(1939-01-23) Tying Up Loose Laces
Details for Tying Up Loose Laces
Summary: Esther trips out into a hallway, and is assisted to the infirmary by Anthony and Variel. Lucretia attends her beside, briefly.
Date: 1939-01-23
Location: Pristine Corridor, 5th Floor, Hogwarts Castle

Anthony is climbing back up the stairs towards the Ravenclaw Common room. His hair is wet, and a towel is around his neck, so presumably he's been bathing. The dirty running gear and spikes in one hand suggest the reason this might be.

Morgana is going in the opposite direction, away from the Common room and toward other places. She has several books with her that she is carrying, aside the ones in her satchel, it appears that she is headed for the Library for some study. When she passes Anthony, she simply nods, but doesn't say anything further.

Esther, on the other hand, is slipping out of the auditorium, with her laces untied. The girl has one protective hand over her bookbag, and takes one step out of the doorway, the other /onto/ her loose laces, and then the next straight onto her face, on the floor, falling heavily and barely catching herself upon her hands with a soft cry of pain. Her bookbag spills open, everywhere, and there's the sound of a few phials breaking as her books, quills and ink scatter.

Anthony steps politely to one side as Morgana sweeps past, but in true gallant knight errant fashion, he's down on his hands and knees in a moment before Esther, "Here, let me help you with that…. Least I can do. Sorry." Although how precisely it's his fault is anyone;s guess.

Morgana pauses when she hears the ruckus, and turns to look down at the Slytherin girl. "Is everything alright?" She says, hearing those phials crack as they hit the ground. Though Anthony seems to be fussing, so she'll remain where she is for now.

Esther takes a few seconds to lift her head, having managed to whack it at least lightly upon the stone floor - Thankfully there's just the beginnings of a bruise, although her hair is currently even more askew than normal, covering her face. A flick back, and it's pushed over her shoulders again, with a wince she pushes herself off the ground, and looks at her bookbag. Thankfully most of the inks that have shattered are covering her blank parchment, not her books. A sketch of herself and Zayn has slid out of a charms textbook - And it seems like none of the potions cracked are particularly dangerous - Although the multicolored liquid is probably quite unsafe to drink. The girl looks /supremely/ awkward. "S… Sorry." She begins to Anthony.

Anthony hurriedly moves the books away from the ink, and then moves on to the next most important thing, "Are you alright, Esther? That looked awfully sore. Should I get you over to the Infirmary?"

Morgana seeing that no one is bleeding from massive head wounds and the books are safe, Morgana starts back down her path. She'd tell Anthony to handle it, but it looks that he already has it done, so she'll slip back down the stairs unless someone calls out for her.

Esther looks a little out of sorts, biting her lower lip as she manages to get her legs under herself, and gets to her knees. Her hands hurt, but they quickly begin to reach for her undamaged affects, pouting at realising her little stack of potions are all cracked. "… Crap…" She sighs, pouting at Anthony. "Nothing's hurt more'n my pride, Anthony. Thank you…"

Variel approaches from the stairs, intent on spending some time in the art gallery. Esthers state surprises him, visibly, and he calls out as he approaches. "Lowe! Are you alright?"

Anthony looks up, as Morgana passes, and she says, "Rashley, don't forget we need to meet up! Or you need to drop that book back with me, please." And then he's back to the practicalities of picking up an Esther, and then her effects. "Sounds rather like there's some broken glass. Hope there was nothing too important in there.."

Morgana reaches into her satchel pulling out an old charms book. Walking over to Anthony, she'll hand it over to him. "I do want it back by the end of the day, and the rest should you find anymore." With that she'll give the others a nod and slip back down the stairs.

Variel lifts a hand to greet Rashley on her way past. He also offers a cryptic nod…

"I'm fine.." There's a decent bruise forming on her head, and all of her spare parchment is ruined. A few splotches of ink and potion are on her schoolbooks, and she's prioritising squaring away Advanced Charms, before she looks at the mess she's made of the bag she's so protective of. "Nothing I can't live without, promise.

Variel says, "Reparo," quoth the ginger, wand swishing at the broken glass. "No worries. A couple repairs, a Repleo or two and a nice Tergeo will set this mess to rights. Might want to see Spleen over that bruise though, Esther. What happened?"

Anthony takes a cautious glance through the book Morrigan handed to him, and then shoves it into the pocket of his robes. And he straightens, "You were lucky, actually. "

"Yeah…" Esther murmurs, reaching a hand up to her head. Rubbing it with a gentle whine, frowning. Her sighs at looking at her bag are obvious, even as the glass is slowly repaired. "Hello Variel." She keeps a hand there. Headache.

Variel sets the ink droplets in the first fixed bottle. "Lucky? Esther, what happened?" He looks Anthony over as well, half cncerned he might have endured a potion splash or sommat.

Anthony says, "Oh, she took a tumble. But lots of broken glass. You know the sort of thing that can happen." He leaves the repair work to the other, and starts picking up the books, "Do you need a hand?"

"I…" Esther's head is pounding, actually. She reaches for her books awkwardly, using Anthony's help to get her books together, deciding she'll worry about cleaning it all later. A flick of her sleeve, and her wand slides out of it, her hand fumbling to grasp it and dropping it altogether. Luckily, she's still kneeling, so chasing it isn't hard, and then it's pointed at the remaining loose glass and potion, and muttering, "Evanesco;" A wince, as the mess is cleared up 'good enough'.

Variel frowns faintly. "Esther? Did you hit your head? You're uncoordinated and not thinking clearly. I just said I could fix and refill your bottles. How hard did you hit your head?" He crouches beside her. "Rowle, did you see?"

Anthony wavers a hand, "A bit, I think, but not very hard. I didn't see most of it. Just heard the clatter. But I think we should get you along to the Infirmary to be checked out. Don't you agree Weasley?"

Esther nods slowly, to the idea of going to the infirmary. "Mhmn… Head aches." She admits, not normally of the type to admit to an injury. "Variel, can y'get my bag?" She asks over her shoulder, slowly wrapping her other hand - still holding her wand, though - Over Anthony's shoulder. Whether or not he's offering it.

And surprisingly, perhaps, for such a bookish soul, Tony just leaves his running gear where he left it, and puts an arm around the girls waist, "Are you sure you're alright to walk?" And yes, he's hefting a surprisingly amount of her weight.

Variel says, "Tergeo," cleaning the last of the dust and potions and ink from the parchments and books. he scoops them into the bag as best he can, then snags it and follows, watching the pair in silence."

Esther rests /heavily/ upon Anthony, when he makes it apparent that he can tolerate her light weight. "I can walk…" She states defensively, although her walking isn't really straight. Alright, so she's a little concussed, and she'll probably trip again on the way there, thanks to her laces STILL being undone…

And when she does trip, rather than falling, she catches herself on Tony, and then finds herself picked up, although the youth does grunt at little in effort as he does so. "Right. Infirmary".

Hospital Wing Hogwarts Castle

Rows of like cast-iron beds flank a long center aisle that leads from the entryway door to a stained glass window at the end of the room. Each bed is accompanied by basic furnishings; a bedside table, an eating table, a chair and a screen to be pulled around that area when someone is in need of more privacy than is normally afforded. Medicine cabinets - perpetually restocked with all the basic necessities and remedies such as bandages, cough potions and the like, are positioned between large window that reflects any light against the glass cabinet doors. The opposite wall to the window is punctuated by a series of doorways leading to the Nurses' offices and private rooms for isolation cases.

Anthony is sweating a bit by the time he carries in the Slytherette, and indeed, gritting his teeth. "Whr d you want hr?" Yep. Gritted teeth. Try saying it aloud.

Variel says, "Empty bed." He marks one with the bag and lights off in search of Spleen."

Esther is still walking when Anthony brings her in. Actually more independent, her hand gone from her head but a nasty bruise and a lump visible now. She's lead to a bed, pushing herself onto it with a smile for Anthony and Variel. "Thank you both, very much…"

Variel says, "We're friends, Lowe. Don't owe me thanks for watching your back." He seems focused on trying to find Spleen. "I ought to study a healing charm or two. For such occasions."

Anthony waves a hand, "Really, nothing that anyone in our place wouldn't have done. Isn't that so, Weasley?" He shoves his hands, now free of girl, into his pockets, "And.. um, well, yes. Anyone would have."

"I was studying them… But I'm not brave enough to try one right now." The girl admits, gathering her hands and wand into her lap. "Stilll… Thanks." She states. Her voice quietened, to avoid the thumping in her skull.

Anthony looks around, "Don't worry. Matron will soon have you on your feet." A beat, "Or feed you some really odd potions that have you flat on your back all week."

Variel says, "One or the other, surely." Variel sighs under his breath. "You want company, Lowe? Or should we vacate?"

"Hah." Esther allows herself to smile, although the brief laugh has her wince, and pout. "This is why I don't take my shoes off outside of the common room." She slowly settles back onto the bed, and pulls her bookbag up with her. "Y'don't have to stay."

Anthony glances to Variel, "Well, no. No, we don't. But we can. I mean, if it'd help."

Variel says, "Not what I asked, Esther." he turns towards her, head to the side. "Asked if you WANTED company. Would you feel better?""

Esther places her head down on the bed, and smiles at the two men who dragged her here. "'m not going to be particularly good company." She admits, "'nd I'm feeling pretty sleepy." She admits. The shorthands might give that away, also. "I'll be fine. You two go have fun."

Anthony frowns at the drowsyness, "Stay with her, Weasley. I'm going to make sure Matron comes soon, alright?" And without waiting for an answer, he's away. Bustle. Bustle. Fuss.

Variel says, "On it." Variel moves to take up a spot at her bedside. "Hey! Stay awake. Come lean on me and play with my fingers if you need. But stay awake."

Esther's head is back, the bruise already darkening nicely. The heels of her hands probably aren't doing too much better either, it's all lessons as to why you shouldn't use a stone floor. She looks at Variel and snickers softly. "S'not like I hurt myself that bad, Variel. Just a little bit blurry and achey."

Anthony is off arguing with people to try and find Matron.

"Stow it, Esther, you sound like my little brothers after they catch a bludger to the head. You're concussed and I'm not letting you drift off. Seriously. Give me your hand or talk to me about something." Variel is quite insistent.

Lucretia walks into the infirmary with a determined step. After speaking with one of the healers she gets directed to the bed that Esther's lying on. "Oh goodness, are you alright Esther? What happened! I heard some second years talking about how 'The Hair' had been taken to the infirmary after a bang to the head so guessed immediately that it was you!" A glance to Variel and she places herself near to him, just touching him on his arm as if for reassurance.

Anthony returns, dragging one of the healers behind him, really quite insistently, "Yes, I _know_ it'll be hard to tell, but she really isn't entirely making sense when she talks!"

Esther Lowe is laid out on a bed, looking up at Variel who is taking her beside. "I made it to your 'recital'…" She decides to talk about that, then. "Love dancing. Managed to get one in too, before the music stopped." Lucretia makes herself known, and Esther smiles to the young woman openly, "I'm fine, it's nothing. Just bumped my head when I fell… Still aches some, but nothing major." It's going to look far worse than it was.

"I saw- seemed like most people had a ton of fun." Variel gives Esther a strained smile. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you have a favorite piece? I had to improv most of that, there's not a flute section for most of those songs." He turns to greet Lucretia with a bit of a strained smile, and nods when she touches his arm. Anthony's return is welcomed, and he raises a hand to wave them over. "Hullo, Lu. Saw you enjoyed the party last night."

"I did, it was lovely. Thank you," Lucretia says to Variel. She doesn't say why, but instead turns to Esther, taking the older girl's hand in her own. "That looks like its going to be a bruise to remember. If you remember that is." A gentle pat is given the slender fingers she holds between her own and a sidelong glance is given both Anthony and Variel. "What have the healers said? She's not concussed or anything, is she?"

The towed healer produces a bottle of something violently green. "Drink this, Miss Lowe. And do not the rest of you children have lessons to study for?"

Anthony clearly missed whatever recital it was, and instead he just looks from healer to vict…. patient, and back to healer. Almost as if measuring the effect of whatever potion it is.

"Likely, but we thought she might be concussed. We wanted to keep her awake." Variel watches Esther as the potion is administered.

"Oh gosh. How horrid," Lucretia says, a step back taken as the healer gets Esther to take some potion. "Green. Yeuch. Green ones are always the worst," she says, her voice lowered a degree or two, just in case that might put Esther off.

Anthony makes a slight face, and mouths 'See you later' to the others, slipping away, to get out from underfoot.

Esther has one hand firmly held by Lucretia, and doesn't seem to mind that at all. A smile to the young witch. "I'll remember. Thanks for coming by." She murmurs, taking the violently green potion and frowning at it. It's quickly forced down, causing Esther to pull a face like she's just drunk sick, a quick moment of 'ick.' "God. It was." She mutters. Leaning back against the bed again, she puts the potion down and rubs her forehead with a wince.

"Sorry, Lowe. Can't be pleasant." When she handles the potion well enough, he stands and heaves a slow breath. "You're good from here, I think. Gonna excuse myself and get back to those studies the healer mentioned."

There's a look of guilt about Lucretia as she gives Esther's hand another small pat. "I should be getting off too. I feel terrible though since everyone is leaving. I'm sure that the healers would prefer you to just lie quietly for a bit without people pressing you with questions and asking you how you are and if you're feeling better." A regretful wiggle of her fingers is given the older girl, then she, too, turns to leave.

"Might be I'll find you tonight, Lucretia." Esther answers easily, enjoying how comfortable the bed feels upon her pounding head. "Cocoa and coffee - And you can tell me all about your first 'dance' dance."

Lucretia gives a small nod of her head of her head to Esther, then continues out of the infirmary.

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