(1939-02-03) Gryffindor's Illegal Pillows: Part 1 of 3: Prologue
Details for Gryffindor's Illegal Pillows: Part 1 of 3: Prologue
Summary: It all started out innocently enough. Ulysses was resting in the comon room, Lukas came and was belittled… it was all so much fun…
Date: 03 February, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room
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The big, round common room of Gryffindor Tower is full of squashy stuffed armchairs and couches upholstered in rich red fabric. Tables are placed in useful spots around the room and a bulletin board is up on one wall, where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. can be posted. The wooden floors are covered by old Persian rugs and the walls are covered in burgundy wallpaper that depict various mystical animals in golden silhouettes. Illumination is provided by a large window that looks out onto the castle grounds and is supplemented by a fireplace that dominates one large section of the wall providing not only light but also warmth.

Morning, still… although much of the hours after lunch have passed. It being Monday, it's one of the few days where Ulysses has a bit of breathing room between classes. And today, he's following some advice, and instead of going out running, or studying, he's taking a bit of quiet time. This finds him on one of the couches in the common room, a smallish, furry cat on his lap. The odd little thing seems a strange contrast to its owner, with large, sad eyes, and a tendency to sneeze at odd moments.

As he hops down the stairs from the boys dorm, Lukas is followed by his own white cat. He stops in a huff when he sees Ulysses and smiles giving the grumpy puss a wave. The white cat with the two different colored eyes looks at the other cat and then purrs around Lukas's feet. "Alright Selwyn?"

His eyes had been closed, and with a grunt at the clear indication that someone was speaking to him, Lys opens them. Eyes scan the room before he sees Lukas, narrowing, "Something give you the impression that I'm not, Potter?" The tone… hard to read.

Lukas shrugs and says, "Well you seem…" He moves to sit down on the edge of the couch arm, "Never mind. How are your classes? Your taking four NEWTS like me aren't you?" He runs a hand through his long hair to get it out of his face as Winter leaps up to sit with him on the couch.

A brow raises just slightly as the boy comes closer, and yet another low grunt escapes Lys. On his lap, Mr. Sniffles (so aptly and appropriately named by Lys' sister), sneezes at the disturbance, and shifts slightly under his petting hand to get more coverage of his head in the affections. "I was meditating, in a way. Classes go well enough. As I'm certain you're discovering, it takes quite a bit of concentration."

As he nods curtly, "Yeah no kidding. I haven't had a good nights sleep since the school year started. Between homework and papers due. I really have been focusing on my work because I want to make a great impression for next year. What are you plans when you graduate?" Lukas begins to pet his own cat.

"It's a matter of striking a balance," Lys offers "And also allowing yourself time to get behind some times, just to maintain sanity. I've also found occasionally that a good punching bag, or another student to beat on, also works wonders." A slight grin there, and at the insistence of his lap-mate, the scritches go under the chin for a bit. "I plan to be a curse-breaker. I've already sent my intention to apply for an apprenticeship at Gringott's… I just have to pass the requisite courses and I'm in."

"Yeah I go out the Quidditch Pitch and work out there. I should of went out for the team yet I need to focus on my studies. I agree with you revealing that stress helps. That's awesome that your going to be a curse breaker. I was curious…what made you turn in that direction?" Lukas pulls his knees up to his chest to get comfortable.

Ulysses tilts his head slightly, an actual ghost of a grin lighting on his lips, "The Galleons of possibility aren't enough of a reason? It's a solid career path, has a lot of potential for income, and will help me keep my family afloat." Solid, if not slightly pessimistic, reasons. "Aside from that, there's the romance of it. Anyone who's read the Adventures of Jebediah Thorne can't be immune to that."

As he nods and hmmms, "I never read it. Never been really much of a reader of romance novels." He pulls a treat out of his pocket and hands it over to Winter. "What has been your favorite class this year?"

Ulysses blinks, "Who said anything about Romance novels? It's an adventure. The 'romance' is a literary term that describes the playing up of a lifestyle to make it seem more… alluring. Thorne is always in ancient digs, battling astounding curses and foes with a toss of his hat." He shakes his head, "Why does everyone take the word so literally?"

"No need to get mad Ulysses. I am sorry I misunderstood you. Like I said, I prefer to experience things more then read them. I tend to only read the books I need to for class or research. So…what has been your favorite class this year?" Lukas tucks a few loose strands of hair behind his ear.

"Them you are clearly missing out," Lys responds, still with a bit of a huff to his voice. A grunt, and then he considers the question for a moment, "Ancient Runes, although in truth they all are equally challenging, and equally frustrating. 'Favorite' for the most part went out the window ages ago."

As he nods slowly, "Mine has been Defense Against the Dark Arts. We are starting to get into the really good Defensive spells this year. I am hoping I can get them down with the intention of becoming better in Dueling Club. My mind is a bit coo coo. Are you in Dueling Club this year?"

Ulysses blinks again at the question, looking directly at Lukas with a bit of incredulity, "I have been since my fourth year." He looks at the younger man for a moment, "You're taking courses just to improve your dueling skills?"

Lukas nods, "Yes. When I graduate I hope to become an Auror like my mother." He says that with a bit of pride in his voice but explains further, "And I want to be able to defend myself against any who would harm me or those who can not defend themselves."

Lys chuckles, leaning back, "One needn't be an Auror to do that, but it's as good a career as any. But you should remember if you're going to be fighting Dark Wizards, dueling club is only going to help you so far. Most Dark Wizards don't hold to 'rules of engagement', after all."

Lukas nods slowly, "Yes. You're right but we aren't allow to do anything to aggressive. And I would feel bad if I harmed another student. Yet I am considering asking if we can practice the more…defensive spells against the dummies. And I am trying to get better at my hand to hand combat. Nothing shocks a Dark Wizard more I bet then a knock in the mouth with a fist."

"Not just Dark Wizards," Lys offers up with a bit of a grunt. "You should have seen some of the others' faces when they found out I offered to teach the Head Girl a bit of hand to hand. But yes… they do seem reticent to teach the more off-the-cuff styles of fighting, I assume they offer some during apprenticeship, of course."

"What do you mean off the cuff?" Lukas cocks his head to the side with a curious look on his face. Winter yawns and decides to return to the warmth of Lukas's bed upstairs.

"Fighting without rules, or structure. Where it isn't just attack, defend, attack, defend. Whenever you, or your opponent, will be flinging off spells one after the other in an attempt to destroy the other. The sort of fight where the intention is to kill, after all." Lys says it rather blandly, scratching at his cat's head again idly.

Lukas nods and says, "I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to that but I hope that I can do it justice. I have never comes across a Dark Wizard yet but I know I would do all that I must to defend the weak and protect the innocent. My mother does it all the time when it comes to that." Lukas smiles softly sitting on the arm of the couch, facing Ulysses. The two are just chatting.

With the look on Lys' face, one that speaks volumes as to the doubt therein, chatting may be the wrong word for it, "That seems… quite well-rehearsed, your statement there. Of course you haven't run into a dark wizard." And the question remains, how would he react in front of one.

Lukas clearly frowns at that stab, "It is how I feel. It means a lot to me to feel that way." He begins to stand up off the couch and sets his feet on the floor, "So because I am passionate about something it becomes well rehearsed?" The Moody side of his family begins to surface. "How would you like it if someone said Curse Breaking is…boring?"

Ulysses seems almost nonplussed by the question, actually smiling a bit. "I'd say they were trying to get a rise out of me. Because it would clearly be such an attempt, don't you think?"

As he snorts like canvas ripping, Lukas presses his lips into a fine line and says, "Yeah your most likely right. I need to head to my next class. Sorry for interrupting your meditation. Talk with you soon." Lukas begins to walk towards the door.

That same brow lifts as the boy gets up to leave, but the smile, which may be just the slightest bit cruel, doesn't change. "And you," is offered, before the older boy closes his eyes again, simply stroking the sneezy little cat on his lap.

Angelus steps in from the corridor, strolling towards the sofas with a glance around. Regarding the two upperclassmen for a quick second, Angelus will offer a head lift if they look his way. He tosses his book strap onto a side table, shrugging off his outer robes to drape over top, and flops onto one of the cushions, easily kicking back with comfort. The silver Eye of Truth gleams around his neck. He turns his eyes to give Ulysses and Lukas another look and a light smile. "Potter, Selwyn," greets the youth. "What's being talked about?"

The question comes just as Lukas gets up to leave, clearly at least annoyed at something said, as as Lys finally settled himself back into his relaxation. A grunt escapes him, a slight suggestion of annoyance, but he opens his eyes again, "Oh, you know, just dashing the dreams of a starry-eyed Auror would-be. Nothing too exciting," he offers, his gaze going to the younger student.

Angelus' royal blue eyes trail after Lukas as he watches him walk to the door curiously, but only shrugs simply as he brings his gaze back to Ulysses. A single brow arches as a smirk flicks over his lips, followed by a hum. "Oh, seems perfectly reasonably to me," Angelus comments sarcastically even as he gives his older housemate a curious look. "Not worthy of encouragement?" Gel simply shrugs as he leans to the side, reaching out a hand to his book strap, working on unbuckling it as he says, "Sorry, Selwyn, I didn't mean to interrupt." The boy pulls a book from the strap and drops it into his lap.

"When they speak about saving the world and innocents and all that… and when they can't understand that there's the romantic view of what a career can do as opposed to the realistic?" Lys offers with a slight grin to the younger boy, "No. Not really. Idealism like that needs to be crushed before they become immune to reality." He leans back again, "And it's no bother. I'm simply catching a breath before I have to get to my afternoon classes."

"Oh," Angelus says softly, nodding his head. He looks over at Ulysses again, noting that. "Not taking it seriously enough for you?" Gel rolls back his shoulders and smirks, letting out a sigh. Well if they're dreams are crushed so easily, it's their problem, right? Angelus lowers his eyes to the book in his lap, opening the cover. "I guess that's one way of weeding out those who don't deserve to join a career." Leaning his arm onto the armrest, he rests his head in his hand, flipping to the first page of the book.

Ulysses chuckles, "Exactly. Especially if one wishes to be an Auror. Ir's not a career any doe-eyes boy can just do… and you should have heard the come-back, 'What if someone told you curse-breaking was boring?'."

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