(1939-02-20) Wooden Rings and Toe-Socks
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Summary: Resting between classes, three students talk about life, love, and the like.
Date: 20 February, 1939
Location: Grassy Knoll

It's later in the day. Breakfast over, as well as lunch, and people have gone on to other classes. Silas himself had a nice, easy Thursday schedule, and so as soon as he could he was off, alone, looking for some serenity. Today, it came in the form of a blanket, charmed as always to heat the surrounding area, a journal, a sleepy, white ferret, and a bottle of pumpkin juice, stashed away for a day just like this.
Above, the sky is clear for a change, or at least relatively so. There are some clouds to the east that threaten to roll over, but they're hours away.

Madeline enjoys wandering the campus between her glass - it's a fun distraction, and rather freeing, and besides - it gets out some of that seemingly /boundless/ energy of hers. As she spots Silas' blanket, however, the girl changes course, heading towards him with a bounce in her step and an eager smile on her features. "Silas! Hi! I got post from my uncle - is that great? He says he's getting people to sign up for that mentorship thing!"

He was lying on his stomach when he heard her voice, and so Silas shifts, the quill writing in the journal coming to a stop. He blows on the page, trying to let the ink dry quickly as she approaches it, then pulls out his wand, mutters a long-winded phrase and taps the page, the ink suddenly dancing on it and becoming illegible. A moment later, he shuts it, the small hard-backed volume itself seemingly stuffed with papers that just don't fit within it.
A smile tht hadn't touched his face before then begins to grow as he turns over, sitting up and stuffing the journal into his bag, the movement eliciting some annoyed chittering from his furry companion.
"Mentorship thing?" He asks, honestly, his own worries causing him to be less than aware of some of the other goings-on in the world around him.

Seeing him hastily blowing on the book, Madeline looks away from it, guessing that it's probably a diary or journal or something. She turns to be looking to the side - away from Silas and his book, with her hands behind her back, until she hears it slap shut. Then she turns back towards him with a broad smile.
"Yeah! I told him it just wasn't fair - me being a Muggle-born, but having a wizard in my family I could write too when I was upset or needed advice or something. And that, you know, /all/ the Muggle-borns should have that, too. So he put an ad in the /Prophet/, and people have been getting in touch him, saying they'll be mentors to the Muggle-born students! Other Muggle-borns, you know, so they'll really know what it's like."

With cheeks rosy and blue eyes shining brightly, there's enough bounce in Musidora's step that she might as well be walking on air. Crunch on the snow. Crunch crunch! Dark hair drapes over her shoulder in a thick and shining braid, into which is woven a silver ribbon, and the young Ravenclaw is properly bundled against chill.
Occasionally her face tilts up to take in the sky while her lips carry a secret smile but eventually the statistics of life happen, and she happens upon some other students… and one looks suspiciously familiar. Of course as it's her nature Muse, with a silly sort of /long/-step stalks over to Madeline and Silas with a swing of her arms, before stopping with a cheerful though likely ill timed, "Salutatory greetings!"

"I see," Silas says, the smile slipping for a moment, looking over at Madeline with almost a dead stare, "So what you're saying is, we poor Pure-bloods have no frame of reference to understand or support you. Truly?" Hold. Hold. Hold… the smile breaks in eventually as he tries to convey the jest. A hand pat-pats on the blanket as he makes room.
The interruption of crunching footsteps catches his attention then, likely breaking his concentration from whatever he might have said next. As he spies Musidora, the grin widens. Now there was a face he hadn't seen in a while, "Felicitous Salutations!"

"That's not what I-!" Madeline protests promptly, looking dismayed that her words would be so misunderstood, but then he reveals the joke, and she lets out a protesting cry. "That's not funny! I thought I hurt your feelings…" And that's just an awful thing to do! She slips onto the blanket, sitting close to Silas. "I just thought - well. They don't /know/ any adult Muggle-borns, right? Most of the students. So they should get to know some. It'll help, I think."
And then Musidora calls out towards them. Madeline turns to give the other student a curious look, and raises her hand in a cheerful wave. "Hello!"

"Lovegood, Ravenclaw," she quasi introduces herself to girl with a smile though hands that are likely gloved are still buried deep in pockets. The, just for a moment she looks between the two and her mouth forms a small oh but her congenial voice changes little, except that a note of surprise is added. "I hope I wasn't interrupting your conversation! Please, by all means continue." There! It's short and sweet.

An almost-angry chittering sound comes from behind Silas' leg, and in a flopping jump, a long tube of white fur jumps into Silas' lap, resolving in a quick circular curl into a ferret, who then sticks her head out over Silas' leg to complain at Madeline, likely for not recognizing her.R "Balderdash!" Silas offers to Musidora, noting the areas still unclaimed on the blanket, while enjoying the big wordplay still, "There's plenty here for another." He then looks back to Madeline, "She once had /toe socks/." Memory like an iron trap.
Then he returns to the conversation at hand, "It's actually not a bad idea. Frankly, there are some questions you end up having to learn the answers to the hard way, as you full well know. I can see the value in it."

"Sorry, Adelaide! Hello!" Madeline greets the ferret brightly. She digs into her pocket, then comes out with a piece of dried blueberry. "I saved this from my muffin this morning. Do you want it?" she asks, holding it out to the ferret.
She smiles at Musidora next, adding, "I'm Madeline! I'm in Gryffindor."
And then she's looking back at Silas again. "I hope it all goes well. Adam and Nell are both excited! I hope they get some really nice mentors."

The look Silas gets is one of, psh, please I /still/ have them before she turns the grin back to Madeline. There's a lift of her brows as Musidora tilts her head slightly to take both of them with almost birdlike consideration before she unceremoniously floofs down by Silas and tucks her feet beneath her. After all, they might not be close friends but nice friendly-like acquaintances apparently counted enough in her mind. "Mentors for what?"

Silas seems about to say something to Musidora, when Madeline offers the blueberry. A hand reaches out, protectively, to block the offering, much to the consternation of the ferret herself, "Fruits and grains are terrible on her system. She's a carnivore, Mads." He uses the familiar easily. "Meats are what's good for her. Or the yogurt treats I have." He reaches over to his bag, and passes one over to Madeline, just a little larger than a chocolate chip, but white.
He then lets Madeline explain the program again, as it's her current passion. As she does so, he smiles again, reaching down to scritch Adelaide lightly above one of her legs.

"Oh!" Madeline says in surprise, looking up at Silas, and promptly pulling the berry back. "Gosh. I'm sorry, I didn't know. I've never had a ferret before." She tucks the blueberry away, and offers the yogurt drop instead. "There you go, Adelaide. You can still have a treat. Sorry about that."
Towards Musidora, she adds, "My uncle is helping find Muggle-born wizards who are already done with Hogwarts to be pen pals and mentors for the Muggle-born students here! Because, well, pure-bloods and even half-bloods know just loads of adult wizards that they can write to when they need help or they're upset or something. But what can we do? Write to our /parents?/ They don't understand it. I'm lucky, because I can write to my uncle, but most of the Muggle-borns can't do that."

Though Musidora's visual attention shifts to the ferret she is still listening to what Madeline says, grin softening into a smile at the excitement in the young witch's voice. When she lifts her face it's clear that she's impressed. "I think that's rather brilliant. There really ought to be more outlets for young witches and wizards /any/ways, and more proactivity towards such in general," though what could have followed that statement actually doesn't. Then again it's never been unclear where Muse's thoughts lay with that particular argument. "Sit! you seem as if you may bounce out of your skin," she directs to Madeline before peeking over at Silas. "And what are /we/ up to?" though it's less a desire to pry and more likely simple curiosity.

Silas actually chuckles, "Asking her to sit still is like asking a niffler to eschew gold. I swear she is only at rest when she is asleep." A bit of a wicked grin, "I'm sure I could coerce one of her dorm-mates to provide me with photographic evidence."
He then grins, "It seems… there's a lot we could be doing more. Helping new students discover the wealth of opportunities available to them, rather than just a few ministry-sponsored positions… culture programs to help Muggle-borns not step all over convention and established culture without even realizing it," his right hand reaches out to ruffle Madeline's hair affectionately. There's clearly a story behind that. "That sort of thing."
He pulls the hand back, his left now absently spinning a wooden ring on the right's ring finger. Finally, he answers Muse's question, "I was out here journaling and cuddling with my best girl," The hand going again to Adelaide, scritching playfully. "Then I had company, and then two. Aside from that? Just enjoying this while I can. They say those clouds to the east are going to bring snow again tonight."

"Sometimes I sleep walk!" Madeline answers Silas, grinning at him. "But I think I'm mostly pretty still when I'm sleeping. Probably."
"I'm glad you like the idea," she adds towards Musidora. "I think it's gonna be really great." And then Silas is ruffling her hair, and she's letting out a protesting, "Heeeeeey!
"I'm your bes- oh, Adelaide. What are toe-socks anyways?" Belated much?

Musidora's reaction to the prospect of snow is initially a reigned in excitement before it dawns on her that there was every possibility it'd be after curfew. A rosy mouth that matches the color scheme of her cheeks, nose and now her ears actually forms into a pout. "Damn. Ah, well, it should be lovely to watch," a gloved hand finally emerges to rub at the bridge of her nose, slender hand encased in weather-sturdy gloves sporting pink and blue stripes. She's probably the kind to dance in it after all.
"See these?" she wiggles her fingers and holds a hand out towards Madeline, "Imagine these but for your feet and toes. They keep your toesies cozy," there's another moment before the hand flutters to her lap. "My mum makes'em. I have … well tons of different color variations. I can always spare a pair if it gets too cold. I even snuck a pair into Julian's effects."
There's a brief clearing of her throat after the comment though. "Speaking of which I should consider getting back soon, in case he gets some more free time." But in a few minutes.

"Like your hair ever stays in one place anyhow, Mads," Silas offers with a grin. It was true that it seemed almost to call out for mussing. At the mention of Julian, a brow goes up. "How is he, anyhow?" the question gets asked. An odd question, coming from a Slytherin no less. "I've seen him in classes, of course, we have two NEWTs together, but propriety prevents me from really reaching out and inquiring."

"Ohhhhh…" Madeline responds to the explanation. "That sounds /neat/! I wonder if my mom could make those? I bet she could! I mean, she can knit socks, and she can knit gloves, so…" She wears a thoughtful look on her features as she considers this possibility.
"Who's Julian?" she adds.

The air almost shimmers as there's a heartbeat moment of hesitation before Muse's answer, eyes softening even as her lips quirk and twitch into something between an abashed smile and a smug smirk. If possible her entire face flushes even more than before but she sits up and squares her shoulders proudly, "My significant other." Yes, she's likely aware that in pedestrian terms that means steady boyfriend.
"As for these?" Muse looks back down at the glove, "I believe Mum is working towards a… what is it called. A parent?" Think, Muse. Muggle terms. AH-HAH! "A patent. At least that's what my father suggested. Seems like it'd be easy though I don't knit."
Finally, the young woman seems to decide that it's time for her to go, and starts to stand. "But by now I should be heading back. Silas, it was nice to see you again. Next time, maybe we'll have a chance to talk more. And you," Madeline gets another grin, "keep that spunk and don't let anybody tell you different."

Silas watches as Musidora leaves, a light smile still on his face. "Significant other, eh? Who would have figured." Even though his own query had gone unanswered, he had gotten the impression that he was at least doing well. This was good.
He then looks back at Madeline. "I don't know if I properly thanked you for the card last weekend. It… was the first year I paid attention to those sorts of things, and my own was rather… interrupted." A look to the ring again, "So I didn't really put any thought into it. So I'm sorry I didn't return the gesture. It was still appreciated."

Madeline waves to Musidora cheerfully, then turns her attention back to Silas. "Oh, that's okay!" she answers him brightly, giving a shrug. "We shouldn't give just because we expect stuff in return, right? I just wanted to give you a card. I'm glad you liked it!"

Silas nods, "I did. And I like giving gifts, too. I was just distracted." He smiles, the hand again reaching over, this time to squeeze a shoulder. "I got a card from you, from my closest friend, Morgana," The head girl is his closest friend? "And this ring." He shows her the black, wooden ring. Shined to a polish. The darkness actually calls out the scarring on his right hand even more than without.
"This came from someone very important, too."

Madeline leans over to peer at the ring curiously. "Is it wood?" she asks in surprise. "It's nice. Who did it come from?" She looks up at the older student curiously, tugging her cloak a bit more tightly around her body.

Silas' face darkens at the question, "This is one of those 'be glad you're a Muggle-born' topics, Madeline. It has to do with bloodlines, and arrangements, and the like. I'm in love. I know. You think that's gross, so I won't bore you with the details. Anyhow… she gave this to me. After I told her my mother said I could have nothing to do with her, or risk losing everything."
The smile remains there, but it's a new one for him. One that might be a bit disquieting. "It's my last little defiance. A little bit of wood. Hand-carved by her. Because it's all I'm allowed to have, or I get disinherited, pulled out of school, and left with literally nothing but the clothes on my back."

"But… but that's terrible," Madeline protests weakly. "I mean - well. /I/ don't wanna- I mean, /I/ don't like boys, but of course other people do, like my mum and my dad, and just the thought of someone telling them that they couldn't…"
She leans in against Silas to hug him tightly. "Your mum's all wrong-headed about it. And I think it's a real lovely ring."

He nods, taking the hug eagerly. Even Firstie hugs help at times like this. The smile never falters, even if there's bitterness, and perhaps even a little anger behind it. "But see… I told you she wasn't a good person. I just never thought she would take it this far."
Then he grins, adding his other arm to the hug, still showcasing the hand, "And you see… it is lovely. The good thing is, even if she made this while we were still together? I have something that Mother can never take from me. Because to her, it'll just be a ring. She'll never know it's something that makes me happy, even if it should make me sad… because it's something I can look at, and remember the good things from."

"What about when you're done with school, and out on your own, and everything? That's not so very far away for you. Do you think…?" Madeline offers in an uncertain voice, still hugging to Silas tightly. His mother can't rule his life /forever/, can she?!

"Perhaps," he says, "but that's almost a year and a half from now. "And so much can happen in that time. "And I'll still need them, to get started. Businesses don't grow on trees, no matter how good you are at Transfiguration."
He grins, and accepts the hug gratefully, "Don't you still have classes, Mads? I know I did as a first year. Seemed every day was like ten hours of non-stop classes."

"I'll just tell 'em I fell asleep while studying," Madeline says brightly. "And you found me and woke me up and that's why I'm late!" She grins at Silas, but does glance back to the castle, reluctantly. "You're alright…?" she asks uncertainly. She hates to leave someone who's feeling sad but, well. /Class/.

There's a moment, where he considers, but eventually Silas shakes his head, "I'm fine, Mads. I'm sad. I hurt. I'm angry. And I'm gonna be that way for a while." He doesn't believe in lying, or talking down to someone just because they're younger. He then points to his smile, "But I've been that way for nearly two weeks now. I survive. I write about it in my journal, I cuddle Adelaide… and I don't deny it. I talk about it."
He reaches over to ruffle her hair again, "Don't lose Gryffindor more points by being late. I'll be fine. I've got people to make sure of that, don't I?"

"Yeah. We all get sad and hurt and angry sometimes," Madeline agrees sadly. She gives Silas and even /tighter/ squeeze for a moment before pulling away. "And Adelaide, you better take good care of Silas or I won't find you any- umm. Does she eat worms? I bet I could get a couple from the greenhouse."

Silas laughs, shooing the young girl off, "She'd likely think them a great new toy."

"Great! Then I'll bring her some, but only if she looks after you!" Madeline insists, before popping up to her feet. "Bye, Silas! I'll see you again soon!" she promises, before dashing off through the snow - and skidding on some ice - and dashing off again, all without falling on her face, somehow.

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