(1939-02-17) All Torn Up
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Summary: After a nasty splinch, Shelley ends up in the red light district - where she is thankfully found by two wizards.
Date: 1939-02-17
Location: Red Light District
Related: Immediately following the events of Never Negotiate in a Cemetery and part of the What Men Kill For plot. Something Inferi'd follows.

It's full dark - music fills the air, girls wait on stoops trying to coax customers inside, and both pimps and whore work to coax customers away from the establishments, and into more private agreements.

Near one of the alleyways there's a loud crack, followed by the crash of a metal trashcan being knocked over. Shelley grits her teeth, but a pained cry slips out, anyways. Where is she? Where is Narelle? Where is that /creature/? Did she… did she destroy it? Her? Where was…

She's a mess, of course. A twisting strip of flesh is missing, going from her hairline, down the right side of her face and across her right breast to her stomach. One hand clutches at her torn flesh, and is quickly covered with blood from the fresh injury. "No, no, no, no…"

Galahad is taking a stroll through London, and how exactly he ended up in his side of town is anyones guess though maybe it was work study there's some sort of love going on here right? The tall man wears his Muggle attire with a long coat over it to blend in. He waves a hand at an interested party "No, thank you just passing through." he will continue on his way though as he is passing near an alley way there's a familiar crack and a crash. He'll peek back before making his way down the alley he hears her before seeing her though upon the site "Oh my miss." he says removing his coat quickly he will approach "We'll get you to St Mungo's but let me cover you with this coat apply pressure where you can. He isn't entirely sure what to do but basics are basics.

For her part, Katherine is coming out of House Lorelei because… Because courtesans make good informants. Pillow talk and all that jazz. She's in the process of stretching at the doorway when she's startled out of is by the noise in the alley followed by Galahad running down into it. "Well, what do we have here?" she murmurs to herself before following to see what's going on. Since she was slower than Galahad in getting there all she sees when she actually makes it into the alley is the man leaning over someone she can't see. "OK. And what pray tell is going on here?"

Oh no. Oh no. A Muggle. Shelley has somehow managed to stay upright until now, but after taking a stumbling step backward, she ends up falling onto her rear, leaning back against the wall and putting up one hand, wardingly. He'll take her to one of their horrible doc-

Did he say St. Mungo's?

She accepts the coat gratefully, though for the moment she makes no attempt to rise. "I need…. I need to get back to Cheddar." The reason why was a bit jumbled. There was a girl. Hurt? Dead? And Alis and… and something she had to stop.

The older man is standing for the moment well until she tries to move "Please be still." Galahad says worried expression is in his eyes the other seems confused. "Galahad Weasley, I believe I've seen you at the ministry." he says hoping to clear things up. He does kneel though the coat held in his hands he will help her with the coat. "I'm sorry but that should wait your hurt but it's not bad the healers can fix you up." he pauses at the sound of approach and then a voice he will turn back the other he believes he recognizes as well "She's hurt, I am trying to assist her." he says calmly.

Weasley. A Weasley. A good, proper wizarding name. That's good. "It's important," Shelley insists quietly. "I- there's-" She hugs the coat right around herself, wincing from the pain, and letting out groan. "Alis is-" There's an image in her mind, her shouting 'Bombarda,' Alis flying back and hitting a wall, blood trickling from her mouth…

But no. That can't be true. That can't be true. "I'm an auror. I have to go back," she insists desperately.

OK, so she might not have seen the person being helped at first but she recognizes the voice as she gets closer. And the worried phrases.

Coming to stand next to Galahad she says, "Good evening Mr Weasly. Auror Sykes and the charming lady you're attempting to help is Auror Prewett. And by the looks of it we need to do something a bit drastic to hold your coat hard enough on those wounds to step the blood flow until we can get her to Mungo's… Thank goodness its late." As an aside to Galahad she adds, soto-voce, "She will probably get a little upset about this next bit." Looking over her shoulder to make sure there are no Muggles in sight she pulls her wand out of her coat pocket and quietly but forcefully says, "Incarcerous!"

Thick ropes shoot out of her wand and wrap tightly around Shelley's body, pressing the coat mercilessly against her wounds. "I'm sorry Shelley, honey. But Alis has to wait until we have you all patched up or you're not going to do her any good." she says in as soothing a voice as she can, even thought her expression shows no expectation that it will work.

Galahad turns back from the new arrival as he's spoken to again. He is confused it's clear by the others words as they don't really make any sense to him at least. "I'm afraid I should insist on the trip to the hospital but i'll make sure someone looks into that for you. I can promise." he looks back "Auror Sykes." he looks back "Auror Prewett, it's good to meet the both of you." he will say though he doesn't know what the other is planning he will step back. His eyes widen at the spell, but perhaps that will help. "Can we apparate her to the hospital like this?"

As the ropes wrap around her, Shelley lets out a cry of pain in reaction to the pressure they apply. She struggles uselessly against them, her breathes coming ragged and uneven. "No!" Who- why…

But something in the tone seems to get through - or maybe it's the soothing way Katherine says her name, and Alis's. "Kat…" Yes. Now it's 'Kat.' "Cheddar. I was in the cemetery. I-" She attacked someone. Alis? Why would she ever attack Alis? "I can't remember!" she cries desperately, trying again to break free of the ropes. She still holds her blackthorn wand tightly in one hand - though she doesn't even seem aware of it.

Kat takes in Shelley's pale skin and the blood on the visible parts of her body and slowly shakes her head, "I don't know… She's pretty hurt already and if we make a mistake we might really hurt her." Kat takes a big breath, holds it for a moment with her eyes closed, then lets if out in a loud sigh. "But we can't really parade her around London like this. Sooner or later a bobby would stop us to ask a question. We might have to risk it."

The man turns back to the injured woman. "I'm so sorry about this Miss Prewett, but it's the best way to keep pressure on." Galahad will say to her and he does seem apologetic, he does turn to the other auror a moment "Yes, that wouldn't go well i'm afraid. Hm we each take a side, and side-along to the hospital, less chance we'll both have an issue." he says moving to stand on one side in case this plan is agreed to.

"Kat," Shelley pleads quietly. She doesn't know what to do. Struggling hurts - but Katherine is a fellow auror. She's trying to help, she tells herself. She's trying to help. And she needs to- where did she need to go? She lets out a pained, and rather helpless groan.

Katherine sets herself up on the other side of Shelley, helping support her while murmuring in the same soothing tone she used before, "We'll get you to Mungo's and then I'll go check and see what's happening in Cheddar, OK, Shelley? But you need to get medical treatment urgently." Looking over at Galahad she nods her head slightly, the message hopefully clear. She's ready to go.

Cheddar. That's right. Cheddar. Shelley's relieved as Kat reveals the location - but the relief doesn't last. The trio turns in place, then she feels like she's between stretched, and sucked through a narrow straw. She's screaming when she comes out the other end - but not for long. It's probably a relief to all involved with the injured auror passes out from her injuries.

Kat makes sure that Shelley is being properly attended to then she keeps her promise. Regardless of the fact that she expects to find absolutely nothing in Cheddar she makes her way there to make sure there wasn't a grain of truth in Shelley's distressed, confused memories.

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