(1939-02-27) Studies and Status
Details for Studies and Status
Summary: Myrus and Artemis cross paths and talk about statuses and studies after classes before evening meal.
Date: 1939-02-27
Location: Study Area, fourth floor, Hogwarts Castle

Not long after classes, still before evening meal in the small study area on the fourth floor of Hogwarts Castle apart from the larger Library, Myrus sits and studies his charms book.
It was at least somewhat of a stressful day. Myrus hadn't been anywhere in private lately, what with the threats against him, empty or not, from possibly the only slytherin taking it too far. But it should still be heeded. And yet here he is, at a far back table, lounging in one of the seats back against the wall, nearly fully into the corner. Book open, wand in the crease, ready in case anyone decides to inform certain other student body individuals that he's here. Occasional glance up from his book. He can hardly focus.
Especially given the attack on his Owl this morning. Everybody should have heard of that by now. Glad they don't know where he is to give him neverending condolences.

Artemis' work place is kept neat as she works hard. Poring over her notes and with another book opened, she lightly taps the feather quill against her lips. A breath escapes her, flipping a clump of pages over using a tab, and then returning to the page she's focusing on - and then writing some more. So as she looks up she considers, looking around the library. Closing her notebook around her quill and leaving her bag under the table, she stands and makes her way across the library. She stops before her destination, however, because she spies Myrus. A smile flashes across her face and sparkles in her eyes as she veers off towards his table, lifting a hand in a small wave. "Hi, Myrus, are you finished with the charms assignment?"

Myrus looks up from his book. It was the charms book. He never had trouble getting through a book on charms, Herbology, or Magical Creatures. He sees Artemis, and the first smile crosses his face for the day. "Artemis. Hi. I'm.. um.." he looks down at his book, his wand there. FOr practice, yeah of course. "Yeah I was just.. erm.. just practicing last week's lesson is all." He really was looking it over again. As he was away from that class mentally for some reason or another. "You?" He asks, peeking up from where he had tilted his head down to look at his book.

Artemis turns as she looks over towards the table her things are at, and nods as she looks back to him. "I've finished," she pipes up, "but I've still got some information to add to my notes." She smiles brightly, completely enthusiastic about her work. She's at least crossed off the assignment on her task list. "I was just getting up to grab one of the books from over there," she explains, gesturing over to one of the stacks of old textbooks. "Come work with me," she suggests as she motions across the library to her table. "It's better to work together; we can pick up on each other's mistakes. Um…" Her cheeks colour as she lets out a nervous laugh, shaking her head. "Not that I'm, um, saying you make mistakes or anything, I mean…" A giggle escapes as she lifts her hand to hoop a blonde curl behind her ear. "It helps to compare information sometimes."

Myrus nods to her words. She's already done. Probably as fast as he was. He'd close his book, using his wand as a placeholder. He'd stand, that book being the only thing he's brought with him, since he could find a book to suffice here if he really wanted to study something else right now. But nothing else really interested him.
Interest. Funny word. He stands up and looks down at her. He's a little taller than her. Maybe half a head or so. The stack she pointed at was easily taller than her. Requiring a chair to stand on to get to the topmost books.
He looks at it, and then offers, "What book were you looking for?" Stepping over with his own book under his arm and gazing up at the top of the stack. Luckily, he could reach the very top book just before he'd have to get on his tippy toes. He's offering to help her.
Her comment about mistakes makes him turn just a touch warm in the face. "Oh, I make plenty of mistakes, don't assume I don't." He smiles at her a little. "So! Um, what book was it?" Already reaching like the one she needed was up at the top.

"Y-Yes, but I-" Artemis blushes as she walks with him to the stacks. "We all do. Make mistakes, I mean, I just didn't mean, well, I didn't mean it that." She shakes her head, brushes a few strands of her hair back as she smiles at him. "Thanks, it's…" She murmurs wordlessly as she focuses on the books, head tilting a little to the side as she brushes her fingers over the spines. "It was a sixth year charms book, but I'm not sure if one is here. Not that it matters," she says as she looks from the books to Myrus, "my brother might have held onto his. It isn't necessary, but sometimes you get a little more information on spells that you only touch on in our year." She lets out a sigh as she says, "It's so busy while we're at school. You know, we should meet up over the spring holidays. "I don't like being away from my friends just because I'm not here."

Myrus smiles, retracting his hand watching her delicacy as she checks over the spines of the books. Watching her fingertips slide effortlessly against the leatherbacks. "Alright," he says, and is quick to turn and start the slow pace toward where she was studying. "Ok," he says to the possibility of getting it from her brother.
On friends, "Eh, yeah." He reaches up to scratch the base of his head just inside the hairline, "So we're friends." A statement as they get to the table, and he sits down in a chair right next to hers. He doesn't clarify one way or another just yet as to whether or not he likes the idea of being just friends.
Then he bites his lips together between his teeth for a moment and makes a little noise, "So you seen anything through your glasses yet?" He reaches to touch his robes where he was still keeping his. "I really haven't." Nor has he talked about it.. guess he's grasping at straws to talk about now.

Once back at the table Artemis lowers her head as she opens up her notebook, scanning the nearly written notes on one page while an organised web of notes are on the page next to it. She's definitely thorough when it comes to writing down information. Her head lifts and her bright blue eyes focus on him as he remarks about being friends, tilting her head a little to the side. A soft sigh brushes past her lips as she lifts a finger to nibble at her finger. "Hmm," she lets out as she lowers her hand. "That's the second time you questioned friendship. I'm sorry," she says softly. "But I'd /like/ to be friends. I don't have to come talk to you in public though, if, well, you're worried about my status. Just like how I leave Alphard alone when he's amongst his crowd." She offers him a smile until she's letting out an, "Um, oh," and looking down to her book as her cheeks colour. "Those glasses?" A sigh escapes her as she shakes her head. "If I trusted them than I'd have to accept that my friends aren't meant for each other. And they are," she says confidently with a flash of a bright smile, "even if they can't do anything about it. /Statuses/," she lets out on a heavy sigh, sitting down in her seat.

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