(1939-02-12) Hatching a Plot
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Summary: Hector, Tiberius and Beryl receive a dubious shipment on the docks at midnight.
Date: 1939-02-12
Location: Black Lake Docks

(NPCs Portrayed by Hector)

— It is well past midnight and the docks are utterly empty but for the trio standing in the shadows. The night is silent but for the sounds of gentle waves crashing against the small docks and the soft whisper if cold wind blowing past them.
Hector Carrow stands apart from his companions as he watches the Black Water Lake for movement with his gloved hands clasped casually over his chest as he leans back against the door of the small Shipping warehouse that casts its shadow over them. His bronze eyes seem sharp in the gloom as he looks back at the pair and nods his head. "It should not be long now." His comments prompted by a subtle change in the waves against the docks. "Remember to let me do the talking. These people will not accept any problems… they'll get skittish and take off with our property." He has told them little of what is about to happen. Only the fact that contacts finally came through and are delivering something that can make them a lot of money if they are careful.

Beryl gives a little shrug of her shoulders, nestling into her deep crimson wool overcoat with a little shiver. Pulling up the collar slightly against the chill of the cold, damp air, she smirks at Hector from the sidelines: "I'll be as quiet as a mouse." She intones in that insufferably sweet, silvery voice of hers - slightly lower than usual, given the circumstances. "You have my word."
She stands on just the other side of Tiberius, and can't help giving him a vague upward glance. Hopefully the impetuous man will follow suit and not do anything to jeopardize their rendezvous. This is the first bite they've had in ages. Beryl would enjoy some thrills with a side of extra cash.

Tiberius would have done well to be invisible for this encounter. But… It's not a skill that Hector necessarily needs to know he has, at least right now. He's back to suit and pants, wand tucked into an inner pocket. "Aye. I'll take my cues from you." A glance at Beryl. Or to protect her. His eyes shift back to the water though, standing with his arms folded over his chest. The thief is ready for things to start.
Impetuous. Not suicidal. And not creating waves where they don't need to - There are plenty here. "Orders should they try to take what's yours?"

The Black Water Lake begins to shimmer in the moonlight as waves begin to transform into ripples of disturbed water. In the darkness it's hard to notice the shape of the small wooden boat being rowed by two rough looking thug types. As they move closer it's clear that they are the only two in the boat, however there appears to be medium sized wooden crates aboard the vessel as well. It's a painfully slow process as both men are careful not to make too much noise on the water lest they draw unwanted attention. From the direction that their boat is going it is clear to anyone looking that they have come directly from somewhere in the Forbidden forest.

— Turning now to look at Beryl the man smiles in that thin cold manner and nods his head once more. When Tiberius speaks though his eyes narrow ever so slightly and his head turns to regard the man. The question brings about an impassive look. "I should think that much would be obvious. We take it back quickly and leave just as quickly." The approaching boat grows ever closer to the dock as Hector adds, "So long as everyone behaves we shouldn't have a problem. This is sensitive cargo we will be handling so we need to avoid any…" Hector coughs lightly before finishing the thought, "Unnecessary deaths."

Of the three of them, Beryl undoubtedly looks the least threatening in the moonlight. She may have a decent intimidation factor when she wants to have one; but in situations like these, she does her best to look like a meek, quiet, soft little woman who just happens to be along for the ride.
Coolly, Beryl's eyes focus on the dim figures rowing across the lake, and a tiny smile begins to fill the curve of her lips. She can almost smell the money they ought to earn from this haul - should everything go right in the end. However, she says nothing at all with regard to unnecessary deaths. Her word to be silent was given, and she will keep it until there is need to break it.

Tiberius nods, and resumes looking impassive. There's a few judgmental looks. Muffled oars would have been a better choice. Or magical propulsion. He's equally silent, arms folded, bright blue eyes keeping a firm watch on the boat, it's occupants and the cargo… And the world around.
Trust no-one. Be prepared for anything.

Indeed the use of magical implements would have been much more useful, however as the boat grows ever closers the two men become clearer, even in the midnight gloom. The boat is finally pulled up to the dock as one man stands and tosses a rope over a mooring and anchors them to the dock. The other man makes his exit by climbing onto the dock and walking tenatively toward Hector Carrow. "Du bist die eine, die Herr Sinderman erzhlte uns?" His tone is gruff and low as he speaks to the man while looking him over with striking blue eyes. It is now also very apparent that these men are armed with pistol sidearms attached to their belts and not wands.

— Walking forward Hector slowly opens his arms and nods his head. "Ich bin. Ich hoffe, Sie wandert durch den Wald waren nicht zu … ereignisreich. Haben Sie die Eier gebracht?" It would seems that Hector is more than comfortable speaking this particular language and takes another step forward. His expression inquisitive as he looks over the man's shoulder at the boat as the other whom is still aboard begins unloading 4 medium sized wooded crates, each about the size of a Ham radio. "Ich mchte nicht, dass Sie hier nicht lnger als ntig zu halten."

For the first time since this whole thing began, Beryl wavers slightly. She has some minor misgivings when German is spoken by the strangers, and for some reason, her gaze flicks toward Tiberius. It stays there for some few seconds without moving. But then, Hector joins the men and talks easily to them without qualm.
Biting her lower lip slightly, the auburn-haired woman moves an imperceptible footstep closer to Tiberius' side. She is careful not to crowd him, but definitely sheltering a little nearer to the man as she watches and listens.

The german makes Tiberius immediately cautious. The stiffening in his posture is slight, but noticable to Beryl, if no-one else. Although he takes no action - Specifically upon seeing the muggle firearms. Less concerning. At least, for now. Powder weapons, even their most refined versions, are inelegant and crass at the best of times. Besides, he's been shot before. And Merlin knows, he'll be shot again.

"I… Ich will nichts mit diesem verdammten Wald zu tun. Wenn ich gesagt …" The man begins with a chilled look of fear on his face before shaking his head as if to dispell the memories of some of the terrifying things he'd seen. "Wir haben vier Kisten hier, aber es gibt 4 weitere auf der anderen Seite des Sees. Wir wollten nicht, um sie alle auf einmal passiert es, falls etwas auf dem See zu bringen." The four crates are placed on the dock and left there even as the man begins to crawl back down into the boat with his associate. "Bleiben Sie hier … wir werden bald zurck sein."

— The conversation is had with his back to Beryl and Tiberius so there is no way that Hector is able to see their physical show of discomfort. Instead he is more than focused on the conversation with the man on the dock. "Der Wald ist harmlos. Vertrauen Sie mir. Tricks und Salon Magie verspreche ich dir." He places a calm hand on the man’s shoulder and smiles once again before nodding at the crates having been offloaded. When the man has turned and is climbing back into the boat Hector turns and looks once more toward his associates, only now noticing their stiffened posture. There is a short pause before he says, "Get the crates. Keep them out of sight." After another moment he adds, "Is there a problem?"

Beryl speaks Latin, not German. Even if she can snatch the occasional word out of the air as it passes between Hector and the men who brought their precious cargo ashore, it's more than she can process in her mind.
Suddenly, the boss turns on them and gives his orders, causing her demeanor to shift decidedly back into a more sanguine posture. "Nein," She replies in a clipped way, tilting her head rather adorably at Hector as she begins to move toward the crates, as commanded.

Tiberius shakes his head. Not speaking, but he's on the clock. Swiftly walking, he makes his way to the crates, and offers a smile to Beryl. Small. For confidence. The man nudges the box with his foot, testing it's weight before he gestures to Beryl wordlessly. '3'. Stacking one atop of the other, and then nodding to her for the third once he's lifted. Ever the gentleman. She can take one.

Beryl, now having regained a good deal of her cocksure confidence and easy-going demeanor, (due largely in part to Tiberius) decides to flash a winningly sweet smile at the German-speaking gentleman as she bends to pick up the one crate left for her to carry. Uncertain of the contents, however, she does lift and carry the thing quite gingerly - like it was made of glass. Whatever is inside is worth cold, hard cash, and she isn't going to be responsible for breaking it. Needless to say, a vaguely worried glance flicks toward Tibs as he totes /three/.

— "Good." Hector replies with a nods he turns to watch the men row out into the lake once more. "There are four more coming and then we can leave. I've already paid my contact so these are just the delivery men." The explanation may not be needed at the moment; however it is possible that Hector is trying to reassure the pair who are keeping quiet for now. "Be very careful with these. I'll explain what they are when are get back to the office."

Beryl, now having regained a good deal of her cocksure confidence and easy-going demeanor, (due largely in part to Tiberius) decides to flash a winningly sweet smile at the German-speaking gentleman as she bends to pick up the one crate left for her to carry. Uncertain of the contents, however, she does lift and carry the thing quite gingerly - like it was made of glass. Whatever is inside is worth cold, hard cash, and she isn't going to be responsible for breaking it. Needless to say, a vaguely worried glance flicks toward Tibs as he totes /three/.
A stern nod is directed at Hector, and the demure little woman easily passes Tiberius, leading the way up the docks to the shadows on land. Setting her burden down, she motions for Tiberius to do likewise with a tiny smirk. "My feet are tired. I need someplace to sit anyway."

Tiberius treats the cargo with respect, but it's light enough for him to carry several easily. They're stacked within the shadows, and then he sighs to her. "Rest, Beryl. I'll get the last four." It's sincere, too, from how he already begins to head back down to Hector.

Before long the boat has returned and the men once again go about their work of unloading the boats contents onto the dock. There is a shared look between them of a sort of confusion about what could warrant this level of secrecy, but it would seem that they will keep this particular question to themselvs. The one whom had been speaking to Hector once again steps forward and speaks. "Das ist alles, was wir erhalten haben." His blue eyes look over Hectors shoulder at the two but seems to linger on the woman. "Wir waren vorsichtig … aber ich kann nicht sicher sein, dass niemand uns kommen sah ber den See sein."

— "Wenn jemand Sie sah es nicht so fr sie zu wissen, was Sie da drauen. Fr alles, was sie wissen, dass Sie und Ihr Freund hier sind einfach nur genieen, ein bisschen Nachtfischen." Hector replies with a smirk and nod before his face becomes somewhat serious and stern once again. His bronze eyes glare at the man and his partner. "Hoffen wir nur, dass keines der Eier beschdigt. Das wre ein Problem fr alle Beteiligten." Without another word Hector turns and begins to walk back down the dock, but he does stop first to pick up two of the small boxes to be carried back to the group. "Wait until they are gone."

Rather like a spoiled princess, Beryl sits herself atop the crates primly and daintily as a delicate flower. A warm, grateful smile is directed at Tiberius before he turns and heads back to join Hector at the end of the dock to collect the remainder of their shipment. Putting on a nonchalant attitude, she leans back and raises one leg to cross and glide over the other as she sits. Very, very quietly, scarcely above her breath, she begins to hum a little tune to herself while she waits, looking up at the sky.

Tiberius retrieves the last two boxes, and brings them back up with a somewhat wary glance behind him. He's not unhappy about having the cargo, to say the least… But ever since; dealing with Germans has been a difficult burden for him.
A problem and a stress he'll have to relieve soon. He joins the pair, and places the boxes down silently. Watching Hector next. Hasn't he been so well behaved?

— Before long the men are gone and the boat is nowhere to be seen. The sounds around them return to what they had been prior to the meeting, just the sounds of the wind and waves crashing softly against the docks. "Good. Let's get these back to the office and we can start unpacking and inspecting them." Hector orders with a smug look of enjoyment at the prospect of inspecting the merchandise. "Within each one of these boxes is a dragon egg. A Chinese fireball to be exact if my contact was being truthful. Each one is a class a-restricted item according to the Ministry, so let’s keep this to ourselves until we can organize a buyers list."

Beryl's little ditty comes to an abrupt end as the gentlemen join her at the end of the dock. Intently, she listens to Hector's words, narrowing her gaze on him critically for a moment, before going wide-eyed with a hint of surprise. A smile creeps in. A very pleased smile at that, possibly with a glint of greed behind her eyes.
Off the crates Beryl hops. Her feet are on the ground, and she rubs her gloved hands together briskly: "Mmm," she almost giggles quietly. "I forgot how good it feels to be the bad guys."

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