(1939-04-01) Fawley's First Day of Spring Break
Details for Fawley's First Day of Spring Break
Summary: The Fawley Family have a dinner to welcome home Josie.
Date: April 1st, 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Fawley Family Farmhouse

It is a spring night. The weather is cool and fair.

Inside of the farmhouse it looks bigger inside than it did from the outside. The entirety of the house is hardwood flooring that's lacquered thickly for ease in clean up. Where there aren't cages, kennels and other more mundane furniture the molding around the ceiling and flood and around the chair line dividing the walls in two is the same wood as the floor. Depending on the room each wall is papered and painted differently. Above the chair rail is the more decorative patterned wall paper with the background color used in a thick hardy (easily cleaned) layer of paint below the chair rail.
A stairwell leads upstairs and also down to a cellar right in front of the Front Door. The stairs also act like a wall between the two sides of the house, on one side of the stairs is a very large living room. Mounted in one wall in the living room from floor to ceiling is an aquarium that is void of water and fish, it is a place for reptiles. Warm lamps shine down from above and it's filled with many smooth logs and nooks and crannies for anything cold blooded to rest and hide.
Within the cellar is locations for the more nocturnal and light sensitive animals to stay. Not to mention it acts like a storage area and wine and root cellar. Also in the cellar is a thick wall and door of reinforced glass that is the anti chamber into a medical facility. The lab is the only sign of modern times as the rest of the house with it's 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 offices and studies are all decorated in a very medieval whimsical fantastical design.

It's late afternoon. Some creatures are still frolicking, others are winding down to get ready for a night full of sleep, and others are just waking up for a night full of nocturnal jibber jabber and what not. One creature, of the human variety, happens to be just arriving at the Farm, knocking on the door as he permits himself entrance. "Greetings." He calls out, closing the door behind him he rests his bowler hat and jacket nearby and looks about. "Are there persons of note about?" 'Persons of note'? Perhaps his way of joking, wondering if those close to him are readily available.

The first thing Josie did, on getting home, was to rush to her room and change out of the Hogwarts uniform and into her more muggle-style farm clothes. Clothes that are getting a little small on her now, after months at school. So, she's dressed casually when she's stepping down the stairs as Bannon comes in. Those steps turn to a run as she hurries to the front door, "Hi!"

Camilla calls from the kitchen where she's putting together a spring salad, filled with fresh greens from their garden, carrots and peas and some crumbled bacon. At the moment she's working on crumbling up some of their fresh farmer's cheese to dot over the salad as well. "In here, dinner is almost ready. Clean hands and ears! Then sit on your biers." It's quite a morbid little saying towards the end there. But it's something Grandpa Fawley used to say and so on through the ancestors. Leave it to the Scottish, right? So tradition has Cami saying it to her motley family.

"Ah, Josie, it is wonderful to have you about. First day of spring break, is it not?" Though, of course, Bannon knows it is. But that doesn't stop him from asking. He gives her a little smile. "Ah, your clothes…you're…well, you're growing. Which I suppose is bound to happen. You may wish to get a new set of clothes soon. If…well, I'm sure something could be figured out. Details and such." He hears the call from Camilla and raises an eyebrow. "Hands and ears shall be most dutifully cleaned by all. Worry not." He calls back. "I do not believe I can, as yet, get accustomed to that saying. 'Sit on your biers'. Really." He shakes his head, though he does seem slightly amused.

Josie grins up to her father and nods quickly, "It is." Then she comments, "I played my second Quidditch game yesterday, I was called up to play Keeper… we lost, but it was mostly down to the Snitch." She glances down at herself as her clothes are mentioned and then nods again, "I guess. Still nice to wear something other than my uniform." She giggles a little and nods quickly in agreement to Bannon's last comment, but calls back to Camilla, "Already clean!"

Camilla gives Bannon a good solid scottish 'Och'. She loves oching at him since he first originally teased her about it when he first did it to him. She appears within view of the front door when she further sets up the table for dinner in the dining room. "Come on you two, the greens are wilting." She smiles to them, she can't say that their food is getting cold after all. "I want to hear more about the game! Or should we wait until we can get Demetrius in on it?" She heads back to the icebox. "Who wants what to drink?"

"That must have been exciting, the Quidditch game!" Bannons offers. "And Keeper, that's a difficult position to play. You must be quite good at it, if they called upon your services to play in that position." He straightens his tie ever so slightly. There's a glance toward Camilla, with a nod in agreement. "I'd very much like to hear about the game as well." He chuckles ever so softly. "The uniforms have not changed since I was in school, and I admit…I barely found them comfortable either, but I suppose they served their purpose in some way, shape, or form." He nods. When asked what he wants to drink, he considers for a moment. "Surprise me." Is his simple answer. "Go on and take a seat, Josie, I'll be there in a moment. I require a slight washing up before dining."

Josie shrugs and grins, "I'm alright. I've been practicing a lot. Especially after the first game, when I didn't do very good at all. But I was playing Chaser that time." She moves to take her seat as Bannon steps out to wash up and says, in answer to Camilla, "Milk, please."

Camilla brings over a carafe of milk and sets it down on the table with a smile to Josie, "Milk for everyone then. You did just fine that first game. You're only a second year sweetheart. The fact that you're even playing games is amazing from what Demetrius tells me." She probably wouldn't know anything about Quidditch if it weren't for Demetrius. She spent most of her School Stay studying like crazy and disapproving of the violent sport. She does eye Josie though, "You didn't get hurt any? I hear those bludgers like to be aimed at Keepers. So the loops can be free to score on…" She sets some fresh butter and some out of the oven a few minutes ago rolls down on the table and finally takes a seat. "As far as clothes…we can raid the attic of my old things if you want Jojo." It's clear she really would rather take the girl shopping, but she doesn't want to let the no money cat out of the bag at the moment.

Moments later, Bannon returns and takes his place at the table. "Are we still speaking on the subject of quidditch?" He looks between Josie and Camilla, settling himself in his chair as he does so. He glances at the food on the table, nodding at what has been prepared. "The spread looks delectable, Camilla. And much more appetizing than the 'apple cinnamon haggis' that a young clerical staff member brought to the office today." He shakes his head at the thought.

Josie nods quickly to Bannon again and grins up to Camilla, "Thanks. I hope I make the team full-time next year, though." Then she shakes her head, "No, I didn't get hurt. We've got really good Beaters on our team. They didn't let the bludgers near me." Then she smiles at the offer, "Thanks! I'll look." She looks to Bannon again and wrinkles her nose, "That doesn't sound very good."

Camilla's nose wrinkles, "Apple Cinnamon? Who would ruin a perfectly good haggis with apples and Cinnamon!?" She blanches and shakes her head dispelling the topic so she doesn't lose her appetite. Because it's the apple and cinnamon additions that's distasteful, not the actual haggis. With a final little playful shudder about the haggis she starts to scoop up the salad and place it on each plate. "For dressing I made a strawberry vinaigrette." She points to the jar on the table. "For dessert…strawberry short cake." She smiles and winks over to Josie. "Happy to have you home Jojo." She lifts her glass of milk up for a toast to celebrate Josie's home coming.

"It will take a lot of practice, I'm sure, to become a full time member of the team. However, I have faith that you will be able to do it, especially if you put your mind to it." Bannon offers to Josie. "I was lucky enough to be able to avoid the haggis. I was summoned away from the office, which may have turned out to be a blessing." He offers as a final note about the haggis. "Strawberry, a wonderfully versatile fruit, it would appear." He lifts his own glass as Camilla does so. "To Josie being home." He echos his own little toast.

Josie smiles happily at the strawberry everything, and says, "Brilliant." She looks a bit sheepish at the toast, but still smiles happily, "Thanks." She takes a drink of her own milk and then comments, "Missed you both lots. At least next year, I'll be visiting a lot more."

Camilla reaches over to give Josie's arm a light rub after she's taken a sip of her milk. "Just don't be in such a rush. Don't get me wrong, I am going to love getting to have you more next year. I just know that also means that you're going to be thirteen and fourteen and that thought just gives me whip lash and makes me look for grey in my hair. I'm not getting any younger, that's for certain." The last bit is actually aimed over at Bannon with a rather big cheshire cat smile. Hint Hint!

"Are you starting on your Hogsmead weekends next year? I suppose that requires me to come and visit even more than I've been doing so already." Bannon says with a raises eyebrow, taking a sip of his milk. "Though I suppose offer some extra support for the local constable on those weekends. It would give me more excuse to be about, should the Ministry require my services those weekends." Always thinking ahead, this one. "But you are certainly growing quite quickly. Perhaps…too quickly?" He jokes softly. And what's this? Is someone hinting at something? Was that just a hint? He glances over at Camilla and clears his throat, blushing ever so slightly. "Well, um…yes, quite. Indubitably. I mean to say…you look as stunning as ever. I'll not have talk of grey hair. It's quite untrue, and unseemly to even think of!" Quick, think of a change of topic. "Oh! Have either of you heard? There is talk from another Ministry official who wishes to set up muggle-born students with Muggle-born adults in a sort of…mentorship capacity."

Josie nods to Camilla and grins, "Well, I turn thirteen next month. So it's coming soon anyway." She giggles a little at Bannon's reaction to the hint, starting to eat. The last revelation from Bannon has her looking up again, "Really? That's good! Are you gonna be someone's mentor?"

Camilla gives Josie a comical 'what am I to do with your father?' expression before the look turns to Bannon and shifts into something more akin to 'you're lucky I adore you'. But his subject change is easily picked up and she looks interested. "I hadn't heard, but I think that's a wonderful idea. I know things at the start with Josie might have been more strained if you weren't along for the journey. I do think you should sign up to be a mentor. You are terribly good at it."

Perhaps he could have handled it better, that is certainly true. Bannon clears his throat and takes a few bites of his food as he listens to the others. "I have most certainly gave it consideration. It can certainly be difficult to make one's way through the educational system." He responds softly. "And mentorship can be quite advantageous and efficacious to most anybody, regardless of ancestry." He takes a few more bites of food, nodding. "Yes, I may just put forth my name." He smiles. "Now, how have the two of you been? How are your studies, Josie? And the animals, Camilla?" He asks them each in turn.

Josie blinks, "Effi-what?" She seems to get the rest of that, as she adds, "But the purebloods, and even the purer half-bloods, have the Magijugend. They're all Professor Flint's favourites. And, they have their parents, the ones that aren't gits to their kids anyway." She refrains from saying 'Like Lucian's', but the point is pretty obvious anyway. "The muggle-borns don't have anybody who understands, except the mud club."

Camilla is stabbing at her salad a bit vigorously than she was before the hint she laid out as plainly as the salad was passed over. But that's the only sign of any frustration or ire that Cami has against her commitment phobic significant other. "Your father and I have spoken about the need for movement to change the hostile environment at school for those outside of the Headmaster's collection of favorites. He's been pondering long and hard on a strategy that will keep everyone safe and happy. It's not a simple matter of going to the Board of Govenors about it. They are the very people that put Flint in his position. Even though if you ask me, it stinks rotten that one of the tie breaking votes that was in support of Dumbledore ended up dead." She cocks an eyebrow up pointedly at Bannon making it clear she feels she's just landed a case in his lap.

A hand is gently reached over and placed on Camilla's arm, Bannon giving her a look to hopefully say 'I'm sorry if I've upset you.' "Efficacious." He responds to Josie. "The definition of which is having the capability to reach the desired results." Teaching, it's in you to give! He listens intently to all the words said, by both his daughter and his partner. "Favouritism is certainly to be frowned upon. Especially when said favouritism is set in place by one is a position such as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The Headmaster should aim for the equal opportunity of all studants, without placing special care or consideration upon a particular group of said students." He shakes his head and sighs. "It is certainly a difficult situation. But I am hoping to make headway upon it. With any luck, we can make Hogwarts a place where none must feel disheartened." He offers, though he does gives Camilla a knowing glance and nod about the dead supporter of Dumbledore. Perhaps it is something he'll be looking into.

Josie ohs, and nods a little at the definition of the word. She says, "I hope you can fix it. But school's still fun, anyway. I'm actually ahead instead of behind on homework for a change! Not having to look up how to spell almost every word helps now. But I really get Potions now, too. You have to be so… subtle. It's kind of like picking pockets, every little movement matters. It's really fun."

Camilla turns her arm under Bannon's hand so she can slide it enough to give his hand a squeeze. The hand is then laid down in her lap. It's a signal that she accepts the apology, but it's not the end of the duration of the hint. Though it's all being tucked away for later. "Potions? That's wonderful. Maybe we can go fishing around the pond and see if we can find any frogs or newts and we can have frog legs and you can take the eyes to Slughorn for some extra credit. Or at the very least we can wander the fields and find some ingredients. A nice evening stroll after dinner?"

Allowing his hand to be guided, Bannon nods along to the mention of potions. "Potions? Wonderful. You know, there are a few good careers that come of being a potions expert." He offers in encouragement. "Not that you need to be thinking of careers at the moment, mind you." He clears his throat. "But yes. Perhaps a bit of a walk post dinner would be lovely. You can tell us some of what you've been learning in potions, what perhaps what you hope to learn. It is certainly a fascinating subject."

Josie asks Bannon curiously, at the mention of careers, "Is potions part of being an Auror?" Then she smiles at Camilla's suggestion and says, "That'll be fun! I bet we'll find some. The ones around the Hogwarts side of the lack have all been caught, I think, but nobody's looking over here."

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