(1939-02-27) A Request
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Summary: Myrus' mother sends a letter to her cousin, Hector, outlining her concerns and hopes for her son at Hogwarts, and how Hector may help.
Date: 1939-02-27
Location: N/A

Dearest Hector,

I know that you and I have had out differences and similarities in the past. It is those similarities that give me cause to reach out to you under these circumstances, and use those to beseech you for the differences we have. My eldest child, Myrus, is without a doubt in my mind having difficult times at Hogwarts. I cannot be there for him, considering the lack of an ear I have for him in the presence of my husband, Revvan, while young Rus is at home.
He needs a figure in his life to give him guidance. To set him on a path that was completely ignored of existance in any direction his father has given him. I know you are successful in your endeavors because of your work ethics and strong personality, as runs very thick in our shared blood. He shares that same blood, and reminds me much of you when we were his age. I ask of you, beg, that you make contact with him on as much of a basis as an uncle as possible, to become his mentor. So that he will stop this wretched series of actions that my daughter Scarlet has informed me and I can conclude it will lead to his downfall.
Debts between us will remain between us. As this I ask is a favor from you, to give him direction. He has our fire, and as proof of this, has started to even refer to himself as a Carrow by name. Let him know all that this entails, good and bad, and if he so decides, take him under your wing.


Violet Ignessa Lowe nee Carrow

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