(1939-01-27) Unauslichsprechen Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Details for Unauslichsprechen Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Summary: Anthony and Morgana consult about the findings of the Little Black Book plot.
Date: 1939-01-27
Location: Classroom Hogwarts School

Anthony pauses in his purposeful stride, as he spies Morgana, and clears his throat, "Do you have a moment, An… Rashley?"

Morgana looks up from the parchment she is reading and raises her brow. She catches the almost name that he called her, but for now is silent about it. "Yes Rowle?" She says, slipping the parchment back in her satchel.

Anthony gestures to one of the classrooms. "Can we talk in private?"

"I suppose." Morgana replies, turning toward one of the classrooms.

Morgana walks into the classroom, setting her things on a near by desk before leaning on it and crossing her arms. "What did you want to speak to me about?"

Anthony seats himself on one of the desks, and says, quietly, "I want to apologise, firstly. But also to talk about this book, and get your thoughts."

"I have very few thoughts on the book, aside from the fact that it needs to not be in student's hands." Morgana says with a shrug. "You forget, it's written in German, and that is a language I do not read."

You say, "Lets say I want your thoughts… you interpretation, if you see what I mean?" He skims over her ignoring the apology, "I'm trying to work out what the hell is up about it. Andy found a bit in a shop in Diagon Alley. So, my assumptions were wrong.""

Morgana blinks at him several times before she shakes her head. "Let me state, once again, that I do not read, nor speak German, therefore, I have been unable to study said material, aside from looking at the oh so pretty pictures." However news that part of it has been found in Diagon Alley causes her to shake her head. "Well, that's unsettling."

You say, "You don't _have_ to read German. And frankly, you're probably better of not doing so. I've done a certain amount of reading, and honestly I'd rather not. No… I'm going to present the information to you, and you can give me your interpretation, and suggestions. Make sense?"

Morgana shakes her head at Anthony. "Very well. Have you got it all written out for me to look over?" She'll ask, pushing herself up on the desk, since it appears they are going to be here for a while.

Anthony digs in his robe, and produces a sheaf of papers, "Extracts anyway. But actually quite a bit of it is not about the text at all." He takes a breath, "There are similarities in the binding of all the books. Not precisely identical, but… complementary, if that makes sense? As if it was expected they might be together? There's no dreadful clashes in colour, and the leather is all of a similar tone- perhaps from the same hide, or at least tanned very similarly."

"Which would insinuate that they were bound all at once, or at least shortly after eachother. How many have you found?" Morgana asks, taking his papers and giving them a quick glance.

Anthony says quietly, "Four. None of them in particularly interesting books. A history of Witchcraft in Wiltshire. An out of date First Year Herbology." He shrugs, "And other similarly unexciting tomes."

"Well that's supposed to be the point isn't it? Were it an extremely interesting book than they would have been found quicker. Did you have any luck and seeing if the books you have found were checked out at the same time?" Morgana questions, flipping through his notes.

Anthony shakes his head, "Lizzy's looking to see about when and where they were acquired. But it doesn't look like they've _ever_ been out at the same time. And in anycase, why is one outside Hogwarts?" He runs a hand through his head, "I thought, initially it might be a trap, set for inquisitive students, you know? Interest them in Dark Arts, but I don't _think_ the book is like that, really."

"Well if it was a text book, I could easily see someone taking it to sell back as a used book. They're not cheap after all." Morgana says with a shrug. "If that's not what you think then, why do you think it was done?"

You say, "Yes, but only someone who hadn't found the extra bit, or didn't know what it meant." He rubs his head, "Maybe it was brought in like that, and sold by someone who never bothered reading it. Or maybe it came in, and something happened to its owner, and his books got distributed." A beat. "Or hers, of course." There's a little frown of thought, "I _think_ whoever wrote it was… an Unspeakable, or maybe an Auror, and utterly mad. It seems to be a description of what they saw and thought about it."

"Unspeakables and Aurors are not the only ones who use dark magic. It could have easily been anyone else." Morgana says with a shrug. "I suppose you won't have that answer until you figure out who it belongs to, if you even get that far." Holding up the papers, she'll gesture toward them. "Do you mind if I borrow these to read later?"

Anthony shakes his head, "No. Go ahead. And I mean the original writer. The author. There's a clue. It's called the Unauslichsprechen Buch, if it's the book I think it is. The Unmentionable or Unspeakable book." He gives a faint smile, and then extends a hand, "Work together, Rashley?"

"So you think an Unspeakable would just make it that obvious? They must have been a terrible unspeakable." Morgana says with a shrug. With a nod she'll slip the notes into her satchel and cross her arms. "Shouldn't we get back to the other topic at hand before I agree to that?"

Anthony lowers the hand, "Of course. And maybe. I don't know that it's what it was called by the author, so much as the name it's known by." There's a little shrug, "So. I wondered about trying to find the binders. And when the library books came into the library, and from where."

"They might have that information, but these books could have been here for decades. I suppose you could look at the publication date and go from there." There is a slight shrug of her shoulders before Morgana continues. "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Anthony gives a little nod, "Publication date, and date of first removal from the library. Should give a window. Latest it could be from is about a decade ago."

"Well that's a good spot to start then." Morgana says with a shrug of her shoulders. "Now, on to the next order of business? You mentioned an apology?"

Anthony pauses, and rubs his hands together, slightly uneasily, "I did. Several, really."

Morgana raises a brow, still in that Head Girl mode she uses when dealing with other people. "So, go on with it. Your proper apology." She says, gesturing with her hand for him to continue.

Anthony takes a deep breath, "Alright. Sorry for coming on too strong. Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable." A pause whilst he ponders, "I'm _really_ sorry for manhandling you. And for not taking hints." There's a faint smile, "I'm not sorry that you kissed me, but apart from that, pretty much everything when we were together… sorry. Wrong word. When I was chasing you?" He pauses, as though considering it, "I had hoped that you would grow to want me as I wanted you, but it was foolish, and it placed you in an impossible situation, and I am deeply sorry, Rashley."

Morgana listens to the apology, nodding her head as he speaks, and once he is done she'll push herself off the desk and stand in front of you. "You took advantage of my vulnerable state. I hope in the future you have learned that it is not something you should do, to anyone. Is that understood Anthony?" Morgana questions. "If so, than I accept your apology."

Anthony gives a brisk nod, "Sorry. Wasn't thinking straight. Still not entirely sure I am. But I'm a lot better than I was." There's a shy, wry smile. "It turns out that five mile runs are really good at clearing self pity, and _some_ impotent anger out of the system."

"Than I would suggest running as often as you can." Morgana says as she leans over to brush down her skirt and push her short hair out of her face. "Is there anything else you need Rowle?" She asks, looking toward the door.

Anthony gives a pause, "Morgana. Can I use your name again? I mean, you know. Your first name?"

"If you must." Morgana replies. "But nothing further." She says, pointing her finger at him, before grabbing her satchel off of the desk."

Anthony pauses, "If it's not welcome, I won't." He makes a face, and drags his hand across it. "I'm an idiot. I think we've both come to realise it."

"It is fine Anthony." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "And yes, I have known of your idiot status for a while. Hopefully you'll grow out of it."

Anthony gives a serious nod, and extends his hand once again to the girl. "Well. I hope I'm growing, in anycase." The words are more serious. His tone thoughtful. So perhaps there's hope yet.

Morgana will take his hand and quickly shake it before removing it again. "Time will only tell." She says with a brief nod before folding her hands in front of her. "Will that be all?"

Anthony gives a nod, "From my side, anyway. And from yours? Any urge to slap me in the face, or get anything off your chest?"

"Had I the urge, I would have done it." Morgana says in a tone that suggests that is true. "But other than that no, I do not think there is anything else to get off my chest. My life is quite dull."

Anthony pauses, then abruptly, "Buy you tea this weekend coming?" A hand is briskly held up. "Friends. No more. But try and liven your life up."

"Perhaps." Morgana says. "I do not know what I have planned yet. Though I think I have enough rumors for my fill for the rest of the year." She did not enjoy those in the least bit.

Anthony frowns, "Rumours? I'm sorry… did I compromise your reputation?" Honestly, sometimes, Tony is _such_ a Victorian.

Morgana shakes her head. "Any hits to my reputation were my own, I was careless that weekend, however you were not part of that." So Victorian it hurts.

You say, "Well, you know. If you need someone to stand up for you." Because, obviously, the Head Girl can't stand up for herself, "Just say the word."

Morgana shakes her head and lets out a slightly frustrated sigh. "No, I do not need anyone to stand up for me. I'm not some damned damsel sitting in a tower needing to be defended. Is that such a hard concept for your sex to grasp?"

Anthony holds up both hands in surrender this time, "Actually, I thought your position might make it hard for you to say nasty things to people. I'm unencumbered by such things."

"I can get my point across with out using rude words. I believe you know that first hand." Morgana raises a brow as she speaks before shaking her head. "Still, I fight my own battles, when I can."

Anthony gives a nod, "Fair enough. If you want help, I'll help. Otherwise, you know. Nothing to do with me. Except to say to them that they're wrong, they're idiots, and you're nothing but good."

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