(1939-02-16) Gifting a View-Master
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Summary: Clover and Kenneth meet at the diner, and are soon joined by Cassiel. Is it any shock that talk turns to Muggle toys?
Date: 16 February, 1939
Location: Freighter's Diner, London
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It's not all that often that Clover is on the Muggle side of London, however there are times that she needs to be on this side of the tracks. Finding herself a bit peckish, she gives into one of her guilty pleasures. Greasy Muggle food. Having made herself at home on one of those large red stools, Clover is tucking into the food that is in front of her, and even has a mug of coffee in front of her. Nomnom. She's dressed in Muggle attire, in a black pencil skirt and a crisp white shirt. Her chartreuse healer robes are on a hook over in the corner, which may have gotten some looks from some people, but she did not seem to mind.

Kenneth is seated by the window table with no company but a newspaper. His hat is laid aside, his clothes are those of a military man in the Muggle army. He is eating a plate of fish and chips, nursing a cup of tea. It seems that he is engrossed in his reading, something in the paper keeping his interest.

It's a new place for him but the weekend had found Cassiel on the other side of the secrecy line himself, and typically resulted in a little bit of exploring, especially since one of the Muggle fathers he'd been interviewing had mentioned something that just… caught his attention. Muggle beer. Chips, gravy, and beer… he lived off the stuff, but simply put, Muggle brews simply were better, in his estimation. And since he'd heard they had a local beer on tap, well… that decided it.
So in walks Cassiel. His outfit is… odd… Indeed, aside from the loss of the top hat, it might even be the same exact outfit. Oddly enough, without it, he doesn't look half as conspicuous. Pity, that, since the hat was his favorite. Two coats, one brown one grey, layered over a black vest with a chain leading to a pocket-watch. White shirt, black tie, brown slacks, and black boots complete the ensemble.

The rustling of paper does cause Clover to look over her shoulder and ther eis something familiar about the head behind it. Slipping from her stool, she'll walk over to the booth and peek over the top of the paper. "Be careful, too much reading causes you to go blind." Seeing that someone else as joined them, Clover looks over the attire, and there is a very small knowing smile on her lips as he walks in. She doesn't know the man, but she's pretty sure he didn't walk out of a time machine, so she gives him a warm smile.

Kenneth looks up. "Ah, Clover.. it is good to see you." The paper is neatly folded and put aside. "Please, do join me.. I was finished with this article." Standing, he offers her a seat with a sweep of his hand.

The smile is noted with a wide grin from the man, the act making the whiskers on his cheeks bristle just a tad, before Cassiel returns his attention to the bar. This he approaches eagerly, a grin on his face, as he catches the attention of someone to take his order. And indeed, it's his usual… although who knows just how well that will be done as opposed to what he normally gets at the Cauldron. The important part, the house tap… that's what he's keen on anyhow.

Clover settles into the booth, smiling at Kenneth as she joins him. "It seemed to be a very riveting article, what was it about?" She says with a keen interest. However seeing Cassiel over at the bar on his own, she gestures toward him. "Surely, we have room for him here, do we not?" Clover, ever the social butterfly, doesn't seem to wait for an answer. "Please, join us, I am sure this booth is more comfortable than that stool."

Kenneth looks to her and nods. "Of course, there is room for all." He lifts the paper, it is a few days old. It is also not printed in English, but rather in German. "The Germans launched a new ship, the Bismark in Hamburg. It is a matter of some national pride." He retakes his seat. "News like this does nothing to make me feel more at ease with Germany, let me tell you."

The beer comes first. When the offer to join is made, he motions to the person taking his order that he'll be moving, and with a smile, Cassiel spins from his seat to approach the other two, "Greetings!" He offers, beer in hand, looking at both. Then, looking at Kenneth's book, he seems about to say something else before his smile seems to some how impossibly widen, "Mister Benton!" Apparently the two know each other?

"No, that does not sit well with me either." Clover says, shaking her head. "The whole thing is unsettling, are they still thinking of sending you over there?" She remembers him mentioning something about that at some point. When Cass joins them, she'll nod her head and smirk at the two men. "Well then, I am the only one that has not been introduced." She says wtih an easy smile.

Kenneth nods. "Clover, this is Mister Umbridge. He will be working with my Petra getting her ready for school. I think he will also be helping Greyson when he discovers his special artistic talents. After all, children with special talents should go to special schools where their skills can be nurtured by those who know better than I."

There's a grin that Cassiel offers clover as Kenneth introduces him to Clover, and he holds out a hand, "Cassiel, please… although most folks call me Cay. And Mister Benton is right… it won't be long now at all before I'll be helping young Petra prepare for her new schooling. I'm a Liaison with the Ministry. Helping folks out with their talented children when the need arises." Of course, there's no specification as to which Ministry. Muggles love their assumptions, after all.

"Ah yes, and I am sure she will take the castle by storm." Clover says with a smirk. "Clover Weaver Mcnair." She says with a nod of her head, offering her hand for shaking toward Cassiel. "I heal people." There, that's probably the best Muggle-safe way she can describe her job, and she's sure that if Cay is with the Ministry he'll know what she's talking about.

Kenneth :smiles and takes a seat. "I think that at least if nothing else, your gardens will grow greener when she arrives. I love the way she has her mother's way with flowers.. my Pet has such a green thumb, just as her mother had." He sips his tea and munches on another chip. "Are you enjoying your time in London, Cay?"

"A pleasure, Miss Monair, unless I may presume to call you Clover as well." Cassiel offers as he takes a seat himself. Then, before he answers Kenneth, he take a long sip of his beer, the foam of course clinging to his mustache. A sound of pleasure escapes him for just a moment. "It's lovely," he answers, before grabbing something to wipe off his upper lip.

"She is fantastic with plants, I enjoyed having her in my gardens the last time she visited." Turning back to Cay, she nods her head. "Clover is fine, it's far easier than choosing which last name to use." SHe'll say with a smirk. "I just had some shopping to do myself, my nephews birthday is soon and he apparently has a fascination with toys."

Kenneth smiles. "A good pint is appreciated where ever you go." There is a knowing nod for Cay's love of the beer and there is a glance for Clover too. "Toys are a delight to any child. Mechanical toys, stuffed animals….. all make a child feel the thrill of imagination. I enjoy watching the glow in my children's eyes when a new toy comes their way." He looks to Clover "What sort of toys are you looking for?"

"If you want a good local toy for a child… there's this new thing they came out with last year called a 'View-Master'. Wonderful little toy. Allows you to see images as if they had depth and dimension… and they use it to tell stories." Cassiel: resident toy aficionado.
"And nurture that. The local toys," he emphasizes the word local as if to suggest Muggle, "are truly fascinating."

"Yes, but I spoil him enough as it is. I was really looking for something that he could not only play with, but learn from as well." Hearing of Cay's suggestion she'll nod her head. "That might do the trick. I want to make sure he does get some local toys, because I don't know how much interaction he'll have with the local crowd." She says, adapting to Cay's word. "Next time I have him, I'll have to bring him on the next play date. Donovan needs to be with more than just his cousin."

Kenneth smiles. "I would be more than happy to help you with shopping for the youngster, but alas, I have to return to work. It was good to see you both, we should meet up more often."

Cassiel nods his head affably to Clover, "Oh, it's absolutely designed as a learning tool. They're even suggesting there may be military applications… or at least that's what I read in the literature. I've got one myself, although sadly the springs in it ran out so quickly…" But that's to be expected with him.
As Kenneth gets up to leave he smiles, and lifts his glass to him. "Cheers."

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