(1939-03-01) Paladin's Challenge - Angelus vs Josie
Details for Paladin's Challenge - Angelus vs Josie
Summary: Round one of the tournament, Junior Division, between Angelus and Josie. MC'd by Seamus.
Date: March 1, 1939
Location: Club Room, HOgwarts

As usual before a duel, Josie has a smile on her face as she enters the club room, looking around for the GM or her opponent. Or anybody else, for that matter. "Hello?"

Angelus arrives at the club room moments before he’s supposed to duel, stepping in and looking around. He’s dressed neatly in uniform, robes falling neatly over his form, topped off with the Eye of Truth that dangles around his neck. He’s confident as he steps into the club room, a smile slanting across his lips as his royal blue eyes focus on the girl entering seconds before. “Hey, hello Davies,” offers the youth politely, dipping his head even as he grins and reaches out to nudge his shoulder against hers. “Are you all up for this?”

Dressed in wrinkled clothing, looking like he just woke up and slept in his clothing, Timothy Riley strides into the club room with a big smile on his face,"Alright. If I could have the duelists come to the stage." He says making a gesture with his wand and the dueling stage unfolds. Jumping up to the center of the stage, there's not a whole lot about dignity about him. "Come along." He says casually pulling his wand from his robes.

Josie nods and grins and says, "I'm ready." She looks up to the man who makes his way in, pulling off her outer robes to free her arms, stepping to hang them up quickly and then making her way to the stage opposite Angelus, taking her wand in hand and saluting once Angelus is in position as well.

“Let’s make this fun,” says Angelus with a grin and a wink. He turns when Timothy enters, quirking a brow and can’t help but sigh inwardly at his appearance. Really? This is the best they got? “Hello, sir,” Angelus greets, bowing respectably before he turns to step up onto the duelling stage. His own, outer robes are pulled off, showing where his wand his holstered by his shoulder. He flashes a smile across the way to Josie as he draws it out, giving her a formal bow as he salutes with his wand. “May the best duellist win,” he says, winking once.

Noalan slips silently into the room and keeps to the back wall. He has to be here… for emotional support. He makes his way part way around the room towards Josie’s end of the dueling platform to ensure Angelus spots him, and then leisurely heads back the other way to be stand more behind his brother. Settling on a spot he leans lazily against the wall to watch.

"I want a nice clean duel here. If either of you try any funny business you'll find yourselves in the hospital wing." Timothy says as he nods his heads, “Go to either end and face each other." He says frankly.

Josie nods to Angelus with a smile, then to the M.C., turning to take up her position at one end of the stage. She salutes, then takes the ready stance that Lucian taught her.

Angelus’ eyes flick towards his older brother when he appears within his line of sight, and he frowns as his eyes narrow in suspiciousness. It only lasts for a second because he’s smirking and lifting his head. “Oh, Noah, you’ve actually decided to come watch. This will be cool!” he declares with a grin, deciding to believe that it’s because he’s duelling that his brother decided to come watch. His smile flashes and when he finishes his salute he’s ready to cast.

While Josie may lack the skill of her slightly older opponent, she's always been fast. As soon as they're given the signal to go, he hand flashes up and she flicks her wand, "Mimble Wimble!" Light flashes from the tip of her wand, aimed right for Angelus' mouth.

Angelus did study up on spells to use, especially the ones he’s seen in previous duels. He did manage a decent Deflection Charm while practicing, but while he flicks his wand out in a swirl and says, “Deflecto,” the shield only flickers out in front of him weakly. It doesn’t hold up to Josie’s attack. “Sparks,” he murmurs as he shakes his head. He offers out a smile towards his opponent, and it’s clear of the effect of the spell when the words he tries to say comes out in a drunken mess. So instead the boy lets out a snicker and a wink towards Jo.

Josie got a little too confident. As she sees the movements that show Angelus is going on the attack, she changes up and fires off her own deflection spell… or, rather, tries to. She says, "Deflecto," but she gets the wand movement slightly wrong, and there's nothing to block the incoming spell.

The Tongue Tying Curse was one of the spells he looked up after seeing Lucretia use it in her duel. It’s been effective, and now he can personally say it is. For a fraction of a second the youth debates whether to stay defensive or attack, but with the failure of his last attempt he decides to send back the same spell. Though he starts out jumbling the first of the letters, Angelus narrows his eyes and forces himself to focus harder so that he manages to say, “Mimble Wimble,” as he gives his wand a sweep before aiming it at her. He might have thrown in a comment afterwards, but decides it’s for the best if he just doesn’t speak more than he has to.

Angelus decides not to go back into defensive, lest he can’t manage a strong enough shield. If he could manage to send his spell out at her at least it would bring him closer to possibly winning. But while he twirls his wand and flicks it out, the words that escape him are slurred and are incomprehensible. Nothing happens as he flicks his wand, but a force does knock into him, bringing out an ‘oof’ as he stumbles back. But his arms stretch out at his sides and he regains his footing. Only he casts his eyes away from Josie, looking over his shoulder for only a fraction of a second, but in a duel probably a dangerous move. Perhaps he imagined it, but he could have sworn he heard that snide smirk from his brother - or maybe it’s just in his head because he /expected/ it. In any case, he calls out, “Shh! Quit it, Noah.”

Josie struggles with her tongue to say the word, "Flipendo," as she casts her spell, grinning as she sees Angelus stumble back and unable to get his own spell out past his own tied tongue. She gets ready, and when she spots that he's looked away, she pounces quickly, casting the same spell again and putting all her will into getting the word out correctly again, "Flipendo!"

Angelus brings his gaze back to Josie to catch the tail end of her wand movement. “/Sparks/,” he releases in reaction, and so he has no time to cast against it. His wand does snap up reflexively, but nothing is uttered before the force once again knocks into the boy, and he lets out an ‘ack!’ as he stumbles. His feet dancing dangerously near the edge of the mat, as one slips off the edge Angelus loses his balance and his arms spin backwards even as he flops backwards. “Oi! Nice one, Davies!” he calls out, his tongue at least working better.

"And the winner is Ms Davies." Timothy says when he sees Angelus fall off the stage, “May want to work on your landings a bit. Helps a lot to avoid too much damage." He says pleasantly as he practically dashes out of the club room. Dignity is apparently not high on his strong points.

Josie gives just a small cheer, she can't help that much. But then she pockets her wand again and steps quickly to offer to help Angelus up. "Thanks. You did good too, until you looked away."

Angelus purposefully keeps from looking over at his brother again. A bitterness seeps just below the surface, but he releases sigh as a hand lifts to the back of his head. “Heh, you’re quick, Davies,” compliments the boy, flashing her a smile. But he picks himself back up by himself, quirking an eyebrow as a smirk touches his lips. Once he’s on his feet he holsters his wand and offers out his hand to shake hers. “Well, excellent work. Perfect use of an opportunity when I lost focus.” He dips his head to her.

Josie shakes the offered hand, still smiling, and says, "Thanks. Good duel." Then she turns, stepping to retrieve her robes again and says, "I gotta go. Got a ton of Transfiguration homework to do. Thanks," she says again, waving, as she slips out.

“Great duel,” agrees Angelus with a nod, smiling at her. He draws his hand away and watches his housemate head out. When her back is to him his blue eyes squint, a cold jealousy in them, before his smile flutters back into place and he’s turning to retrieve his outer robes. Once he drapes it over his shoulders Angelus grins widely as he looks over to his brother. He slides his hands in front of him until he stretches his arms out. “I was /completely/, one hundred percent pure /brilliant/. Did you see? I got her with a spell.”

Noalan never said anything, but seeing Angelus get knocked around was entertaining, and his mere presence distracting him enough to cause him to lose is just perfect. Not that he'd ever seen Angelus as much of a threat with the wand, to the point he was surprised he even entered a tournament. Lan was just pushing away from the wall, heading for the door as well with the slightest of smirks when Angelus's comment caught him a little off guard. "Managing to connect with just one spell during a losing duel is enough to be 'one hundred percent pure brilliant'? I had no idea you were so easily impressed."

Angelus’ grin widens as he bounces enthusiastically after his brother. “Oh yea!” he declares, punching the air in a showy-off move as he tilts his head. “I’m always one hundred percent pure brilliant.” He flexes what muscles he has for a small, more agile thirteen year old. “It was brilliant,” he carries on. “I didn’t expect I’d actually hit her with it. Davies is a far better duellist than I am from what I’ve seen.” He hops from one foot to the other, tapping Lan on the arm as he grins at him. “But I’ll admit it would have been twenty percent more brilliant if I’d won.” And he pumps a fist into the air. “YEEEEA!”

Noalan grimaces, always finding this attitude far more irritating than just about anything else Angelus does. The open antagonism is fun by comparison. "Mmm, yes, well, I should start by trying to not lose in ten seconds flat." Angelus's positively repellent attitude and personality right now causes Lan to move towards the door again.

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