(1939-02-19) Eventual Freedom
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Summary: Morgana and Silas do some studying, and some talking, in the Library. Also: Vampires.
Date: 19 February. 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts

The Hogwarts Library consists of books filling shelf after shelf in a large sequence of twisting corridors that culminate at the hallowed Restricted Section. Books that cover a variety of topics no muggle could ever dream of, from Potions to Magical History to all manner of obscure, fantastical and abstract magical disciplines and creatures. Amazing as all these are, what knowledge is held in the restricted section is only spoken of in whispers. Books float across from one shelf to another, rearranging themselves back to where they belong as students never return them properly. Tables are positioned at reasonable intervals to provide students with a place to consume the vast knowledge found here, or to study whatever assignment they've waited until the last minute to complete.

Morgana has a favorite table in the Library that she usually settles in when she is doing some individual study. She does have a few books open, however she's doodling instead of studying whatever it is she's supposed to be studying. There are little swirls, and maybe, if someone would look hard enough, tiny hearts. The page lacks any words, at least not in English, but there are a few lines of runic script dotted around the page. She's also quietly humming to herself, loud enough to be heard, but soft enough to not get yelled at.

And no one likes to be yelled at in the library. Least of all Silas, who actually enters trailing four first years. Once in there, he hands a small card to each of them, shooing them along with a smile. That task done, the smile falters, only slightly, and he looks around, bag over his shoulder. It takes him a moment of going through the stacks for the books he needs, but it isn't long before he's at a place where he can see Morgana.
A smile crosses his face again as he recognizes her, and the humming. A look goes to the paper, and in a moment he's quietly walking up behind her, standing there a moment so that his shadow plays just at the bottom of the paper she's drawing on.

The shadow causes her to pause in her motions, wondering who is looming over her. Turning, she'll raise her brow just a touch, and almost panics when she spots the tie color, but relaxes when she realizes who it is. "Are you trying to cheat off of my paper Sy?" Morgana whispers, smirking at him as she moves some of her books out of the way. "What are you up to?" She asks, sounding to be in a much better mood this week than last week.

Once she notices him, Silas grins, and puts a hand on either shoulder, a sort of library-safe hug as his head dips nearly close enough to touch Morgana's cheek to his. "Not cheating, unless feeding for a moment off of your obviously good temperament counts as cheating." Once she clears him a space, he takes it, gladly, setting the books he'd gathers on the table opposite her.
"Me? Just a little preemptive studying. We're getting some interesting creatures in my Care classes next week… and I want to get ahead of the curve." He reaches over, taps the edge of her paper. "And you? What sort of creature will you be summoning with that?" A playful tone given that.

"Are you some sort of mood vampire?" Morgana teases, leaning into the Library approved hug. She'll scoot over so he has enough room and nods her head. "You know, I think you would have done well in my house, your thrist for knowledge is commendable." However when he calls her out on her doodles, she clears her throat and flips the page over. "I don't think that is going to summon anything… it was just.. a doodle."

Silas nods emphatically at the question, "Much cleaner, truth be told. No need for fangs, and people produce them almost as quickly as I can feed. I'll be full in no time." A wink, and then he's separating the stack of books, "I've been told that. Indeed some hav gone so much as claim that I may have been mistakenly switched with some in your house as it was… the ones who don't think perhaps I should have been in Hufflepuff instead. But, as different as I am, I wouldn't walk away from my house."
A hand reaches out as she flips the page over, peeking at the other side, "Clearly someone has a good Valentine's weekend." He leans over, bumping her with his shoulder. "I rather suspected as much as I saw you headed elsewhere that night."

"Yes, I didn't think you were the type to get messy with blood. Also, it probably means you get to walk in the sun, unlike real vampires." Morgana teases, however mentioning that other house he could have been in, she makes a face and shakes her head. "Ew, no. You're far to superior to be in that house." She teases. However when he peeks at the parchment again she tries to smooth it back down. "Yes well… I did have a good time." Though there is a slightly goofy smile on her lips when she says that. "And yes, it ended very well."

"Good. At least one of us did. Perhaps that's the rule. Only one…" Silas pauses, shakes his head, "That joke sounded a whole lot happier in my head until I started it. I'm glad it did. So… it sounds to me like someone has made a firm choice about the entire situation." He leans against her again, a light shoulder-bump. "This is good."

Morgana nudges him back and reaches over to squeeze his arm just a bit. "I did, it's really what I needed." Morgana admits. "It was just something simple but thoughtful, and fat better than last year because he didn't attempt to break up with me by the end of the night." When he mentions her choice she gives a half grin and nods. "I don't know how firm the choice is, but it is a choice. I'm not just going to walk away."

Silas nods, smiling at the touch, and then opens one of his books, quickly finding the page he needs, "Choices are good. And you should actually have them. It's worse when someone tries to take them away from you, not giving you a choice in the matter," his voice is low, given the area they're in, and oddly enough nearly devoid of emotion. Just stating fact.

"Hey…" Morgana says, nudging him again. "She won't control your life forever Sy." She says, trying to keep her a soft smile on her lips. "One day, she will regret all of this, when she no longer has a part in your life, and has grown old and lonely." Leaning over to see what he is reading, she tries to see what the Cre class is working on.

A wry chuckle escapes Silas then, "Yeah… perhaps in half a century, when she's past her prime and lost most of her teeth. I'll still be eligible then, won't I?" This he does say with a tone of playfulness. He turns the page, showing a picture of a Diricawl… a flightless bird that can make itself invisible. The article has something to do with their nests.

Morgana slowly shakes her head and reaches up to squeeze his hand. "Hardly. You'll find someone else Silas, someone that will fight by your side and be your support when you need it. Not interested in that sort of creature she leans back. "Until then, I'll at least be a good friend to you."

His voice gets small then, "She would have been. If I would have let her. She's changed, Morgana. So much. I didn't even see it. And now I can't even be anywhere close to her." A grump, and the book is closed, "And I know you will. And the emotional vampire needs to hear from you. Your happiness. So I can live vicariously for a little bit."

"Give it time Silas. If I can get along with Quinn, than you can work things out with Solomon." At his vampire quote, she'll nudge against him again and smirk. "I will do my best to share what happiness I have with you, and avoid you when I am brooding." She teases, watching as he closes his book. "Giving up on studying?"

At this, he actually has to bite back a laugh against his fist that threatens to break out, "I'd give my left arm to be getting along with her right now. And I'd like to think she'd do the same. It's mother that's in the way of that. Anything that gives the impression that we're back together…"
He then shakes his head, "Oh, I've no problem being there for the brooding, either. I just need the happiness right now. It tastes better." He looks at the book he closed, and shakes his head, grabbing a second, and opening it. "No…. not giving up. Cross-referencing."

"I'm almost afraid to ask what they taste like." Morgana says with a smirk as she turns back to her parchment, flipping it over once again and shaking her head at the girly doodles. "Oh, well don't let me get in your way. I am more than happy to get back to my own studies." And that's just what she'll do, opening up one of her books and returning to her notes, staying with Silas until either food or curfew pull them away.

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