(1939-01-23) Rooftop Regrets
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Summary: Esther's spent so long caught up in the moment, in new feelings and new secrets, to be anything near subtle. Unfortunately, her drawn-out plans to resolve things with Myrus haven't progressed as far as his fears, and after an outburst, and her own shaming at the Balcony, Esther makes her escape to the castle roof. Eventually, Elizabeth follows her.
Date: 1939-01-23
Location: West Parapets, Castle Roof, Hogwarts
Related: Follows on from Balcony Dramatics - Myrus has discovered that there's something between Esther and Zayn!

Esther can be found on the parapets. That is, after she went to the Ravenclaw statue, kicked it a few times, and then considered using a few choice curses upon it. Finally, she's retreated to the roof, and thankfully it's a snowfree day. Esther's pacing. Restless. Her bookbag tossed loosely onto the cold ground, a cigarette in her lips, although it's burned right now. Another one is already in her other hand, twirled gently, while she paces. Rapidly.

Elizabeth had given it a few minutes, before she follows after Esther. Making sure that she had slipped out without anyone noticing. It took a little bit of searching, but she eventually finds the Slytherin, on the rooftop. Suddenly hit with the cold winter air, she couldn't suppress the small shiver as she pulls her robes a little tighter around her. Lifting her eyes, she sees Esther pacing. "You might wear a line into the stone with all that pacing." Elizabeth murmurs.

"What happened?" Esther asks, almost as soon as Elizabeth has spoken - Her robes aren't pulled tight, they're loose enough to billow when she turns on her heel, tossing the cigarette away and replacing it with the one on standby, a shaky hand lifting her wand and whispering. "Incedio." Nothing. "Incendio." The second attempt seems to work, and her cigarette lights enough for her to draw upon it. "Sorry… Just… What happened?" She blushes, and asks again.

Elizabeth hadn't known that Esther smoked cigarettes, and the other girl seems more scattered than normal. After a moment or so, she lightly presses her lips together before she pulls out her wand. With a smooth swish of her wrist, she murmurs. "Flagrate." Flames suddenly alight a few inches above the rooftop's surface, glowing and emitting heat without the risk of burning anything. And feeling the heat rolling over her in gentle waves, Elizabeth feels a little bit of relief from the cold. "So. What do you want to do."

Esther shakes her head, biting her lower lip as she continues to pace. Her shoes making gentle sounds of footsteps. "I'd wanted to talk to him, in private, in Hogsmeade… Give him a chance to express himself… So if he had to take out his aggression, it could at least be on /me/…" The girl whines, for lack of a better word. "Elizabeth… What the hell happened?" Esther's assuming the worst, it's probably not that bad, right?

Arching a brow, the younger girl leans against the closest wall and loosely crosses her arms loosely against her chest. "If you are talking about your overall situation… You started a new relationship before finishing the first." she murmurs lightly. "Regarding your plan for Hogsmeade," she shrugs softly. "Things happen beyond our control. And you haven't exactly been discreet."

"I know." Esther sighs, exasperated. "I… I'm a complete fucking idiot." She pauses mid-step, and draws upon her cigarette nervously. "I just… Merlin, I've made such a mess of this. I just got… Excited, carelress, I didn't think…" Lowe's careful to avoid looking directly at Elizabeth - It's clear that she's ashamed of her actions so far. "I'm sorry."

"Smegging foolish, I agree." Elizabeth murmurs. "But I got the impression that with Myrus being otherwise engaged in other activities, you were feeling detached, and perhaps even lonely. Under those conditions, it isn't surprising that you would instinctively look for affection other places. You were caught up in the whirlwind of romance." Suddenly, the Ravenclaw is rather deft with psychology. As Esther apologizes to her though, a tiny smirk tugs at one corner of her lips. "What, did you cheat on me too?"

"Hah." Esther answers, "… Zayn's been close for months… And we've only ever been friends, until a few days previous." Trying to explain her relationship with the Prefect. "We're not even really anything more, right now… I wanted to make sure exactly this didn't happen." The young woman doesn't question anything that Elizabeth says though. It's really a pretty fair evaluation. "… I'm starting to think someone else should start making all the decisions in my life. I'm making a poor go of it."

Elizabeth just nods, subtly so. "You don't have to explain it to me." she murmurs. "But what you do need to make sure of is whether or not you really want this. You don't want to have regrets. And you don't want to hurt anyone more than what's already been hurt." She meets Esther's gaze. "You may not have hurt anyone intentionally, but what you do now is important."

Esther finds herself having to look at Elizabeth, eventually. "I… I know. I'm going to have to talk to Myrus; but my mind has been made up. I should have realised it, or done something a long time ago… But fuck, I didn't want it to go down like this." A sigh. She forces herself to smile at Elizabeth, though. "I mean't… I'm sorry if there's anything… You have to deal with, as a consequence."

"Yes well, putting off telling him didn't really help the situation. It probably made the situation much worse than it needed to be. But, hindsight." Elizabeth gently shrugs a slender shoulder. Her last statement earns a curious glance. "Why would you think there would be?"

"Myrus isn't…" A pause. "Myrus isn't the most stable of individuals. I've felt more like… I've been protecting him, ever since Alphard crushed his hand." Esther draws upon her cigarette again, flicking the ash out with a sigh. "I just worry who he'll take it out on. Who he'll turn to for help. It's not that I don't love him, I just misunderstood how I loved him."

Her pale gaze narrows with a slight frown, confused as to what Esther may be suggesting. "I wouldn't mind talking to him, just like I would with you, but I'm still confused why you would think that he would take it out on me though." Why would she apologize otherwise.

"Not 'you.' Just… Anyone." Esther shakes her head slowly. "I just worry. Especially for you." Esther's nervously flicking her cigarette still. "I still can't believe I let things turn out like this."

"Hm. I suppose it does little good now, does it." Elizabeth murmurs lightly. "So. Are you feeling any better?" she asks, still watching the other girl. She may still seem nervous, but not pacing as much as she had been a moment before.

"About hittin' my head? Or…" Esther's bruise is still there, but light. She doesn't quite understand if it could be something else, but things have been a little foggy since the blow to her head. "About ruining things? Both are feeling better… And both still smart, a little."

The younger girl flicks her eyes up at the bruise on Esther's forehead, but Elizabeth only lingers there for a moment. She doesn't know the story behind that. "I mean with Myrus. You ran out of the balcony rather quick. I was concerned." she murmurs. Then she dips her chin with a small nod. "Good. It should still hurt, but not so much so that you're panicking."

"I… I feel like the worst kind of person. But I deserve it." Esther sighs, "I wanted to track him down. But sadly, I didn't get that chance… So I came up here and panicked instead." She smiles sadly.

"You made a mistake. Now you know not to do this sort of thing in the future. Or otherwise I will return and pinch you." Elizabeth idly threats, though after a moment the corner of her lips tugs faintly. "You're a good person, Esther. You just need to think things through sometimes. And Myrus just needs a new head." She gently pushes herself away from the wall. "If it helps any, write down what you want to say to him. Get your thoughts on paper. And do not stay out here too long. Gerald already caught pneumonia, we don't need you in the same predicament as well." The small smile remains on her lips as she turns, the fire burning out as she puts away her wand and begins to make her way back inside.
"I've no interest in freezing again." Esther comments. "I'll not be making this kind of mistake again. I tried not to make the first mistake, then there's no way for this to happen." She blushes, and offers a gentle wave. "Take care, Elizabeth… Thank you for coming out here."

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