(1939-01-26) None of Your Business
Details for None of Your Business
Summary: Elise and Eibhlin chat in the girl's dorm, and Elise asks too many questions.
Date: 1938-01-26
Location: Ravenclaw Girls Tower

Laying on her bed with a handful of letters in front of her is Eibhlin. A clean sheet of parchment is the focus of her attention, or rather it was, as now she's looking across the room out the window while the parchment remains blank accept for the date, three days ago.

Elise comes in quietly. "Hello," she says when she sees Eibhlin lying on her own bed. She crosses over to the bookshelf next to her bed and puts her textbooks onto it, and then pulls down a romance that's tattered and worn from much reading. This particular little novel has been in the dorm for longer than any of the girls have - who left it behind and when is a mystery no one has been able to answer, thus far. But then again, many such books crowd these shelves, in every genre. "Homework?" she asks curiously as she clambers onto her own bed.

Eibhlin blinks, bringing her attention back to the present as the girl speaks. "Oh," she comments, turning up a half-hearted smile to Elise as she takes notice of the younger girl. "No," she replies with a slight shake of her head.

Elise waits half a minute for Eibhlin to elaborate on that, and finally when it's apparent that she won't, the younger girl raises her eyebrows. "What is it?" she asks. "A letter to your mother?"

Eibhlin shakes her head as she sets to putting her quill away. "No, to a .. friend," she replies, pausing for a moment before settling on her choice of words. "How's your weekend been?"

"Fine," Elise answers. She leans back on the pillow set against the headboard, and crosses her legs. "Are you writing to Augusting Rousseau? Are you still dating him, now that he's quit school? Some of the girls were speculating that you might quit school, too, and go get married or something. Or that you had dumped him, and that Douglas MacMillan is trying to date you, now. Or that Rousseau hates all Muggle-borns because of what happened to his mother, and he left because his father has gone mad with grief." Elise frowns a bit. "Most of those are rather sad to think about."

"No," is Eibhlin's first answer to the long string of questions. "I'm not writing Augustin," she adds, pulling to letters together into one neat pile. "No, Douglas is not trying to date me. He's quite happy with Medusa. Gus does not hate anyone for what happened. And yes, they are all rather sad to think about."

"Well, it's good that Rousseau doesn't hate anyone," Elise says with a little sigh. "I think I would probably be extremely hateful if someone killed my mother." She's silent for a long while, contemplating that tragic possibility and shaking her head slightly. "Are you two still courting?" she asks curiously.

Eibhlin nods slightly, "It is good, yes," she agrees that far, shifting to tuck the letters into a box on her desk. "I suppose that depends on a variety of factors, but I wouldn't blame him if he were considering." The box is locked and she turns back to the younger girl. "I think that's none of your business."

Elise blinks a couple of times. "Well… I suppose not," she admits. "Sorry." She bites her lip and opens the book, then lowers her head to stare at the pages.

Eibhlin laughs lightly, shaking her head. "I'm sorry Elise," she offers the girl a gentle apology. "I suppose its a bit of a sore subject is all." It has been a couple weeks now since the boy left school and its not as if there are overly many opportunities for the pair to touch base.

"No," Elise says quietly. "I really shouldn't have asked. I mean… you're right. It's really none of my business." She nibbles on her bottom lip. "So… what else is new?" she asks.

Eibhlin shrugs in reply, "I think you've pretty well covered the bases there." A soft smile offered up, "Certainly up on the gossip," she comments on the girl before going on to ask, "But what about you? Anything new?"

Elise shakes her head. "No," she replies. "Just the usual. Homework. Avoiding bullies. Passing out chocolate. Oh! Would you like some?" she asks. "I have chocolate-chip biscuits and… a chocolate bar." The latter she pulls from her pocket and waves around.

"Someone's bullying you?" Eibhlin inquires, picking up on that comment first. Of course the mention of chocolate brings a smile, "If you're sharing, but can I ask why you've been handing it out?" she asks curiously.

Elise gently lobs the chocolate bar across the divide between their beds. Her aim is true, honed by hours and hours of Quidditch practice. It lands with a soft plop near Eibhlin's knee. "It's nothing I haven't been dealing with since joining the Mud Club," she replies in a rather resigned tone of voice. "Just mean things the girls say. At least the boys mostly leave me alone."

"And… handing out chocolate is what Pirates do," Elise adds.

Eibhlin nods, "Of course," she replies to the mention of pirates with a quiet smile. A secondary nod follows for the other girl's reply about bullying as the redhead reaches for the offered chocolate. "Why did you join exactly?"

Elise shrugs her shoulders. "Because…" she thinks about it for a moment. "It just seems so… stupid to be mean to people because of who their parents are. No one can help that."

"Well I don't disagree there," Eibhlin replies, peeling back the wrapper on the candy. "But it doesn't mean its not going to happen. Everyone has their opinions and they're entitled to them I suppose." Breaking off a off a piece of the bar she tilts it back towards the younger girl. "Did you want some?" not certain if she's supposed to be sharing or not. "But then I don't know that its exactly right for a wizard to consciously make the decision to have a child with a muggle either."

"Well, just because something bad is happening doesn't mean that decent people have to keep on letting it happen," Elise reasons. "And having an opinion is no excuse to be mean." She shakes her head when Eibhlin asks if she wants some of the chocolate. "I've had plenty today," she tells the older girl. Eibhlin's last statement clearly surprises her. "But… if your father hadn't married your mother, then you wouldn't exist. Nor would…" and she rattles off a fairly long list of Half-blood wizards and witches who made names for themselves in history through discoveries or contributions to wizarding knowledge. "Think of all the things we might never have known if it hadn't been for those people."

Eibhlin nods, "I know," she replies. "But I also know what its like to grow up like that," she adds in explanation, "So perhaps that makes the difference."

Elise is quiet for a moment. "You know how it was for you to grow up like that," she says. "After all, everyone has a different background." But it's getting late. "I think I should turn in, now," she tells the other girl. "I… I hope you feel better soon."

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