(1939-02-01) Music in the Air
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Summary: Graham is the first Auror to respond to a call about some…questionable violence and discovers the unusual item responsible.
Date: 1939-02-01
Location: Townhouse, Soho
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There was a crowd on the street before the small townhouse in Soho. One of societies little theatre darlings had been having an afternoon brunch that had gone incredibly wrong, apparently. And eventually one of the hit wizards that patrolled the area had put in the word that the issue seemed not muggle based, but magical.
Muggle police stood on the streets, staring inside with baffled expressions while the sound of out and out fighting came from within. There were ten people, all total and while two of them were being tended by muggle medics on the street, no one dared broach inside because along with two of the guests, one medic and two coppers were also being tended, while inside? Inside two of the coppers who'd gone in to attempt to break up the mess? Were not deeply engaged in the fighting.

It's not exactly his beat, but when he hears there's a rather serious disturbance and injuries and the like. Graham cannot simply ignore given that there could be dark magic involved given the whispers and confusion going on. He will approach the area glancing around a moment figuring that others will also be here by now to contain the breach if there was magic. The auror will make his way figuring that inside is where he needs to be making his way.

"Excuse me, Sir," Joseph, a rather gruff looking bloke with a muggle badge replied, as Graham moved to make his way inside. "But I wouldna go in there if I was ye. Them as go in seem t'get caught up in the fightin' an there's only been a few as make it out again." He explaimed, gesturing towards the four escapees. Who were quietly talking amongst themselves about the strangeness within. Things like, 'Never seen anything like it' 'Everything seemed fine until then…' 'Don't know what got into her!' Drifting Graham's way.

Graham will reach into a pocket removing his badge as well, which has been disguised as a muggle inspectors. "Understood, but afraid i've got to figure things out just keep them safe out here." The young auror will continue on his path before actually entering the building its only when he's inside that he brings his wand to hand but still within his work robes as a just in case precaution. He begins his active looking around as he moves cautiously.

"Alright Sir, but ye were warned and iffen ye'll pardon my sayin' so…aint asked n..," But Graham had gone on. Inside and at the door, where it stands, it's easy. Just past the threshold but he can hear it. The faint sound of music wafting from deeper in the house. But there's something to the sounds, to the notes and they stir the blood, they court tempers. As if he weren't angry before, the suggestion that any little thing may suddenly give him cause for aggitation, for anger. And aside from the music, the sound of angry fighting can be heard along with breaking glass, something thunking against the wall and at the end of the hallway, he can see what thunked. It has the makings of an officer, his eyebrow busted, his nose leaking crimson down into his beard. He looks sweaty and wounded and for a moment, when he'd glanced in Graham's direction, there was hatred in his eyes before he threw himself back into the foray that was still for the most part, beyond Graham's view.

Graham continues on through the place the music gets a raised eyebrow and the sounds getting louder as he continues though he's moving on wards. He pauses spotting the officer and the look in his eyes his wand is drawn from under his robes pausing a moment he'll reach up and tap himself on the head slightly "Homogenus" he'll whisper and if it doesnt work he'll try again!

Strength of will seems to be the key here. Perhaps that's how the four outside escaped but honestly, in the arts world, just how strong willed are the flakey actresses and their motly crews? While Graham blends in to pratical invisibility, the fight rages on at the end of the hall and whilst no one seems to see him, he can clearly see everyone else. Of the total ten people inside, Eight of them guests and two of them cops, five guests were unconscious on the floor with severe injuries. What looks to have been a dinner party clearly in ruins, food is scattered, plates are broken and three of the chairs are busted to pieces along with one of the windows into the back yard. But the corner, a Victrola record player warbled out its enchanting tune.

Graham doesn't fail at his spell which is good thing as brawling while he can do so it's not his preferred way to spend time, he's more the reading a book sort afterall. He sticks close to the wall where he can blend in and not hopefully be seen by those fighting. He doesn't seem to hear the music as loudly.. or feel the music perhaps might be a better way to put it. He does spot the record playing and nothing else seems odd process of elimination the music? He glances towards the record player a moment before deciding his wand drawn he'll take careful aim "Confringo" he whispers.

No, indeed he doesn't and as a result, whilst one of the officers goes about dragging a rather long haired gentlemen by in front of Graham, no one seemed to notice him at all. Which…was a good thing, perhaps, because in the very next moment the victrola exploded into entirely too many small pieces and the record that was warbling out tunes right along with it. Gone. Smashed. Destroyed.
Which…..leaves Graham with a room full of people all looking slightly awkward at each other and very, -very- confused about the pain.

The auror's hex hits and the record player has ceased to be. Graham looks on to see if the people will come out of the trance they were in, which it looks like they are doing so, but he'll need help cleaning up this one. The auror turns back to make it back to the door to send a message for a cleaning crew. He will let the hiding charm drop once he's reached the door he'll open it his hand still holding the wand moves back to his robes though it's still held just in case.

"Mmmhm, terrible party, horrible. Pity about everyone getting sick," Nox murmurs, ever so politely to her guests. Guests. As if she were holding lunch on the lawn. She wasn't. But the little obliviator did look to be in absolutely charming good spirits. Too good, perhaps. "Next time of course, you'll be sure to know about whom you're dining with and just how good their cooks are."
"But everyone was fighting..," a slim blond, rail thin who had hopes of the silver screen without ever having the curves because size zero was not in for that era, was bemoaning.
"Were they?" Nox inquired, her attention only half present, because she still recalled the sound of something exploding from within. "Are you sure you're just not hungry? You look a bit sickly around the edges.."
"There was fighting! Fighting I tell you and something exploded!" The poor thin little thing seemed almost frantic.
"Officer, Officer I believe this woman is suffering from dehydration and bouts of confusion for its lack. If you could see that she was taken somewhere…"
"Of course, Miss Heather." The man agreed and began to escort the single complainer away.
It left Nox free to offer a cheery wave in Graham's direction; those long fingers waggling in hello.

Graham looks outside as the frenzied has ended inside at least looking to the officer "Bit of a mess in there, I tell you mice in buildings can case panic." He will say something lightly figuring a better story is forth coming, he is about to see about leaving to get help when oh hey the calvary already here. He spots a face at least he's seen at the office throwing a grin and small wink before he makes his way her direction properly.

Little ball of sunshine, weaving the most delightful stories about a horrible terrible party gone wrong, all over some foul fish and a poor choice in wine. Of course there were some mends that a healer would have to make and of course, some damages to be tidied but weren't those basic messes for the lessers to clean up? Like hit wizards? At least Nox could sell her lies.
"Ah, Bradford! What a pleasure it is to see you again. Didn't eat the fish did you? No? Well then, let's nip off and have a drink, shall we?" Was Bradford his name? Of course not, but the muggles didn't need to know it and thus, did Nox offer Graham her arm, with every intention of ducking out and letting someone else clean up the messy parts.

It seems things are handled on this side of things as well, bonus for the ministry today. Graham looks back to where he'd come figuring the muggle doctors likely can fix things up there and that others may be on the way as it is. His focus shifts when he's spoken to knowing well enough the game of hiding. "No lucked out, on that one." he answers about the fish and with little to no more thought he will lace her arm with his and will wait to move off likely he'll still make sure things get cleaned up.

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