(1939-02-16) Chitter Chatter
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Summary: Cousin's Ilsa and Adorabella talk boys and holiday stuffs.
Date: 1939-02-16
Location: Madam Puddifoots Teashop

"Thank you, thank you so much for coming out with me, Ilsa," Dora murmured, as she walked close to Ilsa's side, almost tucked into the taller girl's shadow. Dora didn't go out of the castle on her own, not really. Not without someone safe with her. She panicked too easily. "I'd have never gotten to come on my own." Because she wouldn't leave by herself. "I've never been in here before, though I've seen it walking by enough. It's too pink, for Uly's taste." And it was pinker, with the rose colored glasses the girl was wearing, though on Dora's part, it was likely because she liked looking at the world that way and also, because the pink matched her dress which in turn, made her match the shop. "Aww! Look at the little cherubs!"

Ilsa casts her cousin a warm smile, slinging an arm gently around Dora's shoulders as they walk side by side. "I'm happy to come with you! Thank you for the invite. I've never been in here either beyond peeking through the windows, but it's so cute, isn't it?" Maybe almost a little TOO pink, but the fifth year doesn't seem to mind. "Oh, wow. How fancy! I bet plenty of people passed through these doors this weekend. Quite fitting, don't you think?" She points to a pair of lacy pink chairs, glancing to the other Selwyn. "How about here?"

"You mean..you've never come with a boyfriend?" Her cousin asked, eyes wide as she looked up at Ilsa and snuggled in beneath the arm. "But you're so pretty! I'd have thought you'd gotten to see it already." Gently nudging the glasses down her nose, Dora took in the scene without the help of added pink. "Aww! The chairs!" It's easy to feel the senation that she might well bounce in excitement, though she struggles to keep herself contained. "I suppose lots of people were in here this weekend. I wish my bedroom looked like this." Sheepish grin. "That looks perfect! D'you think they have cocoa on the menu?"

"No. This is the first year anyone's really shown any interest. I never dated before that," Ilsa admits, a tinge of shyness in her tone. "I was seeing Cedric briefly, but now…" A pretty blush rises to her cheeks, nearly matching the pink decor of the teashop. "Well, now Variel and I are courting and I couldn't be happier. We haven't made our way here, but I think I'm going to have to drag him here sometime. It doesn't seem like the kind of spot most boys would really like, but they can manage a little pink every once in a while, right?" Keeping up a steady stream of chatter, she settles into a seat and flashes another fond smile toward her cousin. "How was /your/ weekend? And your room? I could certainly see it looking a lot like this. Mmm, cocoa would be just the thing for a winter day like today."

Dora's little nose wrinkled at mention of Cedric, but it passed when the Gryffindor came up. "He's very nice," Dora agreed, looking at the blush on her cousin's cheeks with an impish grin. "And you like him. It shows. You've turned pink!" Dora giggled. "But he is nice," Dora continued. "He made my wings for me and he plays such pretty music on his flute. He suits you!" The girl beamed, settling into a chair and tucking her legs in. "What's it like, having a boyfriend, Ilsa?" The question was a quiet one, a half whisper really that was meant not to carry.
"And he should definately bring you here." She added, but waved away the question about her weekend in favor of exploring the mystery of boys through someone else's eyes.

Ilsa presses a hand to her flushed cheeks, ducking her head to hide a sudden giddy grin. "I'm so glad you approve, Dora, I really do. It's important what family and friends think, you know? They've never steered me wrong yet. He /is/ nice. And talented and smart and ambitious." She runs a hand through her mass of curly hair, giggling. "I'm quite taken with him already. I trust him and that's so important."
The Hufflepuff fifth year pauses, giving her cousin's question a moment of serious consideration. "It's… it's really nice. Another person willing to look out for you when you need it, to give you a nudge in the right direction when you need it. There's a small part of it that's overwhelming and terrifying too, the feeling of letting go and trusting in someone else. But I think when you're able to do that, it's a good sign. That you're with someone fitting for you." She leans forward, blue eyes focused intently upon her cousin. "Is there someone you fancy, Dora? Or someone who fancies you? I imagine there are /lots/ of someones fancying you as pretty and kind and caring as you are."

Dora giggled at the sight of her cousin blushing so. Her smile one that was sweet and tempered with compassion as her bottom lip tucked between her teeth for a moment. "You're talented and smart and ambitious too, Ilsa!" The girl reminded, before she added on a quieter whisper. "Is he as brave as you are?"
She fell quiet to listening though, when Ilsa explained things, looking away only long enough to order them both tall glasses of cocoa and a and pieces of chocolate cake topped with strawberries to go with it. "You're so brave," she decides, as Ilsa's explination comes to an end. "I don't..I trust people." Sort of. "But it's just…how do you do that, when they're not family? I get so nervous! People make me nervous." In general, so it was hard. Though the girl turned scarlet with the question. "Oh no. No no no. I don't. That wouldn't be.." Dora shook her head.
"And Uly told me that those glasses from school were for soul mates? Or something? He thinks it's silly. Only, I don't think that's right either, because if it were, all relationships would be arranged by divination and there'd be no unhappy marriages and well, I just don't think they work. Uly had little hearts floating all around his head in mine. And he would never approve of me dating anyone."

"Braver than I am. Some days I don't feel very brave at all," Ilsa confides, her voice kept low. "But Variel has been through so much - so much more than I have - and he just… he continues on, because he has to. Perseverance."
"It's hard, trusting people or even getting close enough to learn to trust them. That was why it didn't work with Cedric." This admission is given honestly, in a most straight-forward manner. "I was hearing all these warnings. And honestly? He treated me so well, was so kind to me, but I couldn't let go of the fear that these warnings might need to be heeded. That the happiness would only last so long." Casting Dora a grateful look, she takes a small careful sip of the cocoa before continuing. "With Variel, it's different. I felt at ease around him almost instantly. I can't explain it. It just happened. I'm sure that one day, it will happen for you. But it's nothing to rush. He'll have to be the most sincere, kind person to win your heart, and rightfully so."

Her gaze settles upon the glasses Dora wears, expression growing thoughtful. "Uly had hearts floating around him when you looked at him through the glasses? Hm. I don't know if I believe in all that, but it was a fun experiment, I guess. As for Uly, he's your brother and he loves you. It's his job to protect you. But one day, when the time is right, he'll have to understand that it's okay to take a step back. For your happiness."

"But you always seem brave!" Dora countered, staring at her cousin with wide eyes, at hearing her admission. "And it is a sad, sad terrible thing that happened to him. I…," Dora began, fidgetting with her scarf. "I talked to him..not long after, you know. And he was just..it broke my heart, Illy." Dora admits, before taking a sip of her cocoa to chase away the memories.
"And I'm sorry that things didn't work with you and Cedric but, maybe that's because you weren't where you were supposed to be?" It wasn't much, but it was the best that she could offer.
Though mention of Uly made her smile. "I love him too. He protects me. I took him some chocolates for Valentines and we spent it watching clouds on the balcony for hours, just like we used to do at home. It was fun." But less fun to think about the boy stepping out of her life.

Ilsa shakes her head at Dora, brushing crumbs off of her dress before taking another small bite of cake. "Sometimes. But other times I feel so very uncertain and confused and not so brave at all." The thought of Variel's suffering causes her lips to tug down into a concerned frown. "I can't even imagine what he went through, how hard it must have been to endure all that. You know, the other day Artemis's brother mentioned the curse - right in front of Variel. Ohh, I was so mad, I could have kicked him."
"No, don't be sorry about that. I'm sure you're right. Things have a way of working out exactly as their supposed to. And now I'm with Variel, and everything just feels right." She smiles at her cousin, her expression softening as she listens. "That sounds like such a perfect way to pass time. You're really lucky to have each other. It's easy to see how much love and respect you have for each other."

"Well you don't seem uncertain," the short Selwyn compliments. "I think you seem wonderful. And you're a wonderful person to look up to, too. Because I do, you know." It was almost sheepishly admitted, while the girl dipped a strawberry more deeply through the icing, before seh took a bite.
Though her head snapped up with a look of horror when.. "And in front of him? Oh that's terrible! How can people be so thoughtless and mean! And they are." At that thought, Dora frowned.
"If…if I tell you something, d'you promise not to tell Uly?" Her tone's gone quiet, whisper soft and there's a hint of suspicion in her eyes when she glances about the room.

"You're so sweet, Dora. It's so kind of you to say those things. I admire /you/, y'know. The way you have a kind word and a smile for almost anyone who needs it. I'm not really sure what I would do without you." For Ilsa, speaking so honestly is just second nature and her words are delivered with utmost sincerity.
Frowning again, she offers a solemn nod. "I'm sure he wasn't thinking about what he was saying. He was just talking about charms, but… Merlin's beard, it was such a foolish thing to say. Right in front of Variel. So thoughtless."
She pauses, her gaze following Dora's as she glances over the surroundings. Lowering her voice, she leans in to hear her cousin's words. "Of course. I promise, Dora."

"I try," Dora murmurs, color fusing her cheeks as her gaze lowered rather humbly beneath the praise. Poking about her plate with her fork for a moment, before she managed a tinsy little, "Thank you."
"That's not the kind of charm that one ought to be talking about in polite company or any company at all!" Dora exclaimed, before she managed to calm down and not fret again. But when Ilsa promises..
Gulping, Dora pushes the plate away and considers, again, before she simply.. "I had a date…uhm, weekend before last. With uhm..well, someone else arranged it. And it..it was, he was nice, but then he wasn't and he kept wanting to snog and then..," Dora frowned. "But I said no and then he got mad and pushed me down before he left." Her eyes were so huge, her expression so sad!

All other thoughts fly out of Ilsa's head as she hears Dora's confession. She sits back in her seat, her eyes wide and a stormy look passing over her features. "What! Dora. That is awful! That should /never/ have happened. Never. Who was it? Please tell me." Abruptly rising, she scoots her chair over right next to her cousin's and envelops the other girl in a big hug. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry you experienced that. Please tell me who it was."

"I…," the girl began, looking meek again and sort of, retreating in on herself with the way she let her arms tuck small into her lap, "It hurt, mostly but I fall all the time," as if that somehow defended it or explained it. "And everything else had been nice. There was chocolate mousse in the shape of a heart and a table with a pretty cloth and candles and Alphard made him feel so bad about himself," there was pity in the girl's voice.
"But…but he was so mean!" And he had a reputation as brute thug, which did not help at all. "His…his name is Thomas. Ory said he wanted to hit him for it. People aren't supposed to be that mean."

Still entirely displeased by the news, Ilsa frowns and gives Dora another gentle hug. "It doesn't matter if part of it was pleasant. He should never have treated you that way at all. Should never have assumed he could go further than you were comfortable with or NOT respect you when you told him no. He should /never/ have put his hands on you." She pauses to take a deep breath, trying to calm herself. "Thomas, huh? And Alphard was somehow involved. I'd like to hit him myself!"

"No!" Oh my goodness, the way Dora looks as if she's about to panic is just, screamed from every piece of her being. "No no no. It wasn't Alphard's fault. At all. None. And you can't say anything to him, Ilsa, promise! You can't. He was just trying to be nice, is all and he didn't know, I'm sure or else he wouldn't have done it. At all. It just, it didn't go well. Ilsa," Dora all but clings, "Please, please promise you won't go complain to Alphard about it?"

Ilsa pauses again, long enough to take a deep breath. "Only because you asked, Dora, and because I can tell you truly don't want me to mention it to him. But it doesn't mean I'm going to forget it. And it certainly doesn't mean I have to like him. As for this Thomas? Dora… he can't be allowed to treat you like that. What if he tries something again? I just… ugh. I can't even imagine what I would do if someone hurt you."

"Ilsa, you can't go to Alphard," Dora sounds positively desperate and looks on the verge of tears over the whole thing. "He's a good person. If you aren't nice to him then he's going to think I said something and if he thinks I said something then…please, Ilsa? Please?!" Poor thing looks like she's about to hyperventalite.

Ilsa frowns, Dora's franic state only adding to her consternation. She reaches out to take her cousin's hands in hers, giving them a gentle squeeze. "I won't mention it to him at all, I promise. As for being nice to him…" Her words trail off, her nose wrinkling in distaste - or simply just at the memory, who knows. "Well. We didn't exactly start off on the best foot anyway, so my not being nice to him isn't going to make him suspicious about anything. I promise you." She exhales, staring up toward the ceiling for a moment before looking back to Dora. "Alright. No talking to Alphard or involving him. I still say this Thomas needs to know that he can never touch you - no, so much as LOOK at you! - ever again," she adds fiercely, concern for her cousin flooding her voice.

It's when Ilsa catches her hands and squeezes, along with the explination that nothing would seem strange, that Dora hauls in a deep breath and relaxes, the tension starting to ease her shoulders. The idea of having to do more of the boy's laundry terrifying. "Thank you, Ilsa," gently claiming her hands back, Dora reaches up to hug her cousin, squishy tight and lingers there for a moment, simply taking comfort in the familiar and safe presence. Though it may be somewhat surprising for typically gentle excuse it all nature when she adds, "I don't care what you do to Thomas."

Ilsa captures her bottom lip between her teeth, dropping her gaze and allowing a quiet sigh to escape. She wraps her arms around Dora in a return hug, squeezing her gently. "I hate the thought of you ever being hurt, Dora. Ever. It makes my blood boil." The last comment is completely unexpected. Ilsa was likely thinking her cousin would protest and ask to just drop the topic. Instead, her response causes Ilsa to draw back a bit in surprise - but there's also a hint of pride mirrored in her gaze. "Good. He needs to know that he cannot push you around. You may be sweet and gentle, but you are not weak. And you are not his to mess with." She nods firmly, determination steeling her gaze.

"I'm sorry I upset you, Ilsa," Dora murmured softly against her cousin's shoulder. The disappointment in herself apparent in her tone. "I didn't mean too. I wouldn't have said, if I'd known it was going to make you mad." Which might explain why she hadn't told her brother. So she leaned back a little, with just a hint of a sniffle. "I'm sorry."

"No, don't apologize for that," Ilsa answers quickly in an attempt to reassure Adorabella. "I would rather be angry and upset than not know something was wrong. I hope you will always feel that you can come to me about anything troubling you. Or with questions, good news, anything!" She pauses, her gaze lowered just a little. Now she has a moral dilemma… does she break her promise to her cousin or hide the truth from Ulysses, who will likely only be even more furious if he does find out later? Pushing the thoughts away, she gives Dora another gentle hug. "Don't be sorry. /Thomas/ should be sorry."

"I will," Dora promises, as Ilsa makes that invitation. It isn't like she has a sister that she could go to. Or a mother who's…there. Mamma had her own problems, her own fears and her own near catatonic silence and honestly, some days Dora feared she'd end up just like her. "It's..nice, you know. Knowing I can come to you. Thank you, Ilsa." It's a chaste and sisterly kiss that Dora settles on her cousin's cheek then, when that extra hug is given, before she withdraws, settling back and plucking the last strawberry from her plate. "Some people, I don't think, are just ever going to be nice." Depressing sigh.

"It is, very nice. I have Clare, but she's so young and there's so much I can't talk to her about yet," Ilsa confides. "It's nice to have someone to chat with about anything that comes to mind." Pushing away her conflicted thoughts about what to do, she offers another warm smile. "Anytime, Dora. I mean it. Any time at all. And I suppose you're right about that. Some people are just mean and unpleasant, and there's nothing to really be done." Except let them know that they can't push your family around, obviously!

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