(1939-01-31) Good for the Credit
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Summary: Gerald and Sybil discuss their upcoming 'not date' in Hogsmeade over the coming weekend and Gerald proves himself a perfect gentleman. Or does he? Esther arrives to study towards the end.
Date: 1939-01-31
Location: Library, Hogwarts
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The Hogwarts Library consists of books filling shelf after shelf in a large sequence of twisting corridors that culminate at the hallowed Restricted Section. Books that cover a variety of topics no muggle could ever dream of, from Potions to Magical History to all manner of obscure, fantastical and abstract magical disciplines and creatures. Amazing as all these are, what knowledge is held in the restricted section is only spoken of in whispers. Books float across from one shelf to another, rearranging themselves back to where they belong as students never return them properly. Tables are positioned at reasonable intervals to provide students with a place to consume the vast knowledge found here, or to study whatever assignment they've waited until the last minute to complete.

"Where. Where, where where…" Sybil's voice precedes her from the narrowness of one of the book aisles, filtering out before the blonde herself emerges. An open book held in the palm of one hand, the fingers of the other flick through the pages at a rapid pace, lost in frustration as she leans a shoulder to the bookcase. Its late on Thursday evening, and it would seem that rather than retreat to the warmth of the Ravenclaw Common Room and the comfort of a mug of cocoa and the social chit chat which comes with that, she's instead decided to catch up on her studying.

Gerald is never where he should be, and always where he should. That's what Ebi always says at least. And rather than stalking the dungeons he's instead stalking the library. A specific isle even. He's long abandoned those aggravating robes, which aids in allowing him to slink along the isle opposite of the book seeking blonde, though the small rattling of the box of candy in hand give him away rather easily. No matter though, it doesn't stop him from peering through the books toward her, his blue gaze slipping over her before he clears his throat

Sybil doesn't jump at the sound, she simply turns her head and peers through the books. Eyes meet eyes. "Hello again," she smiles. He mightn't be able to see that smile, but the evidence of it shows in her eyes and in the warmth radiated there. Lowering her book she turns more fully into the shelves that separate her from Gerald, chin resting on the shelf, nose pressed to the dusty spines. "Is that a box of Harkiss' Candy I hear?"

Gerald grins, which is audible in his tone as he watches her. "No.." he teases easily, "Snow Flakes. I'm running low on junk food." Still, he does offer the box a small shake from his side of the book shelf. "You want one? I could be persuade to share. For certain people. Maybe…if you asked nice." She's not the only flirt. She couldn't possibly have thought she was. "What are you doin in the library again anyway? There's one hundred better places to be after class." And yet, here he is.

"I would love one, as would any sensible girl," a laugh just starting to show in the cadence of Sybil's words. "Are you going to pass me one through the books, or should I come around there?" There's a pause before she adds, "Is that asking nice? Or does asking nice involve something a little more complicated than simply saying please, because I'll certainly say please where snow flakes are concerned." Notably, she hasn't actually said please yet and there's a fraction of a heartbeat before she gives a slow blink of her eyes, dark lashes briefly interrupting the intensity of the look she holds him with. Its artful and well-practiced in its design, with just enough pause before she opens them again and produces the necessary word. "Please?"

"No, you have to come here." He teases in return, though he is rather obvious about the fact he's a much bigger sucker than she is. At the very least, he knows his position in the pecking order here. Ovaries win, hands down. He's but the holder of the sought after candy.

But it's his candy! So he give the box a shake before ducking away from the books, breaking the rather successful attempt to tease the poor Gryffindor.

Sybil laughs. Its that same laugh that he would have heard when they were sitting at the table with Hexacus. "Seriously. How old are we?" Her question is a bit rhetorical perhaps, since she instantly proves herself young enough for teasing by walking around the shelves and leaning against his side of them. She's in her uniform, naturally, though she wears it with a certain style that probably was never intended; her tie slightly loosened and her skirt hitched a fraction higher than it ought to be. She wraps her arms around her waist, hair a silken fall that curtains her cheeks and emphasises the delicate angles of her face. Her brows quirk and her mouth twitches in another smile. "The walk exhausted me. I need that reviving with one of your snow flakes or I might simply expire."

"I'm six." He allows with ease as he watches her, his lips quirked into an unfairly smug grin as she comes to him. Of course, now here, he's really not sure what to do with her all things considered, so he offers over the box to her, a small sigh touching his lips. "You're not wearing your uniform properly." He points out finally, perhaps grasping for something to say. Then again, his own tie is far to loose and his shirt hasn't been tucked in since last class. Still..it's his thang. No judging. "If you're not careful you're going to end up having to deal with me more than you're prepared for." Beat, "I'm just warning you. Maybe you want to invest in a parka this weekend."

Sybil picks a sweet out of the box, though she's not looking at them, she's looking at him. "Oh? I don't see anything wrong with the way I'm wearing my uniform and really, since its so late, I could quite easily be in my pj's by now. That is, if I weren't here, catching up on revision and eating your sweets." A small crinkle of her nose accompanies the smile she gives him before she transfers the snow flake to her mouth and re-wraps her arms about her waist, hugging herself. "I might wear a parka, but then again I might not. Horribly unflattering things. Perhaps you should borrow a suit for yourself from the third floor gallery, remind you of your position as 'knight in shining armour' for the day. That is, if your morals are in doubt."

Gerald smirks, watching her as she speaks, "I didn't say it was wrong," he admits absently, "Just that it wasn't proper." Pausing he takes back the box, though it's just as absent and action. The wrinkle of her nose snaps him out of it. Thank god. As does the comment about the suit. "You know, no ones ever called me a /knight/ before." He laughs lowly, keeping his tone low, least he summon the attention of the librarian. "And I've been called quite a few names too. You /sure/ you wanna go with me into town? Not-dates are still dates."

Sybil pulls a face at Gerald, rolling her sweet from one cheek to the other. "Really? Then I must have had about ten dates this week already. People will be whispering behind their hands about me. How terrible. There was the time I walked to the dining hall with that Slytherin 7th year, and the time I had a chat with that Gryffindor on the roof. Oh and also…" She breaks off, her teasing melting away into another giggle. "Seriously though, if its going to make your friend as sad as she seemed when she thought it was a date, then I can find someone else to walk with me. I'll be disappointed, but not heartbroken." She hands him his 'Get Out of Jail Free' card with that that, the tone of her voice implicating a certain what… Sympathy?

Gerald laughs, nodding. "They'll just say you're starting a collection is all. And if you have me, it's clearly worth quite a bit." See, he can be an ego-case too! He's also joking, somewhat. When his 'card' is offered, he's rather quick to shake it off. "She's always busy. And anyway..she's not my girlfriend. I can date anyone I want…" beat, "Or..I can date any girl that tells me I can date her.." he pauses again, frowning as he works that back through his mind slowly before he wrinkles his nose. "Meh.." beat. "I'm taking you." Just like that, he seems resigned to simply skip the small talk and charm. He clearly can't seem to function amidst all the teasing. "If you wanna go with me still, after that whole awkward thing earlier. If not I understand, but I don't promise to be completely okay with it. Fair warning."

Sybil's mouth curves in a delicious smile. Luckily her sweet's been finished and swallowed or the smile wouldn't be nearly as nice. "Then I shall happily accept," she says, amusement at the discomfiture he displays just showing in her eyes. "Our non-date is a date then, in the broadest meaning of the word. And I shan't wear a parka, I shall wear something far more hideous so that when you offer me your arm to help me step over puddles, both you and I will know that you're doing it because you're a true gentleman." Her smile turns into a grin with that and she releases one arm to wriggle her fingers at the box of candy. "Did I break you? I promise no more teasing if so. But the price of that is another of your sweets."

Gerald lowers his head, his free hand lifting to run through his hair before he emits a small, slightly low chuckle. Eventually he does lift his eyes to watch her, his grin giving away just how much he's aware of his complete and utter fail moments ago. "You didn't break me." He admits in a easily laugh, "I'll just have to be a gentleman..I guess..boring as it is. But," and there's a but even as he offers the box back over. "I get a kiss for being a gentleman." His brows arch slowly at the deal, "Hmm? If you're going to make me be good, it's only fair."

Sybil hmm's, a laugh just hovering behind her eyes and on the tip of her tongue. "Golly, but that's a quandry now," she says, a slender finger picking another sweet from the box before she explains just why. "See. A gentleman would never ask for a kiss as payment for something, and now I'm not too sure which way to jump. If I kiss you, you're a fake and I'd be placing myself in the care of such when we step out together on Saturday and if I don't kiss you, I've lost your company regardless." There's a furrowing of her brow before she pops the sweet into her mouth and settles the angle of one shoulder more comfortably against the books. "What to do? A compromise is needed."

Gerald laughs, his arms folding over his chest as he too leans against the bookshelf, allowing him to face her. It takes him a moment, but he does eventually break his smirk to speak, "I guess that's one way to look at it." He allows with a small nod, "Then again, you could also say that by making my request known in advance, that I'm even more of a gentleman by not springing it on you suddenly and without warning." He pauses, "Or even that by making my request, I'm actually not less of a gentlemen, but /more/ honest and upfront than most, out of respect for your delicate being of course." The smirk returns, "Or, I'm open to a compromise of course, if you have one."

"You're very good at this," Sybil says, the laugh that had threatened to escape now bubbling up. A shake of her head and she pushes a length of hair back behind one ear. "Because I now feel as if you deserve a kiss just for being so perfectly clever. I think you've outwitted me and that's something that doesn't often happen. I like you, Crabfoot." There's a small crinkle of her eyes and she leans forward, closing the space between them by an inch or two, her eyes holding his a fraction too long. "Payment after the not date though. I'm good for the credit."

Gerald chuckles, his smirk growing at the compliment. "Yeah well, I try." He teases back at her, his expression boarding on smug, but only just. "Fine fine. Afterward. I suppose that's a good enough compromise." He laughs, reaching for his candy to shake one free. "I like you too. You're fun. And you keep me on my toes. It's fun."

Gerald and Sybil are standing just inside one of the isles. Classes have been out for a while now, and the library is otherwise rather quiet and slow.

"I wonder why we've never had fun like this before," Sybil grins, enjoying herself as much as Gerald is. "And how have we managed to go through the whole of school with never managing a non-date before now?" At the mention of toes, her eyes drop to the floor and she pushes a foot forward to nudge his shoe with hers. You're certainly on your toes now, though when you come to collect payment from me, I think that it'll be more a case of me being on mine. The tips of. You're terribly tall, you know."

Esther is mentally unaddled at last. Free of the potion that she'd been using the function, her eyes are alert once more… Although still smokey, they still conceal everything and anything from anyone who dares to look into them. The girl carries a heavy tome on living images, which is placed gently upon a table not too far away from the strange man she'd met a few days previous, and a girl that might look familiar, but only from passing by in the halls. The book is propped up on a stand, and then a small canvas image is propped up infront of it. Done with all the right paints, it's a simple matter to get the spell right. Right?

Enter..The Hair…<Dun dun duuuuunnnn>

"I dunno.." Gerald allows without much hesitation. "Though I've learned I've done a very good job of not existing until this year. I suppose in a way that's a good thing? Maybe. It lets me slink in and be witty when no one expects it." He also pauses, amused perhaps at something more. "And, I have you know Im a perfectly normal height." He lies, "Perhaps you're just very short?" His face tilts, and its that motion that draws his eyes upward as Esther (and her hair) move by the isle. And just like that, Gerald exposes a personality trait that, should he live in the modern age, account for a condition better known as ADHD. In the 30's they just call it having an insanely short attention span. "Oy, Lowe. You look better."

It's not that big a jump. They aren't exactly hiding away in the deepest dungeons of Hogwarts.

"Normal height for a tree, perhaps," Sybil shoots straight back before Gerald's shift of attention has her twisting her head to follow where he looks. Its Esther. Everyone knows Esther, if not before the huge and public break up with Myrus, definitely since. "Hello Lowe," she says, her angle of lean adusting so her shoulderblades now press to the shelves behind. Unwrapping her arms from her waist, she presses her hands behind her rump, not moving closer to the other girl, just hovering. Waiting. That is until she notices what Esther's doing and then a smile makes a slow burn across her face. "Oh. You like art and drawing? So do I."

Esther looks up from her book, for a few short moments. "I am. And I do. Hello to you both." Her wand is out, but not in use. Not yet. The girl gathers her hands into her lap, watching the pair and waiting. Probably for them to turn around and let her work in peace.

Gerald watches Esther for a moment before he smirks. "Uh-huh. I don't think we're very welcomed." This much is said rather easily before he leans in behind Sybil, sliding the box of candy into her hand. "It's okay though. I have to go. I run before supper." A wave is offered toward the sitting artist before Sybil gets a small pinch to her side. "See ya later. You too Lowe." And, he's off.

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