(1939-01-28) Wrong Place, Wrong Time
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Summary: Tiberius is finishing lunch, when he spots a familiar face. An effort to avoid confrontation leaves him injured, and unconscious, until the Shadow's alter-ego lends assistance. Tiberius promises retribution against Aegis Security, and it won't be through the MLE.
Date: 1939-01-28
Location: Cafe Tasseo, London

Tiberius is on his way out of the cafe, having stopped in for a quiet lunch during working hours. After all, his cover does come with a job, and jobs do come with lunchbreaks. He rises, pays, and begins to head for the door - Although a familiar figure visible through the windows has his wand tap against his outer thigh lightly, a murmured 'Indespectus' results in the man vanishing rather abruptly, although the patrons don't seem to notice the use of the spell. He pauses. He'll slip out in a moment.

Bundled up tight against the cold, only her eyes are visible- but that young, dark gaze is unmistakeable, as are the two guardwitches following her. Hugging herself against the cold, the girl steps into Cafe Tasseo and offers the host a small, shy nod of appreciation when he offers to take her cloak and scarf. Wearing a long dress of flowing silk that hugs her subtle curves, Rhyeline clasps her hands behind her back and allows herself to be shown to a table near the window. Their path through the up-scale tea shop leads them right for the invisible man. Unless he acts quick, the host will run right into him.

Tiberius takes a step back slowly, realising that people are approaching him quickly. He turns sharply, taking a silent step further into the shop, only to find a waitress coming at him. Feck it. Turning sideways, he slides into what hopefully will be the area the seat opposite the one Rhyeline takes, pressing himself into the corner. He doesn't say a word. Once they all move, he'll be able to slip out silently. Of course, if the order takes too long, and he can't hold his concentration… Well, that'll end badly.

Rhyeline requests a cup of coffee with cocoa instead of milk. And with a dusting of cinnamon, she adds. The guards take up an imposing stance, not far away. Once the waitress has left, Rhyeline shifts her gaze to look out the window. Without her guards watching her directly, with no one paying any direct attention, Rhyeline stares at the snow-covered ground outside. The soft smile she'd worn for the waitress fades. Her eyes grow distant and in this quiet moment, almost haunted.

Tiberius takes a few long seconds to evaluate his situation. There's few ways out of this that wouldn't result in being stunned, or wose. Finally, one comes to mind. One he finds decidedly unpleasant, at least at the outside. "… Rhyeline," Using her first name, that he hopes might put her at some ease. Voice barely above a whisper "… I'm going to ask you not to react too violently." Three. Two. One. An exhale, and Tiberius' cover slips, the man reappearing dressed in that casually pressed suit, leaning against the wall. Thankfully he wasn't the Rogue, or the Technician, else this could have turned bloody swiftly. He's watching Rhyeline, arms folded over his chest.

Rhyeline blinks and grows rather still at the sound of her name. She stares up at him, rather wide-eyed. She parts her lips to speak, but can't seem to summon them. It is then that her guards finally notice his presence. It did take them a second, but catching sight of him near their charge, having somehow snuck past them to get close to her. Without hesitation, one draws her wand and says, "Stupefy!" The jet of red light shoots out from her wand.

Tiberius remains leaning, looking as peaceful as possible. Unfortunately, being in his position he doesn't want to look aggressive in any way, shape or form, so his wand remains within his jacket and his arms folded across his chest. The incoming spell is greeted with narrowed eyes, but there's no reaction. It won't be the first time. And definitely won't be the last. Already leaning against the wall, when the beam of red light hits him it's a vicious blow, there's no free space to absorb the momentum of the blow. Instead, there's a sickening crack as he's pressed /into/ the wall, the man collapsing without speaking further. He does managed to make a sound though, despite the blackness takes over him from the minute the spell hits, The sound of a body collapsing onto a table, slumping into a chair, and then finally onto the ground.

Rhyeline stares in shocked fright as the jet of light slams into Tiberius' chest. The girl is at once on her feet, trying to rush forward to catch him. But, her other guard snags her by the wrist and pulls her back. There are shouts of alarm througout the cafe. Although the little one has only just arrived for a cup of coffee with cocoa, it seems that her guards have decided it is time to go. Keeping her hand firmly around Rhyeline's wrist, the guard Disapparates away, yanking the girl with her. The guardwitch that remains speaks in a quiet tone with the headwaiter. Poor Tiberius will remain unconscious for the next fifteen minutes.

That's what Norah walks in on. The dark haired woman's eye go wide at the commotion then narrow on the unconcious Tiberius. She raises a brow as the guard and girl vanish from sight. She steps over to Tiberius and kneels down beside him to make sure he isn't too badly hurt. She feigns a look of concern but her eyes show her amusement. Pulling out her wand she thinks for a moment before she casts in a firm tone. "Rennervate" She waits to see if it works kneeling over Tiberius's fallen form with a look torn between amusement and concern.

The remaining guard carefully observes Norah's approach, but now that her charge is safely away, she isn't quite so concerned whether Tiberius is conscious or not. The rest of the Cafe is starting to settle down. The guardwitch returns to her quiet conversation with the head waiter a little ways away.

Tiberius lays slumped in a fairly graceless manner, although the injuries from the attack aren't visible. The spell that brings him back seems to work, his eyes opening suddenly, focusing immediately on Norah - And then searching around for the now missing cause of his misfortune. He slowly shifts himself into a seated position, a cough, and then a gentle chuckle rising to his lips - The slight touch of red indicating outwardly that there's at least one injury. And the pain he's concealing makes it pretty clear that he's cracked a rib or two, and /definitely/ bruised himself in a few places. "Thanks…" He finally notes, to the stranger who offered her assistance.

Norah rises with grace and takes a step back nodding to Tiberius. "Would you like help getting to St Mungo's? I was going to have some tea but I just can't leave an injured man unaided. If you want help I would be happy to assist. It looks like you got pretty banged up…" She offers an arm to help him up glancing to the guard cautiously. She seems wary of the woman and keeps one eye on her while she waits for Tiberius's answer.

At last, Rhyeline's guard concludes her business with the head waiter. She is about to leave, but pauses to speak with Tiberius. Seemingly ignoring Norah, she addresses Tiberius. "A warning, Mr. Tripe. You are to keep your distance from Ms. Diderot. I hope that you have learned that her guards are not as inept as you suppose. Should you be foolish enough to attempt something a second time, we will not be so gentle."

Tiberius was going to stay silent. He thinks better of it. "A warning for Aegis Security. This won't go unpunished." The man keeps his breathing shallow so as not to provoke his injury. He slowly struggles to his feet, a hand lightly touching his side, as he glances over at Norah. She seems familiar. "I'll be fine, Miss. I've taken greater knocks that that before. Bones'll knit. Bruises'll heal." His hand is still far from his wand, though, as he leans against the wall lightly. Let's not push things just yet. Intelligent blue eyes map the guardwitches face. This will be answered.

Norah frowns heavily at the woman's words. "And what could he have done to deserve being attacked I wonder?" She snaps at the woman blue eyes ablaze with anger. She doesn't mind being ignored but this woman's words and attitude has her on edge. "What gives you the right to go firing spells at him? Unless he attacked you first there is no reason for that. If he did attack first then still simply immobilizing him would have been fine…it seems you simply wished to cause damage to make a point. That is unacceptable." She sneers at the woman but her expression softens as she looks to Tiberius and nods. "Very well. Take care of yourself then." She turns and stalks for door her point made.

The guard notes the threat with an arch of her brow. This will not be forgotten. She gives the young woman with Tiberius an assessing glance, but she doesn't seem inclined to explain. Without another word, she turns to leave. She never quite turns her back on Tiberius as she makes for the exit.

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