(1939-02-04) Pumpkin Juice on the Beach
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Summary: Morgana seeks out Silas to check on him, and to ask for advice.
Date: 04 February. 1939
Location: Black Lake Shore, Hogwarts

Where does a Ravenclaw find a Brooding Snake? Well Morgana figured that she would try the lake first, since that seemed to be a favored spot of his. Walking down to where the water meets the land, she scans about the for artist, wondering if he's sketching his favorite squid, or if she will be on her own today. She seems to have a bottle of something with her that she is sipping, but there is something different about her, there is a very faint smile on her lips, and she's humming a tune that is not in a minor chord.

No brooding today for Sy. In fact, if she's seen him at all on campus (say at meals and such), he's had his full smile back on, and is back in his normal company of companions at meals, Jenny included. Tonight, however, he's on his own, predicatively at the lakeside, ignoring the falling snow by lying down on his heated blanket, reading by glowlight.

"There you are Sy." Morgana says as she steps to the edge of his blanket, looking down at the Slytherin boy. "I took a stab in the dark and came out here to see if you're up to hearing the ravings of a lunatic Head Girl. I brought pumpkin juice as a bribe." She says, pulling out a bottle from her cloak pocket and holding it in front of him.

"Hah! Gimmie!" The boy grins at the offer, putting his book down by the light and scooting over to give the Lunatic Head Girl some room. Silas stays lying down, however. Comfy. "Join me then, will you?" He asks, and assuming the bottle is passed over, takes a quick sip. "So… ravings, you say?"

Morgana she passes the bottle over than settles in on the blanket. Pulling her cloak closer to her for warmth as she settles in, she'll nod her head. "Just light ravings. I need a second opinion, and you seem to be good at giving objective ones."

"I can certainly try," Silas offers, tone sobering just a bit as he takes another sip and passes the bottle back, "Although depending on your viewpoint, I may not be the wisest objective observer." He offers another little grin, and motions with his hand for her to continue.

"Why wouldn't you be objective?" Morgana says with a raise of her brow. However he gestures her to continue. "Well, as I am sure you have heard the rumors lately, about how I've been spending time with Kaiden. He's been trying to convince me to court him for a few weeks and I've been hesitant." She says with a frown. "Well, I gave in today and don't get me wrong, I'm happy about it but… I'm still worried."

Silas looks away from Morgana for a moment, focusing on the glow-light at her question, but once she goes on with her own, he looks back at her. "If you're happy with him and are sure of his intents and your own feelings for him, why would you be worried?" She hadn't said these things specifically, which might be the point of the answer.

"I'm concerned about his family. In the end they're not going to approve of me, and all of it will be for nothing. Granted he says he doesn't think much of his family but, I've never wanted anyone to disown themselves for me." Morgana says with a shrug before she shakes her head. "I'm worried that I'm not completely over someone else either. I mean, it's been a month but that all still hurts. Kaiden is too nice of a boy to just be someone on the rebound."

"See… there's a point on which I'm not going to be objective. Parents, and their approval." Silas offers with a grin before taking the bottle back for another little swig. "There are two questions you have to ask yourself. Is he worth it, and are you?" He then clarifies, "Is he worth becoming the woman who got him disowned? And do you believe that your love is worth being disowned over? Because if it's for a flight of fancy or because he's a good kisser or because you want or need to be with SOMEONE… or even if only because the sex is just so damned good…" Yes, he takes it there, not being assumptive, but speaking his mind, as he is wont to do, "then the answer should be no. That type of leap? There should be no question in your heart. You should know without a doubt that everything is worth it to be with him."

"I don't have the answer to that yet. Everything is still new, still fresh. I care for him, a great deal, but I don't know if it's love yet. We'll just… have to keep it away from his family until he knows for sure." When he mentions the sex, she clears her throat and her cheeks flush a bit. "He's.. well he's good but… no. That wasn't the lynch pin. I should have waited with him but he just found me in the right mood." She admits with a bit of shame. "I want to try. I want to be with someone who only thinks of me, and doesn't feel guilty for snogging me."

There's a moment where Silas chuckles as she blushes, and at her answer, "I thought so." A bit of a wink, then, as he rolls over, and of all things, pats his shoulder. An invitation. "You're a friend. Friends get access to this during existential quandaries. Limited time offer, to boot." After waiting for her reaction, then he continues. If it's what you want, then yes… try it. But be careful. If /I/ could tell you and Kaiden were a thing, or close to it, since last Hogsmeade weekend, everyone can. And it /will/ get back to his parents. So if you're not certain…"

"Well, we didn't want to rush into it, and… we could have a few weeks ago, but we didn't. He just.. likes making me smile, and I know that's what I need right now. I'm just not used to such attention really." When the shoulder is offered, she thinks about it for a second, before she gives in, letting her head rest on his shoulder. "As soon as his sister knows, their parents will know, I know she isn't a fan of me, but I'm not doing this to slight her, or anyone else. For now, I just want to enjoy being with him."

"And you still have plenty of time, yes. More than enough time to enjoy, but still evaluate." Silas smiles then, wrapping an arm companionably around her waist, "And you deserve to smile, to be happy, and to be loved, Ana. Don't ever forget that. And, wrong or right, wise or foolish, you should be allowed to give yourself to it."
Then comes mention of Ria, "Ria the Prude Prefect. Respect her dearly, but yes. I could see her overreacting. I'm not certain what happened between you too, though to elicit that sort of upset."

"I would have anyway." Though when he puts that arm around her, she'll just lightly place her hand on his chest and close her eyes for a moment. "You are right, and it is hard for me to see that sometimes." When he asks about Ria, she'll shrug her shoulders. "I am friends with Proudmore, I think that's enough for me to be unworthy. Though maybe it's because I"m the Head Girl and she isn't, or because I'm not in her little club, where she'd be a higher rank than I am. Maybe it's just nothing, I really just don't care enough to find out."

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