(1939-02-04) Tea and Talk of Butchery
Details for Tea and Talk of Butchery
Summary: Elijah is mulling over a disturbing case in Cafe Tasseo when a young, slightly awe-struck Auror happens upon him.
Date: 1939-02-04
Location: Cafe Tasseo

After a long day at the office, most people just want to kick off their shoes, get a nice cup of tea and relax, listening to their favorite records. Elijah is a different beast, altogether. Upon entrance to Cafe Tasseo, one might find famed Inspector Elijah Lovegood sitting at a table, stripped out of his long coat, left only in his white shirt and vest; pouring over a pile of documents in fromt of him.

The Good Inspector has a pipe hanging from his mouth that simmers and wafts a scent of lavender throughout the room. His lips tighten around it and the tobacco flares up, sending a jet of smoke into his lungs before he exhales it out in a gossamer ribbon. Those who are a bit closer can here him singing softly as he works, albeit in French, "Non, rien de rien…non, je ne regrette rien…"

For Rena's part, it's been a maddening day in the office. She could do with a relaxing cup of tea, and perhaps a little treat beside. Although intent upon getting both of these things, she has also brought work with her into the cafe.
The little redheaded woman, dressed in a dark green overcoat, wends her way through the tables, clutching her file folder close to her chest. The smell of Elijah's smoke is actually quite pleasant as a tendril wafts past Rena's nose, causing her step to slow and falter. Dark eyes fall upon the rather well-known Hit Wizard, and she freezes fully. Of course she doesn't mean to stare… But he is singing to himself quite softly. And music is one thing that is sure to captivate her inquisitive nature.

"Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait…ni le mal tout ca m'est bien egal…no- Yes?" asks the Inspector as he looks up from his papers and his eyes fall on Rena. Those dark blue eyes make their way around her in a way that, to the observed, might seem like he's noting every last pore. "You're with the MLE, aren't you?" he asks as his eyes turn back to the file in front of him.

Caught in the act. Rena's cheeks tinge to red very rapidly, and she shrinks back instinctively when Elijah's song is interrupted by his noticing her. The file folder is hugged even tighter, to the point of bending it. "I..y-yes, Sir." She struggles to answer in something more audible than a shy whisper. Being inspected with such care is a little unsettling, to say the least.
"Auror Initiate - Irene Lee." Rena further explains, lending some small token of legitimacy to herself, perhaps. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you, Sir. Really, I didn't."

Elijah slides the chair opposite him out with his foot and says, "It's quite alright, I assure you." He ponders for a moment, his eyes flickering up to the woman and he tilts his head, asking, "What do you know about dampening sound, Miss Lee?"

Rena is somewhat stunned to be given an invitation to sit with Elijah at his table, but she isn't about to decline it. That would be rude. Her tightly-gripped and wrinkled file is set on the table.
Unbuttoning her coat and carefully draping it on the back of the chair that has been offered, Rena then straightens her clothing with a few simple tugs before taking her seat. For a moment, she considers the question before answering carefully: "Well, aside from the general Muggle ways, there is the Quietus charm and the Silencio charm. Might I ask why?"

Elijah takes a long puff of his pipe as he listens intently to Rena, nodding ever so slightly. "Yes, but what about…say, silencing any sort of sound that would be made by walking along a bit of ground. Like sound-proofing an area, almost." He leans back in his chair and nods to her, saying, "And you very well may ask why; yes."

The young woman frowns slightly, considering Elijah from her side of the table with cautious curiosity. After a moment of silence, Rena narrows her eyes in thought and asks further: "I know about turning yourself invisible for a time so that no one sees you, but as for 'earing… You mean rendering yourself silent as you walk - or sneak, per'aps? Is that what you mean?"

"Yes! Precisely! So one could perhaps sneak up and force someone to ingest a sleeping draught and then take them away to do…nefarious things." Elijah's hand plays softly with the little bit of stubble that's accumulated on his chin. "The Butcher is back."

It's a good thing that Elijah pointed out that he was talking about someone other than himself rather quickly. Rena's expression was rapidly turning from one of curiosity to shock and appall. Her prim little mouth was just beginning to drop open to say something scandalized when he makes mention of the Butcher.
Snap! Rena's jaw closes, and she blinks twice before drawing breath and saying: "I… do you mean that this 'Butcher' 'as learned 'ow to do this thing? Maybe they've got a pair of artificed shoes…" It's an odd thought, but a possibility. "Either that, or they've access to a charm I've not 'eard of."

"Well, no. He's being assisted by someone. Bartleby Abbot, or 'The Butcher' is a Squib. That means that someone is helping him." He continues to rub at his facial hair and he remarks, "The shoes makes a lot of sense." He nods and continues, "He wouldn't have to continue to maintain the speel in order to use them."

Now Rena's features darken with concern. If the Butcher is a Squib, then Elijah is right - he would have to have some sort of partner in crime to assist him in his nefarious deeds. Or else, as she said before… magical shoes. He would still need an accomplice of some kind to have obtained said shoes, however.
"If you know the man's name, though - why can't you track 'im down to face punishment?" She doesn't doubt the man's capabilities; she just doesn't know all the ins and outs of the case in question.

Elijah drums his fingertips along the tabletop, his pipe smoking furious. He 'hmmmmmm's softly and says, "He's gone underground. Whoever his accomplice is is hiding him and hiding him well." He stops sucking on the pipe and sets it down, looking across to her, "I just realized I haven't introduced myself! Inspector Elijah Lovegood, at your service."

Taken aback slightly by Elijah's abrupt realization and introduction, Rena chuckles softly and blushes a little. "Don't take me amiss, sir I already knew who you were." She's seen him in the office and heard of him, after all. More than likely, however, if he's ever been anywhere nearby, she's ducked down or slipped out of sight until now. His is a slightly overwhelming personality. "But I'm awfully glad to meet you now, Inspector Lovegood. Pleasure's all mine." A bright smile is flashed now.
"If they've gone underground, though…" Rena begins again, returning her thoughts to the Butcher and his accomplice, "Do you mean the likes of Knockturn Alley? The Shadow Bazaar?" Or possibly worse, "Muggle London? My old stomping ground." The young woman smirks.

"Muggle London would be the safest place for him, now; I imagine." He rubs his temples and waves his hand dismissively, "Enough of this talk. I'm sure there will be enough of it tomorrow." He leans back in his chair and crosses one leg over the other, steepling his fingers and resting them in his lap, "Tell me about yourself, Miss Lee."

Somewhat surprised at Elijah taking any interest in hearing about her - and slightly unnerved by the notion - Rena shifts in her chair a little. Keeping her hands folded demurely in her lap; she tilts her head slightly and decides on the best way to describe herself.
"Muggle-born, born and raised in Wapping. Spent most of my life on variety stage before the letter came from 'Ogwarts and always went back to it whenever 'olidays came around. Never was very good at making friends in school… But I made it into the Auror office eventually. Been struggling along as an Initiate for a while now. Despite my best efforts, I've gotten enmeshed in politics of late. And, I've just recently became engaged to a doc…erm… healer at St. Mungo's." That seems like a fair sum-up of her life. If she's lucky, Elijah never saw her on stage.

Elijah nods to her and says, "I'm a fan of the theatre, myself. I've never had the gumption to do a production, but I quite enjoy watching a performance." He notes the time and says, "I'm afraid I shall have to take a rain-check on the rest of this lovely conversation. What do you say we meet here tomorrow at the same time? Lovely." He slides into his coat and straightens it out before he scoops up the papers, "Have a lovely evening, Miss Lee." His fedora is smoothly sat on his head before he gives the brim of it a tug and slips out the door into the night.

"My, but people come and go so quickly here," Rena murmurs to herself with a bemused smirk, now that Elijah has taken his leave. One elbow leans on the table, and the puzzled young woman props her chin in her upraised hand. She needs some tea quite badly. It's been a trying day.

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