(1939-01-23) Cousins Banter
Details for Cousins Banter
Summary: Banter about Mudbloods and the MagiJugend
Date: 23rd Jan 1939
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Vincent is sat on one of the couches in the common room, flicking through a copy of the daily prophet. He's not actually reading it though. His boots are on the floor and his stocking feet are swinging nonchalantly as he looks bored.

Emily has finished her schoolwork for the day and is getting ready for bed. So she's wearing purple flannel pyjama pants with a long sleeved, cotton shirt. Her hair has been parted over each shoulder, and as she comes out of the girls' dormitory she has her head craned to the side. Her fingers work at braiding one side of her hair as her hazel eyes flick around the commons. "Aww, don't tell me your newfound friends don't want a little boy hanging around with them," Emily snipes as she notices Vincent, an amused snicker escaping her. "I could have told you that was going to happen."

Vincent looks up "What are you talking about girl?" he asks "Do you actually think before you open that muggle-loving hope in your face?" he sneers at her and flips to the sport section of the prophet "Looks like the Cannons are doing well this year!"

"Unlike you," Emily returns with a lazy roll of her eyes. She doesn't shift her head, keeping it tilted as she twists her hair together. She stops walking by the sofa, and stands there while she braids. "Did /you/ think before you leaped into a group?" She sighs while her fingers slip off an elastic from her wrist, tying it around the end of her braid before whipping it around her. She stares at him for a second, and at the paper, before she shrugs carelessly and rolls her eyes. "Is that a rule? That all boys have to be interested in quidditch? Whatever," she says dismissively and tilts her head the other way, combing her fingers through the unbraided section of her hair.

Vincent shrugs "Not a rule, and they are my friends. Just because we don't share the same ideals, and you'd rather associate yourself with lesser people." he sighs "One day, when they day comes, you'll have to choose a side for real, and that day will either be the making or breaking of you." he brushes his hair away from his eyes, relaxes further back on the couch and tosses the newspaper at her "Read it if you want, it's the same drivel as every day."

Emily has just started on the next braid when she sniggers. One hand keeping together her hair, she uses the other to press against her mouth as she giggles. "Friends," she hisses out in amusement when her laughter calms. "You're deluding yourself," she quips and begins twining her hair again. A girly little squeak escapes her as the paper is tossed out in her general direction, withdrawing back as if he just threw a dirty ball at her before she stares down at the paper on the floor. She rolls her eyes, tilting her head further and focusing on her task. "Well Mother says their dangerous, all of them, and that if we let the Mudbloods know anything about this world, even just to control them, it's going be the death of our world." A shudder runs down her spine. "That's a scary thought, don't you think?"

Vincent looked confused "Don't the mudbloods know as soon as they get their letters?" he shrugs "We have powers to dominate them. This is our world, and it's time we took control of it. Forget all those weak little muggles. We are superior, and they need to know their place."

"And then they go home and tell their families," Emily says in turn as she shivers. She keeps her eyes shifted to the side, watching her hands as she works on her hair. "Vincent, they attacked and /killed/ people. My parents are right - we need to keep our world a secret." When she finishes off the second braid she ties it off and tosses it over her shoulder, giving her head a shake as both braids twirl. She flops down onto the sofa, laying both her arms onto the armrest.

Vincent looked to her "You say 'people'…..what 'people'?"

Emily has paled at the thought, and she turns her head to look at Vincent. "Anyone in that silly club with notions of controlling Mudbloods," she answers and curls her arms into herself. She's so grateful that she hasn't seen a single Muggle-born in Slytherin. She would never be able to sleep if they lingered in her House. "Muggles might be weaker, but they'll hurt us if they can." She narrows her eyes on Vincent. "You might be a stupid boy for joining, but you should watch yourself now. I'd have no one to banter with if something happened to you." She lifts her head with a 'hmph' and slides off the sofa. "I'm tired," she says before hopping off to the dorms.

Vincent calls after her "Go on! Go dream of muggle-love!"

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