(1939-01-25) A Common Ground
Details for A Common Ground
Summary: A group of Gryffindors discover each other on a quiet Friday evening. Idle conversation leads to a star crossed Cyprien and overall confusion on just what Madeline was up to.
Date: 25 January 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room

It is a winter night. The weather is cool and fair.

The big, round common room of Gryffindor Tower is full of squashy stuffed armchairs and couches upholstered in rich red fabric. Tables are placed in useful spots around the room and a bulletin board is up on one wall, where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. can be posted. The wooden floors are covered by old Persian rugs and the walls are covered in burgundy wallpaper that depict various mystical animals in golden silhouettes. Illumination is provided by a large window that looks out onto the castle grounds and is supplemented by a fireplace that dominates one large section of the wall providing not only light but also warmth.

Angelus sits at a table in the commons on Friday evening after dinner. His arms crossed over the table in front of him as he bows his head, reading from an opened book. While his outer cloak has been stripped and draped over the back of his chair, his uniform is still worn, though his tie has been loosened. For the moment he's only half listening to the idle conversation around the common room.

A loud humming echoed through the common room as Cyprien strode in from the boy’s dormitory. His long legs made every stride feel more like a skip. He was very happy as he hummed, it could be seen in the depths of his blue eyes. Though it was late at night, the boy though it was the most opportune time to sit in front of the fireplace and have a moment to himself. However, before he decided to take a seat in one of the padded armchairs, his eyes fall upon another figure disturbing his evening adventures. A playful grin twitched at the corners of his mouth and he gave a brief nod to the other boy, “Evening!” He proclaims, promptly sitting in the almost forgotten chair.

And then the /other/ energetic, adventurous, reckless Gryffindor first year comes bounding down the stairs, this time from the girl's dorm. She's got a book in hand, however, along with a scrap of cloth, and her wand. She makes a beeline for the couch, flopping down onto her stomach, and laying out her fabric in front of her. It has splotches in various colors across it, none of them terribly attractive, and a few squiggly scratchy marks. She opens the book to a random page, and frowns at it, flicking through the pages.

Angelus lifts his head from the book, flicking his gaze over to the younger boy. A grin flashes across his face in turn, raising his head in greeting. "Evening," he returns. A quick pause as he flips the cover of his book, closing it and sliding back his chair. Taking up a more comfortable position, he leans back in the chair, tipping it onto its back legs as his feet lift to prop against the edge of the table. "Erin, isn't it? What's up?" His gaze shifts when another arrives, and he's flashing a bright smile towards Madeline. "Oh, hey, Evans," he greets jovially. "I trust everything is good?"

Cyprien runs a hand through his blonde hair and dishelves it before noticing that another figure came bounding down the stairs. This time a female around his age. His teeth immediately catch his bottom lip and a faint color comes to his face. As a child, he was constantly hanging around older boys, so all of the females in this school was quite a new thing for him to experience. I guess this was what his mother called polite company. Trailing a hand down his face to fix his expression to more of a relaxed one, he turns his blue eyes to regard Angelus and replies, “Umm… yes, but that’s a bit too… how do you say it formal? You can call me Cyprien so I don’t get confused.” His light eyebrows shot up and he wore another grin, trying to keep his behavior nice. “Well, just sitting here at the moment taking things as they come. Haha. But I guess I should be having a book too, since you both have one?” He states, finally mentioning the female in the room.

"Hello!" Madeline greets the other two cheerfully, looking up at Angelus and Cyprien, a smile on her features. As Angelus asks if everything is good, she frowns, a thoughtful look on her features before shrugging her shoulders. "Yeah. Well - at least I think so, probably." She hasn't gotten her head shoved in a toilet yet, so it certainly seems like it's alright.
"Don't mind me - I'm just trying to work on a, uh, present. For a friend."

Angelus' feet slip from the table and he lets his chair fall to all fours with a soft thud. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Cyprien," offers the third year with a dip of his head. He rises up from the chair and approaches the sofa, offering out his hand to the younger boy politely. "You can call me Gel - short for Angelus," he adds in with a casual shrug of his shoulders. A chuckle escapes him at the comment about having a book, and he shrugs lightly. "Or you can play a game of exploding snaps. Do you have cards?" A hum escapes the boy as he turns his eyes onto Madeline, quirking a brow curiously at her. "What do you mean you think, Mads?"

Cyprien straightens up in his chair, a hint of amusement glints in his eyes as he reaches out his own hand at the offering and shakes it in return. He was certainly not used to this level of politeness from other people. Shaking off the thoughts in his head, the boy widens his mouth into another bright smile and says, “I am liking the name Gel. It is short and sweet.” He places his hands in his lap and fiddles with the fabric of the pants while he muses over the suggestions. “Nah, too poor to afford things like that or that is what my mum says. I normally just rough around in the dirt or find a sparring partner. Do you like to fight?” He then lifts his head towards the girl, but cannot find the words to say to her. Instead he watches her with curiosity with her book and her strange fabric.

"Umm, well…" Madeline says a bit uncertainly. "…ask me next week?" she says cautiously. She's not sure how far she wants it to spread that she's crossed Alphard Black. He didn't /seem/ mad when she saw him again, though, so…
"I like to /snowball/ fight," Madeline says towards Cyprien brightly. "And climb trees. Do you climb trees?"

A grin tugs at Angelus' lips and he bobs his head knowingly. "Yea, I'm the Star of the team." His lips twitch in a smirk and he shrugs his shoulders. "You must have seen my brilliantly played goals at the game verse Slytherin." A cocky little grin slides along his lips before he lets out an, "Ah." An eyebrow arches and he regards Cyprien, a little tilt of his head. "How horrible, you can't even afford cards? Mhm." He lifts his hand to his mouth, tapping a single finger against his lips in a quick second of thought. "I could probably give you a few of my extras," he offers generously with a soft smile, "if you want to get into it." And his royal blue eyes slide onto Madeline again. "Oy! If there's something up, you should let your fellow housemates know so we can help."

Leaning forward in his chair, Cyprien’s expression seems to be growing much more excited as the seconds pass. A tree climber and the star of a team in the same room?! Barely managing to keep his mouth from hanging, he nods in exuberance not quite understanding the whole mechanics of the game Angelus was talking about. But, hey, you cannot blame him for wanting to fit in. “Well it is nice to meet the star of the team! I haven’t watched a lot of the game, but I have heard a few things. Quidditch, right?” He lifts his hand and rubs the back of his neck. While the extras of cards sounded amazing, he did not want them thinking he was a charity case. What was a boy to do? “I could try it one of these days, if you don’t mind. You don’t have to spare me your cards now though.” There! That gave him more time to think about it, but now to answer the other question from the female. He dropped his hand into his lap again and said to her, coloring once more, “Oh! Yes, I love Climbing. Used to use that to my advantage to escape fights. It helps being small and fast. How fast of a climber are you?”

"Imight'fpissedoffAlphardBlackbutI'mnotreallysure," Madeline mumbles quickly and quietly before launching into a much louder, and much more eager discussion of /tree climbing/, "Oh, I'm pretty fast!" she declares brightly. "Though it's not really speed that's always the most important thing. There's some good climbing trees around here, too! Sometimes I just go up one with a book, and relax, and read, and no one can see you, and it's such fun!"

"I know," Angelus responds with a smug grin, crossing his arms coolly in front of him. "It must be such a great moment for you to meet an Eibon." He adds in a wink, just to show Cyprien that he was just playing. But a smirk touches his lips and he smiles in amusement. "I'll sign one of the cards when I give you them. Then, down the line, you can sell it and be able to purchase all the cards you want." Ahem. The third year clears his throat, followed by a short and soft chuckle. "When I'm a famous wizard, of course." He flashes a charming little smile, giving a little pose as he stands up straight. But then he's blinking as he looks to Madeline. "Huh?" He stares at her and turns his ear to Madeline as he leans it in her direction, but as if the gesture wasn't enough he says aloud, "Not sure if I heard you. What did you do?"

Cyprien chokes back a laugh at the smug grin Angelus is giving him. He definitely enjoyed over confidence in other people as much as he did in himself. Playing along in his hero worship, the messy haired kid flashed a smile and nodded in agreement at the offer of an autographed card. “Oh would I! I am not sure I’d sell it though, it could be priceless in the future and then I’d miss out on possessing something from a star.” He wears a look of mock seriousness and focuses his attention on the female who was rattling off words at a pace that he envied. Had he met an energetic rival? Trying to translate speed talk, he let out a little hum from his lips. His blue eyes burrowed themselves on her expression. “I could hear pissed and some name. Did you get in some trouble? I think I can take whoever it is.” He threw his shoulders back a bit, trying to look less scrawny.

Madeline looks straight at Cyprien at his words, shaking her head urgently at him. "He'll put your head in the toilet!" she hisses. "He does that, you know. I mean, plus he's in sixth, so-" Oops. Did she just say a bit much?

Angelus lets out a cool chuckle, swinging around to Cyprien's side to pat the back of his shoulder. "I like you," he decides. "We should definitely be friends." Then Angelus moves off to the sofa, gives his hand a little gesture as he clears his throat as he regards Madeline. "Mind if I sit down?" he asks politely, a soft smile twitching at his lips before he'll sinks down into a free cushion, resting his arm over the armrest casually. "Please," Gel suddenly pipes up as he lets out a soft sigh. "Black wouldn't get his hands dirty. But what/ever/ did you do that you think he might have it out for you?" He can't help the flicker of impatience, but he turns his head away to look off at the dormitories, inclining his head slightly as if he heard something.

Laughing at the warning Madeline gave him, Cyprien picks himself up from the chair he was seated on and stretches his arms out over his head, yawning. While he was glad that he achieved the approval of an upperclassman,he did need to get some sleep. Lowering his arms back down, Cyprien smiled at the two and said, "I hope you both excuse me. I need to make some time for my bed." He offers up a sleepy salute and treads over towards the boy's dormitory, escaping away behind its doors.

Uh-oh! Madeline hadn't meant for one of the /bigger kids/ to find out! Her eyes widen slightly, but after only a short hesitation, she launches into a hushed, rushed tale. "Well, there was this kinda dance - I mean, at least, Variel and Ria Sykes were playing music, and people showed up, and started dancing, and Adorabella Selwyn was there, and Alphard Black, too, and Black was trying to get Adorabella to go with him, and she didn't want to, only she's not real good at saying no, so I ran over and started pretending like I hadn't really seen, you know, what was happening and was saying at Adorabella all excited that I needed to talk to her about book club and Black was getting mad at me, and he started to yell at me, and it was real scary, only then Sykes' brother told Black to leave me alone, and he did, but maybe he's still mad at me, I don't know, because Adorabella ran off and then the next day, umm, he was trying to do the same thing, and /I/ ended up going the same thing, only it was Shazi, this time, who said me and her had to talk to Adorabella about the book club, and I just played along, but then Adorabella went along with him that time and I don't really know why so he might not be so mad with me afterall I just don't really know."

Well. He asked.

Angelus lifts his head at Cyprien before he dips it, raising a hand in a wave. “See you later, Cy,” he offers out at the younger boy. Then he sinks back comfortably in the sofa, bringing one leg up to prop his ankle against his knee. One arm hangs over his leg nonchalantly while he rests his elbow of his other on the armrest, resting his head in his hand as he listens to Madeline without interrupting. His fingers lightly tap the side of his shoe, his eyes occasionally straying to watch the fire or keeping focus on Madeline. But when she’s finished speaking, the youth lets out a smirk as he lifts his head from his hand, letting his arm flop down onto the armrest. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” he decides as he shifts his shoulders easily. “It doesn’t sound like there is anything worth remembering too strongly, anyway. He’ll probably just forget about…” A brief pause before finishes, “..it.”

"You think so?" Madeline asks with hopeful uncertainty. "I was trying to be, you know, just another little clueless, first year… twerp." Something she stands a good chance of pulling off, really. She smiles at Angelus, but the expression suddenly turns into a yawn. "Just… don't tell anyone," she urges him, while gathering up her things. Maybe she'll work on her spell in the morning.

“I do,” Angelus answers, lowering his chin a tad. He offers Madeline a reassuring smile before he lifts his arm and rests his head back in his hand. He considers for a brief second, but decides to hold his tongue and say nothing more. Instead, he nods his head simply against his hand. “Sure – not a word,” he promises before he slumps further into the sofa, getting comfortable.

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