady. "Have you no luggage? Nothing to pack?" He frowns with mild concern.

Aris takes the arm with a smile. Her expression becomes bit sad at the question. "Just the book. My room and most of the rest of the house was destroyed by the explosion….I was in the garden reading when it happened so the book and my current clothes are all I have…"

Cassius frowns, kneeling down to look Aris in the eyes…those golden eyes. She is unquestionably Cyril's daughter. "Then we shall have to rectify that. How about a detour to Twilfit and Tattings? You'd like to look your best when you meet your father, wouldn't you?"

Aris nods smiling softly. She meets his eyes head on and her smile brightens. "I would prefer to look my best for that yes. Lets go to Twilfit and Tattings first then and….thank you Uncle." She tries to wrap her arms around him in a gentle hug.

"Oh! Ahh," Cassius's surprise is brief, but the hug is welcomed, and he returns it fondly. "Of course, my dear. You are family, and there is nothing more important than that. Let's go." Holding on to her, he picks her right up into his arms, taking her away to her new life.


It's been a busy day for Cassius Malfoy. Amidst the flurry of letters and meetings that followed the previous day's speech on the Unity Party, a most interesting file came across his desk at the Wizengamot Administration Services. To the surprise of many, it caused him to set aside nearly everything else to attend to the matter. After sending Rhyeline home early to make preparations at Berylwood for a dinner for four, and see that two extra rooms were readied if necessary, he sent an owl off to his brother, Cyril. The message stated only: "Come to Berylwood tonight at 6:00 PM. Urgent. - Cassius"

The clop of hoofbeats on the driveway announce the arrival of Cassius's carriage. When it comes to a stop, the footman signals the house staff to come assist. Soon, a small army of servants appear to help carry in numerous shopping bags and boxes from all over Diagon Alley, all far more than should possibly fit in the boot of the carriage. A visit to Twilfit and Tattings may have turned into more of a shopping spree. Cassius steps out of the carriage, turning to offer his hand to another passenger inside. "My dear, welcome to Berylwood."

Rhyeline is in one of the rooms on the third floor, arranging a selection story-books on the shelf over the little writing desk. The moment Cassius' carriage passes through the front gates, the house elf apparates into the room to inform her of Cassius' return. Rheyline quickly settles upon the book of wizarding fairy tales with the brightest, most intricate illustrations and places it on the bedside table.

Just as Cassius and his young companion are stepping into the magnificent entrance hall, Rhyeline is making her way across the gleaming black marble to greet them. Hands clasped tight behind her back, she offers the pair a rather shy, but warm smile.

Cyril is currently pacing back in forth in one of the upstairs hallways, a hand resting firmly on his chin. The man doesn't ponder much, but when he's presented a letter from his nearly-murdered politician brother, he can turn into a bit of a worrier.

Accepting the hand Aris exits the carriage with slightly wide eyes of pale gold as she takes everything in. The small girl with her pale blonde hair is quite obviously a Malfoy and likely the cuase of there being so many packages as well. Once she is down she looks up at Cassius with awe in her expression though she seems to be trying to control her excitement as he leads her into the entrance hall. "It beautiful Uncle…" She looks around taking everything she can in at once before looking back to Cassius with a sweet happy smile. "It is amazing. Will you show me around then? Do you have a library?" Her attention is drawn to the woman and she smiles faintly but still rather warmly at her in return. She doesn't speak anymore just yet still holding onto Cassius hand and trying to contain her excitement.

The packages are deposited on a table in the entrance hall for the time being, at least until it is decided where their final destination will be.

Cassius beams proudly down at Aris. "We have an exceptional library. I'm glad you like it. You will always have a place here. Aris, I want you to meet my consort, the lovely Miss Rhyeline Diderot. Rhyeline, this is Aris…Aris Malfoy. Perhaps you could show her to the library. I noted Cyril's motorcycle outside. I'll go hunt him down." Cassius kisses Rhyeline's hand, and parts ways with the ladies to locate his brother.

Rhyeline's soft smile brightens when Cassius tells the child about the library. Stepping a bit closer, her cheeks grow warm with a subtle blush when Cassius kisses her hand. "Of course, my love…" she murmurs in a soft, hushed tone. Looking to Aris, Rhyeline offers the child her other hand. "Hello Aris… Come… I will show you the library…"

Having heard voices, Cyril's gone to investigate, making his way down the staircase to the foyer, "Cassius, is everything alright?" He looks his brother over, seeing if he can spot any obvious maladies. Satisfied that Cass isn't dying, his golden eyes move elsewhere, stopping on the little girl, "Who is this?"

"Its very nice to meet you Miss Diderot. I would be very hapy to see the library. Do you have any books on politics or maybe mystery novels?" Aris admits and then asks the woman with a soft eager smile. She takes her hand and then Cyril comes down the stairs and she goes still watching him carefully. She tilts her head to one side and admits quietly to Rhyeline. "Mother was right I do look a bit like him…but I still think I'm prettier." She smiles faintly at Cyril. "I am Aris Anastasia Malfoy, its a pleasure to finally meet you." She thinks for a moment and decides it would be best to let Cassius handle his brother for now and give him the news. She looks back to Rhyeline expectantly waiting for the woman to show the way to the library.

Cassius smiles back at Aris with a certain pride. "Precocious, isn't she? Cyril, I have something to tell you. Ladies, you go ahead to the library, we'll catch up." Cassius bids Cyril follow him to the small wetbar situated in a nook not far from the library door. Once Rhyeline has escorted Aris away, he pours his brother a snifter of cognac. "Cyril, do you remember a woman named Asma Shafiq?"

Rhyeline blinks, looking rather surprised at the girl's request. Mystery novels are no shock, but whoever heard of a 10 year old interested in politics? She glances to Cassius before looking once more at Aris. It would seem that Rhyeline doesn't quite know what to make of the child.

Rhyeline hesitates when Cyril approaches. She waits at Aris' side, holding her hand as the rather precocious child greets her father. At Aris' expectant look, and Cassius' encouragement, Rhyeline nods at last and leads Aris off into the library. Peeking over at Aris, Rhyeline hesitates a moment before murmuring, "It is the most beautiful library… there are ladders to reach the taller shelves…"

Cyril looks a bit confused at Aris' remarks but his attention is quickly stolen by Cassius, who he follows to the wetbar. He takes the glass, "Asma Shafiq? The name rings a bell, yes. Why do you ask?" He peeks into the library, watching Rhyeline walk with the little girl, "Cassius, who is that?" It doesn't seem like Cyril is completely oblivious to the answer…just a bit reluctant to admit it.

Aris walks beside Rhyeline her eyes wide with excitement as Rhyeline talks about the library. "The shelves are so high you need ladders to reach them?" Aris looks even more excited now and is practically bouncing with glee. "I can't wait to see. I like to read about politics and history a great deal and mystery novels too but that's just light reading when I need a break from the heavier stuff. Basically I just like reading…" She blushes a bit and smiles nervously up at Rhyeline. "Sorry…I'm just excited…"

"I think you've guess the answer, Cyril," Cassius says, leaning against the bar. "Asma took something away from your encounter. Something rather beautiful, I think you'll agree." He glances back toward the library. "But…there was an accident. A potions experiment went wrong and exploded. I'm sorry, Cyril. Asma is gone. But she's left an extraordinary legacy."

Rhyeline doesn't quite seem to know what to make of the child's rather mature tastes in books, but she smiles with a cautious approval. Pushing open the door, Rhyeline leads Aris into the room and pauses to let her take in the shelves upon shelves of books that tower high alongside the tall windows. "There are some wonderful mystery books… and- and more books on history and- and political affairs than you'd think had ever even been written…"

Upon hearing Cassius' explanation, Cyril's hand grips the lip of the wet-bar and he quickly down his drink, a certain fear that it's doubtful even Cassius has ever seen in his eyes. He takes a deep breath and looks back to Cassius, "She's not like me…is she?"

Cassius steps up to Cyril, placing a hand on his brother's arm. "She's intelligent, inquisitive…and immeasurably brave. I suppose in that sense, she's very much like you. Cyril…come meet her. See for yourself. Just remember, I am here for you, and for her."

Stopping in the library door with an expression that is a perfect mixture of awe and glee Aris looks as if she just got the best present in the history of presents. She steps forward slowly releasing Rhyeline's hand and blinking as she looks around the room wandering past the many shelves and examining titles with joy written plainly on her face. "So many books…its magnificent. I think I have just found my heaven on earth." Her voice is soft and filled with awe and she looks to Rhyeline with a bright smile. "What would you recommend I start with? I'm currently interested studying the basics of political strategy and the history behind famous politicians and their goals." She doesn't seem to realize that her choice of subjects is odd for someone her age.

Rhyeline watches Aris with a warm smile, knowing well the excitement and elation filling the child's heart. "Mm… well… One of my favorite authors is Euphemia Slughorn… she writes stories, but- but there are profound lessons- lessons that should inform political behavior and discourse… You might like her work." Rhyeline plucks the copy of Wandering Through the Dark. "This is the first one she wrote…" she murmurs, offering it to little Aris.

Cyril offers Cassius a nod and sets the glass down and clears his throat, putting that Cyril face on as he enters the library. "You should…" He pauses for a moment, clearing his throat, again. "You should take a look at "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" by T.E. Lawrence," remarks Cyril as he approaches the two ladies, hands clasped behind his back.

Cassius steps in quietly behind Cyril, a warm smile lightening his features, which only brightens further seeing how Aris adores the library. He moves to Rhyeline's side, offering his arm.

Rhyeline draws close and takes Cassius' offered arm at once, relieved at his presence. Still not quite sure what to make of the child, Rhyeline finds herself a bit shy of her. And of course, she is shyer still of Cyril. Silent, Rhyeline clings a bit to Cassius' arm as she watches the father and daughter interact.

Reaching out carefully Aris takes the book with a smile and a nod to Rhyeline. "That does sound interesting thank you." She looks around for a place to sit and finding a chair settles gracefully into it. She opens the book with care to the first page and starts reading. When Cyril speaks though she looks up again and smiles softly and nods. "I'll read that one next then. I'll probably need recommendations to keep just going from shelf to shelf trying to read everything in here." She hesitates studying him carefully with those pale gold eyes. Her tone is calm as she speaks. "So now you know about me….I admit I knew next to nothing about you either other than you are my father. I didn't know your surname until two days ago. But If you are willing I would like to be a part of your life now?" That stare is intense and though she stays relatively calm the uncertainity is there just under the surface.

There's a cold look on Cyril's face as his eyes move over the small girl. After a moment he clears his throat and moves to kneel down next to where she's seated. "Aris, I would be honored to have you in my life. Though, I must admit, my own library isn't quite as grand." A small, genuine smile finds its way to his lips and his eyes move to Cassius and Rhyeline, saying, "She's gorgeous."

Cassius grins, nodding to Cyril. "She's lovely, and perfectly welcome in this library whenever she likes. In fact…we've arranged a room here, should Aris ever come to visit, or…" He doesn't finish the thought aloud, letting Cyril piece together what he might mean.

Aris notices that cold look and her eyes narrow a bit getting ready to return it but then Cyril is kneeling in front of her and her eyes widen slightly in surprise. She smiles warmly now even though she is a bit shocked at his words. "I…I wasn't expecting that you would actually want me. Yes it was possible but I honestly thought the odds were better that you would try and send me away. It seems I would have lost that bet…Thank you though…Father." Her smile is bright but Cassius's words have her even happier. "Thank you Uncle! I would love to visit you sometimes." She smiles happily at Cassius before looking back to Cyril and reaches out to try and hug him.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip upon catching sight of the cold look on Cyril's face. But at his acceptance of his daughter, Rhyeline releases a quiet breath of relief that only Cassius might hear. For the moment, the mouse remains silent at Cassius' side.

Cyril offers a shake of his head to Cassius and he says, "Can you get a letter out to my house requesting that Barney begin clearing out the guest bedroom and bring the car around in a few hours?" His attention returns to Aris and he leans in wrap his giant arms around his daughter, "I would never turn you away, Aris. You are my blood and nothing in this life matters more than that."

Aris hugs Cyril tightly now. "I was hoping that would be your answer but I would be foolish not to prepare for all possible outcomes that I could think of." She looks up at him her eyes showing both happiness and relief that he has accepted her. "I will do my best to make you proud of me I promise." She is being sincere and she intends to follow through with that promise the determination in her eyes clear to see.

At Cyril's request, Cassius heads off to send a message to Barney. Rhyeline can't help but smile as she watches the father and daughter, but follows Cassius to leave the two to talk for a bit.

"And I am sure that you will succeed," responds Cyril with a smile as he stands up slowly to move a chair over to sit next to her. He has a seat and straightens out his pants, looking over to her, "Well, I suppose we should have a little question and answer session while they're away. Is there anything in particular that you would like to know about me?"

Aris thinks for a moment before she nods. Leaning back in her chair and shifting the book on her lap she watches Cyril curiously. "Well yes…but I have so many questions I'm not sure where to start…I want to know about you as a person, your intrests, occupation, opinions and about what you expect from me as your daughter as well. Its hard to put ten years worth of questions into a suitable order you know. Where would you suggest we start? Do you have any questions for me as well?"

"I understand what you mean, Aris, believe me." He sits back in his chair, propping his head up with his hand, "Well…what do you like to do for fun? I see that you like to read, of course. Anything else?" He seems a little bit at a loss, though that's entirely understandable.

"Well I also like playing chess, practicing the violin, and I was also taking dance lessons which was fun…" Aris replies with a soft smile and the he expression turns sad. "My violin was destroyed in the explosion though along with everything else I owned…Uncle Cassius took me shopping for things I will need though which was very nice of him." She smiles fondly at the memory and then gives Cyril a serious yet still curious look. "Are you married? I always wondered why mother didn't want to talk about you and figured maybe you had someone else in place of her and that was the reason…"

Cassius slips quietly into the library with Rhyeline on his arm, having seen the owl sent off to Barney. "She plays," he comments quietly to Rhyeline. "We'll have to show her the music room before she goes."

Rhyeline remains tucked close against Cassius' side. Lowering her gaze, she tilts her head to listen to his comment. "The violin… the cello… and the piano… that would be so lovely… no?" murmurs Rhyeline as she peeks up at Cassius with a soft smile.

Cyril smiles as his daughter goes about listing her various interests. "My brother is a good man. Never hesitate to ask him for anything." At her question, Cyril shakes his head, saying, "I'm not, no. The series of events that led to your mother's and my seperation is best left for another time, I think." He wrings his hands together in his lap and looks up as Cassius and Rhyeline enter the room, offering them both a thoughtful smile.

Aris nods slowly her expression on of understanding as she watches Cyril. "There is a time and place for everything…if you don't think know is a good time to tell then I will wait." Her head turns to offer a faint yet happy smile to Cassius and Rhyeline. She watches them talk quietly and her curiousity shows even though she can't exactly hear what is being said.

"You show a patience and wisdom that is impressive for your ten years, Aris," Cassius says, moving closer to sit near his brother and niece. "Cyril, why not stay here tonight? The both of you. We have the rooms, and Aris has already been through so much change for one day. Besides, it will give her time to see the music room." He adds the last with enticing ominousness.

Rhyeline follows and curls up against Cassius' side on the sofa. Her dark gaze flickers from Cyril to precocious little Aris. The young woman seems still rather shy, but curious of the girl. At the mention of the music room, Rhyeline offers Aris a soft smile.

"I will tell you in time, Aris. Don't worry." Cyril stands up and rests his hands on his hips, looking over to his brother, "Are you sure, Cassius? I wouldn't want to be a bother." The older Malfoy already looks tired and there's really no telling what all is going through his mind right now.

Aris is instantly distracted by the mention of a music room. "You have a music room? Can I see it please!? I can play the violin fairly well. My teacher said I was a fast learner but I still think I need to practice more myself…" She is excited now and looks to her father and then back to Cassius. "If its alright with father I would really like to stay overnight…and see the music room."

"A bother?" Cassius scoffs. "Nonsense. You are both my family. I want you here. What do you say, Cyr? Stay the night. I admit, quite selfishly, that I would like the chance to play with Aris. Rhyeline plays the piano as well. We could put on a concert for you." He chuckles.

The ever present subtle warmth in Rhyeline's cheeks deepens when Cassius mentions playing for Cyrus to listen. Averting her gaze, she starts to remember all the correspondence she still needs to get to.

Cyril looks over to Aris as she puts forth her opinion on the matter and smiles, turning his head back to Cassius, "Well, I suppose it's settled. Plus, I could go for another of your chef's meals." He laughs softly and offers Aris a hand in getting up from the chair, "How about we go look at the music room, yeah?"

Aris takes the hand holding the book Rhyeline helped her select in the other. "I hope you don't mind if I borrow this one? I looks interesting and I really want to read it." She gives Cassius a hopeful look and then nods to Cyril happily. "Okay lets go." She leads him eagerly towards the doors to the library hand in hand and then pauses. "Which way?"

"It's yours," Cassius says, gesturing to the book, then rising to follow the others out, then lead them. "Up the stairs. It's on the second floor." He guides them through the extravagant mansion, which is feeling just a bit less empty this evening. At their destination, he throws open the double doors into a room with heavy fabric on the walls. A variety of high-quality instruments are displayed through the room, like a musical museum. Most prominent are a baby grand piano, and a polished cello in the center of the room. But not far from the cello, resting on a display stand, is a beautiful violin, the surface inlaid with patterns of gold foil.

Crickets hopping in her belly, Rhyeline clasps her hands tight behind her back and follows along after the three Malfoys. Her dark gaze lingers on th ivory keys of the paino for a moment before peeking over at Cyril with hesitant caution.

Cyril will follow along behind Cassius, Aris' hand in his. Once they reach their destination he'll remark, "I don't think I ever recall coming in this room during my stay here. Though, it's no entirely surprising. Music never was my strong point."

When the doors to the music room open Aris steps inside her eyes sweeping over the instruments with joy before she spots the violin. Her gold eyes widen as she takes in the craftsmanship and beauty of the instrument and slowly makes her way over to it. She turns looking to Cassius with pleading hopeful eyes. "May I?" She looks back at the beautiful violin and reaches a hand out to pick it up unable to wait for an answer. Drawing the bow across the the strings a soft gentle melody fills the room its notes are somewhat simple but well played all the same. Clearly Aris wasn't lying when she said she could play and may have possiblly underestimated her skills a bit as well.

Cassius gestures emphatically, eager to see what the child can do. As Aris begins to play, he takes a seat on the stool by the cello, taking up his own bow. He doesn't join in just yet. Now is Aris's moment to shine. He gives Cyril and Rhyeline a proud smile, as if he were somehow responsible for the girl's talent.

Rhyeline hesitates, lingering near the door. Folding her arms over her belly, she sneaks a cautious peek over at Cyril before glancing to Cassius. The moment that Aris begins to play, Rhyeline's attention fixes upon the little girl, caught rather off guard by the lovliness of the melody.

Cyril is perhaps the most caught off guard by the girl's talent. He moves over to stand behind the chair Cassius has taken a seat in, his hand resting on the back of it. A warm smile is directed towards Aris, "She certainly is a headstrong one, isn't she?"

Aris looks up at Cyril as she plays. His words bring a smirk to her lips. Meeting his gaze as if she has just been challenged she shifts the melody's tune slightly working it almost seamlessly into a slightly faster more complicated piece her platinum brows furrowed in concentration as she plays. She seems to struggle more with this piece but it still sounds quite good and certainly better than any ten year old playing a violin should sound.

Cassius chuckles at Cyril's comment, looking up at his brother. "Indeed. Remind you of anyone?" Now that the girl has had a chance to show off, it's time to show her that her musical gifts come from the Malfoy line. Propping his cello, he lays his bow across the strings, and begins to play along with Aris's melody, keeping it simple, supporting her tune with the low, dulcet tones of his own instrument.
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Cyril moves to have a seat in an open chair, his hands clasping between his legs. It's only a few moments before he hears his Rolls pull up outside and Barney honk the horn. "Excuse me for a moment, everyone." He stands and slips away out the door.

As beautiful as Aris' playing is, Rhyeline lowers her gaze and biting her lower lip, wrings her hands behind her back. While the others are distracted in the music, she tries to slip out of the music room as unobtrusively as possible. There is always work waiting for her somewhere.

Aris watches Cyril and Rhyeline as they leave. She looks slightly disappointed at the loss of her audience but soon she is lost in the music once more. She continues to play the tune winding down to something softer and gentle once more. A soft smile appears on her lips as she looks to Cassius as he plays along with her. Once her song has reached its end on a final soft lingering note she smiles happily and slowly with care puts the violin back in its proper place.

Rhyeline pauses when Cyril heads for the door and quickly steps to the side out of his way. Hands still clasped rather tight behind her back, she peeks cautiously back over at Cassius and Aris.

Cassius sets his cello back in its stand, and loosens his bow. "You play beautifully, Aris. I intend to have many more opportunities to play with you. If you keep coming back to practice on that violin, I'll speak with your father about acquiring you a proper instrument of your own. Something worthy of your talent." He glances toward Rhyeline, "You should have played with us, dear one. Next time, mayhap?"

Cyril isn't gone for too incredibly long; just long enough to instruct Barney to leave the car and take the motorcycle and then go on to explain that he's got a child now, leaving his valet completely befuddled. Anyway, Cyril quickly makes his way back into the house and up into the music room as the sound of his motorcycle rumbles away down the road, "Barney should have a room ready for you by tomorrow, Aris. I'm sure he'll be delighted to meet you."

"Thank you Uncle." Aris smiles brightly at Cassius as he praises her and she nods eagerly as he mentions letting her have her own violin. "I will practice every chance I get then!" She smiles softly when Cyril returns and nods. A soft yawn escapes her her lips and she covers her mouth and blushes. "Sorry…its been a long day."

Rhyeline looks to Cassius and gives a small, hesitant nod. Now that there are only three of them, after a bit of hesitation, she slowly makes her way over to stand at Cassius' side. But of course, Cyril returns before long and when he does, Rhyeline grows rather still.

Cassius nods, tucking Rhyeline's hand into his arm. "A long day, indeed. You must be exhausted, child." He reaches over to a silver bell on the piano, and gives it a ring. Within moments, a house-elf appears out of thin air, and he addresses it. "Our guests are tired. Summon a maid to tend to Miss Aris's needs. Cyril, your room will be adjacent to Aris's. Naturally, you are both welcome to make use of the house. But Aris, see that you have your father's permission before you go wandering about."

Cyril offers a nod and a tired smile to his brother, saying, "Thank you for taking care of my daughter today, Cassius." He rubs at his eyes and smiles warmly at Aris, saying, "There will be plenty of time to practice and such tomorrow. For now, I think it's about time everyone here got a little bit of shut-eye."

Aris nods in agreement to Cassius. "I will Uncle and thank you for letting us stay the night." Her smile is warm and then she looks to Cyril and steps closer to him offering her hand. "Will you walk me to my room father? I don't think I can find it on my own…yet."

Rhyeline's dark gaze lingers upon Cassius' hand, tucking hers into his arm. The subtle gesture seems to ease a bit of the tension in slender form. Peeking over at Aris, Rhyeline offers her a soft smile, "I hope you like the books…" Although she never would have guessed that the little girl would prefer dry political discourse over beautifully illustrated fairy tales.

The house-elf is gone in an instant, and before long, maid arrives to escort Aris and Cyril to their rooms. Cassius bids them all a good night, and promises a hearty breakfast in the morning to make up for the dinner they skipped. So Berylwood goes to sleep, a little fuller, and a lot warmer.

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