(1939-02-17) Mourning at the Leaky Cauldron
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Summary: Something is amiss at the Leaky Cauldron. It looks like a funeral home and the orders for once in known history the orders are coming out wrong!
Date: February 17th 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Nine-to-fives are for sissies. No. Aurors abide by much more interesting, and much more unpredictable schedules. Besides - this is Shelley's day off.
Well, it's probably her day off. You're never really /guaranteed/ a day off unless you're in hospital.
She slips in, not much feeling like cooking today, and makes her way up to the counter. "Coffee and a plate of eggs and blood sausage, with some of that toast with the crispy crust," she requests. "Thanks." She turns and makes her way back to a seat, dropping into it casually, and slouching.

"You're one of the ones I talked to at the ministry, aren't you?" remarks Cyril half-handedly over the top of his newspaper. He folds it it in half and tosses it down onto the table, his hands now reaching to reclaim the cup of coffee that Elly had left for him a few moments prior.

The Leaky Cauldron is much more subdued than usual. More obvious than the flowers from people sending their sympathies to the Dodderidge family and the fact that Elly isn't out on the floor brightening up everyone's day with her sunny disposition. No, the most obvious sign that something just isn't right in the Leaky Cauldron is that food is coming out wrong. Instead of the Eggs and Blood Sausage and coffee Shelley ordered Elly does come out with a plate of bangers and mash and a hot apple cider. It all looks delicious as usual of course. But it's not the usual lovingly arranged presentation on top of it being the wrong order entirely. "Here ye go dearie." A brave smile is given to Shelley as the red rimmed puffy eyed wench puts the plate and mug down before Shelley.

It's morning. Shelley and Cyril are sitting at neighboring tables.
Shelley considers the man for a moment, and then responds with, "And you're Malfoy's brother. Catch up with her to share you insights, I hope?" she asks.
The plate delivered to her is given an odd look first, before she shares the expression with Elly. There's a momentary silence before Shelley responds with, "Thank you. Could I get a coffee, as well?" Look! She has a heart, sometimes.

As a rule, all levels of wizarding society can be found represented within the Leaky Cauldron at any given time. This morning, there is a distinct lack of upper-class snobbery… at least, until Beryl Crabbe enters the pub. Normally, she wouldn't come to such a place for her morning repast, but today is an exception, apparently.
Gliding smoothly into the room with feline grace, the rather strikingly out of place auburn-haired lady comes. She wears a feminine woolen coat of a dark crimson hue, and the collar is trimmed with lush, black fur. Pausing momentarily to sweep her surroundings with a green-eyed gaze, she begins to remove black velvet gloves slowly. Her eyes fall upon the large quantity of flowers - notably the type of arrangements sent with sympathy in mind - and her expression remains calm for the moment.

Graham enters from the London side of the pub it seems he's either not going to work yet or just having breakfast he will pause a moment to look about see if he knows anyone here he does spot Shelley which works and one other he's met twice he will move towards the bar to give his order "Hey.." it's nerly a pause "Prewett." he says he'll get these rules down one day! He moves to the bar spotting Elly he smiles "Elly lady, it's been too long." he'll call over.

Elly gives Graham a weak little wave, but she does smile a bit more towards the regular. "Well that's what ye get for being a hero." She meant is playfully at first but it struck it's own chord in the wench and she sniffles with her head lowered as she lifts up the cup of coffee she's poured for Shelley. Then next to the mug comes a little saucers of cream and sugar. So that Shelley can make the coffee to her own taste. Again the sugar and creamer are like you'd get anywhere else. The cream isn' gently warmed so that it doesn't cool down the coffee too much and the sugar within its saucer is just a pile of sugar…hopefully it's sugar and not salt with how scatterbrained Elly is lately. Usually she'd etch a little heart or happy face or some sort of little cute doodle in the sugar. Just those little sorts of touches that make Elly and the Leaky Cauldron just that little extra something than most other places have.

The Leaky Cauldron looks and feels like a funeral parlor. Beryl has drawn that conclusion. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

Drifting over to the bar, she motions one of the wenches over and makes her order quietly; crumpets, coffee, and of all things, a chocolate liqueur on the side. Then, she moves languidly to one of the tables near the Auors and Cyril to quietly observe, seemingly. There is even a slight narrowing of her cool green eyes as her coat is removed and draped across the back of her chair. Prewett strikes a bell, and something about the gentleman who called out the name…

Quietly, Beryl seats herself and smoothes her skirt, settling in to wait for her breakfast.

Shelley nudges her cider wordlessly over towards Graham, and smiles at Elly. "Thank you," she repeats, picking up the coffee in both hands. She takes a sip without adding anything to it, and turns her head to study Graham. He /look/ sober - and not hung over, either. That's probably good. "How're you?"

"Sadly no, actually. She's a bit hard to get ahold of these days. I'm sure she's got everything under control, though. She is Edwarlinda, after all," remarks Cyril with a grin and a minor squinting of those golden eyes. Those eyes find their way to Elly's features and his grin falters as he observes her. He remembers her slightly, of course, but doesn't muster up the gumption to say anything at the moment. The new arrivals each get a nod from the man.

The auror will order his usual cider and chips yes even this early he does hold the shot a bit off drinking for at least a little bit. Graham turns back to look at Elly's words expecting the usual cheer coming back his way but it's not there. "I do have that habit yes. Not sure how well I do at it though." he will say about being a hero though oddly his face also turns down slightly, and turning away though the sadness would usualy prompt him to fix it for Elly, but perhaps it's best not to right now. The nudged cider gets a smile "Thanks." he says taking a drink before answering. "Well i'm out and about." he lowers his voice "I'm tryin." before back to conversation. "How about yourself?" he will turn returning the nod "Mr Malfoy." he'll respond no use pretending not to remember the name.

Elly is given Beryl's order and she nods as she looks it over. "Get ye the usual loverly?" Is asked of Graham as she back up towards the kitchen door, she nods when it's affirmed and with that she turns around and disappears into the kitchen. It might be the sound of a tea kettle whistle. Or it could be Elly in a bout of sobbing. It's hard to tell.

Shelley shrugs her shoulders. "Got nothing to complain about," she responds. She eyes her plate for a moment before adding with a hint of annoyance, "Other'n the fact that this is /not/ what I ordered." She does try to keep her voice pitched low incase Elly is walking by, though. She sees no real need to poke at such an easy target.
She starts cutting off a piece of one of her bangers, while glancing aside at Cyril. "Huh. /That/ busy, huh? Well, she has a big case on her plate. If you want to stop by the office sometime - I'd be happy to note down anything you wanted her to know, and slip it onto her desk. In case it does turn out to be of use."

Demure and refined, Beryl still carefully observes the Aurors and their companion, mainly. Not that anyone is saying anything of direct interest, seemingly. Again, her attention drifts toward Elly, who is obviously fighting through great distress to work. Once the lady has left the room, Beryl inclines her head slightly and clears her throat very lightly before speaking up, directing herself at Shelley, who seems to have her wits about her: "You'll pardon my asking, but what tragedy is behind this?" A vague motion of her hand indicates the flowers around the room.

The flounce of skirts and fashion that is Miss Moody sweeps in, with a decidedly distracted air and a lingering sense of not being entirely there. It's a look found often on those who have the nagging sensation of forgetting something. Something that's quite likely important or will be in the future, but as it refuses to appear, Nox instead, tunes into the present.
It's done with a beaming smile towards any who happen to glance her way, as if she'd always meant to be there.

Elly returns not too much longer since her leaving and she sets down a plate of chips dashed about on a plate and it's put before Graham. Even in her state the regulars are least likely to get mixed orders, especially since it's just a mound of fries. "Ere ye go loverly." Elly tries to be as sun shiny at her friend as she usually is. It's a genuine attempt, it just falls a bit flat. For Beryl unfortunately she gets table rolls and a hot chocolate. It's spiked Hot chocolate at least! "'Ere ye are miss." Her usual musical lilting bit of cockney is raw and froggy from her mourning.

The young auror watches Elly walk back "Thank you.." he is worried about her it appears he's missed something important in his time retreating himself. Graham looks back to Shelley nodding "I'm glad to hear that will cept that last bit." he gives a half smile though the question from the lady he doesn't recognize catches his attention she gets a nod in greeting a friendly smile or the best he can before turning back to the doorway another entering in. "Miss Moody, hello it's good to see you again." he greets motioning to see if she'd like to join the table. He will look back as the chips arrive "Thank you." he says and yes he notices something is off but waits for the answer not wishing to pry.

Shelley's only response to Beryl's question is a shrug, and a shake of her head - seeing as Elly has reappeared. But she doesn't know the answer anyways. Well - /someone's/ probably dead. But saying that right now would be needless and cruel. Instead, she steals one of Graham's chips.

"I'll keep that in mind," Cyril says in response to Shelley before he looks over to Graham, "Cohen, wasn't it?" He'll take a sip of his coffee, looking the man over over the brim of his cup. His eyes move to Nox as she enters and he offers her a warm smile and a nod before he unfolds his newspaper and goes about flipping through it, again.

Green eyes fall upon the breakfast laid before Beryl on the table, and there is the faintest hint of a twitch in her otherwise impassive features. Whatever else she may be, Miss Crabbe remains a lady and says nothing but a gracious and simple: "Thank you, my dear." She gets rolls and spiked hot cocoa this morning - she can roll with it.
A half-smile and nod is directed at Shelley for her lack of helpful answer, but the woman seems to be determined to deal with the situation regardless.

During the course of Beryl's quiet meal, she keeps largely to herself. However, at one point, she motions to a young squib who offers services as a messenger of sorts and writes something on a slip of paper before giving him a tip. Off he trots, and she rises to her feet. After paying for her meal, the woman slips just as quietly as she came in; however, the messenger boy returns shortly afterward, delivering a very elegant floral arrangement to the bar for Elly. An appropriate sympathy card is attached, and signed (probably inexplicably) Beryl V. Crabbe.

"Mister Cohen!" Nox greets with a charming little fingerwave, whilst the same warm smile is employed towards Cyril. "Malfoy!" It's Graham's table that she makes her way towards, for all that the outpouring of floral does draw the eye. "It's nice to see you both as well." An encompassing greeting, before the distracted look returns.

Shelley gives Graham a brief look. Now see what he's done? Invited someone to her /table/ and she's going to have to - ugh. Be /social/. But she forces a smile onto her features. "Hello again. Did you ever return that hat?" she asks casually, before taking another bite of her food.

Graham doesn't quite get an answer but it's alright he can probably speak to the other more directly at another time. He doesn't mind the chip being stolen but arches an eyebrow, he's learned it's no fun when the chip is offered. He looks back to the man "Correct, it's been a bit met with your brother and my sister at the tea shop I think it was." He says looking back and returns the wave to Nox as it's given "Food is on me if you want anything." he will offer he catches the look given from Shelley and winces quickly though it's more theatrical

Cyril is apparently chopped liver over at his table by himself. He just shrugs as Nox moves to join Graham and Shelley and takes a sip of his coffee, continuing his reading. After a moment, he'll set his paper back down, along with his cup. He mulls something around in his head a bit before he pulls a coin from his pocket. One very similar to the one he gave to Jack on his fisrt visit to the Cauldron. After just another moment more, he'll set it on the table and stand up to take his exit.

Nox doesn't go where she isn't invited! He could have…invited her, rather than smile and then find the paper more important. That's not how you catch a peacock! And this one..positively beams at Shelley. "Return the…Oh. No. Not yet. But I did send the darling gentlemen a picture." It came with a wink, whilst Nox let her gaze roam for a moment, before glancing back towards Graham. "Mmm, offering to buy dinner. That doesn't count as a date, you know." Though she doesn't expect one, it's simply fun to watch the poor dear squirm. "Though, have you spoken with Lestrange yet?"

Elly seems to be doing alright. That is until she is bringing an order out to a goblin. She's just setting the wrong order down before him when the glint of gold catcher her eye and it makes her jump in her skin, which causes the plate to flick just enough that half of the bangers and mash (instead of toad in the hole) gets sloshed out onto the goblins lap. Gobbledegook is angrily snarled at her and it sends Elly running for the kitchen sobbing and apologizing while another of the wenches cleans up the mess.

A picture. …she's not going to ask. Instead, she lets herself be distracted by the goblin, snarling at the distraught woman. "Oh, there's a fellow with tact. But what do you expect?" she asks.
She looks over at Graham, before asking, "Do you know who died?" /Someone/ must have.

Graham turns back to the table as they speak of the hat and a picture he'll take a drink of cider. He looks back to Nox and manages a smile smile it's a weak attempt "No of course not, I enjoy paying for friends food still owe you though." he says shaking his head "I haven't, but I will things have been uh difficult lately." he says not much explanation as the scene with goblin unfolds he is on his feet though Elley moves away and into the kitchen he frowns looking back to Shelley before he seems to finally take in the tavern at large. "Oh no.. Jack." he sits hard onto his seat and motions towards a picture with a black cloth over it. "Her husband." he says and it's forced out holding together though.

"Ouch," Shelley remarks, taking a drink from her coffee. "That's damn rough. Shouldn't be…" Curled up with a bottle of whiskey somewhere? That's her coping 'strategy' of choice.

"That poor thing!" Nox exclaimed, though in a tone at least that was moderately quiet enough for their table without being rude or too attention drawing with it. "Oh bless her heart. And she's still trying to work?" It came with a glimmer of compassion, or as much compassion as one who's never loved anything so much as their own reflection. It left her a little unclear on what should follow to help make things better. So instead, Nox ordered a mulled wine from a passing server, so's not to further press upon the distraught one.

The auror looks back to behind the bar "I don't know, he was in the RAF. She shouldnt be here working no." Graham gets it wrong but it's also probably what she meant somewhere at least down deep or something. The young man doesn't know what to do, or well he think he does but he's not sure he's able to "I should go say something." he says his voice a tad shaky though he'll try to catch a look from Shelley and help she can offer either direction still standing and waiting.

"If you're friends - then you should," Shelley agrees, giving Graham an encouraging smile. /She/ certainly isn't going to go say a damned thing. Isn't her place, and doesn't fall in her skill set, anyways. "Go take care of her," she encourages, and then adds, "I'll mind your chips for you," helpfully.
She takes the basket of chips, moving it so its between herself and Nox.

Not being a regular and not being well…an irregular? David walks into the Leaky Cauldron, looking the very picture of doom and gloom as always, his features sinking as he observes the multitude of condolences being poured around. He hefts a sigh and moves to stand near the bar, slipping out of his long trench-coat and setting it down on the stool next to the one he chooses as his own. A look is cast about at everyone gathered and he almost looks as if he would speak to the table where everyone is, but he nips that idea in the bud; instead deciding to wait on a server.

Graham looks to the two at the table a moment but it seems that he's on his own nodding "Thanks Shelley." he says to her he'll nod to Nox as well before he slowly heads his way back to the kitchen he'll explain his intentions to one of the staff behind the bar and it seems he's in enough to be trusted as he disappears back into the kitchen.

"I…d'you know, the thing I enjoy most about my job is that, there's a lot of sad but I can just, erase it. No one has to deal with it." Clearly Nox lives in a dangerous bubble. "But the chips are nice." Graham is on his own. Nox does not seem to be inclined to involve herself. "Thank you, for sharing."

"Yeah. You get to do the tidy clean-up - we get to hold onto all of it," Shelley remarks, a tight and forced smile on her features. There's one particular snippet of memory rising to her own mind now - Alis looking towards her, blood staining her friend's lips.
She takes a drink from her coffee.

"So, what's going on in here?" David finally asks after he puts in his order for a simple mug of beer. He turns on his stool and notes the two women sitting at the table nearest him. "I mean…" He gestures to the flowers and such and just lets his hands fall back to his legs. Anyone who might be so inclined to listen to the Wireless late at night, might recognize the man's voice.

Elly waves her wand when all of the cutlery and hung and unused pots and pans start to twitch and angle towards Graham as he steps into the kitchen. Her mother has particular wards set up to keep non-staff from wandering into the kitchen and possibly stealing their recipes. She lifts her head to try and smile at Graham. But when their eyes meet she just cracks and sobs out, "Oh Graham..wot am I gonna do?" As she comes towards him to basically bury her face in his chest and cling to him in a needy hug.

"True enough," Nox agreed, with a little bob of her head and a glance towards where Graham had departed. "And on that note," the woman rose to her feet. "You'll have to excuse me." A slight tip of her head and with compensation for the server who'd taken an order never finished, Moody slipped out.

The auror pauses at the sight of the items are threatened at him his eyes widen though as the other waves them off, Graham will relax and look towards he more directly and manages "Oh Elly, i'm so sorry." he has to be made of tough stuff at the moment he will step up and reach out to wrap his arms around her and gives a squeeze rubbing her back lightly "You'll let me help you for starters no matter what you need a place to stay for you both or anything." its said softly to the other but he will also just hold on as long as she needs.

Shelley shrugs her shoulders, giving David a tight smile. "Seems one of the serving girls - her husband died," she explains, gesturing towards back where Graham had gone. "She's trying to work today - she should be at home with family, the poor thing."

Elly rubs Graham's back as well, it's a good long tight hug, but eventually she seems to feel better enough to release her tight grip. "Oh, thank ye loverly. But we are good and fine here. Evie is upstairs taking care of Squidge and Mumsie. Dada's been going to Whitehall to see iffin somefing can't be done…" She tucks in at Graham's side and side hugs him all the while heading into the pub again, back around the bar.

David furrows his brow at Shelley's explanation and says, "That's a shame." He 'hrmm's softly and turns back around as his beer arrives before swirling it around. He runs through a list of employees in his head, but once Elly steps back into the pub, a sympathetic look takes over his face, though he refrains from comment at the moment.

When Elly reappears, Shelley's gaze goes towards the door, expecting Graham to follow. She picks up another shop, popping it into her mouth, rather than eating her own plate of bangers and mash.

Graham will look over the other "Well not just those things but anything I can help with at all." he'll keep an arm around the other as well but as she moves back towards the pub he'll try to slow her either way though he'll lean in close to speak only so she can hear. "You shouldnt be working, I know keeping busy is good trust me i'm doing the same on a lesser scale, but this is too much let me take your tables? Be with your family and the little one." he will say worry and care is tinged to his voice. He doesn't explain to much though.

Elly rolls up onto the balls of her feet to give Graham's cheek a grateful kiss. "I'm on kitchen duty. Nothing taxing. It's alright Graham, really. Fank ye though loverly. Very sweet o' ye. Sit down, let me bring ye anothah bit of chips and cider. Share wif yer friend. She's vert pretty…an' no frettin bout ol' Elly, aye?" She pats his belly with a brave smile.

David takes a sip of his beer and just watches Elly for a moment, 'hrmmm'ing softly. He shrugs a bit to himself and leans against the bar, looking down into his mug.

Shelley starts back in on her bangers and mash, chopping up the rest of her banger, and stirring it into her mash. Then she takes one of Grahams chips, and dips it into the mess she's made on her plate.
What? Do I judge you?
…Okay, yeah. Sometimes she does.

The auror doesn't seem so certain but the kiss to his cheek calms him "Okay, but please let me know if I can do anything any time day or night hm? Fraid I cant not fret about you Elley i'll shoot for not being a pain though." he does want to be sure she knows she's not alone the belly pat gets a grin and a chuckle. Graham will obey though heading back towards his table it's not the time nor does he have the heart to broach the subject of Sorcha anyways. "Shelley." he greets again as he returns the other gets a nod though he cant put a name immediately "Graham Cohen." he introduces.

Elly sends Graham off with one more sweet and grateful kiss to her cheek. But more orders are rolling in so as he steps around she steps back into the kitchen to try her best not to mess up this round of orders like she did the last. It's the waking up in the morning part that throws her for the worst loop. But bit by bit as the day goes on and the meals are churned out, things seem a bit more normal. By evening, they are down right spot on. If a bit lacking in the usual Elly Flare.

David looks up from his beer and back over his shoulder to Graham, "Huh? Oh…David Smith." His Southern drawl is seemingly fading away the older he gets, but it's still noticable. Obviously this one ain't from roun' here. "I've heard your name before. It's good to finally put a face to it."

The two introduce themselves - but Shelley stays out of it. Instead she leaves them to talk - not even seeming to mind Graham refering to her as 'Shelley,' for once. She picks up her coffee, another another drink, while poking the food on her plate with her fork.

"Ah likewise, i've heard your name as well." Graham says across the table moving to sit down lightly he will look back to the other auror a moment "Thanks for guarding the chips i'm sure they never felt more safe, good thing reinforcements are on the way though." he says with a small chuckle he's trying to not think at the moment which obviously makes him a bit goofy.

David smiles to the man and sets his payment down on the counter. He takes a deep breath and releases a sigh, "Well, I think I should be heading out. Gotta get to work. Make sure to tune it, alright?" He offers the two of them a wink and slips out.
David gives you a cookie.

Shelley nods, raising her hand to give a brief wave of farewell. Her attention turns to Graham then, as she smirks in amusement. "Oh. These must be for me to keep, then?" she asks, picking up another chip, and dragging it through the mixed bangers and mash.

Graham nods to the man's words "Sure thing." he says though turning back to Shelley as she speaks "Yes quite, have at we can share the others when they arrive as well just in case." He watches across the table "So any interesting plans today? I am assuming no work since we're both here at the pub." he chuckles a bit

"Might go," Shelley lifts one finger, twirling it idly, "for a bit of spin with Jo - my Silver Arrow versus her ol' Oakshaft, yet again. Other'n that…" She shrugs her shoulders.

"That sounds fun. Good luck and safe flying." Graham will say after a momnets thought he listens to the rest "Hm well if it's not too late, we can always go to the zoo well if it's not too cold that is." he says keeping busy is good yes.. yes it is.. "Or something of the sort if you dont want to do that." he gives a shalf smile to the other speaking lower "I can always over purchase something?"

Shelley lets out a snort, then punches Graham lightly in the arm. "Well. Truth be told - Jo's probably still asleep. It would probably make more sense to do the /zoo/ first." Not that she particularly felt like going, mind. But. Well.

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