(1939-02-05) Let's Misbehave
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Summary: A bar brawl gets pleasantly derailed when a couple of ladies use the bar as a stage.
Date: February 5th 1939
Location: Blackfriars Pub
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Blackfriars Pub, London

Decorated in the Arts and Crafts style so common among Victorian era churches, this pub and bar looks more like a place of worship than a place where wharf workers come to enjoy a pint after a shift. The walls are decorated, in both the dining room and bar areas, with sculptures, mosaics, and reliefs of jolly-looking friars, and beautiful stonework around the bar and fireplace. In the dining area, the ceiling is done in small tiles and wood carved signs read sayings like, 'WISDOM IS RARE' and 'HASTE IS SLOW'.

Major Simon Moore, or as he's widely considered these days 'the guy you go to get your requisition forms pushed through' finds himself decked out in his uniform, sitting at the bar at Black Friar's pub, humming softly to himself as his head rests on the surface, next to a half-drank glass of scotch.

Gavin's humiliation was pretty much a public thing. He came in with a pretty dame on his arm. When he paid for their drinks it was clear that he was treating the lady to a place a bit above his means. So when Gavin went to the loo for a second and came back to find his date now on the arm of some posh British RAF officer with a finer mustache than Simon the rest of a RAF air boys had a good laugh at his expense and looking crushed the Private heads to the bar. He drinks down his date's girly drink down first in spite with a grimace and then he taps the bar. "Scotch." His Glasgow accent thick and disgruntled.

Having gotten the gist of what just happened, Simon, his head still laying on the bar, says, "It's a shame about that, mate." He lifts his head and rubs a little bit of the tiredness from his eyes, his head eventually coming to rest in his propped up hand. He gestures vaguely to the bartender to put Gavin on his tab and looks to the younger soldier, "If you ask me, the one you brought in last week was much more impressive than that one."

Gavin mumbles, "Cheers." To Simon when his money is rejected by the bartender. He slides his scotch down the bar and takes up next to Simon. "Aye, she was, shame that she was married." He chuckles and shakes his head as he takes a first gulping swig of his scotch. "You look like you're knackered. Trouble with a dame yourself?" He looks around the bar, "Shame there weren't more boys in drab. Might be inclined to show that Fly Boy what for."

"I thrive when it comes to lady troubles," remarks Simon, taking a lackluster sip from his glass before continuing, "The problem is all you young chaps transferring in and taking them all away from me." He grins and swirls the contents of his glass before looking over his shoulder, "Well, having Major Moore at your back is worth a hundred men?"

Gavin chuckles and toasts his glass to Simon before he sets the empty thing down, knocks on the bar and points to the glass and it's promptly refilled. "Aye, just let me get pisshed first." He chuckles and takes another swig. "Then we'll go find us some birds to take care of our bruises, aye?"

Simon chuckles softly and raises his glass in return, "You have yourself a deal, my boy." He downs the rest of his scotch and sets it down to be refilled alongside Gavin as he asks, "So, what's your name, again? It's a bit tough to remember when I see a thousand of you a day."

Gavin reaches out with his free hand while holding his drink in the other. It makes for an awkward hand shake but it is what it is. "Private Gavin Ferguson, sir." The introduction punctuated by another drink. He's getting the good stuff down since it's free while he can, before he's going to be inevitably banned from the Friar once they've started up the brawl.

"Major Simon Archibald Moore. Normally, I'd be in a mindset to try and diffuse such a situation, but…well, I can't think of why this is a good idea, so I'll just drink more." Once his glass is full again, he'll take a series of long gulps from it.

Gavin is sitting with Simon at the bar. Sour faced and getting drunker with every swig of Scotch he takes. Often he's looking over his shoulder when the dame that came with him cackles annoyingly loud at something the British RAF Officer she dumped Gavin for says. When his look is caught by some other Fly Boys at the Officers table, he's pointed at and laughed at. "How bout it, ready Major Moore? Knock these fly boys up into their precious sky by their arses?" He takes one more swig and underneath his pristine uniform jacket to anyone paying any attention. He's rolling his shoulders and loosening up for the brawl they are about to start.

Ever the epitome of class, Simon stands up and unzips his coat, sliding it off and resting it on the stool beside him. He tugs at his tie and looks over to Gavin, saying, "Remember, my boy; no hitting below the belt. The King's Army is a damn respectable organization and I won't have it tarnished." He grins and pulls the tie off, flattening his collar down afterwards.

"Ah, here we arrreeee. Aye. Good place to come. Good place." Coffee chirps away as he enters the pub. "How're we doin', boys?" The older gentleman calls about. "Enjoying a night off, are we all?" He says to the various military types. "Hope the bosses aren't making you work too hard." He laughs, saluting various people for the heck of it. The old army man in a room full of various military types. Who knows what the night has in store for him?"

Gavin smirks and stands up next to his stool and gives a little attention getting whistle. "Pardon, Michelle, looks like you forgot your compact over here." He is a gentleman enough to get the lady out of what's going to be the fray. By the time she's arrived he's gotten out of his jacket and has removed his tie as well. A moment of manhandling has him hoisting her up to sit on the stool. "Stay here a moment." Then he offers his hand to give Simon's a shake and a nod. "Course, sir." Before he makes his way over to the RAF table. The man that laughed and pointed at him gets the first punch. Getting his dame stolen by the officer was something he could take. But not being pointed and laughed at. He says something so thick in Glasgow and anger it's rather impossible to discern.

Surprisingly, Rena has been here before in Black Friar's pub - with her father and with friends of her father's, at least. Perhaps this could explain the young woman's proclivity for hanging around with military men. However, she appears to have picked a lively night to drop in for old time's sake.

Perhaps a little out of place, the prim, well dressed little redheaded woman slips into the pub behind Coffee and takes in the scene unfolding rapidly with wide eyes. The majority of customers are undoubtedly focused on the burgeoning fight, and it's pretty easy - even for a redhead - to creep nearer without drawing too much attention to herself. Slowly unbuttoning her coat, she tilts her head and tries to get a grip on what the brawl is about.

Simon slips his beret off and hands it to Michelle, offering a, "Watch this, would you, darling?" before he swaggers his way over to stand behind Gavin. Expecting a bit of a wordy exchange, Simon's a bit caught off guard as Gavin immediately throws a punch, prompting one of the RAF officers to punch Major Moore in the face.

Clasping at his mouth, Simon grumbles, "You nasty son of a-" He's quickly cut off as the pilot punches him again, leading Simon to swiftly tackle his assailant over a chair, the two of them tumbling onto the floor.

Corina slips into the so-very-Mugglish pub, brushing a few windblown platinum-blonde strands from her face, tucking them back and adjusting the derby on her head. Only then does she note that she seems to have walked into a burgeoning brawl. Curious, but cautious, she follows in the footsteps of Rena, who seems to have picked out a good path for avoiding trouble. "What's got them ruffled?" She asks, her voice just barely hinting at a French accent.

A heavy sigh emits from Coffee. "Those barmy berks." He says about those in the fight. But if a fight is going to happen, he's not going to let the army fight alone. "For king and country!" The 78 year old moves toward the table and makes to punch the first RAF member he comes across.

Corina's question causes Rena to half-turn from the ensuing fight to answer: "Tell you the truth, I'm not entirely sure!" she begins. Catching sight of the woman, however, she starts a little. She remembers her - not her name, perhaps - but she remembers her face. Corina is a stunner, after all. "Oh, 'ello," she flashes a weak smile before returning her attention to the fight, just in time to see a much older man land a punch on an RAF member.

"Oh!" Rena slaps her hand over her mouth, watching the poor youngster spin out of a heavy wallop. "Maybe it's just an army and air force thing…" She says from behind her hand to Corina, dark eyes showing a mixture of bemused concern.

Corina's eye for faces is, sadly, not as keen as Rena's. But what she is good at is realizing when someone recognizes her. So she smiles to Rena with a touch of familiarity. But she is also distracted, eyes going wide when the old timer joins the fray. She covers her mouth as well, barking a laugh when he clobbers some poor RAF recruit. "Oh dear, I hope he's a sturdy old man."

Gavin gets one more solid punch in against the man that cackled at him but then even more RAF pile up onto him. It seems that the RAF Squadron Leader doesn't hold his men to the same standards as Major Moore because one of the Fly Boys lets his leg fly - right between Gavin's legs. A near-by chair is grabbed onto so he doesn't completely topple over and fall on the floor. But the punches just keep coming from every angle. The smile on his face is slowly starting to fade.

Simon manages to get back to his feet and spots the older man giving a young RAF pilot a piece of his mind. Simon essentially chortles and looks back down to the squadron leader who gets a swift, downward punch to the nose; leaving him tapped out for the time being. Simon scoops up one of the air force guy's beers and raises it into the air just long enough to catch a chair to the back, sending him sprawling next to Gavin.

"Aha! Maybe you'll think before trying up against the army!" Coffee taunts the one man he hit. However, as he's about to swing at another enlisted man, he gets punched on the cheekbone and is sent stumbling backwards. "Oi! That all ya got, you nutter?" He says as he finds himself fallen onto a seat, in a sitting position. "I'm even kinda comfortable, here!" He laughs. (re)

"I 'ope so too, for 'is sake!" Rena replies to Corina with a decided wince as blows and punches are thrown around in what has rapidly become a free-for-all.

"M'am," the redhead suddenly says as an aside: "It seems there's only three things that can rightly be done in a time like this." A beer mug goes flying by, crashing into the bar and causing her to duck away from the shattered glass. Not terribly fazed, she continues, brushing a piece of glass off of her cuff. "One, we stands by and watch till they drop like flies. Two: We run off like scared little girls. Or three: Someone does something to distract them."

Corina's lips curl into a slow smirk at Rena. "I like the way you think." She taps her chin, looking around the bar for inspiration. SHe looks back to Rena, giving her a once-over with her eyes. "Hm…can you sing or dance?"

Gavin chuckles seeing his fellow Army buddy fall in next to him. "Who's bloody stupid idea was this?" Then with a wink that drips a bit of blood down into his eye from a busted bit of eyebrow the Private. Rolls to get back up again. "Shall we show these boys how real men charge, sir?" Then he barks a laugh at coffee. "Cozy place innit, sir?" He ows when his hand gets stepped on he lifts it up and then attempts to cross elbows and lock arms with Simon in an effort to try a bull rush attack manner of getting up off of the floor together. A bit of a spit of blood is *petewied* out onto the floor in preparation.

Simon gets up off the floor with Gavin's assistance and says, "If my superiors ask, it was their idea." He gestures noncommitally to the RAF boys who are waiting for them. Upon seeing the enlisted man who seems as if he may take another swing at Coffee, Simon shuffles his way towards him and delivers a haymaker, reminiscent of his Cambridge days. The pilot twirls comically and hits the ground.

The Major straightens out his bloodied shirt and offers Coffee a hand in standing, "Bloody well-fought, soldier. Think you've got another volley in you?"

Grasping Simon's hand and standing up, Coffee offers the man a salute. "Always ready to serve, sir." He offers the younger man a wink as well. Colour is already showing underneath his left eye. "And may I say, thank you for the back up, sir." He nods to the man firmly. "If I'd've been your training officer, you would've just made me proud, there." He grins. "Now, how about getting us some fly-boys, eh, sir?" The 78-year-old tilts his head.

"I can, indeed," Rena replies in the affirmative, whipping off her coquettish little hat and tossing it onto a nearby hook. Hopefully, she'll be able to retrieve it later. Bouncing back to Corina, she gives the beautiful woman an impish smirk and says: "Let's Misbehave!"

Up and onto the slick surface of the bar she pushes herself with a lively little hop - much to the chagrin of the already bewildered and beset bartender. The little redhead winks at him playfully though as she swings her legs around and gets her feet onto the bar. She springs up and onto her feet with a spin that lands her in a show-girl pose (despite her clothing) and she raises her fingers to her lips. In a second, an earsplitting catcall whistle cuts through the air: "Gentleman of 'Is Majesty's service! May I 'ave your attention please!"

Gavin is a bit distracted because the ringing in his ears has stopped enough that he can hear the high whining of Michelle begging them to stop. Even though it's pretty clear the muggle girl actually is quite enjoying the masculine display of stags ramming antlers over a doe. He's about to answer her, but then he's in a headlock and about to get punched in the face, but the fist halts up above the RAF man's head as he is thoroughly distracted by the red head on the bar. Those not fighting cat call and whistle up at Rena. With one sharp jab to the man who's got him in a head lock's kidney he breaks free and Gavin takes a couple of stumbled steps backwards to bring him in line with his other Army Buddies.

Corina grins wickedly at Rena, and is up on the bar right after the redhead, unbuttoning her jacket and tossing it to the poor bartender. Her blouse underneath cuts low enough to be distracting all on its own without the show she and Rena are putting on. She sidles right up to Rena, leaning into her in a "ready" position, waiting for her cue.

Simon is about ready to go about sparring with another air force bloke when Rena takes the "stage". The young Major's eyes move to the red-head and one of his eyebrows hikes up before he looks over to Gavin with a shrug.

Major Moore seems content to not go about fighting with another bloke and decides that right now might be the perfect oppurtunity to stare at some ladies.

Just as he's about to charge at another air force lackey, Coffee's attention is captured by Rena and Corina, much like that of the other military men. "Well, there's somethin' that'll stop men, it will!" He tilts his head.

Gavin rubs at his swollen face and then at his shoulder of the arm that's been doing most of the punching. "They are right above our kit…might be prudent to go fetch it so…" We can have a front row seat. "…they don't slip and trip." Very gallant!

Rena flashes an incredibly charming smile at the men around the room, and she gives the beauty beside her a devilish little wink before taking on an even saucier pose. Tossing back her head cutely, she then begins to sing a snappy little number with Corina, inserting flashy gestures and dance moves on the fly:

"We're all alone
No chaperon
Can't get our number!
The world's in slumber - Let's misbehave!

There's something wild
About you, child
That's so contagious!
Let's be outrageous! Let's misbehave!"

Right on cue, Corina takes up the dance — a bouncy, boot-kicking number from the 1920's that puts some of the nearby glasses on the bar very much at risk. But Corina seems to know where to put her feet, and managing not to send any drinks flying just yet. Each time Rena reaches the chorus, "Let's Misbehave," Corina seems to take it as an instruction, and flips up the side of her skirt, briefly flashing a shapely leg all the way up to the garter.

Simon nods, very much in agreement with Gavin and moves forward, dragging Coffee along with them to fetch his stuff. He stops in front of the bar, just to the side of the dancing girls and plucks up his tie, which, instead of putting it on right away, he just kinda fumbles with in his hands.

"Hmm? Well, I suppose I could get a beer while watching these lovely ladies…" Coffee says as he gets dragged along. "A good stout." He nods, though that's all he says for the time being. Hey, there's a show to watch! And as long as nobody is punching at him, and as long as there's beer, he might as well stick around!

Corina takes the situation well in hand, putting on a far flashier dance than Rena can in her current choice of clothing. However, she manages to pull another impromptu move out of her hat, so to speak.

Dropping down onto the bar on her fanny gracefully, she begins to slowly unbutton her own jacket and sliding it down her shoulders as she continues the song, flashing suggestive glances at any number of the boys. Her skirt is hiked up enough to show a lovely leg crossing over the other.

"When Adam won Eve's hand
He wouldn't stand for teasin'
He didn't care about those apples out of season!

They say that spring means just one little thing
To little lovebirds, we're not above birds
Let's misbehave!"

Corina twirls gracefully on the bartop, her skirt-lift possibly showing off even more than she intended this time, if only for a half second. As the Army and RAF boys stop their fighting, she rewards them with blown kisses, a light stroke of her fingers along their cheeks, and Simon even gets her derby playfully placed upon his head.

Gavin's walk to the bar is interrupted when the Squadron Leader stirs awake enough to latch onto Gavin's pants and leg. But quick blow to the face of the Officer who's fine mustache is now crippled and drooping limply has the man joining his facial hair in appearance and once more the man slumps off to spend a bit more time unconscious. The brief act of violence goes unnoticed with such magnificent distraction going on. The hand that just punched the RAF gets to snapping in time with the music as he closes the distance to the Bar. Michelle nibbles at her lip giving him big doe eyes and her body language goes meek and pleading for his adoration. She swoons when she thinks for a moment he's going to pull her up into his arms and kiss her. But instead he pulls her up and against him, purely so he can get his tie and jacket that she was making difficult to get to. He then claps and whistles and rums on the edge of the bar along with the music. Completely ignoring Michelle.

Simon straightens his new bowler and gives Gavin a nudge before gesturing to it with a 'look what I got' face. He flashes a wink to Corina and slips his tie on, tightening it up quickly before he sits down on his barstool, continuing to watch the show.

With a beer ordered with nothing but a gesture or two, Coffee, like the others, watches the show. Was it always like this back in his army days? They feel so long ago. Were they always this exciting?

Gavin offers a 'luck devil!' grin towards Simon and then continues to watch the show. But then he realizes that Michelle is still beside him and now she's turned on the water works! All the resolve he managed to shun her goes right out the window and with every tear that tumbles he is more and more wrapped around her finger again. Soon enough she's tucked in up against his chest, sniffling and using his tie as a handkerchief. Then as the show is winding down some the shrill whistle of a Bobby's tin whistle pierces everyone's ears and in order to avoid getting busted there is a mass exodus that is no match for the two police that arrived on scene. With one arm around his on again - off again - on again date for the night the other and is held up to offer to help the girls on the bar get down.

Rena carries off the rest of the song as Corina flirts with the men, keeping their attention captivated so easily by her every move. For her part, the ginger need only sing and throw in token gestures and emotions to go with the words of the song - which she does in as cute and adorable ways as absolutely possible. When it comes to an end, both arms are raised for the finish in a flourish, and she flashes that irrepressible smile at the crowd once more. "Now, everybody feeling a bit lighter?" She asks playfully of those left nearby while the general crowd is breaking up. Also, a glance is cast up at Corina - a grateful one - that only the woman will see.

Corina returns the look from Rena with a broad grin. She's having the time of her life. Even when the police whistle blows, she is all giggles, taking Gavin's hand to step down onto a stool, then to the floor. "We'd best beat feet before we get pinched." She leans in to peck a kiss to Gavin's cheek, heedless of the woman getting teary over him.

Simon slips the bowler off and plops it onto Corina's head before he plucks up his beret and jacket, "To the Nexus, then?" It seems he's answered his own question as he makes a break toward the door, slipping past the police.

That is most definitely the signal to make a dash for it. Off the bartop Rena slides and onto her feet with a light bounce. Everyone is scattering like cockroaches when a light is switched on, and she's following suit. To be honest, she can't stop smiling, even as she snatches her hat and disappears into the crowd. Not a drink passed her lips, and this evening was the most fun she's had in a long time.

Police? POLICE! Time for Coffee to go into backup mode. He perks up. "Oh! Police! Thank goodness you're here! There was a giant of a man causing a ruckus! Please, he rushed out…" He points in a direction that the others involved are not heading in. In the mean time, he makes his way, hopefully, out the front door.

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