(1939-02-06) Rather Short
Details for Rather Short
Summary: Andromena talks lobotomy with Cedric.
Date: 1939-02-06
Location: Study Area

Andromena could be found in the quiet corner of Hogwarts otherwise known as the Study Area. About this time it was deserted aside from the Ravenclaw, and she was busily scritch-scratching away with her quill as she took notes from a ponderous tome.

"Rowle!" Cedric chimes in before helping himself to a seat beside hers. He reaches out to see what tome, exactly, she's taking notes from. He has one of his 'Element' books withhim, here. "How are you? And why are you studying Glamers?"

"Avery," Andromena greeted, pleasantly even. "I'm studying Glamers because it's a weak subject of mine, and I want to improve it." A simple enough reason. The young witch was rather known for her desire of mastery. "I catch you a lot in places I would expect to be abandoned. I thought you were all…people-persony?"

"I am but everyone needs a quiet little place to study or to be up to no good, don't you think?" Cedric inquires with a bright, mischievous smile to the Ravenclaw. "I do not know much about those charms that affect the mind, so I can't help you there. Charms, though, I hear you're quite the charmer." He winks at her.

Andromena crinkles her nose at Cedric, as though she were unsure if he were mocking her or genuinely complimenting her skill at Charms. In the end, she decided to offer a tentative, "Thank you, Avery." She set aside her quill for the moment, continuing her not-so-subtle scrutiny of the Gryffindor. "The mind is a fascinating place. Muggles have this absolutely macabre practice called lobotomy - I read about it not too long ago. Of course, the body is just as intriguing. We, as a race, are at once so delicate and yet so strong." She probably read stuff about that, too.

"Oh, that," Cedric shivers slightly. "I heard they use it if the person is too sad or some such. I do not know that muggles know much about anything and that's just a prime example. And you're welcome." He pauses, smiles at Andromena and asks, "Taking the NEWTs after the end of this year? Anticipating or something?"

"Well, no. I don't suspect they really know what they're doing but it's interesting all the same to learn about the things they do. I'll bet they'd think we," that is, witches and wizards. "Were crazy and want to lobotomize us! Hm? Oh, yes, I'll be taking NEWTs."

"I can tell you like the Macabre, Rowle. Perhaps I can take you on a short friendly visit to the wizarding society's most macabre locations." Cedric is all about knowing his venues, after all. He reaches out and squeezes her shoulder unless she slaps his hand away, before picking his books up and starting to drift away. "Let me know if you need help on some subjects. No mind charms."

Andromena sort of…shrunk in on herself as Cedric squeezed her shoulder, as if making herself smaller would somehow help. But she didn't slap him away. "Later, Avery." There was no answer to any of his other offers.

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