(1939-01-23) Resurrecting the Guild
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Summary: Tiberius meets with Nathan to discuss rebuilding the Guild, in the presence of Rena and Brei. Their conversation is cut short by Cruentus, who enters with a tip for Tiberius and an insatiable lust for… introductions.
Date: 1939-01-23
Location: The Drunken Dragon, London

It's late in the evening at the Drunken Dragon, where scum and villany are well known for hanging out. It's also winding down, the awkward lull between the drunken midnight and the drunken afternoon, the drunken twilight hour. Tiberius emerges dressed /vastly/ different from his last entry, where he was clad in worn leathers. He's changed into a suit, pressed collar and trimmed stubble. Rugged professional, he's arriving hot on the world from an underling that the Proprietor was /in/.

Brei is sitting at the very end of the bar on what appears to only be her fourth firewhiskey. The woman is tipsy but not quite drunk and sullenly staring at her glass and glaring at any thug who dares get to close to her. She downs her drink and signals the bartender for another with a heavy scowl. She looks to the doors eyes narrowing at Tiberius as he enters before she goes back to her newly arrived drink.

The tall darkly dressed figure of Nathan is behind the bar serving drinks and after sliding the Brei her drink his eyes wander the room eyeing the card game that is going on over at one of the far tables. Judging by the glares on the players faces someone was getting fleeced again. He grins props his arms on the bar watching the newcomer. He studies the man briefly his eyes narrowing in recognition before they sweep over the room once more. He was surrounded by thieves and thugs what was one more after all?

This is well VERY well dressed thug, however. Famous though he might be, Tiberius walks towards the bar, and leans across the bar. "Whiskey double, on the rocks, Good man. I'm looking for the owner of this fine establishment - A man by the name of Nathaniel Eldritch." A pause. "Wondering if he might be prone to discussing some business." Money placed upon the bar.

Brei sips her whiskey and raises a brow at Tiberius's words. Taking her glass she slinks off to the back of the room to give the men room to take business in private. She is still sober enough to know there are things she doesn't wish to know after all. She gives a death glare at a drunk which causes him to fall out of his seat which she promptly takes letting the man stumble for the door at his own leisure while she hides in the shadows of the corner sipping her whiskey.

A rather timid little figure has also slipped into the Drunken Dragon. She may have even arrived on the heels of Tiberius, for all anyone can see. Her dark green overcoat and equally dark green hat seems to suction the light from the air around her, making her a shadowy sight… but for her face. A very pale, earnest but pretty face, with hints of fiery red curls peeking out from below the brim of her headwear. She drifts across the room slowly, letting her dark eyes wander until she nears the bar. Her attention was upon the other customers until Tiberius spoke Nathan's name. A look of faint surprise shows as the small woman turns to see the tallest man she's ever had the pleasure of meeting. She didn't know that he owned this place!

Nathan quickly has the requested drink made and slides it to Tiberus eyeing him carefully. "Your speaking with the owner at this very moment and he is always looking for good business proposals. But I suggest you call me Nathan…Nathaniel is what my father calls me and it makes me want to hit someone. I would hate to ruin a possible business deal because of such an easily corrected mistake." He grins. "So what can a humble bartender like myself do for the infamous Technician?" His attention is taken by a familiar face and he smiles quite warmly in her direction and inclines his head before looking back to Tiberius for now though he does keep a discrete eye on Rena making sure she is given no trouble.

Nathan is regarded for a few long seconds. "Mn. I don't get called that often, these days. Especially not when wearing Tiberius' clothing; but I'll hardly deny my own legacy. So, Nathan;" Tiberius takes the whiskey, and enjoys a mouthful of it, tasting it before he notes. "I've realised that it's time my early retirement came to an end. Riches and glory await; those as wise to where to find them. It's past time 'our world' had places, and people again - So I'm wanting to rebuild the Guild." There hasn't been a Guild for at least a decade, now. "Places; tis where I'm wondering if there's a friend in you."

From her shadowy corner Brei surveys the room and scowls drinking her whiskey at a slower pace now. She watches the interaction happening at the bar with a frown before the card game near her table takes her attention away from Tiberius and Nathan. She sees Rena but doesn't give the woman much more than a side glance.

Peering from beneath the brim at Nathan, he can clearly see the young woman flashing him a familiar and warm smile… Something that probably doesn't happen much within the walls of this establishment. She may be an Auror, but she isn't here to cause anybody any trouble.
Moving to the bar, the young redhead climbs onto one of the barstools and removes her pert little hat after sliding the long pin from it and sets it aside. With a motion of her hands, she brushes back the ginger frizzles of her hair and settles into trying not to look so obviously out of place. For all anyone knows, she just came in to get out of the cold - she does look a bit nipped by the winter air.

Nathan looks thoughtful for a moment and studies Tiberius before he nods slowly. "I like the sound of that. The potential profit could be great….I have some old contacts who might be able to be of use as well." It was a well known fact to some that Nathan worked as smuggler for ten years before he bought this place. He smirks. "You will have a friend in me yes. I couldn't pass such an opportunity up I do love my danger and challenges after all." He chuckles and starts fixing Rena a drink. Sliding the glass of spiced wine down to the woman he smiles his most charming smile at her. "That's on me Miss Lee. For being brave enough to visit me." He winks playfully and looks back to Tiberius once again.

"We'll need to discuss it in greater detail some other time," Tiberius murmurs over his whiskey, waiting for his distraction with the strange slight creature to end. Cute, perhaps, but far from the raw beauty that waits at home. "Good. I'm looking forward to working together. Hoping we might have something less general populace for some more privacy. But aye, there's profit in simply being a part, not just the business that you know it'll draw." A smirk, "Times are good for our kind, Nathan."

Brei is still watching the men at the table next to her play cards with an amused smirk as she slowly nurses her fifth glass. Its almost gone which causes her to frown and glare once again. Her sharp blue gaze is drawn to the bar once again watching carefully.

Rena's smile brightens as the proprietor goes to the trouble of fixing her a drink. He gives her something quite appropriate and easy on the little redhead, too. "Thanks, Mister Eldritch. There's lovely of you, and no mistake. I meant to get around to seeing you sooner. I'm awfully sorry."
Rather innocently, as she takes the glass into her hand - one sporting a rather ostentatious ring - she catches Tiberius' glance toward her and she offers a genuinely friendly smile toward the gentleman. He's probably one of those people she's not supposed to be around. But he seems alright…

Rena really couldn't look more out of place if she tried.

Nathan nods. "I certainly hope you are right. We will talk more in private later then." His gaze wanders over to Brei breifly and then back to Rena a brow raising as he spots the ring. He can't help but smile softly at her words. "It is fine Miss Lee. I enjoy your company but I understand how busy life sometimes gets…so may I ask who the lucky man is? It wouldn't be the charming man who stole away your attention that night at the Leaky Cauldron? You both seemed quite close…not that I can blame him for scatching you up before some rogue tries to make a move on you. Congratulations though." He smiles playfully and then turns thoughtful as he tidies the glasses up.

Tiberius finishes his whiskey rather suddenly, and places a few sickles down upon the bar. He's recognised Brei, and his reaction is simple. "Also; keep her drunk, if you would. She's a good enough sort, 'til the liquor stops flowing. I've errands to run, people to see. I'll cover any expenses that our endeavours might come to, may it lead to great fortunes for all of us."

Taken a little off guard by Nathan's question, Rena freezes in the middle of sipping her deliciously spiced wine. Peering over the glass at him, the rim hides a shy smile momentarily before she sets it down on the bar once more. A little abashed, she finally manages to bring her gaze to meet Nathan's with a little wry hint to her smile now: "You 'it the nail on the 'ead, as it were. Takeshi… Mister Odori asked me a few weeks ago." A pause, and she adds a genuine but grateful "Thank you."
Tiberius seems to be on his way out. Rena rather hopes that he hasn't been inconvenienced on her account. She frowns a little, worrying that she's gone and chased off Nathan's customer: "I 'ope you're not leaving on my account, sir. I didn't mean to interrupt you." She offers timidly.

Brei is sitting in the corner looking towards the bar with a scowl. She sighs and downs the rest of her whiskey before she rises stalking over to the bar her skirt flying behind her as she levels Nathan with a glare. "Another whiskey. Now." She snaps and looks to Rena breifly before her attention is focused on the keeper of the bar and the provider of all things alcohol. She settles back onto a stool at the very end of the bar waiting for her drink.

When the door opens, something colder than Knockturn Alley air wafts in. A gaunt, deathly pale figure wrapped in a heavy black longcoat darkens the step. The door swings slowly shut behind him as he pauses, taking in the room through bloodshot eyes. There is no mistaking such a creature, for this is no wizard. This…is a vampire. Seeing Tiberius approach, the Dark being's thin mouth stretches into a cracked-lipped smile.

As soon as he spots Brei starting to head his way Nathan is fixing another whiskey which he slides down to her as she takes her seat at the bar. He nods to Tiberius as the man gets ready to leave and then looks back to Rena with a smile and a nod. He looks casually between her and Tiberius as she addresses him. Of course any words that might have been said die on his lips as the door opens and what is obviously a vampire enters. Nathan doesn't seem fazed by this though and offers the creature a faint nod in greeting.

Tiberius is about to leave, with an old friend walks through the front door. A hand is raised, his voice lifted to Nathan. "Belay that. Another whiskey, good sir. You, old friend, look like death." The man doesn't seem to be able to avoid playing on the Undeath related puns. "Tell me, am I not the only one out of retirement? It calls for a drinkl" There's a sudden amusement in his tone, that wasn't there before.

Did it just get colder in here? Why yes, it did…

The chill of winter air sweeps into the bar with the arrival of the vampire, causing Rena to turn and look instinctively to see who entered. Cruentus was not what she was expecting at all.
If at all humanly possibly, the petite redhead begins to look pale - paler than normal, anyway. And she shrinks back toward the bar slightly. A troubled glance drifts between Brei, Tiberius and most pointedly, Nathan. Without saying so much as a word, she quickly turns back to her spiced wine and takes a timorous sip from the glass in a pathetic attempt at masking the apprehension she feels.

Receiving her whiskey in a timely manner Brei is distracted from the vampire's arrival by the fresh glass set in front of her. It isn't until she has taken a long sip that her head turns and spots Cruentus though the only reaction he gets is a raised brow and a look of vague curiousity before she goes back to her drinking once more.

"Ah, Tiberius," the vampire says with the sort of breath, Old World accent that speaks of many different places, and none of them. "How droll you are. You never change." From his pocket, a small piece of paper is held between two bony fingers. Without explanation, he presents it to Tiberius as he moves toward the bar. "Introduce me," he says to the thief, gesturing toward Nathaniel.

Nathan gives Rena a faint yet encouraging smile at her obvious worry. He doesn't say anothing either watching his newest guest as he speaks with the thief. The demand that Tiberius introduce him as the tall man raising a brow in curiousity and he props his arms on the bar looking around breifly to see if any of his customers need fresh drinks. No one appears to fortunately and he glances back to the approaching vampire with a faint smirk but he allows Tiberius to introduce him before he speaks. He doesn't seem too afraid at all. Though there is a hint of nervousness there along with a healthy respect for the danger but its clear he is also very curious as well.

Nathan's encouraging smile notwithstanding, Rena remains firmly (if foolishly) entrenched on her stool at the bar, sipping at her wine. She's far too close to the duo of Cruentus and Tiberius for comfort, but she isn't going to let her fears turn her into a rabbit and make her run. Now the paleness leaves her features and the wine has a pleasant warming effect, raising the colour in her cheeks. Furtively, the redhead listens to the three men… well, two men and a vampire.

Who the hell would Tiberius let speak to him like that?

Tiberius chuckles softly, "Timeless, didn't you know?" He jests, turning towards the bartender, as he takes the piece of paper and folds it into the sleeve of his robe without even a mention. It's almost like it never existed. "Nathan Eldritch, the proprietor of this fine establishment. May I introduce a Broker; Cruentus Vermillion." A Broker indeed. Not 'ours'. Tiberius could never figure out whether he really walked the edge, or played both sides against the middle. Either which way, the Vampire is worthy of high esteem and higher caution.

Brei watches the interactions around her with a growing scowl. She turns her head to level a glare at someone who gets too close. That the someone happens to be a vampire doesn't deter the drunk witch she just glares at him harder and sips her whiskey with a challenge in her eyes burning like blue fire. She is apparently fearless and if the creature can smell fear there is none here at all.

As Cruentus nears the bar, the scent of the creature becomes more evident. Though masked under perfumes, it is unmistakable to those that have been near it before: the smell of death. Bellying up to the bar, the vampire looks up at Nathaniel, smirking, which only cause his cheeks to hollow more deeply. "Mr. Eldritch, I am so pleased to make your acquaintance," he says, offering a cold, white hand. "I was on very good terms with the previous tenants. I should hope to continue such terms with you." He spares a curious glance to both Rena and Brei, though the latter's bold glare catches his attention for a few extra seconds. "Hello, my dear. Patience, I'll be with you in a moment."

One thing that Rena fails at quite terribly is a good poker face. When her nerves are already a little on edge to begin with. Her wine is finished, and the glass is being lowered to the bar as Tiberius introduces Cruentus to Nathan by his full name. The young woman draws a sharp, startled little intake of breath without meaning to, and the glass hits the bar top a little more noisily than intended. This little redhead knows his name, and she just gave it away in a very unfortunate way. This is why Rena isn't generally sent out on missions on her own. Bold as a brass monkey with a companion, but flighty, timid and lacking in self-control when alone.

"Mn." Tiberius pauses, at the response to the bold glare. "You've chosen a poor time to re-emerge." His gaze flickers over Nathan. "Before you ask, he's not one of mine; however you're now the occupier of an ancient hunting ground." Rena's reaction is noticed, and the man… Has a moment of kindness. An incredibly unsubtle warning. "Miss." His voice is calm. Collected. "You've ended up in the wrong bar. I recommend you relocate immediately." Before he directs his gaze back over to the Vampire. A frown.

Nathan smirks in return maintaining a perfectly friendly and calm expression and accepts the offered hand with his own large gloved hand. He gives the vampires hand a firm shake before withdrawing it once more and nods. "I hope so as well Mr Vermillion its a pleasure to meet you." He looks to Brei breifly and chuckles softly but refrains from commenting at the woman's boldness. He looks between the vampire and the women curiously now.

As Brei set her glass down and defiantly meets the vampires eyes suddenly her scowl fades and her eyes glaze over as she becomes entranced. She sits there with a blank stare and stays motionless clearly under the influence of something stronger than whiskey now.

Cruentus nods approvingly at Nathan's acceptance, and gives Tiberius a chuckle. "Tiberius, you will frighten my new friends. This is no hunting ground. The Aurors would never allow such a thing. Isn't that right, Miss Lee?" He tilts his head to look down the bar at Rena. "I simply enjoy having a place to do business and meet my friends on Knockturn Alley."

Cruentus draws Rena's attention away from Tiberius after his remark, and her dark eyes fix upon the vampire completely. For a split second, she says nothing… He's basically outed her by name and profession. Not even Nathan knew that she was an Auror before now.
"No, sir. They wouldn't, sir." The young woman answers meekly, at length. It's a truthful answer, and there's no reason to lie. However, she also gathers her hat and pin from the bar and carefully dismounts the stool before anything else can happen. Drawing her gaze from Cruentus and placing it back on Tiberius, Rena then answers quite seriously: "On the contrary. I think I ended up in the right bar."

"Just because you don't normally consume what you hunt here, Cruentus," Tiberius notes, "Doesn't make it any less of a hunting ground. In the same way that it's a farm for me." The Master Thief frowns - The woman he'd just warned is an Auror. That's… Frustrating. His mouth set in a line at what she might have heard. Evaluating in a moment whether or not he needs to bother with what she might know, reviewing the conversation in his head. Unhappy, perhaps, at the link between identities, but there's nothing that needs to be done. He takes a step back, "Come what may, 'Miss Lee'. To you as well, Cruentus." Although he'll be very attentive. When he's not reading the scrap of paper, that's migrating back to his hand.

Nathan blinks as it is revealed Rena is an auror. He manages to hide most of his surprise though and the comment she makes about coming to the right bar has him smirking quite happily. "You are of course welcome here anytime you wish to visit Miss Lee." He smiles that charming smile once more as he watches the woman go. He looks to the blank faced Brei and then raises a brow at the vampire clearly curious as to what thats about but smart enough to keep his mouth shut all the same.

Brei remains silent and her scowl is a bit muted now as she watches them talk before turning away once more. Tossing her raven hair back the witch takes another drink of her whiskey her eyes glassy and she looks rather dazed as if she has had one to many drinks. She is still glaring though its slightly unfocused now.

"Tibeeeerius," Cruentus draws out the name. There is a hint of warning in his tone. "I asked you not to frighten my new friends. This place and its patrons are in no danger from me. That is bad business, after all." He turns to Rena, taking a step toward her that seems to cover far more distance than it should. "Miss Lee, forgive me. I have upset you. Surely, you will allow me to make it up to you. If not tonight," he leans in, his voice lowering to a deep rumble, "then soon."

The note is squirreled away again with a wry smile. After a few seconds, he comments wryly. "Forgive me, Cruentus, but you seemed awfully thirsty - And fright is a currency you carry in excess." The man remains attentive, but distant.

The young Auror doesn't mean to ignore Nathan or Tiberius… But, Cruentus approaches Rena in a mildly startling way; one that she wasn't expecting, and she starts a little. Swallowing hard, the young woman struggles to maintain what little she has left of her composure. Unfortunately, she drops her hat. Quickly, she snatches it from the floor and brushes it with her hand. She manages to feign confidence long enough to pull a tiny smile then, and she nods: "Sooner rather than later."

Drawing a steadying breath, Rena then turns and heads for the door. Why does anybody ever let her out at night?

Nathan watches Rena leave with a look of slight concern. He looks to the vampire next. "You certainly seem to have a potent effect on people Mr Vermillion…" He appears almost amused by this and then goes back to fixing drinks for his patrons who need a refill. He watches the thief and the vampire idly as he works before he heads off to deliver the drinks to thier respective tables.

Brei scowls heavily as Nathan walks off and slows her drinking slightly so she won't run out of whiskey before he returns. She remains quiet and lowers her head briefly glancing at the vampire as if she is waiting for something though there is no anger in her gaze now. She bites her lip and sips her drink and looks back to Nathan scowling and tapping her fingers on the bar impatiently.

Cruentus shrugs helplessly to Tiberius. "I cannot help being what I am. Some are frightened of the Living Dead. But you…" He turns on his heel, rotating his pointed finger toward Brei, then curling it to beckon her to him. "You are not afraid of me. Perhaps it is the drink, or perhaps you are made of sterner stuff. Very interesting. What is your name, child?"

Brei instantly lowers her glass onto the bar and rises quite gracefully for someone who has drank so much. She approaches without any hesitation and actually smiles faintly at what she takes as praise. She pauses just in front of the vampire and answers the question promptly. "My name is Brei…Brei Montague." She meets his gaze carefully without any of the irritation or anger that was present before.

Cruentus clasps his hands together, as if in prayer. "Montague," he echoes, glancing toward Tiberius. "This is where the iron in her veins comes from." He looks back to Brei, nodding. "Well, then we can forgive a bit of hardness from this pretty creature." He dips his head, meeting Brei's eyes with his own blood-tinged gaze. "Just forget that I interrupted your drinking at all, my dear."

Tiberius nods towards Cruentus, "I could have saved you time with that one." He mentions, arms folded over his chest. He's still watching, attentive. The hallmarks of the vampiric trance are something he always watches for - To help ensure he's never their victim.

Brei nods slowly and then her eyes become somewhat less glazed and she blinks slowly before her glare returns full force. She remembers him entrancing her perfectly despite his efforts. If looks could kill he would be die a second death. Her glare is formidable as she draws herself up to her full yet lacking height. "You think I will just forget you messing around with my mind?! Think again. I suggest you leave before I lose whats left of my temper and set you on fire."

Cruentus's eerie smile fades at Brei's threat. He might otherwise dismiss it or laugh it off, but he seems to be taking it quite seriously. "Your blood has spared you once tonight, child. Do you imagine it will happen a second time? I do not enjoy resorting to threats, but if you threaten me again, I assure you, your family name will be no shield."

Tiberius steps forward slowly, standing beside the dead man with an icy stare of his own for Brei. "Your passion is admirable, Brei, but show a moment's thought. You're toying with powers far beyond your ken, some times it's best to swallow the damage to your pride." A gesture at the bar. "I've paid for a tab for you for the night. Consider it fair compensation for any offense, and drink your fill." Bribery. A fair tool, when it's heard. A glance at Cruentus, "And the assurance of my friend that he won't step into your mind again."

Brei scoffs. "What are you going to do? Kill me? Drain my blood dry? Death isn't something I fear. I don't like being anyones puppet no matter how powerful they are." She eyes him carefully still not afraid of him. Her tone is calmer though when next she speaks. "I won't threaten you any further but I suggest you stay out of my head in the future if you don't mind. It enough of a mess in there without someone adding to it." She looks to Tiberius with hard icy eyes. "Don't think I don't know a bribe when I see one Tripe…but its a gesture accepted all the same." She would never turn down free drinks after all.

Cruentus listens quietly to both of the humans, nodding as he carefully considers every word. At last he bows his head to Brei, "Fair enough, Brei Montague. You have more than earned my esteem. You have my word, I shall leave you in peace, if you do the same." He smirks to Tiberius, "I like her." With the situation seemingly settled, he steps away to find a table of his own, having already delivered what he came to give to Tiberius.

"Oh aye; I'm sure you do." Tiberius mutters to Cruentus. Sometimes, dealing with these people was like herding cats. He finds Nathan, and eases Brei's thirst with a few more coins, before he makes good his escape. He'll negotiate blood and terms with Cruentus later. For now, he needs some time to relax. And to find someone with blood to spare.

Brei watches the vampire go before she turns on her heel and heads for the bar. She settles on a stool and proceeds to drink herself into oblivion. If she keeps it up like this she'll be passed out on the floor before morning and she doesn't really care either.

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