(1939-02-04) The Great Lunch Debacle
Details for The Great Lunch Debacle
Summary: The houses get more than lunch in the Great Hall when a couple fifth-years cause a scene.
Date: 1939-02-04
Location: The Great Hall, Hogwarts

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and the Great Hall has a constant stream of students coming and going for lunch, or snacks, or in search of a friend. One such student is Brody Iolar, who's sitting at the edge of one of the Ravenclaw benches, straddling it like a horse. On the table, at his elbow, is a steaming mug of something, and in front of him on the floor is what looks like a plank of wood. Probably because it is, in fact, a plank of wood. But Brody has it levitating off the floor a little, with his wand out, and for whatever reason is concentrating on it intensely.

And over at the end of the Hufflepuff table, surrounded by a mountain of cakes, sweet, pies and anything else she can get her pudgy little hands on, Grace Thurkell is enjoying lunch. The good thing about Tuesday lunchtimes when it's half decent weather outside is that those who like to run, or fly brooms, or play sports of any kind, have the chance to do so. The best thing about Tuesday lunchtimes is that while the keen, athletic kids are outside making the most of the weather, Grace gets to finish their plates.

Oh the joys of being young, rich and a Sykes. With trademark style Garrett Wilifred Sykes, Esquire, saunters into the Great Hall. It's been a long morning of terribly dull class work and now it's finally time for lunch - and he's got an appetite for mischief. Off in the distance he spies Brody Iolar, a CrowHead after his own heart.
Gliding across the magically warmed stones of the floor and over toward the Ravenclaw, Garrett scuttles up behind him and shouts! "MISCHIEF IS ON THE MENU!!" He voice rings across the hall, but the general hullaballoo of the crowds drown it out before it makes too much of an offense in the ears of those farther down the long hall tables.
"How's my favorite troublemaker? I know you're up to no good." Garrett glances at the drink. "Boiling up some Toad's Guts? Worm's brains? Oooh, something nastier than that I'll wager." A twisted smile wraps around his young cheeks like barbed wire. He's found a match for his mischief making.

As Brody is snapped out of his concentration, the levitating board jerks across the floor until it clatters to a loud stop mid-aisle. "Oi!" Brody shouts by way of greeting, leaping up to retrieve it. Except he doesn't actually go back to his bench right away, instead standing by the miraculously still-levitating board and poking at it with his foot. "Hullo, sorry mate," he finally says over to Garrett. "I've been trying to get this thing to work for /ages/ now." Standing up straight once more, he eyes Garrett as if sizing him up. "What would you say you weigh, by the way? More or less than 150 pounds?"
Grace looks up and behind her towards the Ravenclaw table and the levitating board. She chews, swallows, and before the next mouthful gets shovelled in, informs the pair solemnly, "You shouldn't ask somebody how much they weigh, because they might think you're being rude about them being really really thin or really really fat, even though it's okay to be skinny or heavy and nobody should judge you for it." That last sounds remarkably like it's a refrain she's had drilled into her over and over until she can repeat it verbatim.

Garrett Sykes steps on Brody's shadow as he walks over to the floating board, conveniently following after him in the process. His wiry grin snaps into a full on smile when he hears the Hufflepuff badger Brody. "I don't mind at all, madam." The Gryffindor nods towards Grace. "Brody here can't help be anything except exceptionally rude. He's incorrigible down to his very bones." Garrett laughs a bit. And in the next moment he pats himself down through his robes.
"I can't say for certain, without the proper charm. However I believe that's about right. Just over ten stone." A sharp pair of blue eyes point toward the Hufflepuff girl. "What do you say? Am I skinny or a real fat troll of a Gryffindor?"

Brody smiles at Grace. "You're right of course, I'm sorry. I only asked because I'm doing an experiment, see?" He pokes the board with his shoe again. "I feel like sometimes bad manners are okay, if it's for science. And among mates. After you've thoroughly pummeled one another in Dueling Club, simple questions of weight don't offend as easily, I'd think." He takes a step back then, and waves Garrett over. "Here, try stepping on this for me? I want to see if it can hold you."

"I think you're just the right size," Grace informs the boy loyally, giving him a firm nod and a bite of her pork pie, then giggling, water pastry crumbs spraying out until she puts a chubby little hand in front of her face. "Trolls are big and scary! You're not a troll. Unless you live under a bridge. Do you live under a bridge?"

A boisterous chuckle rolls down Garrett's chin like dog slobber. "Hah! Yea, after I've pummeled you into near oblivion, Iolar. I'm making Duelling Club my new specialty. It's on my list of things in which to be the very best." The boy pompously steps up to the floating board, listing off his wide range of future accomplishments.
"I'll be the pinnacle of Quidditch. All positions. Keeper. Seaker. Beater especially. Most likely superlatively good at the Chaser position. But not completely excellent I would think, I intend to train my body up with vigorous exercises. I'll be as big as a troll then. The good kind of big, though. That's a new thing in the Muggle world, have you heard? Training up the body in new ways. Aerobics. That's a fun word."
Counting on his fingers all the fine things that await him, his mind is unprepared for the physical obstacle right before him… that detestable floating board. The moment he places a foot upon it, his entire body shakes, rocking back and forth, and within moments his stance becomes as loose as gelatin. "What in the wor!!" Garrett slips off the plank, tumbles to the ground and lands on his arse.
THUD! He groans anxiously, trying to play down the humiliation from a room full of his peers. "Are you trying to JINX me, Brody!?" He points a finger square at the Ravenclaw. "Your idea of a joke at my expense?"

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and there's various comings and goings happening in the Great Hall. Grace has just run off, and Brody and Garrett are standing between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables with a wooden plank levitating in between them. Well, sort of levitating. And sort of standing. Garrett has actually just taken a spill after trying to step on the board, and the board drops noisily to the ground as Brody loses his concentration on the spell and his hands fly to his mouth.&r"Agh! Are you… alright?" Brody asks between choked breaths, underneath his hands. It's possibly he's having trouble breathing over concern for his friend, but more likely he's having trouble forming words as he struggles not to laugh. "I swear it wasn't supposed to do that, I just wondered if the spell could hold your weight is all! Worst case, it wouldn't. Right?" Except apparently not.

Morgana was realy just trying to enjoy her lunch, granted that's hard to do in a giant room full of teenagers. The commotion casues her to pause and turn, looking toward Garrett and Brody. "Really you two, you can't think if a better place to do this? You know, some place where there isn't a hundred bowls of pudding laying about to be spilled everywhere?" She'll shake her head at the two of them and sigh, standing up from her spot on the bench and crossing her arms.

Kaiden had been quietly sitting over at the Hufflepuff table as the commotion was going on, but once he hears Morgana's familiar voice scolding his brother, he turns and looks back over his shoulder at Garrett and says, "A joke at your expense? Well, it wouldn't be hard to come up with material for one, would it, baby brother?"

Cyprien is grinning to himself as he strolls into the Great Hall. He is carrying a plate of cookies in one hand and eating one of those said cookies in his other hand. What a great multi-tasker. His blue eyes remain on his primary focus of the Gryffindor table, barely focusing on any outside noises, and he stops in front of it and takes a seat. The plate he is holding onto promptly goes onto the table with a small clattering noise before he finishes off his cookie, spreading crumbs over the table and his clothes like a regular messy first year boy. He looks up from his meal to find there are other much older people in the room; two of them seem to be working some magic on a plank. A small laugh escapes his mouth and he shakes his head when he sees one of the older boys take a spill onto the floor. Now this is what he enjoyed, a meal and a show.

Disheveled folds from Garrett's school cloak fall over his face and drape his shoulders. "Obnoxious," he says, picking at the loose robes while trying desperately to brush himself back into some semblance of dignity. "Just obnoxious." He says with cold blue eyes staring down Brody. Even as the Head Girl trumpets her dissatisfaction, he prefers to mind himself. With as much grace as he can summon under the circumstances, Garrett rises to his feet, unwrinkles his school robes, and clears his throat.
"Don't worry, RAVENCLAW," he replies stiffly to Morgana. "As a Gryffindor I am in complete control of my faculties. There's no need for any discipline to meted out over this small matter." Garrett forces a smile. "All is well." - I'll punish Brody myself in the duelling club!
Suddenly a familiar voice! Garrett turns on his heels, in the midst of his emmbarassment to see his older brother. For goodness sakes!! "Uhm, ahem. I ugh…" The young Sykes struggles to form a retort. "I'm worth the expense, Kaiden!"

Lucretia sits with a cohort of her Slytherin cronies over at the Slytherin table, the vertically challenged dark-haired girl holding court, it would seem. The sound of Garrett crashing to the floor appears to break her concentration however, a scowl etching her brow as she turns. "Merlin's left foot. Really?" She might be only thirteen, but she's a terribly self-confident thirteen and she gets to her feet, smoothing wrinkles from her skirt before walking over in the direction of the commotion. "Seriously? Some of us are trying to eat and have a civilized conversation, or are you just completely blind as well as dumb."

"Sorry, cousin!" Brody calls over to Morgana, finally pulling his hands away from his face to reveal a pained expression. Pained from trying so hard not to laugh, of course. "I really didn't think he'd fall!" He goes to offer Garrett a hand up, but it's too late, as the other boy is already on his feet. So instead, he offers his hand to shake. "I'll see you at the next club meeting. You just try and pummel me, there. 'Try' being the key word," he says with a soft laugh. Hearing the younger girl's voice chime in from the next table over, he turns that grin on Lucretia. "Pray forgive me, Miss Black. It won't happen again."

"Take two words off of the end of that sentence cousin and you'll have what went wrong." Morgana, who has become fully aware that no one in her house is using their brains. "Either way, I would suggest finding some other way to amuse yourselves." She says to not only Brody but Garrett as well. When Kaiden turns around she'll shake her head. "Really Kaiden, I thought you had your family under control, I see what sort of older brother you are."

"Oh, please. I could pick up ten of you for a pence," remarks Kaiden to his brother as he stands up from his table and looks the boy over, continuing, "And make sure to refer to Morgana as Lord Commander Head Girl Fantastic from now on, seeing as since she's so sweet and kind and beautiful, I'm sure she'll wave any sort of disciplinary action." He shoots an apologetic look over to Morgana and tilts his head, pleadingly.

Cyprien casts a curious glance at all the other figures seemingly joining the two boys. There were different conversations and reactions he was trying to keep track of. What he could deduct was that there may or may not be a fight. He was hoping for the former, because what boy didn't enjoy watching or participating in a fight? His lips form a thin line and he plays with one of the cookies on his plate as he overhears some of the other conversations. Why were they, especially the girls, scolding the two for having what he perceived as fun? Bah, what wet blankets they were. He picks up the cookie he was playing with and starts nibbling on it to keep himself from interjecting his own opinions.

A stream of red flashes across Garrett's face. Why would Kaiden have to see him here, now, at his lowest point. Focus, focus, focus! Immediately it comes to the young Sykes mind to exercise his utter lack of control of the situation by assuming rightful control of the situation. "Dumb? You must be speaking to Brody here." Garrett replies to Lucretia without giving her the courtesy of a look. Instead he nudges Iolar's hand away, with a casual vacancy of consideration. "IF he thinks he can best me in a duel. Sykes always win. Isn't that right, brother?"
Finally, Garrett's hot cheeks cool to simmering temperature of lukewarm mischief. The red fades away and his clever grin remains. "Lord Commander Head Girl Fantastic should know then, if she's seen my big brother in action. He's the best Hufflepuff in Hogwarts history. Quidditch CAPTAIN too!" The grin on his face grows a hundred times over until it blossoms into a full blown smile. A beaming light of radiant family pride.
His blue eyes scan the room for a prop, anything to heighten this valiant Sykes moment. And there he spies a tiny pea of a Gryffindor, Cyprien. "And when Kaiden graduates, I'll take over as the Sykes extraordinaire. And train the young ones up with me." He winks at Cyprin, all big-brotherly. "It's fate."

Lucretia hadn't noticed Morgana standing there, though when she does, she gives the Headgirl a nod of her head and a smile, though it is, perhaps, slightly strained. "Rashley." Garrett's remark does cause the young girl's attention to zero back in on him however and her hands go to her hips, her mouth tightening into a straight line. "Actually. No. You're the dumb one. Not only did you fall off the plank and make a fool of yourself, but on top of that you seem to have the verbal diarrhoea that one might associate with a Firstie."

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and the Great Hall is teeming with activity. Right now, it's mostly centered between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, where Garrett has just fallen down after something Brody's done.
"I'm sorry," Brody says again, this time directed at Morgana. "And really, it was entirely my fault. Sykes here was just trying to help me study." Because that's what they were doing. 'Studying'. Brody turns his attention onto Kaiden then and glances a few times between him and Morgana, but doesn't have anything further to add.

Esther enters the Great Hall with the casual disdain that she has for food, only to find a commotion. Which would normally give her some measure of peace, but with Lucretia in attendance, she decides to follow the young Slytherin. So that there's more than one snake watching over the chaos that might have taken place while she was gone.

Angus ambles on in, just after Esther. If it were his brother, it would be assumed that his following the hair was for ulterior observational motives, but probably in Angus' case not yet. In anycase, once in, he heads towards the Slytherin table, and Miss Black, "Hey Lulu."

Garrett Sykes lifts the flat of his hand to his brow and strains to look around the Great Hall. He makes a firm gesture of looking directly over the top of Lucretia's head. "I know there was a voice just now, but for the life of my I can't tell from where it comes? It is as if the tiny sound from some impossibly small creature has suddenly apparated into the room. Am I losing my gobstones? Brody, did you hear it?"
Garrett smirks. "Sounds like a little garden snake whispering from the weeds. Gryffins and Ravens eat snakes, ya know."

As he walks down the Grand Staircase, and into the Grand Hall, Lukas stops short of all the people here today. He cocks his head to the side and decides to check it out to see what's going on. He takes a step to the side to get out of the entrance way and watches for a moment.

Morgana stares at Kaiden and sighs. "What have I told you about naming things? Really you couldn't come up with something better than that?" SHe'll nod her head to Black, giving her the same greeting in return before shrugging at Brody. "Perhaps it would have been beter to have him stand on the board first, than raise it?" Listening to Garrett rant, she'll turn back to Kaiden. "You play Quidditch? Wow. Also he seems to have a very large ego? Did he get that from you?" She teases.

Kaiden props his leg up on one of the benches and leans forward, folding his arms over the top of it. He listens to Garrett go on and on about the glory of the Sykes name, and once he's come to a stop, Kaiden simply remarks, "Alexei is actually the Captain this year."
Kaiden's eyes quickly zero in on Lucretia as she once again insults his kin, "Could you please refrain from addressing my brother as such? I would appreciate it a great deal." He flashes the girl a smile and his leg drops to the ground before he begins making his way over to stand next to Morgana, "Well, I suppose he had to get something from me. It's a shame it wasn't the good looks or charming demeanor."

Cyprien was happily eating his cookie when he noticed that one of the boys, who had fallen down earlier, was now winking in his direction. What was he going on about training the younger ones? He snorted under his breath and shot a grin of approval at the fifth year Garrett in between a bite of his cookie. While he didn't fully understand what was going on, he was receiving recognition from an older peer and that's all he really cared about.

"Sykes;" It's unfamiliar to hear Esther call anyone by their last name. "Gryffins and Ravens. Bumbling, awkward half breeds and birds that feed on small creatures, bugs and carrion." Her voice is loud. Proud. And the snicker that follows it is truly derisive. A hand is placed on Lucretia's shoulder. "You'll have to forgive us. Struggling baby birds are a favourite - If we're much more tempted, it'll be a late lunch." The Hair. Standing up for Slytherin. Aside, to her yougn housemate; "Lu, I don't he's in his right mind. Perhaps we should return to our table?

"Blind, deaf AND dumb," Lucretia says, not moving from where she's standing, which, knowing her, is probably a little too close to Garrett for anyone's liking. She doesn't break eye contact with the Gryffindor, not even when Angus greets her or when Esther registers in the periphery of her vision. "Be careful, Sykes. Snakes might be small, but by the time you realise they've bitten you, its already too late." A lift of her chin accompanies the redirection of her attention in Kaiden's direction and there's a quietness that settles like a mantle about her. She smiles. "I do apologise for referring to your brother as a Firstie, Sykes. His rolling around on the floor and acting the way he acts is clearly the way a normal Gryffindor fifth year behaves." A supplicating lift of her hands is given, palms upwards and she tilts her head back to look up at Esther. "Hello Esther. Of course."

Lukas presses his lips into a fine line, Garret is at it again. As he begins to walk to one of the Gryffindor tables, he sits down to listen a bit more before he looks over at Lucretia, "You will have to forgive Garret. It seems he isn't feeling well. He has diarrhea of the mouth alot more then usual. He does not stand for all of Gryffindor. His actions should not be the sterotype. His mouth has tended to speak quicker then his brain can keep up." He frowns clearly at Garret causing trouble again…it seems.

Angus coughs, "Och. Dinnae mind them, Lulu! When I'm a fifth year, I shall be a mo-del o' fine behaviour, y'ken?"

Garrett Sykes pretends not to hear Kaiden's comments about not inhereting the Sykes good looks or charming demeanor. FALSE! He even drowns out the bit where Kaiden was unceremoniously repalced as Quidditch Captain for the Hufflepuff team. That's just nonsense. Only a Sykes could be worthy of the title captain. But the clamor of new voices break his delusional contentment.
His gaze tilts sharply, dropping down to swallow up Lucretia. "Who says Sykes are normal anything." Garrett parrots her strict mannerisms when we replies. "We're ab-normal. Abnormally brave, abnormally strong, abnormally rich, and abnormally good looking, all of us… despite what some people would have you believe." For an instant his eyes flicker to Kaiden and back.
However Garrett calms down when Lukas steps up, just a touch, really. "No, no Potter. You don't have to have to defend me in front of these SnakeHeads." Garrett chooses to believe in Lukas' unyielding support off his own particular brand of greatness. Must be the vanity in him. "Esther was it?" He eyes the odd ball serpent standing before him. "I might not know my poeticals, though I'm certain you intended something troublesome." He points a sharp finger in her direction. "I'm sure of it."

As things in the Great Hall begin to heat up, Brody discreetly sidles back towards the Ravenclaw table to retrieve the books he left there, tucking his board underneath as soon as he has them. But he does return to the crowd once he has them, and turns once more to Morgana. "I'm sure you're right. I'll try that, if there's a next time. Really I think I've got the wrong spell for this anyhow. I'll revisit the idea after further study." He shifts his feet as the insults start flying, and quietly clears his throat. "Sykes, it's too bad all things can't be settled in a duel. Words are all very pretty, but doesn't it come down to who's the better wizard? And you wouldn't want to pummel the children, of course."

Esther nods to Lucretia. "Good. You really have to wonder how the hell the Sykes became so spread out. One minute, they're snakes, and then Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and I swear Ria's part Ravenclaw some days." The young woman sighs at Garrett. "Sykes; it's a /very/ thinly veiled threat. Here's a less subtle one; When you mess with a snake, you mess with all of us. And if you continue to disrespect Lucretia, or my house, right now - That means /Me/. And we'll quickly establish that I'm more than smarter than you." Leading Lu, back to their table without a further comment.

A faint smile is given Lukas, his words appreciated even as she turns into her friends: Esther and Angus. "Honestly. What is it with Gryffindors. No offence Angus. But seriously. SERIOUSLY." There's a roll of her eyes towardst the ceiling and she does that two finger point at her eyes and then at Garretts before submitting to the fact that she's being steered back to her own table. "Where's Pringle when he's needed," might just be overheard.

Angus frowns, at those words, "Whit bast…." Morgana gets a look, "Bad person has been bein' bad tae yehs, Lulu?" And one has a small, bristling Gryffmillan. "See, this is why I prefer talkin wi' animals. They mak sense, y'ken?"

Lucretia bristles too. Bristles! Her bristling is awesome and obvious, even from her back view as she returns to her table.

Lukas hmmms, "There is no need to insult us. I am nothing like Skyes, and well Kaiden is ok…most of the time." He smirks at the boy before adding, "His sister on the other hand…" Lukas changes the direction of his conversation, "We are not all like Garret. Please take that into consideration when you say 'What is it with Gryffindors.' Whatever your trying to get at Garret stop it mate. You really are getting out of control. Lukas shakes his head slowly in disappointment.

Morgana sighs and shakes her head. "Enough, all of you. Either go back to your tables, or head on to your next class, because I will not tolorate this sort of conversation." She says, using her Lord Commander Head Girl Fantastic voice. She looks down at those around her, which is easily done because she wore heeled shoes today and that pust her near six feet tall.

Garrett scowls at Angus. "Well, what is it then? Yesterday you were so eager to throw away your life for me and now you're just sitting there with the snakes crawl all over our good Gryffindor name. MY name." He cuts a neat fold in his arms, softly shaking his robes in the process. "Disrespect?" Garrett could almost spit on the Ravenclaw table. It takes all of his wits not to do so. "You're hatchling slithers over here, calls my mate Brody deaf AND dumb, then proceeds to have the nerve to be SHORT in my presence? Bugger that."
"Out of control!?" The quickly heating Sykes turns his eyes on Lukas. "You know how I like a good row. It's part of my passionate Sykes heritage. Same as what makes me such a Beater." He huffs. "But I've got enough mess on my hands with all that Ulysses nonsense. Still, I'm in an especially sour - - -!!" Garrett is cut short my Miss Fantastic Unicorn's interruption. He looks at Brody. Garrett's eyebrows knit into a shape of pure unpleasantness. "Look at what you've done. That bloody board."

Angus looks apologetically to Lucretia, and heads towards the Gryffyndor table, explaining to Garrett, "Y'ken, he shouldnae have tried tae punch yehs. So I goat in th' way. I've been knocked oot before, y'ken? But yehs shouldnae have baited him intae beltin' yehs. Noo, forebye yehs a Scunner, yehs is tryin' tae get me tae dae the same. Do yehs think I'm slackwittet?"

Brody glances down at his stack of books, which now hide the board in his arms, and sighs. "The pains we go through for science," he mutters. "I truly am sorry, Sykes. I'll see you at the next club meeting." And with a nod to his cousin, he goes back to the Ravenclaw table and tries to remember what it was he was doing before this all started.

The Sykes boy rolls his eyes and trails after Angus. "No, I don't think you're slackwittet at all. I actually think you're one of the few students around here with any sense. I appreciate what you did back there. That was a display of the highest form. A true Gryffindor play, that was." Garrett scratches his nose. "Although, I don't think Ulysses would've gotten away from that scrap with all of his teeth, mind you, had it gone a hair further. However I won't refuse or forget the gesture."
Garrett Sykes waves a hand to Brody, and slaps another around Angus' shoulders. "Mates?" He asks kindly, not a trace of bravado in the question. Garrett's been genuinely impressed by the nobility and selflessness in the MacMillan. He turns his back on the snake cave and makes a firm show of doing so. His very posture reads: I'm better than you Lucretia, eat a buttocks-flavored Bertie Botts Bean, shortie.

"Angus," Lucretia says quietly. She doesn't raise her voice, she doesn't demand or flatter or massage her friend's ego in the least. She just says his name as Garrett pours himself all over the younger Gryffindor like oil on water.

Angus gives a little snort, "Whit? Yehs think I wouldnae stop yehs punchin' him just as quick? Yehs were tauntin' hem, just like you're tauntin' Wee pur helpless Lulu o'er there. I'll nae be havin' anythun' tae dae wi' it!" A pause, "And you're muddyin' mah robes." Which given the little guy is liberally splattered with mud, and probably animal hairs is probably stretching the truth somewhat.

"Lucretia;" Esther replies beforehand. "I'll tell you what I told Jenny;" Ominous. Always, whenever she mentions her housemate by name. "… You don't have to share my enemies, to be my friend." Of course, Angus comes through in style. Damned MacMillans, she might not able to understand a work he says, but the impression is easily gained.

Since the name bashing has seemed to stop Morgana turns back to her table to gather her things. "Well then, I should probalby get to class myself. Are you going the same way?" Morgana asks the elder Sykes boy. "If not, I am sure I could manage to find my way around the castle and get to where I am going."

Kaiden offers a nod to Morgana and says, "Yeah, sure. Probably." Kaiden shrugs and slides his hands into his pockets, just watching everyone with a shake of his head. "Just a few more months, Morgana. Just a few more months."

Lukas looks over in Morgana's direction before he turns his attention back to his crazy housemate. He folds his hands in his lap and continues to watch the scene unfold. Yet when Kaiden speaks, he gives the older boy a sideglance and chuckles saying softly, "Being an adult isn't any easier."

Cyprien has just finished all of his cookies watching the spectacle. He only noticed because when he went to reach for one, he grabbed only air. Tilting his head down, he frowns at the empty plate and swipes his index finger around the crumbs left scattered. The boy then raises his line of sight and realized that everyone was going back to their respective tables. Did it end as fast as it had begun? What was the result? He hmmed underneath his breath and shrugged his shoulders. He would never understand teenagers. Perhaps when he became one himself he could figure out what made them tick.

'Wee poor helpless Lulu' shoots a smirk to die for Garrett's way. If smirking were an Olympic event, she'd just have won gold. Pure gold. "Oh. I know, Esther. Its just nice though that when you want to squish someone for being an unconscionable prat, that you don't actually need to, because someone else does it for you." A warm smile is settled upon Angus' head, though since he's not actually looking her way, he'll more than likely miss it.

So much for a show of solidarity. "Have it as you like, Angus." Garrett retracts his invitation to be good mates and his arm. He sighs aloud. "Everyone always jumps to conclusions when it comes to us Sykes. Me, taunting that helpless thing?" The Sykes boy laughs. "I'm afraid you have confused the issue and conflated the meanings of taunt and helpless. That little snake is full of venom. And it was all I could do to escape without a bite."
"Oh well, it's tough being me, I suppose." Without a second thought Garrett splashes all over a Gryffindor bench and oozes into a place, expelling all concerns. "Hmm…?" He eyes Cyprien and pats the space next to him. "Don't wander too far out, little Gryff. It's a jungle out there," Garrett says, sneering at Lulu.

Angus snorts, "Och, well, let me just tell yehs this, Sykes. You arenae _half_ the man that Jocunda is, and you never wull be. And she's a gurl!" And with that, he turns on his hobnails, and heads over towards the Snakehipped ones.

Lukas looks over at Garrett. He shakes his head slowly, "You have courage and aren't scared to say what's on your mind, Garrett." Lukas stands up and brushes off his robes, "Yet your mouth is like a bad batch of butter beer. It's gonna get you in trouble one day. Your mouth is gonna write a check your body can't cash." He turns and begins to walk towards the exit himself.

"Well, never is an awfully long time, Angus," Garrett responds with a casual, unaffected air. "I think I'll be just fine." He quietly adds with a pinch of glee. "In fact I've already found my next manly challenge." Thoughts of Sybil immediately come to mind and dance around his brain like butterflies on golden wings. A small smile is evident in the corners of his lips.

It quickly fades, however, when Lukas chides him. "Words are just words," he says, turning away from the elder Gryffindor as he strides past. "Actions are important to a Gryffindor. Everything else is essentially meaningless. How could anyone that cares about words be taken seriously?" It just doesn't make sense to the poor boy. Action. Activity. Adventure. Those were the important truths of the world. Why was Jocunda such a hero? Because she did something few could dare attempt. She flew across the Atlantic. Pffft!! She could say anything she wanted. Or nothing at all. Jocunda's actions did her talking for her. "You just don't get it, Lukas." He mumbles. "Some of us prefer to live with our bodies on line. Not our reputations."

Lucretia shudders slightly. Its as if every single word that Garrett says grates upon her. "I think I need a little air," she says to Angus and Esther, lifting her book from the table and wrapping arms around it to hug it into her chest. A small lean into Angus so she can just whisper something quietly to him, and then she's turning to leave, shoulders square and posture perfect. She doesn't look back at Garrett, her eyes instead fixed upon the door and the hallway beyond.

Angus grins, "It's nothin', Lulu. Want company, at all?"

Lucretia casts her attention back Angus' way as she just catches his offer. There's a tight-lipped smile. "Not Angus, but thank you. I'm heading to the library to study where people aren't causing a riot." And then she really does leave.

Here the poor firstie was minding his own business when the Gryffindor table's atmosphere was now oozing with Garrett. A faint color spread over his face and he grins as Cyprien sees the older boy pat the space by him at the table. Was he signaling for him? Unsure of what to do, he scoots over a bit closer and keeps his blue eyes trained on Garrett as he responds, "I definitely noticed that, but I do like excitement. I hope you didn't mind those people being wet blankets on your fun. I thought you were pretty neat." His eyebrows lift up and he nods in an energetic way that first year seem to do.

Angus gives a little grumble, and trails off, after the Slytherin.

Garrett Sykes' eyes twist into two bright blue crescent moons as he looks down at the first year Gryffindor sitting next to him. "I can see that you've got greatness in you." A head shakes knocks the hair from draping over his forehead, a sort of raising-the-curtain for his smile to show through. "The name's Soon-To-Be-Prefect Garrett Wilifred Sykes, Esquire. And I'm assuming your name is Pot Pie." He smirks. "Because Pot Pie is such a funny name for such a little boy."

Cyprien widens his eyes when he hears the fifth year continue to address him. He saw greatness? The hero worship and awe was definitely showing up in his young expression. He didn't even try to figure out if the older boy was being sarcastic. Tilting his head to this side like an excited and curious puppy, Cyprien nods in agreement at the name and says, "Nice to meet you, soon-to-be-prefect. Though I don't know why anyone would want to be one. Sounds boring and could be too much work. I am on a no work basis myself."

"HAH!" Garrett explodes in ebullient laughter. "Why would anyone wish to be prefect indeed!" Clasping his hands together with a clap he sighs with relief. A kindred spirit. "I thought the same thing myself when I was your age. All the way up until the start of this year. And even still, a little bit, to this day. However, when you grow up and want to do something you quickly come to realize that in this world." He gestures around the Great Hall candidly. "You're naked until you're dressed in titles."
Garrett shrugs in his robes. "I'd rather be a stark raving trouser-less lunatic myself, but I've the burden of being a Sykes. And that means I have to do things I don't want to do, like study, wake at the crack of noon, and try my best to protect years of honorable heritage. It's a lot to deal with." Garrett looks over the boy. "What about you Pot Pie? What's really peeving you off?"

The boy's ears are met with loud laughter causing his heart to leap a bit. He wasn't used to this must energy since he was back at home with the boys or when he crossed paths with that one sassy Gryffindor named Madeline. He figured that everyone else was just boring, solemn teenagers. Cyprien, listening to the long list of words strew out of the Garrett's mouth, simply nods as he tries to keep up. The politics of Hogwarts was certainly new to him, but he did hear from his father on many occasions that titles were important. "Ah, well I am glad my family is not known very well round these parts. I am poor and a half blood, so not many people are expecting much greatness from me. Or that's what my pops says. Anyways, what's peeving me is I ran out of cookies earlier," signaling to his empty plate, "and the girls my age here are odd." He states the latter with a tone of decisiveness. Though he is basing this on the one girl he has interaction with.

"Well, don't let being half-blood stop you from doing anything you want to do." Garrett pats Cyprien on the head. "Listen, Pot Pie, you're going to have to develop a thick skin. Some wizards just don't know how to be civil. And with you being half-blood, that comes with a stigma already attached to your little robes. There's a whole club here for people who don't want half-bloods in it." He pauses.
"But to fair, I suppose, there's also a club with just nothing but half-bloods in it too. Maybe it balances out perfectly, actually. I don't really know too much about the politics of it. But you just be careful. And be a true Gryffindor. Strong. Brave. And composed of an indomitable spirit!" The Sykes boy nods his head firmly. "Besides, if you ask me, being poor is much worse than being a half-blood. But people rarely say anything about that." Garrett puffs his cheeks. "Bloody Weasleys."

His blue eyes shift to the left and he stares at the grains of the table. Life was actually much easier before he went to Hogwarts in his brain. He got to play, work with horses, and didn't have to figure out all of these terms that kept being dropped on him. The muggles he was around all day didn't care he was a half blood or that he was poor or that he had to now prove himself to people. Couldn't things just be play all day? Cyprien lets out a sigh, looking up at the older Gryffindor who is now talking about the different blood clubs. "Yeah, Madeline was talking about some mud club earlier, but I had figured she was going off about actual mud. Which would probably be more fun, not a name." He lifts a finger, taping it against his lips, "I don't think being poor is as bad as people think. You get to look dirty most of the time as long as your mum doesn't find out. And the boring, snobby people generally leave you alone. Anyways, I don't wanna pout too much. You're right I shouldn't care what people think." He allows a smile to spread across his face, "How do you keep so excited anyways? Even though you have to do all those boring things?"

"I simply imagine myself done with all the chores and doing the things I wish. That's how I defeat boredom." Garrett rises from the bench as the lunch session comes to a close. Others around him have already started to file out. Soon the house elves would be in to strip away the trays and polish the tables. "Come with me, I'll tell you all about it." Garrett tilts his head toward Cyprien while taking a step away, urging him to follow. "You can ask me anything you want to know about Hogwarts or Mischief. I'm a master of both."

Cyprien takes the chance to get up and stretch his legs, smiling at the opportunity to walk with the older boy. He brings his arms over his head, stretching out his whole body, and grins, stating simply, "Alright." He then follows Garrett out.

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