(1939-02-07) Claim Staking
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Summary: A frozen Gerald is talking with Elizabeth when Sybil bumps into them. A cup of tea, some biscuits and a sparkly scarf later and Sybil decides to stake her claim. There was RP before Sybil entered the scene, so please add if you would like.
Date: 1939-02-07
Location: Entry Hall, Hogwarts

The marble beginnng of the staircases leading upwards into the castle face the heavy oak doors that lead outside across a flagged stone expanse that could fit an average house. Looking up, one can see the staircases shifting from one landing to the next, on up into the shadows making it difficult to tell just how high the Entrance Hall really is. The torches in the walls do little to pierce the dimness overhead, but cast light on the suits of armor flanking the front doors and the many doors spaced at odd intervals leading to the Great Hall, Slytherin Dungeons, Staff quarters, and even a broom closet.
Perhaps the thing of greatest interest in this entry though, at least to the students, are the four large hourglasses housed in niches on one of the walls opposite the doors. One filled with sapphires, one with emeralds, one with rubies, and the last with topaz, these hourglasses keep track of the all important House points. The gems in the bottom half represent the points earned so far by houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Elizabeth softly bites at her bottom lip, worried still. After a pause she turns to leans against the wall as well, next to him. "I didn't think I was being dramatic." she says softly. "I didn't push him into a date or anything. And… he was rather protective of me, quickly enough. Well, enough so that I noticed at least. I thought that was a good sign. And… a couple of days before the date. He asked if he could kiss me. It was… rather sweet…" she murmurs. And thus far, this is the only time she's spoken of the kiss.

Gerald is just inside the Entry Hall the sounds of voices are easily audible long before one enters. Alone, the forms of Gerald and Elizabeth can be picked out, leaning against a wall as they talk. Outside the snow continues to fall, the bone chilling wind carrying small flurries against the windowsills, piling it against doors and outside courtyard walls.

For the moment however someone has brought some of the discomfort in with him. Dressed for his run, Gerald rubs his hands together to warm them as he listens to Liz speak, though what she has to say summons a groan. "I'm never asking to kiss a girl again." He decides, his tone rough. "In fact, I'm going to go back to being quiet again." True to his words, he doesn't offer advice. Instead he lifts his hands to his lips to blow into them, as he just can't seem to get warm since Elizabeth rescued him making yet another run of the grounds.

Sybil drifts down the stairs. Steps are light and her hair has been brushed to the point where it falls in a sleek curtain of white-blonde silk to the small of her back. Groomed to perfection she presents the exact opposite to the image being currently portrayed by Gerald. Attention directed Elizabeth's and his way by the sound of their voices, she poises a mere moment at the foot of the stairs, then turns and heads their way. Not having heard a single word of their exchange, she draws to a halt and offers both a simple smile. "Good evening Cornfoot. Dweedle." Its back to formalities it would seem.

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes up at the boy, color quickly blossoming in her cheeks before she smiles and chuckles at his response. "Yes well, I wouldn't have minded if he had just done it, but it was still a sweet gesture on his part, as I'm sure it was on yours with whoever you are referring to now." She tries to reassure him. Really she does. "I promise I'm trying to avoid drama as much as possible with this, but I also cannot help but worry." It's part of her nature.
Hearing Sybil's greetings, Elizabeth blinks up at the girl and returns the polite smile. "You may call me Elizabeth. I promise I don't mind." she murmurs, a subtle bit of teasing in her voice. Despite her worries, she's in a good mood. "We should get Gerald into the Great Hall to warm up with a bit of Hot Chocolate."

As if he weren't tense enough. "No…it actually wasn't considered a sweet gesture at all. It was actually used as a joke." Color him completely over that word all together!!!! When Sybil makes her presence known, he merely draws deeper into the wall. If he could disappear, he absolutely would at this very moment. There's no hiding that. "Sybil." Less formal, but that shouldn't shock anyone. "No thanks Elizabeth. I should probably get my run in." which would be so much more believable if he weren't nearly blue already!

"Elizabeth," Sybil says, a glance from her to Gerald, at which her expression tightens. "You'd have to be a complete masochist if you're wanting to run in this weather Gerald," a small chew of the inside of her cheek given as she notes the pinkness of his nose and the overall impression of his being frozen to the bone. "Elizabeth's right, you need warming up, not thrusting back out into the snow. I was going to get a chocolate myself and if you don't join us in the Great Hall for one, its quite possible that I'll never speak to you again." A pause as her eyes meet briefly with his. "And that wouldn't only be because you're likely to end up in the infirmary with frostbite, influenza or pneumonia."

Gerald senses Sybil catching his eyes with hers, her expression imperceptibly softening. There's an invitation there, an opening.

Elizabeth notes the frigidity (no pun intended) between the pair, and only pauses before she dips her chin with a slight nod. "There you go. See? You don't want her to never speak to you again. We both agree being outside in this weather is the last place you need to be." She catches his forearm and begins to gently pull him in the direction of the Great Hall. "Pneumonia again." she chides, teasing him with a small smile. "Come on. Have hot chocolate with us."

Somehow he knew that little flub was going to come back to haunt him! "Damn." He mutters gently, his sigh reaching well beyond his tone, all the way into his eyes as he returns Sybil's look. He doesn't nod, but he doesn't pull away from Elizabeth's grip on his arm either. Nor does he set his feet. "A guy gets a touch of pneumonia once and he's marked for life." Or, maybe people just realize he's too stubborn to know when to say when. "But tea….I don't like Chocolate."

There's an acknowledging nod of Sybil's head, together with a smile. "Tea then. And biscuits. I don't sacrificing myself for your well-being, just this once. Have you ever tried dunking your biscuits in your tea? I have, its wonderful. Especially if you manage to get one of those ones with the cream filling." She's loosening up a little, enough to mirror Elizabeth's taking of his one arm by her taking of the other. She gives a little tug. "Actually, I had no idea that you've had pneumonia before, I was just pointing out a likely outcome."

"Yes, you are cursed with the unfortunate luck of having friends that worry about your health." Elizabeth easily counters, teasing him again as they step through the large doors, crossing into the threshold of the Great Hall. "Fine. Tea then. I don't mind being the only one with hot chocolate. You two don't know what you're missing." she chuckles softly. "And yes, he had. Who knows how long he was outdoors before I had found him. And he didn't believe me when he got sick and I insisted he go to the infirmary."

Great Hall

"I still say it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be. If it was, wouldn't I remember more of it?" Ahem. Gerald's making a joke, though his tone hardly reflects as much. "And no. I'm very aware of what I'm missing. Chocolate is a creation used by women to properly brainwash men into being obedient jackasses." He, again, is kidding. Really. But he does allow the girls to lead him. "That's why I got you jelly beans. Someone has to break the cycle."

Sybil bumps Gerald with her shoulder, helping to guide him towards the Ravenclaw table; two Ravens, one Gryffindor, it makes sense. "Any girl that doesn't like chocolate can't be a proper girl," she says with mock severity, lowering herself to sit on the benches, "… though it was very nice of you to send me the jelly beans. I love jelly beans." Then again, Gerald would already know this, and Sybil would know he knows, and hence the gift. Perhaps its this reminder that sees her hand slip from his arm as she seats herself, her fingers finding his hand for a brief moment before she pulls away and brightly asks. "So. One chocolate and two teas. Yes?"

Gerald's hand is like ice. It also responds to Sybil's touch by closing around her fingers before she pulls away.

Elizabeth couldn't help the small chuckle, releasing his arm now that he's walking on his own. Or at least, walking with Sybil. More or less. "There you go. See? Sybil agrees with me about chocolate. I'm halfway to becoming a proper lady." Her playful smile grows as she gives him a wink. As Sybil seats herself, Liz doesn't hesitate to sit on one side of her at the Ravenclaw table. "And biscuits. Don't forget about the biscuits. They're essential." she solemnly nods.

Gerald smiles, nodding softly to the good natured chiding and sermons of the girls. "Got it. Chocolate good." He mutters, though he does manage a low chuckle as he listens. He also nods toward Elizabeth, though he seems more centered on rubbing his hands together to pump that much needed warmth back into them. Whose stupid idea was it to go running in the snow ANYWAY?!

"Oh goodness. Look at you," Sybil says, pulling her bunched up scarf from the pocket of her cloak. She shakes it out and gets to her feet, standing behind Gerald to wrap it snugly around his neck. Its her favourite, an ice blue and silver one that complements her own particular colouration, but doesn't do so much for Gerald's perhaps. Glimmering with shot threads of silver that sparkle against his wind-reddened complexion, she bends to press a small kiss to his cheek. "There. You'll warm up much quicker now. And if you don't then I promise you I have a very fetching knitted hat that I can dress you with next." She looks to Elizabeth. "Or do you think I should press that on him straight away, Elizabeth?"

On the other side of Sybil, Elizabeth watches as the older girl pulls out a scarf from the pocket of her cloak, only to then gently wrap it around Gerald's neck. She barely hides the small smile, nor the chuckle that is placed on his cheek, almost guaranteeing the flush that would come. The question poised to her, she quirks a brow as she watches Gerald's expression, observing but amused. "Hm. I think that if he likes you as much as I think he does, he'll accept the hat as well. It's a gesture that not only displays your concern for his health, but also how much you care for him. And I also believe it is 'staking one's claim' in a sense as well, is it not?" Her amused smile grows. "If he doesn't get any of that, maybe he's more thick than I thought. A serious condition indeed." Definitely a joke.

Gerald senses Sybil's is lingering perhaps a little longer than a simple peck on the cheek might, the warmth of her lips. As she pulls away, there's the smallest brush of breath against his ear, the quietest of words spoken. "Ask me on a proper date. Dork."

Gerald just stares straight ahead as he's 'scarved' by the blue..sparkly abomination that she calls a scarf. In reality he's welcomes a dagger to the throat more than he would the scarf and hat. Of course his mother didn't raise him to be rude to girls, so he merely sets his jaw in silence as he silently apologizes to Hexicus for allowing Ebi to put a pink bow on him. Now, truly, Gerald knows all too well the kittens plight.

If ever Gerald has brooded, now is the moment.

The kiss to his cheek manages to sap away a touch of the chill from his gaze, warming it slightly as he shifts his eyes toward her, his lips licked as he considers speaking. He nods, but for the moment he continues to bite his tongue.

Sybil bites on her lower lip and considers Gerald a moment before quietly re-taking her seat. The hat stays in her pocket and she reaches for one of the biscuits that have been delivered to the table, along with the chocolate and tea. God bless house elves. "I think, perhaps, just the scarf after all," she says, a bite of her biscuit taken before she exhales a sigh and looks towards Elizabeth and crinkles her nose, a smile just there in her expression. "I suppose I am staking a claim. In a way. I think Gerald would have preferred it in a less girly colour, but its all I have."

Elizabeth chuckles softly to herself once more, but doesn't really comment further on the matter. Instead she's rather content to simply observe the pair, a small hand pulling a mug of hot chocolate closer to herself so that she can wrap both hands around it. The warmth of the surface seeps pleasantly into her fingers. Lifting the mug to her lips, Elizabeth takes several careful sips, wanting to avoid burning her tongue while the chocolate flows over her tongue. She glances to Sybil over the rim and as the other girl talks, before the drink is lowered. "Good for you. And good for him too."

Gerald remains quiet a moment longer before he reaches to begin unwrapping the blue scarf. Its handed over just as quietly, though he does lean in a few seconds later to press his lips to her ear, muttering something against it before he leans away. Elizabeth gets a ghost of a smile, but he does seem to be preparing to leave. "I should get washed up for supper…maybe I can thaw my feet out."

Gerald whispers: Will you please go on a real date with me?

Sybil accepts the scarf back, rolling it up into a sparkly, glittery bundle. Whatever it is that Gerald murmurs to her, it has an instant effect on her. A blush rises in her cheeks and she reaches for his hand, her fingers curling around his to pull him back closer. "Yes, I will." Three words. Three quietly spoken words that are said to him as she holds his eyes a fraction of a moment with hers. And then she smiles. "Thank you."

Elizabeth calmly sips from her cocoa, observing. Perhaps even hiding the small smile behind her mug as Gerald returns the scarf but leans down to whisper in Sybil's ear. Whatever it was, it must be good in order to elicit such a blush. A single chuckle escapes, but she closes her eyes and takes a deeper drink.

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