(1939-02-01) Revelations in Graphite, Charcoal, and Ink
Details for Revelations in Graphite, Charcoal, and Ink
Summary: Silas shares with Morgana some of his drawings, and in so doing reveals a bit more about his past, his upbringings, and even some demons.
Date: 01 February, 1939
Location: The Three Broomsticks Pub, Hogsmeade

Despite the obvious patina of age, The Three Broomsticks has a warm, inviting ambiance. This character the pub has attained is, no doubt, thanks to the years it has been steeped in the environment of this particular village. Just one evidence of the village's influence on the pub can be seen in the dark paneling inside the building. The wood was once the outer walls of the home that housed Hogsmeade's founding family. Put to good use once again after the founding family bequeathed it to the pub, the paneling has served the pub just as well as it once served Hogsmeade's founders. The Three Broomsticks has flourished under its current proprietor and is always open and ready for a customer or visitor.
The dark wood surface of the floor glows with a polished sheen from much cleaning, and exposed ceiling rafters, which appear to be original, cross the ceiling in tidy squares. Wood tables of varying sizes litter the room, and matching chairs are scattered among them. Several secluded booths fill up the space along one wall. A flavorfully aged mahogany bar takes up most of the space near the back wall with a series of mirrors and shelves of varying heights hanging behind it. Those shelves behind the bar are lined with memorabilia depicting the life and people of the village as well as items which are special mementos to the pub's owner.

It was shortly after breakfast when Silas finally made the trek out to Hogsmeade, the initial impetus to stay on campus overridden by a sort of cabin fever that was doubtless the result of getting too used to a new routine. Four months ago? He wouldn't have even thought twice about it. Now, even though a bit of trepidation still pokes at him due to the last few rather ruinous experiences at the Broomsticks, it's the first place the thinks to go.
He's in winter robes, but definitely not in uniform. Today is deep crimson all about, with a light yellow underrobe barely visible under the neckline. No frills or embroidery on this outfit, though… simple while outlandish seems to be the aim. He has his cane with him, the one integrated with his wand which has a topper that bears a striking resemblance to Adelaide's head.
At the moment, he's sitting alone at a booth on the east side, where the lighting is best. Next to him is the bag he seems to take everywhere, actually surprisingly full. He's already ordered, and a plate of meats, fruits, vegetables and cheese, almost a sampler platter, sits in front of him, which he nibbles at distractedly. A warm cider is the drink of choice at the moment. In one hand is a thick, hard-backed novel, the focus of his attention at the moment.

Morgana slips in from outside, her grey wool cloak pulled tightly around her and a black cloche over her short dark hair. She has a bag that is obviously from the candy store, since she seems to be refilling her stock of chocolate for when the young girls come to her with emergencies. For a moment she looks like she is going to consume her own table, but spotting Silas, she directs herself in his direction and pauses at his table. "Room for another? Or is your book far to interesting to be pulled away from it." She does seem to have a smile on her face.

Apparently he was rather engrossed in the reading, because he doesn't notice the approach until he hears her speak. For just a moment, he goes stock still, rather than jumping, but his grin returns in force a mere moment later.
The book is lowered spine-first to the table, before he grins, scooting over, offering her a seat next to him, and moving food and drink accordingly, "You're more than welcome, Ana. Please." The familiar name is used casually, for all of its recent addition. Then, a silk ribbon is used to mark his place in the book, and he closes it. The cover shows it to be a fiction novel, "Cornelius Malfoy and the Casket of the Blushing Bride." A mystery novel.

Morgana removes her cloak before she slides in next to Silas, taking a second to smooth down her dark wool skirt and her vibrant blue jumper. Spotting the title of book she'll smirk at him. "Is that a guilty pleasure?" She says, lightly tapping the spine of the book, before she fishes around in her bag and offers Silas an open bag. "Violet Candy? They're rather good." Not that he doesn't already have his own food but she thought she'd offer, but not before taking one for herself. "How has your morning been? You seem to have yourself nice and settled in here."

Shaking his head with a bit of laughter, Silas responds to the question about his book, "Guilty? Not at all. I mean. He's no curse-breaker… but I like a good mystery. Virgin bride killed on the night before her wedding, a potions accident blamed, but there's evidence of foul play, dark magic, and an unforgivable curse. What's not to like?" The book is stowed back in his bag.
The candy is looked at for a moment, and with a grin he takes one, but doesn't eat it immediately, "It's… familiar. And at this time of day still relatively quiet. Just had to get out of the castle." He grins back at her, finally popping the candy into his mouth, "Already been shopping, I see?"

"Well, why don't you pass it along when you're finished with it then? It sounds interesting and I wouldn't mind some light reading." Morgana says as she pops one of the sugared flowers into her mouth. "I try to have a good amount of candy with me, just in case I have someone home sick, or heart broken. So I got that taken care of, but these, are for me." She seems to really enjoy the violet candy. "It wasn't as bad for me this week, I haven't wanted to run away screaming from the castle like I normally do. Which I considered a win."

"I'm sure I have the first book in the series tucked away somewhere at school. I've been reading through them again recently." He pats his bag, and chuckles, "This one is the eighth." His candy finished, he reaches for the cider, taking a light sip. "Never been much for candies, to be honest. I'll eat them… but too much and the sugar goes right through me." He /is/ a bit of a lightweight.
"And I'm glad you're not wanting to scream. As interesting a picture that might make, I'm sure it wouldn't be best. Just a good week overall, or…?"

"No rush, I am sure there is something I should be studying instead of reading for leisure." Morgana puts an order in for some butterbeer herself. "What did you do for enjoyment when you were all locked up in your solitude? Even I gave into sweets, and sometimes I do it too much." She says, clearing her throat a bit and brushing some hair out of her face. "Honestly, it was neither good nor bad. Nothing stood out, but nothing upset me either. I suppose I should consider that a win."

Silas reaches out, taking a bit of meat, and chewing on it for a bit before he responds, "There should always be time for reading for pleasure. It's one of those things that, well, I did for enjoyment like you asked. That and drawing, or singing, whatever took my fancy, I guess."
"Well, I would hope at least my company the other night would have at least tilted it over a bit into the positive side… but I guess I can settle for being a balancing agent, if I must."

Anthony walks in, arm in arm with Eibhlin, talking quietly with her.

"Well, would you be offended if I said that Adelaide made my night?" Morgana says with a teasing smile, but she does nod. "I did enjoy our time together, and I always find that we have good chats together." However hearing that she sings she'll raise a brow. "Really? I did not know you were into music at all. Perhaps that is something I should add to the list of things you should show me, along with your portfolio. I might even be convinced to show you my violin." Morgana says as she pops another violet candy in her mouth.

Eibhlin shakes her head as she steps through the door with Anthony. "No," she replies to the question asked a moment earlier. "There's nothing to explain. I just don't want to be involved is all."

Anthony gives a serious nod, "Fair enough." He flashes a sudden smile, leading the girl to another booth, "So, what _would_ you like to talk about?"

A look to the door as a few people enter, and Silas eyes Anthony, just for a moment, before looking back to Morgana, "She has that effect on people. And you impressed her. People tend to be put off by her aggressiveness, not realizing it's play." And then she asks about music, "Tenor, to be precise, although I've never been of a mind to join a choir or anything of the like. It's just a passing thing. I actually brought some of my drawings along, though, thinking I might just run into you anyhow." Another grin there.

"I can understand her need to play, and she only nipped at my fingers. Sebastian has bit me harder than she has." Morgana notices those who enter the room, and does give them a polite nod before she turns back to Silas. "Oh yes, please do. I am sure we can get some of this mess out of the way." Morgana does move her things off the table and onto the bench next to her. "Well, I've never thought about joining a symphony, but I still enjoy playing."

Eibhlin turns a glance about the space as she's lead further in, a silent nod of subtle greeting sent towards Morgana and Silas, herself more familiar with the former. A shrug is the answer to Anthony's question then as she slips her arm from his to settle into the booth. "I was just planning on heading back and reading when I ran into you."

Anthony returns the nod, and actually gives Silas a smile, then gives Eibhlin a brilliantly broad one, "So you rate me higher than books? For anyone else that would be faint praise, but I'm also Ravenclaw! I know how important that is!"

Although he doesn't know the half-blood all that well, Silas does share two N.E.W.T. courses with Eibhlin, so when she offers the nodding greeting, the smile and nods she gets back are genuine… the boy does tend smile a lot, at least for a Slytherin. Attention then going back to the table, he nods, using a cloth out of his bag to remove any excess moisture from the table, and actually brazenly takes a moment to steal a sip of Morgana's butterbeer, giving her a daring grin to take offense at it, "I'd been abstaining… but it was sitting there as too much temptation."
After that, he goes back to his back, pulling out of it a large, hard-backed volume, big enough to nearly fill the whole bag, and sets it on the table with a heavy thump. "These… are some of the ones I'm most proud of," he mutters.

Eibhlin laughs lightly, shaking her head with a subtle roll of her eyes at Anthony's commentary. "I don't know that I'd go that far," she teases back, "More that I figure I should take the time I have to be off school grounds to do so." Reason enough that.
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When the sip is stolen, Morgana raises her brow just a bit and shakes her head. "I allow you to call me by my nick name and you think that gives you full reign over my beverages? Aren't you bold." However she doesn't hold it against him, and smirks as he wipes the table down and drops the large volume with a thump. "Oh just a few then?" She says with a smirk as she opens up the portfolio and starts to leaf through it. "Though I already know you have some talent." She teases.

Anthony gives an easy grin to the redhead, "Well, I _did_ think it was a bit much to be valued over books. But you know. Hope springs eternal! And I have a few fun little texts that you might care to take a look at, sometime." Is that a genuine offer, as it sounded, or the Ravenclaw equivalent of an invitation to view his 'etchings'? "It's the least I could do after the kindness you did me!"

Eibhlin nods. "Hmm, well I might have to take you up on that off," she replies easily enough. "What is it they're about?" she goes on to ask curious as to the contents of said texts.

"I've said life is worth a few risks, haven't I?" Silas says, grin still full in effect, even as he goes back to his far more tame cider. He lets her look at the book itself, which while thick actually doesn't hold that many individual pages. It's designed, instead to protect and showcase the works inside, which are of a somewhat delicate nature.
The first is a pencil-sketch, finely detailed, of an older woman. Long hair, wearing robes. Attractive, in a way, but it's the flaws that he calls attention to it. The left arm, which hangs loosely at her side, the hand curled into almost a claw. The three claw-marks across her face, one nearly bisecting an eye. Another nearly splitting her lower lip in two. But the expression on her face is kindly. A smile. She's sitting, a book in her hand. As Morgana looks it over, Silas smiles. "That would be Nanny."
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Anthony waves a hand, "I always come up with an absolute _ton_ of books. This time has been no different. I'm finding a Victorian publication of the early magical impressions of India during the Muggle conquest rather interesting. The impressions of Wizards encountering different situations."

Eibhlin ohs, a slight nod following for the description of said books, perhaps not quite as much interest in them after as before. "Sounds.. interesting," she replies. "I hate to cut things short, but I'm afraid its gotten later than I thought. I should be going, plans to keep."

"Stealing a sip of butterbeer is hardly a risk Sy." Morgana will shake her head as she focuses on the sketch that she comes across. "You have a great eye for detail. Again I am not a great art critic." Morgana's tone is soft, and when she looks to Silas she raises her brow. "I'm assuming she did a lot of your upbringing?"

Anthony gives a sly smile, "But you're welcome to look through the rest of the collection. And the rest of the ones like the one you showed me." He pauses, "I can walk you back, if that would be agreeable."

"You never know," comes Silas' retort, "there are some who take their butterbeer very seriously. I'm sure I could have lost a hand." A smirk, and then he nods in agreement to her question, "Yes. Nanny pretty much was the one who raised me, until I came to Hogwarts. She actually was part of the R.C.M.C. Until an accident with a hyppogriff left her partly paralyzed. Mother and Father knew her from school, and she wound up raising me."
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"Thank you," Eibhlin replies to Anthony, "but no," she finishes with a shake of her head as she slips from the booth to her feet. "I'm not headed back just yet anyway. I'll se you later though," she adds, turning to send a bit of a wave towards Silas and Morgana before seeing herself out.

"I prefer wine honestly, but this does not have as high of an alcohol content so I figure it is better that I have this instead." Morgana smirks as she points her finger at him. "However if you dare take my chocolate, than we might have an issue." However she'll listen to his story while she moves onto the next sketch. "Hyppogriffs are very dangerous creatures, thankfully the ones I know are very gentle, either that or they really like me." She says thoughtfully. "She sounds like a wonderful nanny however, and she probably had so many stories to tell you."

There's a wistful grin on Silas' face, "She apparently offended the one that attacked her. It was a simple thing. You know how they get if they don't accept the bow. But she was wonderful. More like a mother…" He cuts that off, and leaves the rest unsaid. "She's the one who I really attribute my temperament to. And likely why so few think I act like a real Slytherin."

"You don't have to say anything further. My worth ethic comes from my grandparents, not my own mother. However now knowing my father, it would have come from him as well, had I known him growing up." Morgana scoffs and shakes her head. "They have such predetermined ideals on what makes a person likely to be in one house or the other. I wouldn't be surprised if that dodgy old hat just randomly put people where ever it felt like. I know that I am an eagle in a house full of snakes." SHe says with a grin.

A finger runs the side of that picture, affectionately, as Silas continues, "She tried to teach me a lot of things… lessons that really I never understood or listened to, until recently." A sigh, "She's gone now." And he leaves it at that, instead deciding to move to the next picture, but as he does so, a slight laugh escapes him, "I must say… there are times when I do wonder if the sorting hat does a bit of population control. There are a number of people in your house whom I think would be better suited to mine."
The next picture is more recent… one he actually had only finished a week or so prior. This one seems to be ink-work, the lines exact, and with differing shades of black to allow for subtleties in light and shadow. The scene appears to be under a table of some sort, Adelaide and a decidedly fuzzy cat locked in mortal combat.

"I'm sorry to hear that, she sounds like a fantastic woman." Morgana says, though the next picture does bring a smile to her face. "Well, I see that you caught her fierce skills very well on paper." Morgana says with a bright smile, reaching out to lightly touch the drawing of the ferret. "Had I known, I might have gotten you to draw a picture with Sebastian, he would have loved it the vain little creature." Morgana teases.

Silas grins, and looks over it. "The cat would be Mephy. He and Adelaide are as thick as thieves, Jenny's cat… although, oddly enough, he's been sleeping with Adelaide and I more days than not over the past few weeks, ever since…" he trails off, shrugging. "This was a fun one, though. Had to draw it from memory. They can go at it like that for hours."

"I don't know how they have such energy. If only I could bottle that up I could study for hours." Morgana says with a sly smirk, but when he trails off, she'll reach up and touch his shoulders. "I've always believed that cats, know when their owners are feeling down. Bassie is fantastic at cheering me up, even if it's with a nuzzle or a soft purr. I miss him." Morgana says with a furrowed brow. "Either way, you do great work." She says turning the page again.

"I think it's just a basic part of their nature…" Silas offers, although he doesn't shy away from the touch. And then he smiles, "And thank you. There's only a few more…"
TAs the next page turns, this one is a little more… stark. The medium was simple pencil here, but the attention to detail is rather remarkable. His face darkens as he gets to it… but it's clear he wanted to share it. The picture is of a living room, some sort of wizarding home. There are two people in the room… both beautiful in their own way, but neither happy.
The woman is closest, sitting on a couch alone, a copy of the Daily prophet in hand. Her face… seems almost to be purposefully extreme in its scowl. In its anger. Set off in the distance, at a table, is a man who could be Silas aged twenty years, with facial hair. His expression, too, is dour, and he's reading the same exact paper.

When the next picture is shown, Morgana looks it over slowly, taking in the details of what is obviously Silas parents. Considering she's not likely to meet them in person, this will have to do. "It looks as if they have both found out the most dreadful news, and yet wouldn't dare speak of their feelings about said news to each other." Pausing for a second, she attempts at a bit of humor. "Or perhaps they came across a comic, and have no idea how they're supposed to react to it."

At this, Silas shakes his head, "No, actually… this.. was a standard Sunday morning, on the rare occasions when they were actually home. They always look like that. If anything, they may have been annoyed at having to stay there in the first place." He looks at it a bit longer, "They don't even share a room."
He sighs, "It's good in its composition, and it's good for the truth it conveys. And it… explains things, to people who know me."

Morgana shakes her head. "I couldn't imagine it. Even my grandparents, as Victorian as they can be, even share a bed." Though there is a face that she makes, at a particular thought that may have never crossed her mind before. "You know you want end up that way, we both see that now, but I am glad that you showed me. And objectively, yes, it is a very fine picture, even if it represents something unpleasant."

"That's the thing about beauty, and truth," Silas says, as he turns to the last page… a drawing of himself… perhaps the least defined of the series… but still a clear effort, this time in charcoal. "and why I draw. Because this is the reality of the world, my world."

"Did you use a mirror on this last one?" Morgana asks, as she looks it over, and notices how undefined it is compared to the rest. "I do not have a way of showing what I see, but with my music I can show how I feel." She says, pushing some hair out of her face before she nods. "Do you think it is something you'll do after you graduate?"

At the last question, Silas nods, "I did. It's… hard to see yourself. Which is part of why I did it. Because if there's someone we lie to most often, it's ourselves." After leaving the book open for a bit for her to view it, he slowly closes it, and moves to put it back in his bag. "I know I'll continue to draw. I don't think I'll ever make an actual career of it, though… it's just always been an escape."

"Indeed. You're very insightful today Sy." Morgana says, reaching over to steal something off of his meat platter, since he did steal some of her butter beer after all. "That's how I feel about my music, it's where I go to escape. I know that if it became my job, it would no longer be the escape that I enjoy so much." Reaching for her butterbeer again she raises her brows. "I haven't played for you yet, have I?"

"It's instead something to share, to enjoy, and to lose oneself in. But I have other plans for my career, assuming I can secure the loan from my parents once I graduate." Assuming he hasn't so infuriated his mother at that point that she doesn't cut him off entirely.
He smiles again, but clearly, the effort of sharing all of this has gotten to him. There's some emotional flotsam that has bubbled to the fore again. "You have, actually, when I met… was it your brother? I don't recall." He smiles, looking to his bag.
"I… should go. I've got some things to think about… and as nice as it has been sharing things with you… I think I need some alone time. I hope you understand."

"Right, I do recall that. Sorry I had so many people there in one day that it was a bit hectic." Morgana says with a slightly sheepish smile, and when he mentions wanting time alone she furrows her brows. "Ehm, of course. Yes." She'll gather her things to move out of the way, so that he can leave the booth. "I understand, and you'll know where to find me should you want to talk more." She offers cautiously, but she does reach out to gently squeeze his arm. "Have a good day Sy." She smiles.

He's not hurried when he gathers his things together, and when she squeezes his arm, his response may surprise her. A simple, soft, chaste kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for understanding. And I do know that. You've been… quite understanding. I'm simply moody… and need to collect my thoughts."
And with that, he throws his bag over his shoulder, grunting at the weight of it. A sheepish grin goes back to Morgana, and he says, "I'll see you later, Ana. Have a pleasant weekend."

"I understand the need for solitude." Morgana says quietly and when he kisses her cheek she'll raise her brow just a bit. "Ehm yes, I'll see you later Sy. Say hello to Adelaide for me." Her eyes are slightly wide, showing that yes, that unexpected, and once he leaves she'll sit back down, deciding to take a moment to mull that all over.

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