(1939-02-07) Checking on Friends
Details for Checking on Friends
Summary: Douglas runs into and checks up on Eibhlin.
Date: 1939 February 07
Location: Lake View Louvre - Roof - Hogwarts Castle

The landing is somewhat cool given its relative openness with windows uncovered and so high up at the top of the castle in a Scottish winter, but none the less sometimes one just needs to get away from the bustle of other students. Not that there aren't warmer places to hide away, but at least it's out of the snow if nothing else. Eibhlin has found herself here, settled into one of the chairs she sits, for the moment, in a rather unladylike position - crosslegged, though skirt and robes do well to cover. A thin text is closed on her lap serving as a platform for a few sheets of paper while the table beside her holds a small bottle of ink as she writes.

The first indication that Douglas has come to join her is a slight fizzle from the end of his wand, and the glow as a cigarette is lit up off over by one of the large windows. He tucks his wand away, puffing a few times to keep the cigarette lit, then tucks it between two fingers and gives Eibhlin a nod. "Shine."

Eibhlin isn't exactly paying attention to her surrounds so its the sound of his voice that find the redhead startled as she looks up, very nearly dropping her quill. A second later she's unfolding her legs in an attempt to make herself more presentable. "Macmillan," she replies rather lackluster.

Douglas takes another long drag, blowing a smoke ring upwards, before ambling over towards the girl and perching on the table. He offers his cigarette towards her, butt first, and raises a brow, then shrugs. "So I heard from Gus. You all good?"

Any other time he might have offered such Eibhlin would have turned it down, but today.. today she doesn't. Instead of a shake of her head she reaches out to take the offered cigarette with her left hand while leaving the quill on the table beside the ink with her right. "Fine," she replies just before placing cigarette to lips to take a drag which results in a short fit of coughing as she hands it back. "Worried about him, but I'm alright," she adds between a few coughs as she recovers from the smoke.

"Och, he'll be fine," Douglas assures her as he takes the fag back. "He's a good lad, despite everything. He's got his family looking to him, so he'll do right by 'em. As for women… well, no offence, but he's the same with all his girlfriends. They're everything and he's deeply in love and got the whole thing planned out and then… well, he'll be over it in a week or two. I've said I'll take him out on the pull next time he's up."

Eibhlin nods, "Thank you," she replies, "You're right, he is good. I could certainly do worse. Just… don't let him get too drunk." They've both seen that and its not terribly pretty. As for the writing on the paper, should one look, appears to be a letter. A glance is turned down towards her lap before blue eyes lift once again only to stare out the window. "He just doesn't understand," she says, turning back to Douglas, "now isn't the time to push things."

Douglas half smiles, reaching into his pocket for a crumpled bag of sweets, which he just tosses down casually on the table between them with a 'help yourself' nod. "Aye, well, he's not that bright. Especially when it comes to women. Don't worry yourself, though, eh? Better to tell him now than when he's decided it's true love that lasts forever, and you're sat there just looking for a way out. You remember Ju McIlroy from the year above us? I went out with her in 5th year, and she was fucking crazy. I was going to fake my own death to get out of that one. Well… I ended up just snogging Mags Taylor, but still…"

Eibhlin nods, a hint of a smile coming to her lips if only for a brief moment at the mention of getting out while you can. She reaches to fish a mint from the bag and pop it in her mouth. Turning in her seat so she's facing him she lifts the book and letter to add it to the table beside the ink and quill. "I was going to on the train," she admits, "But then I found out about his mother and I couldn't do it. It wasn't fair to him to have that on top of everything. And then when he told me he'd told her about us just before…" a shake of her head follows. "Don't get me wrong. I like him, I wanted to love him the way I could tell he loved me. I tried, but my heart wasn't in it and that's not fair to either of us."

"I've snogged a lot of girls," Douglas tells her, and for once he doesn't actually sound like he's boasting about it. Much. "But I've never claimed to love them all. Gus does. He's… kind of all or nothing. And, y'know. He's, what, sixteen?" He tucks the cigarette between his lips again and throws up his hands. "The man's had marriage and babies planned before he's even had a grope of a boob, y'know? There's a recognised order to these things. You don't just skip right to that. You take it slow. One stage at a time. I mean, you don't just go… hey, Shine, you're fit, want to suck on my boaby? No! That's not right! You've got to earn it."

Eibhlin shakes her head, a flush covering her cheeks at his examples. "No, you're right, he does tend to jump into things with both feet. H was working on trying to take things slow. But…" she pauses, glancing away for a moment. "Macmillan, if I tell you something you promise it stays between us?"

Douglas leans back on his hands, legs swinging, "Well, unless, y'know, the fate of the world's at stake, or somebody's going to die if I don't tell them or something, aye, it'll stay between us. What is it? You secretly fancy me? Stands to reason. Most girls do. Cold bath and try to get over me, it's the only way."

"I can't see why," Eibhlin replies, a hint of teasing touching her voice. "But no, not the end of the world or anything," she assures. "But… Well… I may not come back next year," she finally says in a rush. "I know you and Malfoy are going to finish NEWTs this spring and won't be around school anymore, but," she shrugs.

Douglas half grins, taking another long drag from his cigarette. "It's my knees, when I'm in a kilt. And my wit and charm and all that too, but mostly my knees. Why not come back? Come on, you'll probably even pass your NEWTs, which is more than I bloody will. Spend another year and get a NEWT and that's your life opened up. You can do anything with NEWTs. Why d'you think I stayed on? Because I fucking love this place and studying makes me jump for sodding joy?"

"Your knees hmm?" Eibhlin replies, repeating his explanation with a raise of a brow. Mild amusement is evident in that at least. "I know," she replies to the following question with a shrug. "But while they might open doors here they don't exist in the muggle world."

Douglas draws back at that, surprise evident on his face. "You want to work in the Muggle world? Why would you do that? Never use your wand again? Can you imagine it! And everyone knows Muggles are crazy and just want to kill each other. Seriously, why?"

Eibhlin looks down with a slight shake of her head. "I spend the first eleven years of my life there," she reminds. "And every summer.." He might forget that, but there are those who would remind her of it. "So yes," she says rather sharply as she looks up again, "I can imagine it. And they aren't all crazy and most of them don't want to kill each other."

"I spent the first three years of my life crapping in my pants, but it doesn't mean I want to live like that again," Douglas argues. "You're a witch, aren't you? Why give that up?"

"I don't know," Eiblin admits in frustration as she stands, lifting a hand to run finger through her hair and push it back out of her face though it soon enough falls back into place. "I'm half a witch as people have been more than ready to point out. You know there was letter calling for the expulsion of half-bloods and muggleborns in my house? My name was on that list. I have friends here, but I have enemies too just because my mother is a muggle. She might not be the best mother, but she did her best and I have her there at least, but I've stayed here every holiday to study and learn and do my best but what's the point? I don't have anything more here than I do there. How would you choose Macmillan? Could you? Could you choose between magic and Malfoy?"

"I'd pick Malfoy," Douglas admits, "but I'm different. What I want to do doesn't use magic, but I'd still be a wizard. I'd still be in this world. This is who I am, and it's who she is. I could bark like a dog and run around like a dog, but I'm not a dog. I'm a man. So I could run around on the bens without a wand, but I'll always be a wizard, and I'm not going to hide it. Even if… you know. Like the Sykes."

Eibhlin sighs, "I'm sorry," she apologizes with a shake of her head. "I just don't know anymore. But that's exactly it, you're different. You don't have one foot on either side. I tried turning my back on the muggle world. I tried, but people don't see that and then I get thrown back into it every summer." She turns her back on him to look out the window across the room. "When did life get so complicated?"

Douglas takes a last puff from his cigarette, pushing himself off the table so he can offer the remains over to Eibhlin to finish. "I'd offer advice, but… well, what do I know, eh? I'm seventeen, and a Macmillan. I don't… y'know… have to deal with Muggles. All I know is that you're pretty smart… and pretty fit, too, well, come on, I might be taken but I'm not blind… and you'd be wasted with them. You could do anything."

Turning back Eibhlin gives a shake of her head for the offer of the cigarette, "No, thanks." One attempt at that tonight is enough. "You know more than you give yourself credit for I think," she adds, offering a bit of a smile. "And.. thanks?" added uncertainly. "I suppose I'll figure it out sooner or later. I just needed to say it out loud once."

Douglas shrugs, taking a final puff from the cigarette, then dropping the butt to the floor to squash out with the toe of his shoe. "Don't give it up, though," he insists, absently pulling his wand to cast a quick disappearing spell on the cigarette butt. See! No tobacco here! He's a good lad, really! "I mean, for the sake of a year. You only really get one chance, don't you? Once you're working, that's it, you can't come back here can you? Finish off your NEWTs? So… stay and finish them, and figure out what you're doing then."

Eibhlin nods, "That would be the logical thing to do," she agrees. "And I suppose you're right, but thank you, for listening," added quietly before she leans in to aim a light peck on the boy's cheek.

There's a smile, he can't really help it, as he gets a kiss to the cheek for his troubles. "Look, if anyone gives you grief," Douglas offers, "just send them to me and I'll punch them in the face for you."

Eibhlin laughs lightly, nodding as she leans back. "I'll keep the offer in mind," she assures though from the sound of it she's not about to take him up on it any time soon. "I'd rather not provoke violence if I don't need to though."

"Sometimes a punch in the face is the best way," Douglas insists amiably, flicking a grin and leaning his elbow up on her shoulder. "Gets it out of the system, a quick scrap, then you shake hands and off you go. Better than pulling wands and being a knobhead about it."

"True enough," Eiblin agrees easily. "A shiner is better than being blasted any day. But still I'm not asking you to go out of your way to defend me. Anyway enough about me," she tries changing the subject with a light shake of her head to clear her thoughts. "Speaking of Malfoy, how are you and she?"

Douglas eyes her suspiciously. "Whhyyyy? What have you heard?" He shrugs his free shoulder. "Naw, things are good. I think. Shouldn't they be? We're still looking at getting the business together, but her parents are being arseholes about the whole thing."

Eibhlin lifts a shoulder in a light shrug given the question of why. "To be honest I haven't heard much of either of you lately." A nod follows his answer then, "Glad to hear that at least, though I am sorry you're having so much trouble with them." Them of course being Medusa's parents.

"Maybe I'm just keeping my head down," Douglas explains with a faint smile. "If I get myself expelled, I've got no chance of winning them over. And last I heard I'm about… this" he holds up thumb and forefinger "close to being expelled."

Eibhlin ahs, nodding slightly. "Well don't get in trouble on my account then," she replies, "But if you need any help with classes… I don't know much about the seventh year lessons, but I'd be happy to help if I can."

Douglas snorts. "Eh, if I pass, I pass. If I fail, I fail. I'm not cut out for reading books and all that. It's not me. I mean, hopefully I'll pass charms on the practical side of things, but if I don't… well, I've still got a job to fall back on, and a business plan. It just makes it a bit harder to try to prove to them I'm not just a dumb shit trying to hitch onto Malfoy coat tails for a handout."

Eibhlin nods, "Well don't say I didn't offer," she replies with a slight smile. "And if you do need help feel free to ask. Alright?"

"Appreciate it, Shine," Douglas insists, nodding once. "And when Medusa dumps me, you know you're first on my list, right?"

"So you've said," Eiblin replies with a light laugh. "Hopefully that doesn't happen," she returns, pausing a moment before going on to add, "I don't mean that as anything against you, just that I like to think the two of you will make it work out," the redhead explains, reaching to collect her things from the table beside him.

Douglas wrinkles his nose. "You just don't like Scots, I know how it is." He tucks his thumbs into his belt, half grinning. "Seriously, though… I think we can. I actually do. And before you tell me I'm worse than Gus, I'm not planning fucking wedding bells or anything daft like that. I can just see… y'know. Me and her. It works. Somehow."

Eibhlin nods, "No, I can see it. Besides you wouldn't be like him even if you were. The two of you have been together far longer than he and I were and like you said. Somehow the two of you work." Replacing the cap on the ink bottle she tucks it into a pocket before pulling book and paper to her chest, quill hooked between her fingers.

"Probably because I can still chat up fit redheads and know she's not going to mind," Douglas decides with a grin, offering his hand. "She knows I'll say all kinds of things, but at the end of the day she's the one I want and the one I'll head home to. You want me to take those for you?"

The corners of Eibhlin lips twist upward in a quiet smile, "You trust each other, that's important," she agrees, "And," she admits, "Something I didn't always feel I had with Gus." The offer to carry her things brings a shake of her head however, "No thank you. Its.. private. I've got it, but thanks."

It's private. Of course it is, and of course that means Douglas wants to know, reaching to tug on the front of it to peer at the book. "What is it? Oh go on, you can tell me! I won't tell anyone!"

"Hey!" is accompanied by a futile swat of Eibhlin's free hand as he tries to grab for it. "Its none of your business." The book itself is nothing terribly special really. A thin text found in the collection of most students of Ancient Runes, the few sheets of paper on top of it however are an unfinished letter.

"Who're you writing to?" Douglas asks, half grinning. "Come on, Shine, who is it? I can always find out when you go to send the owl off, you know."

"Give it back Macmillan," Eibhlin huffs, trying to pull it back from him. Who she doesn't say beyond, "Its to a friend, and who ever said anything about owls." The letter itself is address to someone named Philip, and while its mentioned that classes are going well it carefully avoids any specifics. A mention of being glad to see him over holiday…

This is Douglas. He barely manages to read as far as the address, and only about half of that, before the letter's pulled back from him. "Who's Philip? Not Phil Taylor in 5th year?"

Who knows how much he might have tried to read in being nosy. "No," Eibhlin replies, smoothing the paper against the book before tucking it back into place against her chest. If he'd read the address it was somewhere in Ireland. "And I told you. A friend."

Douglas snaps his fingers, then points at her with both hands. "He's a muggle you fancy, and that's why it's all complicated and shit. Am I close?"

Eibhlin sends him a hard look which only goes to confirm his conclusion. "There are worse prospects," she points out. "And just you keep your mouth shut Macmillan. I haven't decided yet." Which is part of why said letter is as yet unfinished.

Douglas holds up his hand. "All right, all right, keep your wig on, I won't tell anyone. I said I wouldn't," he points out. "Well, if he's not a complete dick, he can wait another year for you to finish your exams."

"No one," Eiblin repeats. "Not even Malfoy. You swear?" she ask looking up at him as she waits for the answer. Its important to her at least. "But I suppose you're probably right," thought she doesn't like to admit it.

Douglas runs his finger in a cross somewhere vaguely where he thinks his heart might be. "I swear it, Shine. You know I wouldn't." He pauses, considering for a moment. "So, what, has he got like a fourteen inch wang or something?"

Eibhlin nods, "Right then." She seems content with his agreement on that matter. The question however has her cheeks turning a bright crimson, her pale complexion making it nearly impossible to hide a blush. "I wouldn't know," she replies flatly, "But I do know that he's a good man."

Douglas grins at that. "Look, fair play. I hope he's a good lad, but… aye, don't do anything daft, all right?"

Eibhlin gives a short roll of her eyes. Boys! "I'm going to finish out the year no matter what, I've decided that already. I just haven't made up my mind on what comes after that."

"Well, look, there's no point finishing this year if you don't do next as well," Douglas reasons with her, reaching a hand to run through his constantly messy hair. "And you're already half way through this, so it'd be daft to quit now, too. Why not have a word with Mopsus about it?"

Eibhlin shrugs. "Finishing out the year gives me time to think about it. I had considered talking to him, but I don't know that I want to bring it up with him. Not yet anyway. But do know that my breaking up with Gus doesn't have anything to do with Philip."

Douglas wrinkles his nose, waving her down. "Och aye, I didn't think it did. You weren't right together. Maybe I'll have to meet with this Phil lad, though. Vet him for you."

"Maybe," Eibhlin agrees, but only so far. "We'll see where things are come spring. Hmm? Go from there. But thank you, for your concern. I was thinking about finding some tea for now though, warm up a bit.." A thought or suggestion, he can take it as he will. "I'm not going to complain if you want to walk downstairs with me."

"Only if you'll walk downstairs with an arm around me to get the gossips going," Douglas counters easily, flashing her an easy grin. "It looks good for my rep to have women all over me, you know."

Eibhlin laughs, "Only because you know it will drive at least one person crazy thinking something that's not true." Gossip can be amusing at times so long as it doesn't get out of hand. "And because I could use a hug…"

"I'm good with hugs," Douglas assures her, holding his arm out. "And I'm even better with making people crazy about me." He flicks another grin, waggling his brows. "C'mon, then, ginge, let's go get something to eat."

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