(1939-01-23) Time's Up
Details for Time's Up
Summary: Alphard and Adorabella have a very brief, very private chat and promises are lived up to - bargins struck.
Date: 1939-01-23
Location: Alcove, Hogwarts
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Adora followed along like a meek little frustrated puppy who was less than happy with her lot in the world and didn't wander far from Alphard's heels. Even her little wings seemed limp and half lifeless and conveyed her depression. And she hadn't said a word since they left, not one. Simply traveled in a defeated silence. How did one combat this? What did you do? HOW DID SHE MAKE IT STOP?!

They didn't move that far. Down the corridor and around a corner, until they found a quiet little alcove overlooking one of the many courtyards of Hogwarts. Still looking supremely smug about himself, Alphard folded his arms over his chest and took up a nonchalantly backleaned posture against the stone wall. He looked her over.
"So you said you'd do anything I wanted, right? In addition to the favor you already owe me, of course."

Dora looked his short little opposite in absolutely every way. Except their posture was similar. But one could read the moods simply at a glance. Where he leaned confidence and the pose of his arms displayed the smugness that radiated outwards in sickening waves, her arms crossed against her chest in a way that seemed as if she were hugging herself; shoulders slbumped low in defeat.
"…yes. But..but you can't..don't do that again. Please?"

"Can't do what exactly?" Alphard asked her with bemused faux-innocence. "Are you telling me what I can or cannot do? I'm Alphard Pollux Black, and you don't tell me what do do, Selwyn." There was an edge to his voice, a warning.
With a dismissive shrug he returned on topic. "Good. Then for the rest of Hogwarts you're my servant. I'm not entirely thrilled with how they clean clothes here, so from now on you'll do it. I want them soft, but without any damage to the material. I'll drop some by you. If they come back anything but perfect.. Oh. And you'll go on one date with Thomas. Because I don't think it's nice to name drop your brother, as if that should impress me." Whether it did or not.

"In return I'll say nothing. And I'll not bomb your little book club."


Dora just stared. For the longest time it was all she could do. Just, stare, those large brown eyes peering up at him with a kind of shocked horror. His…servant? For Hogwarts? Not the year, but the rest of it. Until they were gone. His servant? Wash his clothes? He wanted her to do his laundry?
It was like Dora forgot how to speak. How to do anything but stare. A date? With Thomas of all people? But..but it meant he wouldn't use his favor to ruin the book club and make her kick out all those of different blood and it'd keep them safe and…a date? Servant?
"Do I have any other options?"

"Of course you do. You could just risk the consequences." His lips pealed back to reveal his pearly white teeth. Alphard wasn't a bad looking boy, truth be told, but it was really hard to tell that when he turned his face into such a gleefully malicious an expression.
"Oh, and no more of the disgusting squishy touchy feely hugs and clinginess. I despise that sort of behavior. So. I'll see you around, Selwyn. Best run back to your little friends, now. Or they'll think I turned you over my knee and spanked you or something." Unconcerned, he shoved off the wall and started to walk away. "And ate your pwoow widdle soul in the process."

He was a bad looking boy. There was too much not-niceness about him. Dora's lips pursed, bitten from the inside as she finally, eventually, gave a tiny little nod of her head. "Fine."
For all that she assumed that, the squishy hugs rule applied to him and..turned over a…Dora hit a sharp shade of pink, jaw dropping and then, bit her tongue and let him go, learning perhaps that maybe, just maybe sometimes she -could- help herself.

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