(1939-02-02) The Breakup
Details for The Breakup
Summary: Augustin and Eibhlin breakup.
Date: 02 February 1939
Location: West High Street

Just leaving Scrivenshaft's, Eibhlin's attire isn't all that different than any given school day. Dark skirt, white shirt, stockings and shoes, though instead of tie, vest, and robes its a light sweater and a winter jacket. All fairly standard for her on any given winter weekend in Hogsmeade.

Here comes Gus, eager to meet Eibhlin. He's looking for her with almost a smile on his face…. almost. He is still dressed in mourning black, a color that does not become him, and makes his grey eyes look darker than usual. Even his tie is black, lacking the cheerful yellow stripes that used to mark him as a Hufflepuff. He is, however, holding a flower in his hand, a soft blueish violet thing with delicate leaves.

Eibhlin isn't so much looking for Gus at the moment she looks up but she does happen to spot him. Turning her steps in his direction, a corner of her lips lifting a a subtle hint of a smile.

"Hello," Gus greets Eibhlin. "This is for you," he hold out the flower. "I thought it was pretty, and that maybe you'd like it." He looks almost shy about it.

"Thank you.." Eibhlin replies, a hand lifting to take the offered flower. "It is pretty," she agrees, "How's everything at home?"

Gus hesitates for a second, thinking about that. "They're… melancholy," he tells her truthfully. "But there is a bit of hope. We just take things one day at a time. My sister writes to us about every other day. It's good to get news of the baby. The Healers say everything is going well." He pauses. "How are things with you?"

Eibhlin nods as he replies, "Well.. that's good," she agrees. Taking things one day at a time, and about his older sister. "I'm glad to hear that. And things are good. Classes are going well and all that."

"What about the other thing?" Gus asks. "The castle and all that?"

Eibhlin shrugs lightly in response, "As well as can be expected I suppose," she replies. "But Gus…" she hesitates a moment, "I don't know that can do this anymore."

Gus freezes. "You mean… us?" he asks hesitantly.

Eibhlin nods, "I know you don't care, and your father is agreeable, but there are plenty who aren't," she tries to explain, blue eyes settling on the boy in attempt to judge his reactions. "Its just not the right time."

Gus stares down at her for several long seconds, apparently just wrapping his head around it. Then he frowns. "Fuck everyone else," he says quietly. "I am not going to date someone or not date someone based on someone else's tight-arsed opinions." Gently, he reaches for her shoulders. "What do you want? Do you not like me any more? I'll accept that, as much as it hurts. Is… is there another boy?"

Eibhlin shakes her head, "No. I can't do it anymore. I understand that you don't care what anyone else things. I don't particularly care either, but its not safe.," she replies. "Its not that I don't like you Augustin, but I don't love you. Not like you seem to and that's not fair to either of us."

"Has someone threatened you?" Gus asks quietly.

"No," Eibhlin replies with a shake of her head. "Not in so many words, but that's not the point Gus. I'm sorry."

"Not in so many words," Gus repeats. "So yes. And you're scared enough that you won't even admit it to me. Who is it?" he asks her.

Eibhlin sighs. "No," she replies a little more sharply than intended. "I'm not scared," she goes on, "You and me, its just not going to work. I like you, but I'm not in love with you. I tried, but its not fair to you."

Gus clenches his jaw and finally drops his hands from her shoulders. "Fine," he says quietly. "If that's the way you feel." He steps back. "I wish you well." And then he bows, quite formally, and turns away to walk off.

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