(1939-02-09) Misplaced Thanks
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Summary: Lucretia attempts to offer an olive branch towards Ignatius by thanking him for a present. (This log immediately follows on from 'Just a Pair of Animal Lovers')
Date: 1939-02-09
Location: Lake View Louvre, Hogwarts Castle.
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By far the largest covered-louvre on the grounds, the room is shaped in the form of a trapezoid. The windows that are open to the outdoors are broad and tall, and frequently accept breezes that carry mist from the lake far below. The castle's walls are rather thick, and the wall is an excellent place to lean against. The floor is made of a dark, polished wood that is held in place by ancient nails. Several chairs, each made of ash, rest along the edges of the room, and beside them are tables made from gnarled, bark-covered elder. Wax lines the top of each table and hangs like stalactites from the tops of each. The ceiling is lined with dark, wooden rafters that are sealed with thatch during the winter.
Directly below the castle's walls are sheered cliffs that descend hundreds of meters. The loch below, Hogwarts Lake, crashes against the wall of stone and rubble, and flings mist and spray in giant arcs that paint the stone an ashen-grey. The loch extends towards a pair of mountains in the distance, though they are often covered in a blanketing haze that clings to the tumultuous water's surface.

Iggy smirked to Dora while standing beside one of the open windows. A tripod is set up, one not belonging to the Prewett. It's pointed out the window as the Selwyn girl stands nearby. A small satchel rests on the bench. "Shame I missed it." Iggy remarks as both hands are slipped inside of his pocket. "At least you'd laugh about it."

"Of course!" Dora agreed, "What's the point otherwise? I mean, life is too short not to laugh at the silly things. But if you're planning on charming my bathsoap, at least make it pink." She teases, before settling in once more behind the lense and staring out over the landscape.

"Thank you for the gift," Lucretia says, stepping out of the shadows that lurk around the edges of the room. Her voice is barely raised, but the acoustics here carry it well enough that it'll be heard. The mug of hot cocoa she holds steams in the cool air, and she says no more than that, simply taking a few more steps closer to the couple with the telescope, halting a pace or two away.

"If I knew the right spell I just might." The young Prewett smiled almost a promise to see this take place. He leans against the half wall, giving the window his back. "Just to see what I missed out on." For fun of course. "Are you go—" Prewett's head snapped around. He knew that voice. When her frame came into light shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about Lucretia. What gift?"

"Oh it'd be the same spell to turn your hair," Dora helpfully and perhaps unwittingly supplies, "Though that might just be for the soap. Actually, you could make the soap out of a dye and then that would do it." Though she's still squinting through the lense. The Hufflepuff straightens though, when she hears Lucretia's voice and turns to glance over her shoulder towards the third year with a light smile before looking back to her view.

"The sweater," Lucretia responds, a breath of air to cool her chocolate before she lifts it for a sip, hands curled around the circumference of her mug to keep them warm. A glance between the pair before a smile is given Dora's way. "Hello Dora." she addresses her turned back. "I didn't mean to interrupt you and Iggy, sorry for that, I just thought I'd catch him and thank him for his gift. I won't keep him long." With that, she turns back to Ignatius, regarding him over the rim of her mug. "It was a Prewett owl, though not from you, you say?"

"Ooh!" Iggy overaggerates his first response. "You mean the sweater you demanded of me to buy for you? Not once but repeatedly in front of your friends as though I'm obligated to do as you say?" He doesn't admit to sending the owl at least not openly. Remembering there was an audiance the Prewett's boy lips tightened for a moment and his eyes looked the floor. Shoulders relaxed beneath the thick layer of wool from his coat before resuming his gaze to Lucretia. "Maybe it was. Maybe my mother or brother felt inclined to send it."

"Excuse me," Dora murmurs, very quietly, whilst removing the camera from the top of the tripod. She doesn't even take the time to put it into the satchel, but rather holds it in one hand while tucking the tripod in beneath that same arm so that she can reach for her satchel. The look that she gave Ignatius was one of pity and compassion and then, she was gone. Slippers whispering against the floor as she hastened towards the steps at a pace that was quick enough to have her gone before things turned vile but not so quick as to jostle Penseverus.

"I'll write to your mother then, and thank her instead," Lucretia says, taking a step to the side as Dora excuses herself and walks past. There's a small chew of her lower lip before she leans a shoulder into the wall, the dark-haired girl watching Ignatius carefully before adding, "I didn't come up here to fight, just to say thank you. We're going to be married eventually and I'd rather not spend the next handful of years worrying about it."

Iggy offers a mute nod as Dora prepares to make her exit. A wise move for the air was thick with tension. Once the Hufflepuff disappeared the young boy responded. "Write to her. I'm not sure why you're telling me, again. Unless you want me to say something. I swear you're more baffling than Archie's scribble." And that young Gryffindor boy was very strange.

"Well. I'm sorry to have interrupted your date," Lu says, turning towards the window with a hunch of her shoulders against the wind. She takes another mouthful of her chocolate, breath misting against the chill. "Really, I'm not telling you again, what I'm saying is that I want to give thanks where its due, the sweater is nice and suits me well. If its not from you, I'll thank your mother."

He snorts, a half snort half chuckle as she tosses the word 'date' into the air. "Ok Lucretia." He says, then his tone becomes mocking, "You caught me on a date with Dora Selwyn taking pictures of the snow." Iggy shakes his head, "Is that all Lucretia? I would like to be by myself now if you do not mind." True he didn't care to argue either.

Lucretia turns back towards Ignatius. She doesn't say anything further, just gives a half-nod of her head, then heads back towards the stairs. She doesn't look back, the young girl walking with an inherent grace and poise, her head held just so and her feet moving silently across the floor.

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