(1939-02-23) The Daily Prophet - Gala Attacker Threatens Purebloods
Details for Gala Attacker Threatens Purebloods
Summary: On his deathbed, an anonymous wizard threatens Grindelwald supporters once more.
Date: February 23, 1939
Location: N/A
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The Ministry of Magic is posting extra security at the homes of notable pureblood families after a grave threat was made by the pro-muggleborn extremist captured at the Sykes Holiday Gala.

The unidentified assailant, an elderly man whom healers say was no younger than 100 years old, warned Aurors during an interrogation that pureblood witches and wizards will "all be sorry" for their support of the Grindelwald movement.

He died soon after in St. Mungo's Hospital, where he was being detained, before any further questions could be answered.

According to investigators, the man had permanently transfigured physical features, which is making it difficult to uncover his identity. Furthermore, healers say Dark magic had rendered him mute and was probably placed on him by his cohorts not long after he was taken into custody.

Investigators remain unsure of the number of extremists responsible for the holiday attack that resulted in the deaths of two pureblood women and the use of unforgivable curses on five others, among them several Hogwarts students. The rest of the attackers are still at large.

MLE officials urge pureblood families to take precautions when they step outside their homes. They are focusing their manpower on families who have shown Grindelwald support and who have strong Ministry ties. However, they also assure parents and students that Hogwarts should not be affected by this threat.

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