(1939-02-07) Watch Out They Bite! Herbology Lesson
Details for Watch Out They Bite! Herbology Lesson
Summary: Professor Beery gives a lesson on how to extract fangs from a Fanged Geranium
Date: Friday Feb 08, 1939
Location: Greenhouses, Hogwarts

On the side of the castle are the greenhouses where the Herbology classes are taught. Set all in a row the three greenhouses have statues of long, serpentine dragons running along the peaked roofs and are made entirely out of glass. They are home to many exotic and magical plants including some that are extremely rare, difficult to cultivate and maintain, or even dangerous. Greenhouse One is used specifically to teach first year Herbology and because of this it contains no dangerous plants of any kind. Greenhouse two is a multipurpose greenhouse. At times it is used for classes but mostly it's used by the faculty and staff to grow ingredients necessary for classes other than Herbology or even herbs and spices for the kitchens. Greenhouse three on the other hand is used for advanced Herbology classes and houses dangerous and hard to cultivate plants like Venemous Tentaculas, fully grown Mandrakes, and Devil's Snares.

Herbology class would take place in the greenhouse on Hogwart's school grounds. The arrangement living flora and fauna was set along the sides as tables and chairs were lined up in the middle of the ground. Upon each table was a potted Fanged Geranium. Quite docile at the moment. Four chairs were placed on each side of the table. A group activity it would seem. As the students were pouring in Professor Beery wore a pleasant smile and his flattened cap was slightly tilted upon his bald crown. "Now then. Everyone take a seat! Quickly now come come…" He clapped. "Careful don't get to close. Hate to send for Miss Spleen before class begins!"

Artemis has her schedule all set, giving her ample time to get to classes a few minutes earlier. So she's one of the first ones into the greenhouses, finding a table to start setting up her things. Her book bag is set underneath the table and she pulls out her book, notebook, quills, setting them neatly and organized out on the table. She flips through the pages of her well tabbed notebook until she finds the page that she will, indeed, be adding notes to, before she tilts her head as she lets out a 'hmm.' Looking around at the seat arrangements, and at the plant, she smiles cheerfully and greets her classmates as they arrive.

It takes some time for the students to settle down in their chairs and Professor Beery is all too delight for today's lesson. "Each you have a potted Fanged Geranium before you. I'm certain most of you are no stranger to it's fang from your potions class. As they were collected by students such as yourself." As he speaks the Professor is walking around the rows of each table and his excitement is barely contained. One of the students is staring intently at the plant, seated by Artemis. Gilford leans over whispering to her, "Mum has these in her garden. Hurts like hell when they bite ya."

The notes already on the page of her notebook are neatly written and ordered. Lifting a hand up to gently brush a few golden curls from her eyes, Artemis lowers her head as she reads over them. "Hmm?" She smiles as she looks up at her classmate, but lifts a finger to her lips. Shhhh. But there's a wince as she bobs her head in a nod in agreement to his whisper. Only when the professor isn't speaking does Artemis return the whisper. "I don't think I'd like to experience it."

At the head of the class Professor Beery eyes his students and continues to speak. "These plants are very tempermental in their care. Should they be neglected well… good luck brewing a sleeping drought without their help!" He laughs then, raising both hands then encouraging the students to "Begin!"

Almost immediately there are a few yelps and screams as some students take the direct approach. Reaching a hand out to what appeared to be a sleeping flower. The four at Artemis and Gilford's table looks to be napping as well. Mouth closed and slightly swaing. Gilford, a Ravenclaw student looked to Artemis. "No one does. Nicked me in the ankle once. Thought I would die. It isn't plesant." He chuckled then waited for others to start plucking their fangs.

Artemis looks up to listen to the professor just as much as she lowers her eyes, taking up her quill to neatly write a few additions to her notes. She's thorough, for sure. She's still adding a few more bubbles to the page to the left when they are set off. But when her quill is laid down on her book she laces her fingers together over top and looks up. "Oh, ouch," she says as she scrunches up her face. "I certainly hope you got that looked at." She lets out a 'hmm' as she regards the lazy plant, and then shifts her hands as she scrolls down her notes with a single finger. "Hmm, I have written down that if you rub their leaf gently they'll stay passive." She looks up. "Shall I? You can grab the fang."

Gilford nodded before logic struck him. "Heeeey. How come I have to grab the fang? If you do it wrong I'll be bitten." And he recalled the last time it happened. More yips and yelps came from other tables, one at their very own. A girl reeled back and slipped the wounded finger into her mouth. "Oh alright…" Gilford said. "Have at it." Ready and waiting to pluck one of the fangs.

"Oh, well, if you'd like," Artemis says softly, "we can switch that." She offers Gilford a smile as she tilts her head. For a second she regards the plant and then lower eyes to her book. "You want to rub with her fore finger and thumb very lightly. Right…" she looks up and points at the general place on the leaf. "…there. One moment," she adds in as she looks back down to her notebook, scanning the pages and running a finger along it, mouthing silently as she reads. "So a twist and a yank and the fang should budge," she murmurs with a bob of her head.

Gilford does exactly that after Artemis strokes the leaf. He was timid about doing so. Obviously. As he succesfully yanked out one of the fangs, he placed it on the dish. A distant, "Well done Miss Meliflua and Mister Gregory!" Professor Beery was pleased. Gilford chuckled, "Strange huh, if you just pet them you can yank out a tooth. Too bad it doesn't work us the same way." Another scream filled the air signalling an unsuccessful attempt. "Ready again?" Gilford asked.

Artemis smiles as she nods. "You just have to find what soothes," she states. Her eyes lift and she beams brightly at the praise. "Thank you," she says graciously. "Mmm-hmm," she murmurs out as she nods to Gilford. "Ready."

Again Gilford reaches into the flower's mouth in order to pluck out another tooth. Eventually the others at their table recognize the technique and begin to mimic Artemis' efforts. He then drops the tooth on the plate. "Your turn." With two examples of how to soothe the flower he certainly cannot mess this up.

"That's right, see now, no harm done. You are just fine," Artemis coos softly to the live plant. Certainly if the plant is alive it will appreciate her consoling attempts. She nods her head as she looks to Gilford. "Right," she says as she withdraws her hand. She glances around at the class, and then looks to Gilford as she nods to him. "You first then." And should he rub the leaf she reaches to the flower's mouth, for a fang, which she'll twist and pull just as she had written down.

Just two more before their task is complete. Gilford visibly relaxes as he continues stroking the flower. "You're pretty good at this." He comments. "Going to replace Beery when you're older?" He teases.

And Artemis adds the tooth to the rest before getting ready to go again. She smiles softly at Gilford, tilting her head. "Herbology was my mama's favourite class. I guess I picked up a thing or two from watching and helping her in her garden." Her smile grows more fondly at the thought of her mother. "Of course, we only have regular flowers, herbs, and vegetables at home. Obviously we can't let the neighbours see the really bizarre plants." And she lets out a giggle. She reaches in, seizing another fang and when she yanks it, deposits it with the rest. "There we go. Oh, replace Professor Beery? No, no, no!" She gasps as her eyes widen. "But he does such a wonderful job I wouldn't want to replace him at all. Besides," and she tips back her chin as she announces matter-of-factly, "I'm still searching for that one career."

The ruddy haired Gilford smirked, still stroking the plant but not necessarly paying a lot of mind to his efforts. "Well it shows. I probably should have have done the same." He has a habit of becoming distracted. "Just one more."

At the head of the class, minding his own flower, Professor Beery announces, "Once your finished bring them up to the front here. For the students that have managed to soothe their flowers without being bitten will get to keep a fang! Use it wisely! And don't forget to submit your reports on proper cultivation on the Fanged Geranium!"

"Thanks," Artemis says to Gilford as a blush rises to her cheeks. She's at least really good at taking down notes and researching; perhaps it makes up for her the difficulties she has in casting. The blonde nods and reaches out again, taking hold of another fang which is plopped into the plate with the others. "And there you have it," she says, beaming brightly to her classmate. "That was great teamwork. Thank you!" She takes up her quill, because she has something to write down, but looks to Gilford. "Do you want to take it up?"

A smirk comes from the boy's mouth. "Really it was all you. I mean I could have lost a finger." Probably not if he had did the reading assignment. When she asks if he'll take up the plate, he does so. Scooping it up into his hand Gilford then departs from the table to deliver the class assignment. Upon his return he comes back with two fangs, one for the each of them. He extends one to Artemis. "To victory." He chuckles.

Artemis finishes writing a little note in her book when he returns. She lifts her head, smiling, giggling when she reaches out for the fang. "Thank you," she accepts.

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