(1939-02-25) Ripe for the Picking
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Summary: The second part of Phil's plan to lure Tiberius' lackey, Tyree Abbott goes off without a hitch, almost. (Tyree is NPC'd by Myst)
Date: 25 February 1939
Location: Books Unbound
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The plan was for Tyree to find Phil near Books Unbound. The bookstore, if mentioned to Tiberius, wasn't likely to ring any bells. Phil has made the point of wearing her diamonds every few days or so, not enough to make it seem obvious but enough for the apprentice thief to get an idea that he could snatch them if he made an effort. Of course her expensive robes and other accessories make it obvious she has wealth.

Tyree works on it whenever Tiberius doesn't need him. The sad truth is, that's not too often - Especially with his recent arrest. Watching, observing trade. The plan is quite simple - He waits until closing time, and then walks into Books Unbound, turning while he walks, he taps the door with his wand, whispering. "Colloportus." And he wanders further into the store. "'Scuse me." He calls out. "I know you're nearly close'd'n'all but I need help findin' a book. It's /really/ 'portant, s'for a girl." The greasy man smiles openly, sliding his wand back into his pocket before it can be seen.

Of course Phil recognises Tyree, although he doesn't recognise her. The harder part was ensuring Thomas knew nothing, especially given that he is learning suspicion from her. "Of course," she says to Tyree with a little polite smile. Coming out from behind the counter she smooths her hands over the little pinny she wears over her dress, surreptitiously checking for her wand inside the pocket. "What is it about?"
You paged Graham with 'Hiya'

Mn. Pretty. But not the common beauty who he's convinced showed him a damn good time a little while ago. The book was already picked out. "When Inspiration Strikes, by Eustace Oughton." Tyree recites, looking like it takes a bit of effort. "She mentioned it while's we were on a date, and I thought'd make a nice gift." Gently driving the tip of his worn boot into the ground, Tyree actually managed to look like an embarassed young man, trying to do something right by a girl. "Show her I'm worth summat." Of course, the book is in the furthest corner of the store. Out of view of the shop windows. His move is planned for when her back is turned, and she can't be seen from the street.

It is a thorough plan for Phil is stumped for a moment. "Oughton?" She only helps out occasionally, given that this isn't her day job and therefore doesn't know where every book is. Deciding to go for alphabetical order she takes him first to the wrong section, "You are very kind to get her a book. Most would think of flowers or chocolates." When the book isn't there Phil hmmms. "Did she say what it was about?"

Oh, are you fuckin…. Tyree tries not to let the frustration show when he's lead away from where he /knows/ the book isn't. "Nah; I mean, I'll probably try those too. The book's what'll seal the deal though, so that's what truly matters." An impatient foot tap, "It's about Art, I think." He tries to remember. Of course, he only read the spin. "I… I kinda only thought 'bout the name."

"Art?" Phil looks at Tyree and smiles, "Sorry, I only help out sometimes. I've got an idea." She leads him through the winding stacks until they come to the art section, the furthest one from the door. There she finds the sleeping cat, but rather than wake Jean she carefully steps around him. "Oughton…Oughton…Oughton…" She leans over reading the spines, giving Tyree ample opportunity to reach the clasp on her necklace.

Tyree smiles. "It's Ok, miss. Why don't I try a summoning charm?" He suggests, withdrawing his wand slowly, and pointing it at her exposed back. "Petrificus Totalus." Enunciating clearly, the curse is executed at close range, and seems to be a great hit. "'s taught to say I'm sorry in times like this. S'better to knock people out, but didn't want anyone t'see the stunner."

Leaning over as she is the weight of her own body causes Phil to topple forward towards the floor. She was expecting something of course, but note quite this. If Tyree doesn't help her she's going to get one heck of a bump on her head.

Tyree reaches out, grabbing the back of the robe lightly, and lowering her to the ground rather than letting Phil fall on her face. The burden of this curse is that you own the consequence, Tibs said. A frisk, and all of her jewelry is liberated… And then the librarian is flipped, able to see Tyree's face as the young man frisks her again. "Not fair, some'd say, make you sit through this. Not gonna hurt ya though, so you be grateful for that." He rises, pocketing her valuables, and then walks towards the cash desk. He only wastes a moment hunting for coin, and precious metals, before he allows himself out. Job done.

Now to find a sweet common girl, get paid and then get paid.

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