(1939-02-01) Doubled Troubles
Details for Doubled Troubles
Summary: In Which Dueling Club Meets, and various pairs of persons and things are inconvenienced.
Date: 1939-02-01
Location: Hogwarts' Club Room

Variel is standing front and center tonight, wearing a set of robes more severely tailored than he normally wears. They're very close to his body, almost more like a tunic than the voluminous robes of yore, and trimmed in deep red. Which he can wear today, because he needn't wear them at all. He looks quite the part of a duellist, and is pacing a little at the back of the clubroom, waiting to see if anyone else arrives.

Arevan pushes open the club room door, pulling an older boy with her by the hand, "Come on, at least see if you like it. It won't kill you to be a little social." She says to the older boy in tow. "You won't be able to settle everything with a sword after all. I mean, you don't even carry one." She says disapprovingly.

So much for lingering outside. Gage would have preferred to inch his way into the room, quietly and without notice, but Arevan kind of makes that impossible. So he bites his lower lip as he follows, not really putting up any fight, and glances around wearily. The only noise that escapes Gage in response to Arevan is a grunt.

"Hey, folks," comes Weasley's voice as the pair walk in. "Here to participate or watch?" He turns around and spots Gage, but reserves his reaction for after Gage reacts to him. He remembered a poor response last time; he's willing to wait to see if it's still the case.

Arevan gives Gage one final tug before turning, "Participate, of course." Arevan says brightly, "Both of us." She insists, not even bothering to look to see if Gage will argue. "What's on the schedule for today? Dark wizard ambush training? Combat medicine? Oooo, ooo, how about Low visibility melee?"

A smile peeks out discreetly against the corner of Gage's lips. It can't be helped; Arevan's enthusiasm is rather contagious. But it may as well never have appeared for how long it lasted. It turns into a frown when his dark blue eyes lock on Variel, and the fourth year snorts. His shoulders lift an inch. Whatever, Arevan answered for him, so it saves him the trouble of voicing his own answer.

Variel nods brusquely at that; Gage's expected reaction does not disappoint- well, it does, but cest la vie- and Variel gestures to the duelling platform. "I expect you're looking to try each other on for size? You may know the rules, but I'll go over them anyways, if you'll take your positions at the ends of the platform."

"What!?!? No we're just friends!" Arevan says, aghast. "I'm trying to show Master Gage that he should join the club. He completely missed out on the tournaments last year because he didn't join. It's just too bad they were so structured, I still think open combat would have been more fun, or a grand free for all in the great all or something." She gives a conspiratorial wink towards Variel, not so subtly indicating these are suggestions for the future. "Hmm? Oh, ya, platform. You take the right side Gage, it's the lucky side." Gage is a newcomer after all.

The suggestion just causes Gage to snort, slowly shaking his head. He simply lets Arevan finish her spiel, and then scowls when she steps up to the platform. "You're kiddin'."

"I meant on the duelling platform, not in bed." Variel rolls his eyes, then pauses when Gage scowls. "Not up to it? I can take your place if you'd prefer, though it'd be a bit less sportsmanlike. You two're probably better matched."

"Oh come on master Gage, I haven't had a chance to face you. The winner can be up against mister Variel. Just think of it as a warm up?" She asks, "I'll be your judge if you beat me, pleeeeease?" Arevan hops up and down on the spot.

Wait, what? Arevan's comment had flown over his head until Variel added onto it. His eyes fall to the floor as he turns away, grunting, suddenly embarrassed by the idea. After a second or so his dark blue eyes look towards Variel with narrowed eyes - as if there was some meaning behind the older boy's words - and then towards Arevan. His shoulders lift and he lets out a breath, stepping towards the platform.

Arevan energeticaly shifts her weight from one foot to another, waiting for the Gage to ready him self. She does the quick wand salute and drops into the duling stance, still unable to keep from bouncing on her toes ever so slightly. When the signal is given she leaps forward and casts, "Silencio." A redundant spell to be used on the tasiturn boy, but that's why it's fun.

It's not like Arevan hasn't ever been an opponent in before, but he's certainly going to hold back - which is probably a good thing. Once he's on the platform Gage pulls his wand up and over his head, automatically twining the string around his wrist as he grips the handle in his left hand. He's busy thinking of all the spells he can remember - the ones in particular that are 'safe' - when it's time to act. And what better (and typical of Gage) way of starting off with a concealing spell. "Fumos," he states, twitching his wand.

Arevan falls back a bit and drops into a part crouch when Gage conjures up his smoke screen. A spell that seems it would be more useful when the combatant wasn't limited to a narrow surface with limited movement options. Aiming roughly at the center of the smoke cloud she casts, "Obsucro." Her spell is barely cast when the robes hit her. The girl twists in an attempt to maintain her balance, but topples onto her side despite her best efforts. As the smoke clears she spots that at least she isn't the only one incapacitated in some way. She wiggles to try to direct her wand in Gages direction, "Looks like I have you now Master Gage, want to surrender?" She asks, to buy time.

The latest arrival, extremely late, was Iggy who was practically skidding to a hault into the club room. "Am I late? What I miss?" Wide brown eyes searched about the three already in attendance.

Variel is overseeing a duel between a ropebound Arevan and a blindfolded Gage. Smoke is just clearing from the air between them. "Not too late, Prewett- you and I can go next, presuming the winner doesn't want a crack at one of us."

Gage focuses his dark blue eyes on trying to peer through the cloud of smoke, at least looking for an outline. Whether he spies something, or thinks he does, or just aims it in the general direction, Gage lifts his left arm and aims his wand again. "Incarcerous," he says. Though as blind as he feels right now, it suddenly becomes darker. A muttered, "Mmfph," escapes Gage in response to Arevan, his shoulders lifting. Forever wordless, but his wand is up and ready, letting his actions speak

Lucretia arrives back from Hogsmeade, a bundle of newly acquired goodies wrapped in parcel that's tucked in the curl of her arm. Dressed in black casual clothes from head to toe, she presents a neat and stylish figure as she slips into the room, eyes searching for someone she's been told that's here. When she spots him, there's a quick smile in his direction before she levers herself up to sit on one of the spare tables, slipping her cloak from her shoulders as she does. The silver magijugend pendant that she wears glints against the darkness of her sweater.

"I'd take a crack at the winner, Weasly." Iggy grinned too proudly while crossing both arms over his chest. "I almost thought I would miss the chance to knock you on your ass." He tells Variel as the dueling continued. Iggy barely pulled his gaze away from Gage and Arevan, when he does both eyes are temporarily glued on Lucretia's arrival. The corner of his mouth raises.

Arevan was just happy she was able to get her hand and body around enough to even aim at Gage, let alone manage to do the flick right to cast it. Of course, it just slams into Gage's excellent shield leaving her right back where she was a second ago. "Nice shield."

Arevan wriggles her body around, trying to shift enough to be able to target Gage with her wand, "Flipendo." She casts. She was just happy she was able to get her hand and body around enough to even aim at Gage, let alone manage to do the flick right to cast it. Of course, it just slams into Gage's excellent shield leaving her right back where she was a second ago. "Nice shield."

Lucretia spots Variel and sends a wave his way as she sets her parcel onto the table beside her. As he appears to be busy adjudicating the duel, however, she looks back to Ignatius. Feet hitch to the chair in front and there's a flick of her hair behind her shoulders to settle in in a dark curtain behind her back. "I wish I'd known that there was duelling practice going on, I'd have returned from the village a little quicker. How are you, Iggy? Its been an age. I suppose your studies must be keeping you busy."

Gage can imagine what a free moving Arevan would do. He grimaces under his blindfold. The idea of having a spell that forces you to think differently cast on him causes him to flick his wand. "Deflecto." And when he's still standing there, and can feel no other effect, he's going to let out a breath.

Gage brings his wand around to cast yet another deflection charm, lest she's already casting. For all he knows he succeeds again, because nothing happens to him. Then the world is opened up to him again, and Gage's expression drops, locking his gaze on Arevan. Oh, damn it, did she just make him look like a fool while she just pretended to cast in turn? Gage scowls, hesitating on casting anything else. Instead he withdraws into his thoughts as his eyebrows crease and his forehead wrinkles.

Arevan twiddles her wand again trying to cast a "Locomotor Mortis", in Gage's direction, but she can't quite manage the complicated wrist movement needed to cast it. When Gage's Blindfold vanishes, but her bonds doesn't she smiles a bit sheepishly at him, "Uh, hi. I guess I forfeit?" She says, raising her hand as far as the ropes allow in surrender.

Variel smirks as, not a moment after she admits surrender, the ropes vanish off her body. "The duel is completed! Hart is the winner. Do you want to stay on, or both step off and let others take a shot? Sounds like we've got at least one interested party." Variel looks to Lu finally, grinning once as he sees her, and beaming when he sees her pendant. "What'll it be, Champ?"

"Good I guess. Nothing to complain about." A reply for Lucretia as the pair continue their duel. Both arms remain crossed at his chest while dressed in his Gryffindor school uniform. Iggy looked over his shoulder briefly then resumed conversation with his betrothed. "Practice really. Since I crashed into that first year some people think I need to become more 'familiar' with my broom." Prewitt snorts loudly and then the duel is brought to an end. Watching the others he waits for the next challengers to be announced.

Arevan gets up and skips over to Gage, "See! Wasn't that fun? You did sooo good." She exclaims, patting Gage on the upper chest. "See if you can make it two for two." She says, hopping off the dueling platform, "Who's going to face the champion?"

A small giggle bubbles from Lu, the girl pulling her legs up enought that she can balance the apex of her chin on her knees. Variel gets another smile, though its to Ignatius she speaks. "Everyone can have crashes on their brooms, in a way, its part of being tactical. Are you going to duel? You should. I'd like to see how your mind thinks when put on the spot."

Gage's eyes narrow at Arevan as he ponders. She announces forfeit and he snorts, trudging forward to offer her a hand up, looking guilty. His shoulders lift in response to Variel, and he gives Arevan a questioning look, and then nods once at her. "I'll 'ave another go," mutters Gage in his Irish accent.

Variel nods as Gage decides to hold his ground. Prewett's the next in line, and he's not about to deny the victor his spoils. "Alright, Prewett, you called next, so get up there. You know the rules, or you want me to go over'em real quick again?"

Lucretia tugs on Iggy's sleeve before he disappears. "A kiss for good luck," she says, a hint of mischief in her voice. "Come here." And when he does, a tiny peck is given his cheek. "Go get him, tiger." There's a small laugh then and a wiggle of her fingers to send him on his way. This is the trouble with being engaged to a thirteen year old, they can be so horribly embarrassing at times.

"That's why I'm here." Iggy replies to Lucretia and then his name is called as the next to duel. "Right." He's more than ready and far too eager to join in the fun. While stepping up onto the platform. "Better do a once over mate. For the new comers."

"That's why I'm here." Iggy replies to Lucretia and then his name is called as the next to duel. What came next was certainly unexpected. A kiss for luck given by Lucretia. The freckle-faced boy quickly sturdied his features, fighting against the blushing threat starting to color his cheeks. "Right." Clearing his throat, Iggy appears more than ready and far too eager to join in the fun. While stepping up onto the platform. "Better do a once over mate. For the new comers."

Esther emerges. Not dosed up on potion, either. Alert. The same girl who cut her cousin to pieces in the Library, verbally speaking. The Hair smiles to the Duelling Club, and takes up her usual lean against the wall, watching the fun commence.

Gage steals another glance at Arevan while he fiddles with the string around his wrist. He takes up his position again, lifting his left hand with his wand and focuses his dark blue eyes as Ignatius takes his. Gage is silent as ever, except for when the duel starts and he flicks his wand. "Rictusempra."

Lucretia undoes her Hogsmeade package, her fingers picking at the string that ties it, and opens the brown paper enough that she can pull a bag of sweets from within. She drops them into the curve of her lap created by her pulled up knees and tummy and shoots a look towards Esther. "Hi!" she mouths in her direction before attention is drawn back to the duel that just getting underway. Its absolutely fascinating watching someone duel for the first time, and Iggy is no different. If anything, there's more than interest in the darkness of her eyes as she watches him, she'll probably learn a lot about him just from his choice of spells. Its an insight into his character more than anything else.

Esther returns a smile back to Lucretia, but otherwise remains silent. Locking her eyes on Gage. He's the one here that's interesting her.

On the platform Iggy smirks a touch at the last round's victor. "No hard feeling Hart. Unless you do something permanent." He withdrew his mahogany wand and readied himself in the dueling stance. At the start of the duel Iggy calls out, "Flipendo."

Gage gives a small twitch of his lips in response to Ignatius, but then bites his lip, saying nothing aside from spellcasting. So while he sends off his spell, he suddenly feels like this a force pushing him back, and he grunts as he slides a little, even stumbling a little bit as he swings an arm out to keep his balance.

Lucretia is close enough to Variel that she can offer him a sweet, and there's a shake of the bag in his direction, despite the fact that he's trying to referee the duel. Thankfully, she's aware enough to do it whilst they're both dealing with the outcomes of their first spells cast and she's being awfully discrete. "Want one? Not one of the chocolate hearts though because Leo gave me those, but the slugs and gobstoppers are really nice too. Don't have an exploding candy stick though, because you're trying to concentrate." A pause. "You're doing a great job, by the way. Are you going to have a go next?"

Just as he cast the spell from his wand, intending on knocking Gage off the dueling platform he was hit with a tickling spell. His teeth clenched, a failing attempt at keeping his laughter at bay but it was no use. Soon enough the freckle-faced Prewitt boy was consumed with gut wrenching laughter. Within the fits he cursed incoherently Hart's name.

"If there's anyone willing after, yeah." Variel reaches in and plucks out a slug, biting it in half as he does. Key lime. Good enough. The rest pops in as he watches, waiting to see them unleash their next spells.

Gage brings his wand up again, thinking for a moment, and recalling the spell that Arevan had used in the last duel. It worked pretty well, so with a swish and flick Gage says, "Obscuro." But he's left to stare as it gets deflected.

Trapped in laughter Iggy had deflected Gage's previous attempt to blind him. In the next round of the duel a radish faced Prewitt cast his spell, "A-v-AVI-Avifors!" into the screen of smoke.

Lucretia pops a chocolate heart into her mouth, eyes widening a little as the smokescreen spell gets cast and a blanket of smoke thickens the air to obscure the two wizards. She can just about make out Iggy and hear the spell he casts before he's lost to view, but Gage? She can't see him and its rather difficult to tell whether Ignatius' spell had hit him, let alone whether he was successful or not. Her hands tighten in her lap and she stares through the smoke - she has a vested interest in this outcome and she mutters encouragement, though he won't hear it. "Come on…"

"Fumos," Gage says, waving his wand, deciding that it's back to concealment. But while the cloud of smoke leaves his wand, he's bewildered at the weird tingling sensation. And the shrinking feeling. And his wand is suddenly too heavy to hold onto as the string tangles around his wing, but the wand drops to the floor. Wings beat as he clumsily stumbles forward, as if trying to nose his wand.

From the back of the room comes a rising pitched, "Awwwwwww!" Arevan jumps forward to see the new feathery Gage better, "Oh, oh, can I hold him? He's so cute now."

"Hart has been rendered incapable of continuing the duel- Prewett is the winner!" Variel calls out the judgement as the smoke remains between the two, protecting Gage from the cackling sixth-year's gaze. "Someone help Hart off the- ah, there he goes." Gage returns to normal, but the damage is done- he was rendered incapable of dueling, and lost the match. "Prewett- holding your position, or making way for another?"

Lucretia spots the small bird at around the same time as Arevan does, and lets out a delighted squeak. "Oh! Well done Iggy! What a brilliant move!" It'd appear that she approves of his tactics and a grin is thrown his way. A small clap is given him, Gage apparently earning nothing from the young witch.

At being declared the winner Iggy leaps off the platform still laughing, though hard to tell if it is due from the charm or his own amusement. The smoke begins to clear and he is able to witness, althought briefly, the magnificence of the transmutation. Indeed he was was pretty bird. The tickling fits were still lingering and occasion he giggled. "Let t-t-the ohers give a t-t-try. I'll duel vic-c-c-tor." He widened his mouth, stretching the muscles within his cheeks. It hurt something awful. "Not bad Hart. Almost had me there." Lastly, but not least, Iggy walked towards Lucretia. "Guess that bit of luck paid off."

Esther pushes off the wall, her white willow wand sliding into her hand. Gripped gently, she slowly steps towards the stage with a bit of a smile. "It's a cute way to finish a duel… Transfiguration." The girl reaches up her other hand, sliding it through her hair. "May I?" A few light steps carry her onto the stage. The girl hasn't been seen on it for her entire fifth year. Some might know why. Others might just be curious. She walks to her position, breathing slow. Even. Her mind shuffling, organising her spells, her reactions, her position.

Arevan stops her eager advance when Gage returns to normal. "Poo, I didn't even get to pet you. That was very inconsiderate." She complanes. She fingers her own wand thoughtfully but just asks, "What do you think of the club Master Gage?"

Variel looks about, seeing nobody else volunteering to take the platform. That noted, he hopped up and took the opponent's place himself, opposite Esther, smiling at her. "Hullo again, Esther. You're looking particularly well and alert today."

Gage doesn't really know how to handle this, but with his wing caught by his wand's string it makes it even more difficult to move. The duel is announced as over, and Gage only hops a few more times trying to pull his wand with him when he's somersaulting off the platform when his strength returns to him. So he's sitting when he turns his dark blue eyes on Ignatius, and while Gage bites his lip nervously, he does nod in response to him before he's looking onto Arevan as if for approval.

"I'm feeling well." Esther answers simply, a long, slow exhale. "Alert. There's more still's been taken from me this year though, Variel… Time's come to see if I've got it back." Her wand is raised, vertical, in a salute. "Shall we?"

"Well done," Lu says brightly to Ignatius, holding out her sweets so he can take one if he wants. "That was a stroke of pure genius turning him into a bird, I'll have to remember that for the future. I quite often use the jellyfingers jinx, but that's not so useful if you then find out that your opponent is ambidextrous." A small shift is given her position on the table, making enough room for the older boy to sit beside her if he so chooses.

Variel nods slowly. He's wearing phenomenally well-tailored black and crimson-trimmed robes, very form-fitting, almost more like a long tunic. He slips his hands into his sleeves and head-bows to Esther. "We shall." When he parts his hands, he has his wand in one, sleeve draping over his fist partly, obscuring his grip on the wand.

One of the candies offered is siezed then slipped into his mouth. The next set of duelers on the platform so his interests become divided. "I'm surprised the poor chap didn't transform into an egg. McAvery is known for that. Tried the spell and someone almost stepped on the egg." Laughter followed. Surprisingly he still had the desire to laugh. "Next time I'll try for a Dodo."

Esther bows for just a moment, until the duel is commenced. The girl is facing sideways in a moment, delicate feet shifting to present the smallest possible target, while her arm moves with the smallest of flourishes - A twitch of the wrist, and the loud, "Stupefy!" of a stunner. It's a hell of way to start a match - But she does have /one/ thing in common with her Black Cousin, after all. No mercy, when facing down a wand.

"Deflecto," Variel murmurs, sending the spell aside with the least amount of effort possible. It slides off the spell and ricochets to splash harmlessly against a wall, leaving the two facing each other down yet again.

Deflected. Not a moments pause, her wand flicking again as delicate steps are taken to the side. "Expelliarmus!" On the attack. Or at least, she was meant to be - The disarm fails to work, the momentary doubt flickering through Esther's mind. Had she really abused the potion for that long? No. Not possible. Her wand only falters for a moment.

Variel flicks his wand with another calm, dispassionate incantation, though- in the end- with no need. His expression doesn't shift, no taunting grin, nothing to egg Esther on.

"Oh how awful," Lucretia says, taking another chocolate heart from the bag, a small nudge given Ignatius when he talks about eggs. "Imagine if you'd just done that and stepped on the poor mudblood. Wouldn't that have been simply terrible?" There's a small pause as she licks the icing off her chocolate, her attention briefly gripped by the duel and a small gasp given when Esther fails to disarm Variel. "Golly. Don't see Esther fail on that one that often," before she looks back to Ignatius. Her use of the word mudblood might, just might be a small test that she's thrown him.

Variel gets a moment's edge and takes it, murmuring the word "stupefy." Rather than a carefully incanted phrase, though, it's an iron word, dropped like a shield between the two of them as the bolt of red light explodes from his wand and cascades off a perfectly managed deflection charm on Esther's part. As the bolt flings through the air between Prewett and Black- harmlessly of course- he readies his wand for the next exchange.

A taunt might have broken her. The momentary weakness has cost her the continued attack though, and her weight shifts to her backfoot quickly. Her grasp going from hand to forefingers and thumb as she swaps to defense, the tip flicked - The arc passing through the path of the stunner as she mutters. "Deflecto." Light on her feet, she stares at Variel. Her expression neutral. Smokey eyes unreadable.

Iggy is taking it easy on the chewing a tribute to his tender jawbones. While the duel commences his interest lies on who will be the victor. Both were off the a well matched start. Spells cast then deflected, he drew both arms to cross at his chest with his pliant wand still in hand. Her comment deserved a gutteral sound in his throat, not one of disapproving, just 'mmhm'. There, but not present for the conversation. "Terrible. Yeah. Fancy not getting kicked out before my OWLS and NEWTS Lulu. Besides I like my eggs poached, not scrambled."

Back on the offensive. "Once more;" Esther advances physically, two quick steps and a savage arc of her wand, "Stupefy." The jet is more powerful this time, to match the aggressiveness of the attack. It's probably one of the longest duels that she's been part of, without someone getting at least ONE hex in.

Variel catches the stillness in her expression and widens his eyes. It's by luck that he centers the heart of his own "Deflecto!" Charm exactly where it needs to be to leave the spell slipping just off the barrier to slam into the clubroom door. Variel takes a deep breath at that and lets her advance without moving a step.

The energy upon the stage is immense. Esther's robes flutter as the draws deep, her voice lifted. Louder. From ready, her wand whips out in almost perfect unison with Variel, challenging the older student as her voice meets his. "Stupefy!" The spell is loud. The effects louder still - The crackle of the stunning spells as they pass, the room bathed in red light as two immensely powerful spells head towards students locked in an epic struggle. There's enough time for her eyes to widen. Variel's spell slams into Esther suddenly, picking up the young girl and throwing her backwards suddenly, the stun more than enough to rob her of her consciousness before her feet even leave the ground. The girl is tossed from the stage by the sheer force of the stunner, falling limply not to far from it.

It's not uncommon for someone to be thrown like that. But simultaneously?

There's a moment, a tiny one, where Esther might have time to catch Variel's expression as the spells tear past each other. He's not angry. He's not stunned- well, he will be, but that's different. His expression, if her eyes meet his as the spells trade places- is a grin as he dips his head the tiniest fraction in a respectful nod before he lets his body go loose, softening the impact as he's lifted off his feet and tossed backwards, unconscious before he even hit the floor.

Gage simply nods in response to Arevan, his shoulders lifting, but then turns his eyes to watch in silence. His eyebrows furrow as both get knocked off, and only shifts onto his hands and knees as he crawls over to check on Esther.

Lucretia doesn't know quite who to go to, but with Gage heading for Esther, she decides to go and see if Variel's alright. Slipping off the table, she hurries over to where he lies and crouches down alongside his head. "Variel! VARIEL!" She's using the theory that if you speak loudly enough, something will filter through. A shake is given his shoulder and a glance given Esther's way. "How is she? Anything broken? Do we need to get them to the Infirmary?"

Esther's out. Although luck would have it that the girl hasn't cracked her skull, or any other bones, in her sudden dismount from the stage. There's no way to call it anything but a draw though. Esther's chest rises and falls slowly, her breathing well modulated while she lays there, still, onto her back. Sprawled, only a little bit, the Slytherin's wand remains with her, couched in one relaxed hand. The slender young woman gave that match one hell of an effort - It's only fair she rest some.

Others may suspect the tickling spell still lingered because at that moment when both duelists were knocked out Iggy erupted into laughter. Doubling over and cradling his stomach the freckle-faced boy nearly fell to the floor. "Did you see… oh the way… and she…. his face!" It was too much. He extended a hand out to the wall so his flimsy stance may brace against it.

Variel had reacted quite cleverly- going limp had meant that his dismount had been even less traumatic than Esther's. He isn't clutching his wand, but it's mere inches from his hand- a silver chain, like the one around his neck, connecting his wand to a loop sewn inside his robes. He seems fine- he slid, more than crashed, thanks to the loose posture, and the faint grin he'd managed before the spell hit him still lingers on his face.

Lucretia shakes Variel's shoulder again. Were she another year older she might conjure some water up to spill down on him to aid his waking up, but she's not, and so she can't. A little at a loss as to how long their stunned states might last, she looks over to Ignatius. "Shall we give them a couple of minutes to come around before running to fetch someone from the infirmary?"

Esther slowly groans, feeling like she's just been kissed by the Hogwarts Express. Her eyes flutter open, and find… Gage? A smile flickers over her face, and she places a warm hand upon his shoulder, pulling herself up. "Gage…" She sits, using him as a support… And then wishes him a kind goodbye, before looking across for her opponent. Gripping her wand a little, just to be sure it's there. "Hey, Variel…" She calls out, her voice only a little thin. "You alive, over there?"

Variel managed to struggle his way into wakefullness a moment before Esther does. He stays still, though, gathering his wits enough to give Lucretia a slow wink without moving another muscle while he very slowly works the chain under his fingers to wriggle his wand back into his hand as he played at still being stunned.

The club room is alive with the sounds of Iggy's laughter. He cannot help himself. Slowly he's sinking to the floor as the gigglefits weakened him. His energy draining all due to laughter. Soon enough he's begining to calm down. Small chuckles here and there. Water is seeping from his eyes and the young man is wiping at his face, "That was brilliant." He manages to say. "No need.." He chuckles again. "The affects will wear off eventually."

Esther moves slowly, taking her time and testing her own weight as she brings herself to her feet. Wand still held tightly, she begins to walk towards Variel. It's going to take her a while though. Most of her muscles are still asleep, or complaining VERY loudly about the idea of moving.

Despite her concern, it seems that Ignatius is right, the stunned pair slowly coming around. A look of relief floods her face and she looks up at Esther as she walks over. "You look a little like someone cast jelly legs on you too," she says, a small smile given before she catches the wink given her by Variel. She pushes him hard on the shoulder, unsure as to exactly what the wink means. Does it mean he's fine, or something else entirely. A smile is offered, though the continuing laugh of her betrothed that echoes through the room seems to jangle a nerve somewhere deep inside. "Be quiet Iggy, or I'll jinx you!"

Sneaky, sneaky Variel works his wand back into his hand. Lu pushes his shoulder and rocks his body enough to wiggle the tip of his wand past his own form and- oh, nefarious little bugger he is- Esther's clothes are suddenly and utterly… cleaned of all the dust on them. Wicked boy.

You say, "And never let it be said I fight dirty," is all he says to accompany his trick. Which he doesn't- Esther is, after all… clean."

Esther smiles at Lu, unsteady as she is. A deep breath. Fortifying. "I haven't taken one that strong before." She admits. The movement of a wandtip is spotted, and a lingering memory stirs deep within her. Her grip tightening on her wand, the tip rising - And then all the dust is gone from her sleeve. Thankfully also noticed in time. She seems to be a little more capable of movement, as she resumes her path towards Variel. "… I think, all told, you won that one. You had better control of the duel." She admits.

Variel sits up with a vague groan and brushes himself off the hard way. "I've got Rashley to thank for that. She's also the only reason I'm half as good at my charms as I am." Variel considers commenting further, but trying to correct her would mean blatantly ignoring, or else calling attention to, the failed spell. Deciding against it, he simply nods. "I can live with that. But I wouldn't say you lost, if that makes sense." He looks up at Esther for a moment. "You okay? You looked pretty surprised- a Stunning Spell can leave you with some bruises if you're tense when it catches you."

He was almost free of the laughter. Smiling. His poor overworked cheeks. Iggy slipped down onto the floor now, both legs bent and knees pointed to the ceiling. Against the wall he rested as he allowed his body a few moments to recover. However Lucretia's threat prompted further laughing from him. What was wrong with the Prewitt boy today. "You can try." He taunted his betrothed as she conforted Variel. "This club will be the death of me. Ignatius Prewitt… Faded in Laughter." He mimicked the words of a headstone with hand movements.

Esther shakes her head. "I've faced them before." Just never being thrown around like a ragdoll by one. "Probably not going to enjoy sitting down for a little bit though, if the ache's any indiciation." She turns towards Ignatius, and then back to Variel. "Silencing charm?"

Variel says, "I'll make you some-" He pauses at Iggy's continued laughter, then shakes his head. "No. He clearly needs a triple dose of the original spell. We'll Silence him AFTER he's breathless. Lu? Ready?" He levels his wand.

Lucretia slips her own wand out of her robes and turns towards Ignatius with a look of absolute platitude on her face. Nobody could even guess that she's about to send a further dose of the tickling charm his way, because he's her betrothed and there's bound to be some form of retribution down the line. Sometime. Somehow. "Rictusempra" There's a delicate twist of her wrist to just flick the spell from the tip of her wand, an explosion of silver light erupting towards the unfortunate older boy.

"Tickling?" Esther sighs. "Fine." She turns, wand held lightly in one hand. "Rictumsempra." Just after Lucretia, her own spell joining the younger Slytherin with a soft little snicker of her own. Ah, Lu…

"Rictusempra," comes the chorused exho along with Lucretia and Esther's spells. His is angled, coming up from his position on the ground, a deeper angle than Lucretia's shallower one as she fires from a shorter position, and Esther's roughly level silver lance.

Iggy begins to laugh freely now, more so at their 'punishment' of the tickling spell. His hand held his gut as he pointed his wand at Lucretia, laughing loudly. This day kept getting better and better. "You a-a-a-asked for this!" Shouting and giggling, confusingly at the same time. "Engorgio!"

Lucretia definitely didn't see the return spell being cast, the young witch looking rather smug at the success of her own tickling charm. Didn't see it coming at all. Nope. She certainly feels it though; the faint tingling in her chest before her boobs expand suddenly. "Oh!" She squeaks alarm, not quite sure exactly what it was that Iggy had flung her way. "I can't breathe! Help!" The reason why would probably be clear as her sweater stretches until it can't really stretch any further, squeezing and squashing her heavily inflated chest. "Hurts! It hurts!"

Variel tries to help. He really tries. But the act of refusing to laugh means not talking, and it turns out to be quite difficult to actually cast Reducio while choking down the urge to further embarass one of your best friends. It takes him a false start before he can wrangle a proper, silent reduction charm as the spell fails entirely his first attempt, only relieving the intense pressure on poor Lu's jumper- and hopefully not bra because dear god that would fucking hurt- after the second try.

Lucretia blushes hotly, wrapping her arms about her chest. "I hate you Ignatius Prewett," she says, eyes glaring at the still laughing boy. Probably that's about the only thing that she can manage to say right now, mortification at what he'd done driving all cohesive thoughts from her head. "You're going to have to think up some amazing way to apologise for that, because a simple apology just isn't going to work!"

Luckily for her, Variel's own spell works quickly to counter what Ignatius had done, otherwise she'd not have been able to hide herself with her arms, at least not quite so effectively.

Yes. He's still laughing. Proud of his short lived accomplishment but laughing all the same. Iggy slapped one hand over his mouth, attempting to muffle his own sounds that sputtered against his sweaty palm. The freckle-faced boy was shaking his head, kicking his heels against the floor. Through his fingers he managed to say, "I'm not sssorry." No man ever would be.

Variel isn't done. One more silent Reducio. This one aimed… at Prewett. Between his legs. Where they come together. Because let's be serious. Lu's his friend and this… hey, he already proved he can cast the counterspell. Can't hurt and it DID hurt Lucretia. But hey- the look on his face until he fixes it? Probably gonna be totally worth it.

Lu's not actually aware just what Variel's shrunk, it not being terribly obvious to the naked eye and it being silently cast. She turns into the older boy and gives him a quick hug. "Thank you, Variel. It felt like they were going to simply explode." There's a small sniff and a turn of her head back towards Ignatius. "Don't ever do that to me again, remember, we're going to be married some day and I could get you back in so many thousands of different ways."

Variel returns the hug and tries very hard not to think of how much more interesting the hug would have been a good minute earlier. "You're welcome, Lu. Consider yourself avenged, by the by. I couldn't just stand by and let your pain go unanswered." The redhead's voice is the perfect, "don't worry, honey, I'm watching out for you, I already spiked the mean boss's drink with three pounds of exlax" voice.

Iggy's laughter is starting to subside. At least the tickling charm is drawing to an end. His side's aches, cheeks, mouth, stomach and nearly every muscle had been overworked. For now he takes a deep breath and with Variel's latest spell Prewett's gaze lingers downcast.

Iggy's laughter is starting to subside. At least the tickling charm is drawing to an end. His side's aches, cheeks, mouth, stomach and nearly every muscle had been overworked. For now he takes a deep breath and with Variel's latest spell Prewett's gaze lingers downcast. "What the—-Seriously Weasley?" It was temporary, just temporary. Iggy wiped a hand over his face, the giggles now faded. "You can try Lucretia." Prewett begins to take to his feet then rushes off the front and back of his pants. "Might be some fun."

Lucretia remains hugged into Variel's side as she always does when things just aren't quite right. He's the older brother she never had. "Do I look normal again?" she asks, her voice quite muted after the awful-terrible-horrible thing that Ignatius had done to her. That the boys didn't necessarily think it was an awful-terrible-horrible thing is neither here nor there. As Ignatius addresses her again, she presses her lips together and simply stares at him. She's apparently not going to cast a jinx on him right now, she'll bide her time.

Variel is perfectly happyo give Lu someplace safe to shelter. Iggy's comment pulls a laugh from Variel, who just grins. "Best served… well, it's got the trappings of being cold, anyhow." He grives Lu a squeeze. "Yeah, Lulu. You're right back where you oughtta be. Nothing too big or gone."

Angus wanders in, "Whit? Whit's up?" He takes in an upset Lucretia, "Whit's happened?"

Variel has Lulu under his arm, giving her a bit of shelter while she alternates between glaring at Prewett like he just set her cat's tail under a rocking chair, and asking Variel something about whether she looks okay again.

Iggy takes a hand to his warm cheek, rubbing against the tensed muscles beneath the flesh. In that massaging it allows him to take a studious gaze over the pair. Still hugging. "That's enough." His mahogany wand waved at the two but no spell was cast, "Of that." An embrace lasting too long for his comfort. "You can release my betrothed now Weasley."

"I'm holding him, he's not holding me," Lucretia says, a scowl just puckering on her brow. That that's not strictly true, since Variel just gave her a comforting squeeze, doesn't seem to matter to the girl, and she flicks her hair over one shoulder, a glance to the door as Angus wanders in. "Don't tell him what happened," she mutters quickly to Variel before giving her fellow third year a small smile. "Nothing happened," she tells him. "I'm just a bit tired."

Angus gives a bright smile, "Probably no' the best time tae be duelling, aye?"

Variel rolls his eyes and holds his hands up a moment, as if to say, 'Sure, sure.' "Just trying to be of service, Prewett. Relax, ay?" He sounds pretty worn out himself. He's had an evening, that's for sure.

Ignatius stared a little longer at the pair before acknowleding Angus' arrival. His mood visibly shifted to something much more pleasant. "Just missed it mate. The others left not too long ago. We were wrapping thing up here." Iggy moved to the other side of his cheek and began massing that one. "Next time they meet I suggest researching a counter spell to the tickling charm. Bit of a pain in the ass that one is."

Lucretia opens and shuts her mouth as if there's something she wants to say. Luckily, she closes it again before whatever it is gets said. Ignatius gets a cold look and she gives a small tug to her slightly out of shape sweater before she decides to speak. "I'll expect a new one of these, so please tell your parents to have one sent, it was very expensive. Cashmere." It mightn't have been what she was originally going to say, but hopefully its just a small reminder to her fiancee that there are consequences to everything. She nods to Angus. "I wasn't duelling, though I've a good mind to make Ignatius my first partner next time club is run."

Angus frowns a bit, "Och? I missed it? Damn. Wus just wantin' tae see hoo I did."

Angus gives a broad grin, "Och, wantin' tae save yerself for your fiancee, Quine? I was wantin' tae be with you next time, furst!"

"Yeah, suppose I won since last two competitor's knocked each other out and nullified their duel from continuing any further. Next time Angus, you'll get your chance then. Should brush up on some good defensive spells." Iggy then looked to Lucretia after she mentioned the purchase of a new shirt. "It's just a shirt Lucretia." A casuality of war but a great sacrifice. "I have to meet up with some mates. See you all around." Then the Prewett boy starts to head towards the exit, leaving the club room.

"Sweater, not shirt," Lucretia mutters. "But don't worry about it, Iggy. I'll write to your parents to tell them of the calamity, I'm sure they'll see how dreadful it was of you." That they probably won't doesn't seem to matter to the young girl, all she's really wanting is to get the last word in. "Also! You could take some lessons in just how a boy should treat a girl from someone like Leoric." She drops that in there, just to see if he'll stop and question her on who she's talking about. When he doesn't, she flicks her hair over her shoulder and glares around her. It bodes well for their future.

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