(1939-01-30) To Pure-Breed or Not to Pure-Breed...
Details for To Pure-Breed or Not to Pure-Breed…
Summary: Esther discovers Gabriel experimenting with chocolate animals leading to an uneasy conversation about the reasons for Purists philosophies.
Date: 1939-01-30
Location: Study Area, Hogwarts Castle
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*OOC Note:* The first part of this scene was not logged. The first two poses are a 'best recollection' summary of the beginning of the scene.

Looking for a quiet spot to continue his experiments in chocolate animation Gabriel has ended up in the fourth floor study room. Set all around him on the table are books on charms, potions, and cook-books. Specifically cook-books dealing with desserts and chocolate. Right as Gabriel is casting a Hovering Charm on a butterfly Esther comes into the room leading to some introductions and playing around with a floating chocolate butterfly. The conversation bounces around a bit after the initial introductions, encouraged by the sharing of chocolate.

After a bit of playing around with semi-animate chocolate animals the conversation continues. Gabriel laughs as Esther mentioned it being too early for 'The Conversation' and says, "I have a Muggle doctor and a Muggle nurse for parents. That conversation already happened and probably in lots more detail than you'd probably be willing to give." The chocolate monkey in his hand suffers another sudden arm amputation before he continues, "And its gross, and disturbing, and I don't know why everyone seems to thinks its so fun…" As he mentions that his parents are both Muggles there a definite glint of challenge in his eyes. He clearly has not forgotten its a Slytherin girl he talking to, no matter how civil she might be right now.

"So what does that make you?" Esther asks, her voice positively loaded with potential. It's a strange reaction to hearing that someone's parents are Muggles, but there it is. The other half of the chocolate butterfly is gently chewed upon, "It's one of those 'when you're older' things."

Gabriel takes some time to consider the question. It really is a bit of an unusual question and in the end he gives a a bit of an unusual answer, "It makes me me." He takes a few more moments to consider Esther, chewing thoughtfully on a chocolate monkey leg and then says, "Maybe you can explain something to me? Why does it matter so much to so many people? The whole 'who are your parents thing'? Maybe I just haven't learned enough about Wizard and Witch history yet but… Are many of the most powerful witches and wizard out there not Muggle born or half-bloods?" The other half of the conversation he seems happy to just let go of. Sex… Ugh…

"Some." Esther answers simply. "There are some powerful witches and wizards out there of inferior bloods. I could show you, though…" Esther answers simply. A cat and a dog are taken from the chocolate animal pile. "Imagine these are two pure-blood people. Both are full of magical potential. And one… Diffindo; Has two children with a Muggle." The girl withdraws her wand, slicing the dog in half. "Now, we have twp half-bloods. Half of the blood of their ancestor, who we /knew/ was magic, and half a Muggle. Diffindo." Again. "Now, we have four half-bloods. A quarter of the blood of their ancestor. Three quarters Muggle. Diffindo. Diffindo. Diffindo. Diffiindo." The fragments of chocolate eventually become nothing, the Dog is an indistinct powder. The cat beside it, pristine, perfect. "There's much and more to it than this… But /this/ is the real fear. That we breed ourselves impotent."

Gabriel blinks in confusion as Esther's explanation continues a frown furrowing his brow. Then he considers the pile of chocolate debris the dog has become. Then he shakes his head and says, "Have you ever heard of the science of heredity?"

"I've heard all kinds of Muggle reasoning over the years." Esther responds softly. She leans in slowly, with a teasing little smile. To be honest, she's forgotten /all/ of it. All she knows is that it's a Muggle word. "If they had any way of preventing this, or identifying 'magic', why're we still living right under their noses?"

Gabriel shakes his head again. "It is true they can't identify magic. But the idea of heredity is still applicable. A lot of different experiments have proven over the years that you can breed for specific traits /but/ that if you breed the same strains to themselves too often without new traits being introduced negative traits start to be exaggerated as much or more than positive traits…" He stops here to see how Esther is taking this, specifically looking for signs of confusion.

"I didn't say I agreed." Esther bites her lower lip, although she doesn't go any further with the idea in her head. It doesn't bear thinking about. "I won't deny that there are unpleasant elements. But there's the risk of losing all of this." A gesture to the castle, "Muggles have made their way forward without magic. Wizards do not know /how/ to do that. Some of us are forgetting basic physical functions because we know a spell that does the same thing. But there's one thing that's beyond all doubt, Gabriel. There halls are merciless upon Muggles.

Gabriel nods as he uses his wand to play around with the chocolate dust of the table, physically play around with it. "And that the point. We all are Witches and Wizards or we wouldn't be here. The sad thing is that Muggle-born are not seen as the saving of the Wizarding blood. We're the new, strengthening traits. After all, what good is being the most powerful Wizard in the world in in-breeding has made you cuckoo-catchu and you can't even think straight enough to remember half the spells your power would let you cast. Of if you're born without arms to hold a wand. Or without a tongue to cast a spell…" As he speaks he's actually traced out little stick figures in the chocolate dust representing all the cases he's just mentioned.

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