(1939-02-28) An Appeaser Not a Leader
Details for An Appeaser Not a Leader
Summary: Lucretia and Esther discuss Silas and his hoped for succession to the throne of Slytherin.
Date: 28th February, 1939
Location: Lake View Louvre, Hogwarts
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By far the largest covered-louvre on the grounds, the room is shaped in the form of a trapezoid. The windows that are open to the outdoors are broad and tall, and frequently accept breezes that carry mist from the lake far below. The castle's walls are rather thick, and the wall is an excellent place to lean against. The floor is made of a dark, polished wood that is held in place by ancient nails. Several chairs, each made of ash, rest along the edges of the room, and beside them are tables made from gnarled, bark-covered elder. Wax lines the top of each table and hangs like stalactites from the tops of each. The ceiling is lined with dark, wooden rafters that are sealed with thatch during the winter.

Directly below the castle's walls are sheered cliffs that descend hundreds of meters. The loch below, Hogwarts Lake, crashes against the wall of stone and rubble, and flings mist and spray in giant arcs that paint the stone an ashen-grey. The loch extends towards a pair of mountains in the distance, though they are often covered in a blanketing haze that clings to the tumultuous water's surface.

Evening. Supper has come and gone and now that there's only a couple of hours left before curfew, Lucretia has finally escaped the noise of both friends and well-meaning house mates in order to find a little peace in her own company. Though wearing her warmest robes, she also hugs a thick blanket about her shoulders for an extra layer of protection and her face is impassive as she stands at a window. Quiet. Peace. The moon that slips across the sky silvers the edges of her hair and drains the colour from her complexion.

Esther patrols the rooftops with a lit cigarette in one hand. After it' done, the cylinder is tossed off the roof, and the girl finds her way towards the Lake View Louvre - Walking in and finding the only person - Is the person she wants to see. "Lu'." The shorthand isn't used often. "It's getting cold and late. Not long until the Prefect's start hunting. And trust me, even my man won't let us off without a few house points as tribute. And apparently my last few indescretions have made me public enemy number one…"

"Just a few minutes more, Esther. Its so lovely here tonight." There's a small lift of Lucretia's shoulders and a drawing together of the edges of the blanket beneath her chin. "And you don't want to listen to gossip, especially if its started by Soloman. She thinks that by tearing someone else's reputation down it builds her own up." The dark-haired girl turns and offers her friend a smile. "I saw a shooting star a moment ago. Want to come watch for another with me?"

"It is. Something like this is what lead Zayn and I to kiss for the first time. Just… Two floors down from here." Esther admits, with the gentlest blush. "It's not gossip. Jenny slandered me in public. If I didn't feel so sorry for her I'd be furious." A smile, albeit a sad one, as she reaches up and affectionately touches Lucretia's cheek. "She throws herself at every man she can find in order to feel relevant - I don't know what I did to deserve this dose of cruelty though. Silas, too. Still… It's a lovely place. Let's watch, then?"

Lucretia grimaces at the older girl. "I promise I'm not going to try to kiss you, Esther." A smile follows the face-pulling and she lifts one side of the blanket, offering it to Esther. "Its warmer snugged in this, and yes. Soloman does." A chew of her lower lip is given and she twists her head to look up to the girl at her side. "I'm so pleased to see -you- happier though. I suppose that that's what being content with someone does for you. I was a little worried the other day after speaking with you and so very glad that you had a chance to think before you found Myrus. I heard you even spent time talking with him in the Great Hall."

Esther smiles, "That's what he said." The girl teases, before sliding in under the blanket with Lucretia. Adding to the warmth with some body heat. "So you should be more worried by me." A pause. "I… I'm angry with Myrus. But Zayn is right. Violence won't help this. Someone already took out their frustrations on his Owl; this was on the edge of going too far. He knows he fucked up - He knows that Medusa will take immediate and severe action if he dares to mess with snakes again. And I hope that by extending the olive branch, he might be less inclined to freak out in the future." A sigh. Soft, and sweet.

Lucretia repositions herself so that she fits easily in against the curves and dips of Esther's side, the warmth a welcome thing. "Mmm. Poor Fjurik," she says, revealing her knowledge of the owl's name and thus her attention to details of others at the school. "I hope they've managed to wake him and at least he wasn't killed. If it was anyone but Myrus I'd feel some guilt for what happened. Sadly I can't bring myself to feel that way however, not after what he did, and that bothers me. I really hope he -has- learned from it, because Medusa will bring him down if not. Not like Meliflua. Meliflua's too scared to take a stand. I only heard second-hand what he had to say on the matter in the Great Hall and there seems few that are impressed by his tepid response."

"It's not over for him yet, Lu'." Esther responds calmly. "As for Silas… She has something in mind, I know it. But like us, he'll be here next year. Same with Jenny, and that means it'll be a delicate touch." A soft sigh. "I… I do not like the idea of Silas in charge. But as Medusa said, we have few other options."

Lucretia stares across the lake, eyes narrowing in the gathering dark. A frown. "Well. He'll only be here a year before he'll be gone, lost to obscurity beyond these walls. He's an appeaser, not a leader, and he's yet to prove himself so far as I'm concerned. I can't recall anything worthwhile he's achieved for House Slytherin, though doubtless he must have for Medusa to have invested her interest in him."

"Neither have I." Esther states simply. She only causes trouble. "The simple, sad truth is that Silas is over-reaching because he feels entitled. Better than you. Better than me. And better than Medusa." A sad shake of her head. "He's a liar. Remember that. The most dangerous kind of lie, that sort that convinces you to trust him. He claims to be above all of this, but he's just as bad - If not worse - Than the people he's trying to disassociate himself from."

"Or perhaps he's stuck in a mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds him to his own potential," Lucretia says, a quiet look given Esther. "He wants to be something he's not. Important. If I have to suffer a year of him calling himself 'King', then I will, I won't like it though. How can I respect someone that hasn't the guts to stand up for those in their house. He didn't even talk with me to order his facts before publicly speaking on the matter. That isn't the action of a leader, its the action of someone scared to make ripples in case they become waves they can't control."

"I won't." Esther answers simply. "I simply won't. Medusa earned her place by proving that her heart is set on the best needs of Slytherin. Silas airs our problems to the entire school, and any who are stupid enough to listen to him. The few who agree are those whose needs he will serve, and in doing so, he'll make as weaker as a whole." The girl sighs, softly. "He lied to me. And like an idiot, I believed the best in him. I won't make this mistake again."

Lucretia exhales, the hang of her breath in the air indicative of the drop in temperature as the evening draws on. A nod. "No matter her reasons, Medusa has named him her preferred successor and so I'll try to respect that, but only because I respect -her-. It'll be interesting to see how the next week or so goes with him having so publicly railed against her." A small shiver is given and she hugs in closer to Esther. "I do wonder how successful any would-be Slytherin leader will be without the support of the Malfoys and Blacks. You know us Blacks, loyalty to family above all else. And I'm not just talking here in school, but beyond here too." There's a ghost of a smile with that and she looks up at Esther. "I'm young yet, but give me time. I can roar just as loudly as any other Black." There's a tug on the older girl's arm then, a pulling back from the window. "We should return to the dorms, I wouldn't want either you or I to break curfew and lose us points."

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