(1939-01-27) Carved in Blood
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Summary: Elizabeth finds out what's really going on with Dryden, making things much more serious for everyone.
Date: January 27, 1939
Location: Study Area — Hogwarts
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It is a winter night. The weather is cold and flurrying.

A very small library that can be used as a place to study that is both out of the main library and also not the Great Hall that usually acts as the home for study hall. The walls are all sone and the floor is oak hardwood that is designed to the wood looks like interlocking open books. Cheeky students in the past have scratched stories onto these books. Several throw rugs are placed here and there over some of the more inappropriate stories. Of course as well wood fill was used as a censor here and there as well. There are a few bookshelves in the room. Each bookshelf is dedicated to a Hogwarts Subject and every shelf is divided up by year with first year on the bottom and seventh year on the top. All the books in the study area are donated by students so they are in varying degrees of disrepair. Flanking each shelf is a couple of large tables. Every table is centered with a book holder and simple quills rest in black ink wells ready to be used by a studying student.

The end of classes, not long before dinner would be served in the Great Hall, contain students that are more than ready to for the brief reprieve before dinner, before they inevitably have to start on homework for the night. The Study Area is more or less occupied with students that just want to socialize, even if they tried to give the appearance of otherwise with tables pushed together to occupy books and more bodies. Elizabeth browses through the selection of books, scanning the titles along the spines as her fingertips brush vertically from one to the next.

It's been several days since Dryden has done more than go to class. Where he vanishes to afterward is anyone's guess, though classes, alas, they tend to be serious about you showing. Now, outside of the class he moves slowly along the few small isles of the study area, his eyes lifting toward the top shelf as he reads each title carefully before moving on. He's looking for something sure, but as he rounds the corner and spots a face a tab bit more familiar than 'the blond girl two seats over', he sighs and offers her a small, disconnected wave before lifting his gaze again.

This time, Elizabeth doesn't bump into Dryden the way she had the last time they were in the Study Area. Spotting him instead, she blinks up at him and quirks a brow. She pauses for a moment before she smiles politely towards Dryden, lifting a hand to lightly wave. "Good evening. How are things since last we crossed paths?" Meaning, the incident with Esther.

Elizabeth sees the hesitance, but she tries not to point it out, merely watching his eyes, his expression. "I figured you wouldn't. Nor does Esther Lowe." She tries to smile, but it seems forced, almost sad even. "And I'm sorry you had to go through that as well. Everyone has been on edge recently, but there is no excuse."

The younger girl pointedly frowns at him, "Everyone has off days and everyone has the ability to be cranky. That doesn't mean that I agree with the way she chose to react to that particular situation. Or with how you chose to react to that situation as well." Elizabeth firms her jaw, though her voice remains calm. "No, she didn't. But at the same time, it also made me wonder if that's what her true feelings were about half-bloods or muggle-borns. That they were her true feelings about me, even though I'm her friend."

Dryden chuckles. "She got dumped by her /cousin/." He points out with a groan, "I had offensive words carved into my back. Who had the worse week." Though, he does hesitate a little at the question, "Then againeww." He frowns, his expression twisting at the idea. "How is it that she chooses to snog her blood relative and that's okay, and I'm born a specific way, and /I/ get called names?" Shaking his head, he moves easily away from the group of eavesdropping students, slowing to allow her to keep up if she chooses. "Seems to me she has no room at all to be calling people names."

Elizabeth exhales a longer breath. "Baby oil." she murmurs. "I did some research, and baby oil gets out lipstick." she murmurs as they walk. "And again, it doesn't mean I agree with her choices. I don't pretend to understand why people do the things that they do. Nor do I try to judge them. I only try to become a better example than what they're led to believe in what we are." She gently shrugs. "And I stumble too from time to time."

Dryden nods, forcing a chuckle at the baby oil comment. "Thank you." He allows with a small grin, strained as it may be. "It came out, finally. Lots of soap and scrubbing. Doesn't all wash off though. Spleens still trying to get me to explain my back. I'm really not interested in being used as an example though." The book is turned over in his hands, though he does send Elizabeth a glance. "Ya know..the thing. I come from a pure blood family. I was raised in this world. I'm sorry if I can't overlook the hypocritical crowing of someone who, if she were actually a decent person at all, would have never used those words because /she/ walked into someone who was standing still. And now the world expects me to tell her I'm sorry. Where's my 'sorry?' No one seems concerned in the slightest."

Her expression softens subtly as he thanks her. "Then the baby oil will get out the rest that's still hasn't come out." Elizabeth offers. She can understand not wanting to be an example though. Nor would she, in that situation. Listening, a moment lingers as she exhales another, longer breath. "I realize there is allot of hypocrisy, I really do. Nor am I debating of whether it's fair or not. However, I do believe in picking your battles, and I also believe in 'being the better man'." Something changing in her expression as she glances away. "I've been called 'righteous' because of this."

Dryden just shakes his head, turning to eye the other students who have long gone back to their own business. "Wont help. But it looks better." Sidestepping into a less visible isle he turns to tug the back of his shirt up to expose the cuts and carvings across his skin. To Spleens credit and the hard work of someone who is currently not being named, it's healing well, though you can still read it clearly enough. "You'll forgive me if I'm anything but compassionate at the moment."

Elizabeth blinks once with mild amount of surprise as he turns and begins lifting the back of his shirt, revealing the cuts that had been carved into his back. She visibly tenses, fear flickering through her eyes as she looks over the lettering, chest tightening. "They took advantage of you being alone and drunk." she murmurs quietly. Like cowards. Her jaw tightens as she gently shakes her dark head. "If something happens like this again… to someone else, it might get out." He might not be able to avoid being used an example.

"If it happens to someone again, the victim may not be as understanding and quiet as I was. Purists are forgetting that telling someone they aren't a real wizard, doesn't take his wand away." Not the best words, but Dryden seems more than fine with moving on to a corner table and settling down into a chair. "So, you will understand why I'm not wasting time feeling sorry for Esther's rough week.."

She hesitates for a brief moment, but then begins following him back to the table, in the corner out of everyone's way. While Dryden takes a seat, she remains standing, still concerned. "I'm hesitant to suggest this… But perhaps… we should approach the Mud Club about this. Before now I hadn't thought that there was a reason to be concerned about being targeted, but this is different."

Students have already began to filter out, some heading toward much more interesting venues, while others rush to wash up before dinner. Dryden and Elizabeth however remain at the small table tucked away into the corner.. Their voices are kept low, though Dryden's voice is hardly a whisper. "No..not that's begging to pain a target on someone. I'd rather be targeted every day than draw attention to Evelyn, or Angelus for that matter.: he frowns, "Doesn't matter which side of that coin you pick, I don't want either of them getting drug into this. And that club" he shakes his head, clearly unwilling to make a 'thing' of the even. "I just wont lower my guard again. It'll be ok. I'm just not ready to be forgiving yet."

Elizabeth openly frowns as he instantly declines. "They deserve to know that they should be on their guard at least." she murmurs softly, low enough for just Dryden to hear at their table. "What if I approach them, but your identity is a secret? Would that be fine?" she asks, though after another short moment she merely exhales a longer breath and settles herself into a seat adjacent to him. "Regardless what you might think, it is a big deal."

Dryden shrugs, "Just don't use my name." he says lowly, opening the book, though he merely stares at it. "I know it. I'm actually a pretty smart guy, believe it or not." He rolls his eyes, though there doesn't seem to be much ill will meant toward Elizabeth. "I don't want my family involved in this whole thing anymore than it already has been. And it's been managed. So..please respect me on this."

Meeting his eyes, Elizabeth softly presses her lips together but dips her chin with a small nod. "Of course." She wouldn't want to drag anyone's name into this. The repercussions on family. After a moment, her expression softens, amused even. "I didn't doubt your intelligence. But thank you. Perhaps we can be a little bit more on our guard. Make sure the younger years don't go anywhere alone if they can help it." She releases a measured breath. "I hate this."

"Noah," Angelus says on a sigh, tailing after his brother. Aware of where he follows Noalan into, his voice drops a decibel. "I just want to see it. I'll give it right back." His royal blue eyes slide out across the area, sweeping over the tables. He almost misses the table in the corner, but his gaze is brought back to it when he catches sight of the occupants. "Dry," Gel says, announcing his presence as he quickens his pace to pass Lan and approach the table. "Would you tell Noah how nice it is to share?" His eyes flick to the girl, and Angelus instantly dips his head politely to her. "Hey there, Dweedle."

Dryden nods, "It will be okay. I truly believe this whole thing happened because I was to comfortable with myself. Not everyone likes seeing me get along so well with a few of the pureblood girls. Maybe this was just a 'know your place' type event. Maybe it was personal?" he pauses, trying to lift his tone to something far less gloomy. "The first years though, I do worry a lot about them. Little kids are so fragile." Dry seems ready to say something more, but his cousins voice draws his attention away before it summons up a much needed grin. "Really you two?" he even laughs. "Noah, let him see…" beat, "Wait..what do you want to see?" Color him suspicious.

Noalan just can't seem to walk fast enough to get away from his little brother. He lets out a little growl of annoyance as even the library like atmosphere of the Study Area doesn't get Angelus to back off. "Trust me, it's not that interesting, just let it go." He says, irritation clear in his voice. His attention entirely focused behind him, he doesn't notice the other occupants until Angelus says something. "It's nothing, don't let him drag you in too, it's boring." He says shaking his head. In an effort to change the subject he asks, "What were you talking about, something about breaking first years?"

As the pair of brothers approach their table, their conversation is cut off short it seems as Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes up at Noalan and Angelus. For a moment, she simply gives them a curious glance as she tries to catch up on what the brothers might be disputing over, but Noalan is quick to try to brush the whole matter under the rug. "I think sharing depends on the circumstances. Because if it were a girl, for example, it would hardly be logical to share a human being."

"It's actually pretty brilliant," Angelus contradicts, flicking his gaze back onto his brother with a sigh. "Pa sent Noah something from Japan," explains the blonde haired youth as he looks back to Dryden. "I'm not going to break it." His shrugs his shoulders casually as he shakes his head, rolling his eyes impatiently. A brow quirks as he takes in Elizabeth, and a faint smirk flicks at his lips. "Believe me, I wouldn't be sharing any girl that Noah might be interested in." The youth shoots a look to Noalan, a brow arching at him as he gives him a knowing look before shaking his head. A hum escapes him and he gives Elizabeth and Dryden a curious look. "Wait, what were you guys talking about?"

Dryden chuckles as he glances back toward Elizabeth. "It's doubtful it's anything like that. They squabble over the simplest things." It's all said warmly enough of course. Then again, his tone just barely wavers as Nolan voices his question. "No, nothing like that." He allows the cousin, "I had a little incident last Hogmeade weekend..thats all, and we were talking about it, and that some of the younger, non-pure bloods, should maybe step lightly, till some of this dies back a little." he then pauses, "Hell Noah, let'em see it. If he breaks it I'll box his ears for you."

Elizabeth silently lifts a brow as she listens, mildly curious, though it's the look that Angelus and Noalan exchange that draws the most curiosity. Then Dryden begins to speak, her eyes glancing to him. The joking around was comfortable, between that of families members that had grown up together. The corner of her lips tugs with a light smile as she observes this, without imposing herself. Objectively, she almost wished she had this sort of family relationship, cousins and siblings.

Noalan sighs, the conversation Drydan having before not really offering much cover. Resigned, he rolls his eyes and pulls a softball sized dark blue orb from his cloak, "It's just a hoshi no tama. I don't bug you every time dad sends you some lipstick from France or whatever it is you get." Still he sets the ball down on the table. The midnight blue orb has stars twinkling deep in its depths. "Just don't break it, or give it to some girl or something." He shoots Angelus a little glare at the comment about his kind of girls. "And do call me Lan, don't let AELUS get you calling me Noah too."

"Did you go through May's belongings again?" Angelus returns with a smirk, glancing back to Noalan. "I'm going to tell her," threatens Gel teasingly. But a grin widens over his features when the orb is taken out. "Now that didn't kill you, did it?" he remarks as he lowers his face to the table for a closer look on the gift. He lets out another hum as he considers, lifting a hand to rest his fingers against his lips. His eyes flick up briefly in curiosity at his cousin's explanation, but only for a fraction of a second before he re-focuses his gaze on the Japanese artifact. Ooh, his fascination is all on the awesome gift that he isn't paying all that much attention on other things being said. Yup, that's it.

Dryden laughs, nodding. "Fair enough." He lifts the item, glancing at it before it's offered over toward Angelus who seems so insistent on looking it over. "Don't make him mad by losing it? If you do, I can't help you." This gets a laugh though as he pushes to his feet, reaching to ruffle the blonds hair lightly before he sends Elizabeth a glance. "Thank you, Elizabeth." He stats simply, offering her a weak smile before he sends sigh toward the older of the cousins. "Be nice to him." He allows as he begins to step around them to leave, "I hate to take off, but I have a red head to find and rescue from Anthony."

Smiling lightly, she lifts a hand to gently wave in Dryden's direction. "Alright. Be careful." Elizabeth murmurs, though a chuckle escapes when he mentions rescuing a redhead from the grips of Anthony. Though she could never imagine the Ravenclaw boy ever being a threat to anyone. Glancing to Noalan and Angelus, she gives them a polite smile as well as she pushes herself to her feet. "I think I need to return to searching for that elusive book." she offers, before slipping into one of the book aisles, returning to the task that she had been pulled from a few moments prior.

Noalan takes a seat, to wait for Angelus to have his fill of the ball so he can take it back. "I died a little in side, ya. Then there's all the wasted time of you bugging me, and even more I'll have to spend checking it for curses and poisons. Then sterilizing your grease off it. It's like to cost me half a day of life." Lan gripes, his tone making it difficult to tell if he's kidding or not. To Dryden he says a simple, "Be seeing you then."

Angelus is very careful as he examines the orb, reaching out a hand to delicately pick it up. Another hum escapes him as he studies it before a soft sigh escapes him, and he shoots a look to his brother. "I've done you a favour," comments Angelus as he sets the orb back down onto the table. "You barely spend any time with me that you need a little of my presence to lift your mood." And then Gel lets out an 'ack,' pulling away from Dryden as his hand comes down on his hair. "Whoa! Whoa, whoa." His hand lifts to gently fix the strands of hair back into its place. "You're going to make me look like a slob, Dry," says the boy, though he's chuckling in amusement. "Oh, later," he says as his cousin dismisses himself and arches a brow at Elizabeth. "It was good to see you again, Dweedle," he says with a pleasant smile, dipping in a deeper bow so that his pendant swings forward a little.

Plucking one of the books carefully from one of the shelves, Elizabeth glances up to see Angelus as he smiles and bows, rather formally, towards her. A small but genuine smile flits across her lips at first, though upon seeing the Magijugend pendant, it falters. Her small hands tighten on the book for a short moment, though she tries to relax the smile. "And to you as well, Eibon."

An amused smirk crosses his lips as Gel arches a brow at Elizabeth. But if he notices the tension he pays no mind to it. A hand lifts to offer a little wave that's partially a salute, offering a little wink before he turns to Noalan. A successful little smile flutters against Angelus' lips, a glimmer in his eyes as he returns the orb to his brother. "Thank you," he says - see! He can be polite to his brother. And then he crosses the room, humming a pleasant tune.

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