(1939-01-29) Boxing and Banter
Details for Boxing and Banter
Summary: A group during the athletics club meeting gets a couple of boxing matches in, with some spectators.
Date: (1939-01-30)
Location: Club Room

Anthony comes on down, at the appointed time. The club room has a boxing ring marked out in it, and he's dressed for the occasion, or at least, shows himself so, once he shrugs his Ravenclaw robes off, showing himself to be in his long baggy shorts, and barechested, with brown leather boxing gloves on.

Myrus is in a bit more clothing, but not much. Baggey sweatpants of some sort, very light shoes that hug his feet quite well, and just a wife-beater for his top. His own robes neatly folded on a chair in the corner. As he pulls some gloves and wraps out of the trunk on the side of the room, and he starts wrapping his hands, putting one foot up on the trunk as he slowly and concentratedly wraps the cloth strips around his wrists, fingers and palm.

Artemis is keeping herself very busy. Her shoes click on the corridor floor as she hurries along, stopping by the door of the club room which she leans against, catching her breath. Wrapping a single hand around her book strap that crosses in front of her, she lets out one final breath and turns to face the door, opening it to peer inside. "Oh!" She lets out, pursing her lips as she spies the two. "Hello!" she offers cheerfully. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to disrupt you."

Anthony waves a gloved hand to Artemis, "Oh, you're fine. We're just going to be doing some sparring. Just a little friendly exercise, really." He climbs into the temporary ring. "Isn't that so?"

Myrus looks from wrapping his second hand to Artemis who just popped in. He waves at her with a couple fingers that weren't busy being wrapped with a bend or two. "I don't think I've met you before. You're cute." Just a blurt.
Myrus finishes wrapping his second hand and then starts putting on his gloves as he steps into the ring. "Yes, as friendly of an exercise fighting can be." Gloves on, taptap of his gloves together before he hooks the thumbs into the bottom of his shirt, pulling the shirt off and tossing it to the side near his robes so he wouldn't soil it with blood or sweat. "Ready when you are." Artemis possibly already forgotten.

Anthony bangs his gloves together, to seat them down, and then comes up into a guard position, well out of range, "Right. So…. here we go." He pads a little closer.

"Hmm." Artemis looks between the two and she can't help the faint colour that rises to her cheeks. "Sparring?" she repeats the word matter-of-factly as she cranes her head. Leave it to boys to do an exercise that can be dangerous! Artemis lets out a heavy breath as she steps further inside the room. "Oh, do be careful. I would hate for either of you to get hurt in such an exercise. Hmm." She looks to Myrus, and soft giggle escapes her even as she rolls her eyes. "It's true, I /have/ been busy and out of things lately, but have you been falling asleep in class, Mr. Lowe."

Anthony makes a firm jab at Myrus. Unfortunately just a _touch_ outside measure.

Myrus leans back just a bit, and while returning to center, he uses his momentum to lean forward and a wild swing at Anthony's face.

Anthony blocks that one with his forearms, and swings a jab towards Myrus' belly.

Myrus closes his elbows together to block the strike towards his stomach. After that, a quick step in and uppercut towards Anthony's chin.

"Dammit," Jenny bemoaned, as she stepped into the club room, nose wringling just a touch. "When someone said there was a fight going on, I was really hoping it was Alphard, now that boy's got a nice right hook." But it was the green lad! And a book worm. Thus, Jenny leaned against the doorframe for just a moment to watch.

Anthony turns his head slightly, but not sufficient to lean out of the blow, and it takes him on the side of the head, rocking him slightly, and he takes a step back, throwing a left hook to give himself some space.

Uppercut landed. Myrus takes a step back, ducking under the taller boy's hook, pushing up with his legs to throw another uppercut, this one to Anthony's ribs under the hooking arm.

…Or maybe they won't get hurt. If they can't hit each other. Anyway! Artemis winces when they do begin to swing at one another, and she lets out a heavy sigh. Her hand lifts as she opens her mouth, as if to issue another concern, but she keeps it quiet and simply presses her fingers to her lips. She turns her head when Genevieve enters, and lowers her hand. "Oh, hello," she says, though quietly because the last thing she wants is to distract one of the boys. "They're going to get hurt!"

Jenny let out a wolfwhistle, when that uppercut was landed and just as quickly, frowned. "Hey Myrus, you gonna let him knock you around like that?" The girl challenged, leaning off the wall and pacing closer like a lean wolf on the prowl around the edge of their circle, be it real or simply the one imagined in her head.
The sound of the girl's voice though, has her offering a little upnod in her direction, with a slightly…'did she really' expression. "That's…kinda the point."

Anthony gives a grunt, and launches a powerful uppercut to where Myrus' chin should be.

Anthony and Myrus are up on a temporary boxing ring, having a vigorous, but alas, fairly inept boxing match. There's a prefect around refereeing, but it's clearly not a formal boxing match.

Dante arrives a bit late and grins watching the two in the boxing ring. He makes his way over to watch with a smirk for the two girls. "I want to go next." He declares and sets his bag down beside him watching the fight with an assessing deep blue gaze.

Myrus throws a combination of a few jabs, a hook, then a haymaker at the end as some of his frustration starts leaking out within the mood of the fight.

Artemis gapes at Genevieve when she… encourages it! Oh, huff! Artemis purses her lips as he turns back to the match, sucking in a breath and holding onto it. Which is let out when she turns her head to Dante, and the colour brightens in her cheeks. "Really, you too? I think I should I should go ask Madam Spleen for some supplies." She turns her gaze onto Myrus and Anthony again. "It looks like it might be needed."

Anthony steps back from the combination, blocks the hook, and steps inside the haymaker, as he fires a jab back towards the other boy's jaw. It appears he's changed strategy from just trying to tire out Myrus by letting him punch away.

It works, at least for now, as Myrus forgot to pull a hand back up after the combo, and the jab tags him on the cheekbone. Hand relifts again, and from there, he throws a hook to Anthony's side, trying to make his arm lower to defend, and another hook from that same side, maybe to the body? NOPE! Right to the side of the face! Or at least try..

Dante raises an eyebrow at Artemis smirking playfully. "What? You would miss the oppurtunity to see me fight without my shirt on? Such a pity." He chuckles and winks at her. Its rather hard to tell if he is teasing or not at this time though the mischeif in his eyes gives a hint.

"Hey is this…, why have I not joined this club?" Jenny begins to question, aimed at no one in particular and then, ambles over to talk to the Prefect that's hosting the little event so that she can arrange for her own…what? Joining? Yes. "Psh, listen atcho. I want dibs on the winner!"

Anthony blocks the right with his left forearm, and launches his own hook to the other boys jaw.

The prefect says, firmly, "One fight per person per session, Soloman. But you can register… and have a go against someone else."

Artemis keeps looking back to the match with winces and squeaks of surprise. Her hand covering her mouth. "What? I…" She lowers her hand again when she looks to Dante, and her face brightens. "I just don't want anyone to get too hurt," she says quickly. She quickly turns her head to watch Anthony and Myrus, her hand lifting up into her blonde curls, combing her fingers through her hair idly. "I think I should read," she says on a loud whisper. Yea. Her hair falls around her face as she leans over, reaching into her pack at her side to find a book.

"I won't get too hurt don't worry. I can take a hit." Dante assures Artemis with a smile and then looks to the other girl sizing her up. "If you really want to fight then I'll be your opponet if you like? I'm not going easy on you beacuse your a girl though….I don't normally hit girls but if you step intothe ring with me all bets are off." He grins and goes over to register his own name.

Myrus ducks, blocks, parries and then retaliates with a jab, hook, uppercut at Anthony. Aimed at Nose, opposite ribs, solarplexes.

Anthony leans to one side, letting the nose shot miss, doesn't stop the rib shot, but blocks the solarplexus. And he launches a left right combo for each side of the other boys head.

"Woo!" Jenny hoots, fist pumping in the air whilst she watches. "There you go, My. Don't make me regret my decision." And that smile's a littel wicked, a touch impish, the Prefects words having gone in one ear and out the other for all that she'd scrawled her name down. "Easy?" There's an all too wry tone at that. "Seriously? Did you just give me the, because I'm a girl speech?"

Dante just smirks at the girl and looks back to the fight looking highly amused as the two boys seem to both be tiring out. He watches intently and looks to Genevieve breifly with a charming smile. "Girls can be just as good fighters as boys but I was raised to be polite to the ladies. I won't underestimate you but I respect you enough to warn you all the same. I fight dirty." With that he turns to watch the two boys once more.

Artemis draws out a book and only keeps part of her attention on the sparring boys. Keeping an eye on them so that there isn't any serious injuries, but then looking back to her book so that she doesn't have to panic when she thinks, 'Ouch! That one must have hurt!'

The two shots are blocked by Myrus, sweat is glistening on his body as he continues on with Anthony, throwing a series of jabs at him. A couple crosses in there, but mostly jabs.

Anthony blocks them all, and throws some more blows, but they're starting to get a lot less controlled, and he's in way too close, such that the two boys will probably end up in a clinch.

"Can't fight dirty with a Prefect watching," Jenny replies, matter-o-fact rather than disappointed or worried. "Though I can't believe that Myrus is out to get his face all dirtied up before Friday. Honestly," an indignant little roll of her eyes, but the grin that went along with it said that it was all playful and in good fun.

As it goes, the clinch happens, and both of them were obviously becoming tired. The prefect says something, and Myrus breaks it, or at least tries to by pushing off.

Anthony throws a half hearted blow and the prefect says, firmly, "Enough! Both of you. Tired fighters are careless fighters. You both did… um… very well." Yeah, that pause says it all, "Lowe was ahead on points." Tony gives a tired grin to Myrus, and offers the clinch back, this time in the form of 'manly hug;

Manly hug accepted, Myrus goes back to his corner of the ring that was set up here right now, leaning on the ropes with his forearms pulling his gloves off and tossing them away, leaning right near where Jenny and Artemis and Dante are. Chinjut to Dante. To Artemis, "Now see, we didn't get hurt.." a moment's pause, a look at Jenny, "Didn't rough me up too bad, did he?" Cheeky grin to the Slytherin sixth year, glance to Artemis, wink.

Dante watches as the fight officially ends with a smirk on his lips. He glances to Jenny breifly and then back to the prefect who is serving as the referee and then once more back to the two fighters who have just finished. He starts pulling off his school robe and once its off tosses it over his bag. With the robe off its easier for him to move and also easier to see just how muscled he is. He starts to unbutton the shirt next his grin quite wicked. The prefect watches him and just rolls his eyes. "Keep your shoes on this time Carter." Dante sighs but nods in agreement throwing the shirt next to his robe and getting ready to enter the ring.

Artemis' head pops up when the match is called, looking at either of them with concern. Hurrying up to her feet, book still in her hand, she steps towards her year mate. "Are you alright?" And a look to Anthony, "And you?" She smiles softly and shakes her head slowly. "Well you did a marvelous job, you two. But goodness."

Anthony pauses in trying to undo the knots on his boxing gloves with his teeth, and extends the hand towards Artemis. He's seated himself down on the stool in his corner, sweaty, bruised, and with a little cut or two. "I'm fine. Thank you." His lip's a bit swollen too, but nothing too severe.

"Mmmm, not too much," Jenny replies, reaching out to catch myrus by the chin so she can tilt his head this way and that. "You'll survive. Still look better'n I did the last time Alphard and I had a go at each other with some bludgers and clubs. This more of that therapy?" The latter question was a quiet one as the sleek chaser released his chin.

Myrus looks over at Anthony, giving a nod, "Nice one, we should go run now." Artemis asks if he's ok, oo, she's closer. "WEll, I'm better now." More of a smile until Jenny grabs his chin and turns him this way and that. THe quiet question gets an answer, "Yeah, less fun, but just as stress-relieving," just as quietly answered.

"Why do you /do/ this to each other?" queries Artemis. She watches Myrus and Genevieve for a bit, as if making sure he's alright but letting Jenny do the talking. So she steps closer to Anthony, and frowns at him, shaking her head. "I'm sure there was that spell that could ease bruising and swelling." She lets out a breath as she looks to the ring, her cheeks rosy instantly as she locks her gaze on Dante. "Oh, do be careful, Carter."

Dante minus his robes and shirt gets his boxing gloves on and enters the ring. He grins at Artemis and chuckles softly. "I'll be fine Meliflua. Stop worrying and enjoy the show." He looks to Jenny and raises a brow at her waiting for her to get ready and join him.

Anthony clambers out, offering his wrists to ARtemis, "Could you undo my laces please? And it's a relief of tension, actually." And look. Naked torso. Sweat. Manly. Rar.

Myrus as well, half naked, manly, sweaty, stepping out of the ring and stepping toward the door where the light breeze pulls in from the hallway and he lets that cool him off for now, looking over his shoulder at everyone else, "Don't go easy on her, Dante."

"But you're coping," Jenny replies, voice quiet. "That's all that matters." And then, there's a Dante to deal with and the girl steps back from Myrus and peels out of her robes. Not her shirt. She's not a boy. That's not happening. It's enough her vest is tight and she's in a skirt. "Be careful, My. Make too many wishes and you'll have my boyfriend to deal with," and with a smirk, Jenny ducked into the ring, nimble fingers working to pull her hair back into a loose ponytail.

Anthony is also naked torso'd, sweaty, bruises coming up already, and slightly bloodied. He also has boxing gloves on, with the laces of which he's struggling, as he's getting out of the ring.

Artemis lets out a breath and shakes her head in response to Dante's confidence, her cheeks tinging with pink as she turns her gaze to Genevieve. "You must be really brave," she says and adds, "or good." And she lets out a 'hmm.' "But I suppose you must be if you're training with Black." And her cheeks brighten before she shakes her head, and she's looking back to Anthony. "Oh, sure," she says, reaching out to his gloved hands. "I can help." But her eyes flick up to Anthony for a quick second before she helps him out with the laces. "Here you go."

Dante is in the ring with his gloves on an his muscled chest and arms bare. No robes or shirt just his pants socks and shoes. He isn't sweaty yet though and he grins watching his opponet get ready. Myrus gets a nod and a smirk. "I wouldn't dream of going easy on anyone." He smirks at Artemis spotting her blush quite easily. He chuckles and goes to one corner of the ring to wait for Jenny to be ready and the match to start.

Almost like a wraith, Elizabeth cracks open the door and slips in, silently closing the door behind her with careful precision, her back against it. For a moment she just pauses there, taking in her surroundings. She didn't want to disturb anyone after all, just observe. And her timing must be impeccable because Genevieve and Dante are entering the ring for their match. Boxing is it? Curious. Sliding a few feet to one side, she rests against the nearest wall, without making herself known. For the moment.

"Yes, I /am/ coping. Thanks for all your help, Jen." And then Elizabeth opens the door, and Myrus turns to look at her. Right there. Sidestepping trying not to be noticed? Myrus will obviously ruin that. "Hey, Lizzy. How are you?"

"We've worked out together for years," Jenny answers Arti, before settling on a pair of gloves. Her joy from this was completely different from the thrill the boys seemed to be getting pandering about half naked watching the girl's blush. "He's a good mate," even if she hated the feeling of gloves and would have prefered to use her fists. Meh. Eyes went to the Dante then and from him, the Prefect, waiting on the signal.

Artemis moves to work on helping with the other glove. At least it gives her something to focus on, because does it always get hot in here when there's boxing? She purses her lips as she unties the second glove, and tilts her head back up to look at Anthony, offering a warm smile. "You be sure to do that. You know, there's other physical activities you can do that's less violent," says the Hufflepufff matter-of-factly. "There's dancing, for one."

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes up at Myrus when he greets her, making the girl pause. "Elizabeth." she corrects, only after a fraction of an instant later a small frown to appear. "Why is it that I always have trouble with boys and that nickname? 'Lizzie'. Girls don't seem to have a problem, it's only boys." She could count on one hand how many try to call her 'Lizzie', and it seems to be spreading. Exhaling a breath, she lifts a hand to brush back a few dark locks from her face, "How was your match? I didn't get to see it?" And after a moment, her pale eyes glance to where Artemis and Dante are preparing.

Anthony gives Artemis a cheerful grin, presumably still high on adrenaline. "Why, is that you asking me? And thanks. You're being very kind."

Dante watches his opponet enter the ring with careful eyes. He takes a step forward and waits for the signal to begin the match. The blonde is tense and ready to act. As soon as the signal is given he will spring into action lunging forward to aim a punch for Genevieve's jaw and two quicker ones at her stomach. He isn't going easy on her at all.

Myrus huhs, not worrying about her correcting him. Again. He's shirtless, and still glistening with sweat. One hand raises to rub the side of his nose for a moment. "It was good. I actually won by points, but about to go back up to the dorms and get cleaned up." A look over his shoulder to the new fight starting. Eyes return to Elizabeth, "There's another fight starting now- Oi! Kick his ass, Jenn!" Okay, now he meant that one.

Artemis sets the gloves aside and blinks at Anthony. "What?" Pause. "No, no, no, no, no, I was just saying… Well…" She purses her lips as she reaches a hand to comb her fingers through her honey blonde tresses. "I mean that it would be nicer than pummeling each other and getting all bruised up!" Her blushes and shakes her head, but then offers him a smile. "I'm just trying to be helpful." It's keeping her eyes from the ring, because, oh my, she could just feel the pain of those punches that connect.

Elizabeth barely glances at Myrus' exposed torso before she flicks her gaze back to the ring, slight color in her cheeks. While the boy cheers on, she remains quiet, watching. And already Dante wasn't playing games, lunging forward to swing the first punch, then two sharp punches again.

Anthony laughs, "Sorry, that was cruel of me." And then solemnly, he says, "I should be delighted to dance whenever you would like a partner."

Jenny's attention slid away from the crowd and more towards the match, when Dante's attention focused and the prefect called it's beginning. Slender arms up, the position was more guard than defense and her focus was on seeing how the boy'd lead, rather than rushing herself. The difference in size and arm reach became apparent though, when she managed to scath by the blow to the face and caught a solid thunk to the stomach, not once, but her guard came up to help deflect the second, before she took the offensive.

Dante dodges back a little and circles Genevieve slowly looking for an opening. He moves forward again after a breif moment, a bit slower this time and more carefully so he can dodge if need be. He aims a heavy punch to her shoulder with his left arm and much faster uppercut to her jaw. He is focused on the fight and has yet to notice Elizabeth's presence.

Myrus nods to Elizabeth, her not saying anything more, and he moves over to his stuff, putting on his wife beater shirt and grabbing up his things.

Hephaesta slips into the club room as inconspicuously as she can. She isn't quite the stealthiest creature, with the noise her leg brace makes as she walks: click, whirr…click, whirr… But she hopes that the very noise that drew her attention from the workshop down the hall would cover her entrance, at least until she has some idea what's going on.

Light on her feet, Jenny circles much as Dante does, left arm dropped down to offer a faint guard to her stomach and up the curve of her chest, where the glove centers on her breasts. And that pacing was measured to last long enough to help the chit catch her breath from where his previous connection had winded her. He's got the reach, clearly and she follows through; the blow glancing her shoulder and feeding into the momentum that carries her in close enough, with a right hook towards his face.

"Oh, no, no," Artemis says insistently as she shakes her head. "I would never say you were cruel." She smiles softly at Anthony, and even as she blushes she says, "I'm really not that great at dancing myself. Have you seen Adie Selwyn dance? Now that's impressive." Her smile grows and her bright blue eyes flash with delight. "I would certainly love to learn how to, though." Her eyes suddenly dart around, and she's raising her voice a little (though not wanting to distract the fighters). "You doing okay, Lowe?" And then she spares a glance at the fighters and lets out a breath.

Dante is indeed hit in the face on the cheek but this only causes him to grin broadly and redouble his efforts. He holds his ground and feigns a punch out to her stomach before he dodges to one side and sends a powerful left hook striaght for Genevieve's jaw. His other arm goes up to guard himself against any future hits.

"Maybe next time I'll be able to catch your match." Elizabeth murmurs lightly, without pulling her gaze away from the one in progress. "You look like you're enjoying yourself though. Worked up a sweat." A small smile tugs faintly at her lips and after a moment, she turns to glance back at the other boy. "I'm glad you took my advice, by the way."

Anthony lets the second glove come off, "I'm atrocious at dancing." His hands are bandaged from inside the gloves, and he's barely managed to undo the first with his teeth. "And I don't think I've seen her dance." Elizabeth gets a smile, "Next time, Lizzy, then! Next time!"

Hephaesta stares in wonder at the fighting match, eyes wide and wary. She makes her way close, her curiosity drawing her in. Click, whirr…click, whirr… the sound of the clockwork mechanisms grow more noticeable.

Myrus looks at Artemis quickly as she addresses him, "OH, I'm fine." A lie. To Elizabeth, Myrus nods. "Yes, I did. Not directly, but I did, nonetheless." All his things bundled up, and with a wave up to everyone, Myrus, with wraps still around his hands, he slings the bag over his shoulder with all his robes in it. "I hope next time you can catch my fight. Would you like that?" He smiles just the faintest at her as he passes her on his way out, yelling behind himself before the door closes, "Kick his ass, Genevieve!"

Jenny's tongue peeked out between her teeth to the sound of that solid connection, a little wink offered in the boy's direction not a second before that feinged punch of his hand her dancing back out of his immedient rang. Out of hers too, unfortunately. It meant she had to go in close again, for all that she bobbed low in an attempt to throw off his rhythm. He caught her cheek then, a blaring line of red left behind in the wake of his glove and the sharp clink of her teeth rattling together, as her head snapped back and when she turned, it was to swing towards him with another jab, intent to attempt to worry the exact same spot on his face with more damage.

Once again Dante is hit. This time he winces a little as the spot on his cheek is hit again with more force. He wastes no time before he lunges in and tries to hit Jenny with a flurry of blows in different places her stomach, shoulder, jaw and upper arm all get an attempted blow and his eyes are narrowed dangerously. He is starting to sweat a little but isn't about to back down in the slightest.

Hephaesta gasps at Myrus's crude language, staring at the door after he's gone. She shakes her head. "It's no wonder Professor Mopsus is so grumpy lately." She turns her eyes back to the boxing match, chewing at her lip. "I don't understand this."

"'Not directly'." Elizabeth murmurs quietly, chuckling once. "It's still exercise, and doing something productive. I'm proud of you." Her powder blue eyes glance up at Anthony, the small smile growing. "Do I need to make this a regular visit? I suppose if you have a schedule…" she chuckles again, just before Myrus disappears through the door. "He seems to be doing a little better." She comments to Anthony and Artemis, before Elizabeth looks back to the match. Thus far, Dante and Genevieve have been pretty evenly matched.

He had the reach. He'd had it since the beginning and it became all too apparent when Genevieve didn't manage to escape it again after that last shot. He can hear the hiss of her breath then, while it's easy enough to see the way the rain of blows send her dancing back further; the one that landed on her shoulder and her upper arm having her favor the left side. Sweat slicks her hair to her brow and rather than working towards reach anymore, that left arm favors a guard, while the right worked on retaliation whenever the boy happened to be within reach.

Anthony gives a little nod, "Madame Hooch was right. Exercise _is_ good for the wounded soul." His voice is grave, and he gets his hands free finally, and flexes them, to ease the aches, and then goes over to grab a towel from by his discarded robes, and uses it to mop at his torso, with a slight wince. "Ouch. Maybe I _will_ wander over to the Infirmary."

Dante continues to advance even as Genevieve retreats. Relentless and determinded he gets within reach once more. Another series of blows are aimed for her other shoulder and stomach with his right hand while he tries to block her own hits with his left. There is a bruise forming on his left cheek but he keeps at it. The heavily toned skin of his chest and arms are starting to shine with sweat and his hair is also a bit wet the messy locks drooping a bit as sweat runs down the back of his neck. He still doesn't stop the determination shining in those deep blue eyes.

Hephaesta watches Anthony curiously, eyes flicking back to the fight briefly. "Why do you fight on purpose, if you know you'll get bruised up?" She inquires to her housemate Wouldn't it be better just to punch one of those bags?"

"Him," Artemis corrects immediately. But she lets out a giggle as she shakes her head. "I bet you aren't /atrocious/," she says with an assuring smile. The blonde Hufflepuff reaches for her book that she set down prior to helping Anthony, and stuffs it back into her bag. She looks over to Elizabeth with an 'hmm?' "Doing a little better? He didn't get all that beat up, did he?" Artemis suddenly straightens and frowns, turning to Myrus. "Oh, that's it, we should go to the infirmary. You," pointed at Myrus, "and you," said to Anthony because of his statement.

Jenny's stubborn, it shows in the way that she refuses to cow completely to the boy. And this time the left half of her body is offered up as a shield to take the blows while she continues to work at the boy with her right. His jaw, his stomach, the area about his kidney's, because they were just playing so nice, weren't they. It was one of those last punches though, that slipped in past her guard and not only knocked the wind from the girl, but knocked her all the way down. Landing in a thunking sprawl against the mat while her head rebounded off of it and stars danced before her eyes. Dante had clearly won the match.

Elizabeth gives Anthony a small, sympathetic glance, but she doesn't comment further on the matter as she turns away, moving to a nearby desk where there were a set of white, fresh towels that had been set out for the boxers to use. She reaches for one of them, unfolding it in her hands as she glances back to the ring.

Anthony gives another little nod, and starts to reach for his robe, but as Jenny goes down (in a bad way), he rushes towards the ring, "You alright?"

Myrus walks back into the club room, just a bit flustered as he bends down to pick up the gloves he completely forgot about. While picking them up, he as well sees Genevieve on the floor, "Uh oh. She ok?"

Hephaesta sighs, and gives up, turning to the door and click-whirring her way out and back to the workshop.

Dante smirks as the girl goes down. He chuckles softly. "Good fight." He is about to help her up but then Anthony is rushing over so he leaves him to it as he looks up spotting Elizabeth with a towel in hand and quicly exits the ring making his way over to the girl with confident strides. "Hello Elizabeth when did you get here? Did you enjoy the show?" He smiles playfully and starts to take off his gloves watching her with a bright smile. He glances to Artemis and smiles. "See and I'm not hurt too bad either!" Even though his cheek looks like it will have a nasty bruise…he is fine though. Really. He looks back to Elizabeth with a grin.

There's a little bit of worry for Jenny, seen in her eyes. It lasts for just a moment before her powder blue eyes turn towards Dante as he exits the ring proper and begins approaching. Color flushes her cheeks, "My timing is impeccable." Elizabeth murmurs, waiting long enough for him to remove his gloves before she wraps the towel around his shoulders. "You did very well. Though, I hope your cheek doesn't swell…"

"Fuck me," Jenny groaned, as she dipped back towards the realm of conscious. That really had been well done! "Language, Solomon," the Prefect snapped though it was somewhat hard to hear with the ringing in her ears. "Not as bad as a broken jaw from a bludger, but still." Her jaw popped when she made it drop too and those dark eyes focused or attempted too, on Myrus and Anthony, before she reached down to adjust her skirt. Note to self: Next time fight in trousers. "So….," it still took a tinsy pinch of effort to draw a breath. "That happened." Crooked grin.

Anthony kneels down, to offer the girl a hand, "You feel alright? Other than, you know. The obvious. Needing the Infirmary? Or just a moment?"

Myrus as well moves next to Anthony, and Jenny adjusts her skirt… ok… time to move in to help her up. Myrus drops all his stuff and steps through the ropes, moving over to her side and kneeling down, looking her over (not the bad way). "You gonna make it?" Offering her a hand to help her to at least sit up slowly.
And to Jen's first swearing, Myrus chuckled just a little, VERY slight smirk.

"Oh my," Artemis gasps out as she clasps a hand over her mouth, wincing as she eyes the end of the match. People /like/ this sort of thing? Her eyes watch Anthony hurry over to Genevieve, but looks over to Dante when he addresses her. The pinkness in her cheeks brighten as her eyes lock on him, and she lets out a heavy sigh. "Maybe," she says. "But I think," and she gestures to where he was hit, "you should put something cold on that." She looks back over to Genevieve, watching her with concern, but there's nothing for her to do since she has two boys to help her.

"A stiff drink," Jen answers Anthony, even as she reaches out to accept both his hand and Myrus'. "I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out anymore," she admits, "But if you two pull me up too fast, I might. So let's..not. He's got a good reach on him, that Carter. And I'd kill for some ice for my shoulder." At least there weren't any games coming up soon. That she might be upset over. And then Myrus' quiet words made her chuckle.

Dante grins and shrugs. "It will be fine…I've had worse." He assures the two girls who appear worried over his bruised cheek. He looks to the two boys and the girl he just beat and shakes his head before Elizabeth wraps the towel around him and he looks back to her with a smile. "Thank you. You certainly seem to have good timing at finding me without my shirt on thats for sure. Not that I mind of course." He winks at her and starts drying off his arms chest and hair. Once he is done his hair is sticking up in all directions and he goes to get his shirt.

Anthony looks a little blank, and then says, "You just stay there a moment" And he heads back to the robes, to get his wand.

Myrus snickers a little bit. Helping her stay stable where she is. "Maybe the three of us need to head to the infirmary after all." He looks over his shoulder to Anthony going to get something, then looks back down at Genevieve.

Elizabeth can't help the flush, but she lifts a brow at Dante. "And we base this off of one instance?" she asks, softly teasing him. "Your welcome." After a pause, she glances to Jenny as she's helped to her feet. "Do you need to go to the Infirmary as well?" There's a small bit of concern, as she looks back to Dante. "It doesn't look that bad. But…"

Artemis lips purse as she takes in people's appearance. A sigh, and she turns her eyes away. It just looks sore! And, well, she's apparently not needed anymore, so she slowly starts towards the door. "I think the infirmary sounds like a great idea," she seconds to Elizabeth with a single nod. "But, you all have it under control, I guess." A soft smile, a blush as she looks around, and then she turns and heads out. Well, she does have some things to work on, she might as well get to that.

Dante thinks for a moment. Then he nods slowly. "I'll head there shortly…after I take a shower." Once he has his shirt on he grabs his robe and bag and heads for the door waving to Elizabeth as he goes. "See you again soon!" He grins and then dissappears into the hall.

Anthony scoops up a towel, and hurries back, points to it with his wand, and says, "Glacius!" There's power there, for it's a well performed conjuration, but instead he makes it more subtle, to make a large mass of crushed ice in the towel. Enough there for several ice packs. He heads back, grabs another couple of towels and scoops some of the ice into one of them, which he hands to Jenny, "There you go."

Whatever Myrus said in Anthony's absence nearly made the girl choke with laughter, but she stayed put much as it was implied. Watching Rowle out of the corner of her eye. The sight of ice makes her groan in relief and she accepts it with an easy smile. "Thank you, darlin'. See, My. Useful…you look familiar. I've seen you, I know, just don't think we've ever spoke much." Because he was a bookworm for pratically ever and Jenny so very much wasn't.

Myrus takes a breath and even joins Solomon in the choked laughter from her quiet retort. Even coughing a little bit, then reaching up to steal a bit of ice from the towel, maybe pushing it against Solomon's injury a little more than it had to be, but he gets himself a piece of ice, and pops it into his mouth, crushing it between his teeth enjoying the sting of the cold on the inside of his cheek. "Yeah, sounds like she's back to normal already, Anthony."

Elizabeth watches as Dante takes off with the towel. Exhaling a breath, she turns and approaches the small group. "I think he has too much energy." she murmurs softly, her attention soon focusing on the current topic. The Infirmary, rather.

Anthony hands the icepack over, and offers his other hand to yours, to shake it, presumably, "Tony Rowle, Miss Solomon." If the hand is given, it's kissed lightly on the boxing glove, rather than shaken, as if the glove were an elegant silk one, rather than something rather cruder "A pleasure, at last. We took some classes together for the last five years."

Ice pack settled, Jenny was about to attempt to work the glove free, when Anthony catches her hand and the little chaser watches with a look of surprise on her face. "That's..," a rather baffled if somewhat surprised moment, actually. "Really rather sweet of you. A pleasure, Tony." The girl winks, "Wanna help me get that unlaced now, while you're at it?" Inquired, before she rolled her eyes over Myrus statement. "At least it wasn't my face. Somehow, I think Marcus would have laughed, if it was." But of course, it was going to suck standing up, Dante had left the left side of her body a lovely shade of… "You did that on purpose!" Dick. That added pressure had Jenny all but hissing in Lowe's direction, but the heat of her temper never reached her eyes and Elizabeth was given a little upnod when she joined them.

Anthony obliges with the unlacing, and indeed the glove removal, "You were really good!" And then he's helping himself to some of the ice too. For he has oochies too. And then with apologies, he's off to get his robes, and head up to the Ravenclaw areas.

Myrus' reaction to her hiss was a tilt of the head, and he looks down at her side. "Well, maybe he did." And he'd help Anthony get those gloves of hers off of her, and once he's heading out, Myrus waves to him, "Later, Anthony." Then paying attention to Genevieve. "No use getting hissy about it." Pun, a masochistic pun.
Myrus looks at Elizabeth, then at the door where Dante just left. A small smirk, but the only thing he says to the small Ravenclaw girl is, "Hey there again."

Looking from Jenny to Myrus, she arches a brow as he greets her again. With that tiny little smirk as if he knew something he wasn't letting on. The corner of her lips tugs faintly. "And what is that supposed to mean, hm?" she asks. "Why haven't you gone to clean up yet?" her smile grows.

"Brat," Jenny murmurs and then more softly, "Thank you." For the help and the assistance. "Now, if you could find your way into helping me to my feet," she added, bracing the ice pack with one hand upon which even with gloves the ghost of bruises against her knuckles remained, and looping the other across the top of his shoulder, "I'd be eternally grateful." A companionable little bump against his side, before her eyes flecked up towards Elizabeth and…she blinked. "He was helping me?" She supplies, as if it ought to be obvious.

Myrus smiles, "No problem, of course." Helping her to her feet. The bump is returned as Gen is finally up on her feet. Though a newcomer to the bumping crowd, it's light, but still returned just as well. Myrus looks at Elizabeth, "And rumor has it that girls like sweaty shirtless males." He glances obviously towards the door, "Like I'm sure Dante enjoyed your help as well.." not to assume Myrus was in it for the exact same reason, if not more. He just shut up and shook his head a little, still keeping Jen's arm over his shoulders, putting an arm around her waist to help keep her upright, "So," change the subject quickly, "To the infirmary?"

"I meant with something else." Elizabeth answers Jenny, meeting her eyes as she smiles lightly. "Myrus and I are friends and sometimes I can tell when he's up to mischief. So I call him out on it." Glancing back to Myrus, she quirks a brow, but smiles still as she shakes her head gently. "Rumor, hm? Well I'm not sure about the sweaty part. There tends to be a bit of stench involved with sweat." She smirks. "I'll leave you two to it. Both of you get seen to. And you did a good job." Elizabeth compliments Genevieve. Lifting a hand, she waves over her shoulder as she turns, exiting proper. Or just leaving the pair alone.

"I can never keep up with people," Jenny replies in complaint, letting Myrus shoulder her weight while she worked to balance herself and not wince too much, not to mention keeping that ice pack in place. "Though I don't know what I'd want to go the infirmary for. All they're going to do is grump at me, suggest that I get plenty of rest and keep ice on it because this isn't bad enough to merit a potion. Trust me, sugah, I've spent plenty of time in the infirmary."

Myrus gets to the ropes, pulling them up with an arm and down under his foot to open them for her to get through easier. He also needed to grab his own bag.. um… "Well then.. you need rest and I need to get cleaned up. I can carry you to the Slytherin front door is about all. As much of a bother that is." Light nudge, he was being sarcastic. He'd reach down to grab his bag so he can shoulder it once they were out of the ring, with a wave to those still there, including the prefect that was no help.

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