(1939-03-01) What Do You Fancy?
Details for What Do You Fancy?
Summary: A day in the life of the Three Broomsticks.
Date: March 1, 1939
Location: The Three Broomsticks Pub

It's getting on afternoon in Hogsmeade, and the weather is such that it's already pretty dark, and definitely cold. There aren't too many patrons inside at the moment; it seems that most people want to stay warm in their own homes, rather than seek out the artificial warmth of butterbeer and Fabia's newfangled (and rather more alcoholic) cocktails. However, there are a few patrons, and a few serving staff.

One of the latter is Tessa. At the moment, she's behind the bar, pouring a pint for a rather haggard-looking wizard who looks like this particular pint is probably not his first one. He's not falling off his stool, though, so it's not time to cut him off just yet. Tessa says something to him with a brilliant smile, and he chuckles a little, then she moves off to grab another glass.

Graham is often sent this way for work, and it seems it's such an occasion today, but before heading back home he cant resist stopping in the pub for a second it'll help warm him up and allow him to relax a second or two. He enters glancing around as it's not overly populated just yet. He'll enter and turn towards the bar weaving easily through the tables until he can plop down on a stool. The young man a bit of a creature of habit will likely get his usual or well slight variation on it.

There certainly aren't enough people in the pub for Graham to have long to wait, and indeed, Tessa's soon making her way over to the new arrival, after she's set a tumbler of amber-colored liquid in front of a witch at the end of the bar, who knocks the liquid back with a rapidity that's quite impressive, were anyone in the mood to notice. "Afternoon, sir," she comments once she's in front of Graham, leaning forward a little over the bar in a friendly way, "I hope you're staying warm today! It seems as though this snow will never let up. What do you fancy?"

The man glances about another moment taking in the others before the sound of approach turns his focus back "Afternoon." he will say giving a returned friendly smile "I've tried to do so though traveling today." he'll say adding "I agree, wish it would melt away though. Graham is attired for cold but all the same. It's not very much of a pause "If I could please, i'd like a cider with a shot of whiskey and chips if you have them." he will order. "I'm Graham Cohen." he will reach a hand across in introduction.

"Of course," Tessa says, then reaches across the bar to accept the extended hand, shaking it firmly. "Tessa. Pleased to meet you," she replies with a smile, though doesn't give her full name in response to his. It's probably just an incidental oversight. She then turns away, grabbing a glass and filling it with cider, just enough so that the additional shot of whiskey tops it off perfectly. She makes her way toward a door marked 'Staff Only,' placing Graham's glass in front of him as she goes. She reappears a moment later with the chips and sets them down as well. "There you are! That'll warm you right up."

Graham will nod and is glad his order isn't too out of the ordinary each pub is different afterall. "Thank you, and likewise it's nice to meet you." He will say both to the greeting and the mug and chips "It looks great, sure it will do." he's silent a moment while he eats and drinks a bit. "I'm not always able to make it up here as much as i'd like, anything interesting here or around town?" he says striking up conversation.

Tessa pauses for a moment at this question, tilting her head to one side thoughtfully as she considers her answer. "Well," she begins, tapping her fingers thoughtfully on the bar top, "if you're interested in watching a bunch of Hogwarts students getting into all sorts of mischief, then you've come at the right weekend. We were overrun yesterday, but it seems to be dropping off a bit now." She shakes her head a bit wryly, "We do a lot of business on Hogsmeade weekends, but it can be a little tiring." She pauses, then returns, "What brings you here?"

The man chuckles "I hadnt thought to ask if it was a Hogsmead weekend, well that will be interesting if they do begin to flock in once more." he says wondering about some students he's not seen in quite a while but he'll eat another chip and take a drink before answering. "Had to follow up with a contact for work." he says though this is a bit vague and he chuckles "I work at the ministry, MLE auror's office." he explains properly.

"Oh, you're an Auror, then?" Tessa's eyebrows raise a little, as she reaches into her apron for a rag and begins to wipe down the bar, busy even while conversing with a patron, though she's friendly enough that it (hopefully) doesn't seem rude that she's doing two things at once. "We don't have see Aurors too often in here. Hogsmeade is usually rather quiet for you, I suppose. I hope you found out what you were looking for." However, she doesn't pry into what exactly he was after, of course; no doubt that's classified.

Graham nods to the other "Yes, it's okay i'm rather a boring auror i'm told too bookish." he chuckles eating another chip though he takes a glance around the place but is still listening. "Yes it went rather well, i'm afraid it was boring this time not even wand usage required to complete my task. St Mungo's will have to survive without me for the day." he jokes giving a small grin.

Graham's first statement elicits a laugh from the barmaid, and she moves the rag to the other hand, continuing to clean the bar absently. "I'm sure your life is quite exciting. Even the most boring Auror must be kilometers ahead of anyone who makes their living in Hogsmeade." She smiles, then continues, "You've probably had enough thrills to last you a lifetime."

"I dunno, I suppose so. I like the days rather half and half. Paperwork days and Fieldwork days." Graham gives a small shrug taking another drink though he'll set the mug down a moment "I've definitely had some interesting things happen which likely wouldn't without my job." he ponders an example that's not classified or an active case. "Ah, good example. I got taken to St Mungo's with a dragon clamped down on my leg, the healer gave me a potion which made me taste like a vegetable. So the dragon would release." he laughs at the thought.

Tessa's eyes widen a little as Graham relates his treacherous dealings with magical creatures. "A dragon? Goodness!" she exclaims, pausing in her absent cleaning to regard the man in a new light. "Were they able to save the dragon, too?" Apparently she's got a bit of a soft heart, and obviously, they were able to save Graham, so she doesn't need to ask about that.

Graham the young man eats a few more chips though he's watching and listening to the others reaction. "Oh yeah, the dragon was fine. A friend from magical creatures was on hand to capture it." He will say reassuringly he's here and so he's fine indeed. "Well except im sure the dragon was quite disappointed why it's meaty treat suddenly tasted do badly." he throws a quick wink to the other and grins taking another drink.

Another laugh escapes Tessa at this, and she nods, "I'm sure your right. Poor beast…hopefully he flew off and found something else that tasted much nicer." She grins, "The life of an Auror is certainly a thrilling one. I bet you'll have so many good stories to tell." Of course, as a barmaid, she hears all kinds of stories herself, but they're not all as action-packed as being nearly eaten by a dragon.

"I'm sure he was released in a nice forest away from people, where he camp romp and eat proper things yes." Graham says shaking his head he'll drink a bit more finishing off the cider now. "I have a few stories yeah, but also a lot of boring times too." he will say though he cannot immediately think up another good story. He will eat a chip before asking "How long have you worked here?" he'll ask curiously.

At this time of day, people have begun to trickle into the Broomsticks after work, though they're not yet doing business that could be characterized as 'brisk,' which is why Tessa's able to stand and chat with one of the patrons sitting at the bar. "Well, that sounds all right, then," she replies to the patron (Graham, to be precise), "I would hate to think anything happened to the dragon. He couldn't help his nature, after all." At his second question, she pauses, looking thoughtful, her gaze sliding past him as she does some quick calculating. "Seven years, or thereabouts," she says. "It's good employment, and I quite enjoy it."

Saturday afternoon traditionally follows Saturday morning, which comes sometime or another after — Friday night. Thus it can't come as much of a stunner to the staff and the habituees of the Three Broomsticks to see the proprietress, Fabia Fairfax, making her arduous commute downstairs to work at nearly five o'clock in the afternoon, and with her arm around the waist of a dear friend who came to dinner and stayed to brekkers, or possibly luncheon. They come through the Staff Only door still laughing over a matter which must remain shut away behind it, both looking rather pleased with themselves, both wearing trousers: Fabia beautifully-cut grey flannel with another of her Argyll jumpers over a silk blouse and pearls, and Miss Genevieve Cooper, luminary of the MLE, in, well, they're definitely trousers, and one of the less-than-usually-lumpy sweaters she reserves almost exclusively for her visits to the Broomsticks.

"… And that's why I told him I couldn't possibly," Fabia giggles, squeezing her friend's waist in one more happy hug before letting go of her to put both hands on Tessa's shoulders and say: "Good morning, sweetie! What have I missed?"

Graham eats a chip "Oh I agree, really I startled it, and it reacted." he will say giving a shrug here again "Hm that's a good while, i'm glad you like it though. I imagine you get to see and hear a lot here behind the bar and moving throughout the tables too." he will ponder all the usual sorts of pub gosip and bet that is about the usual. He will turn back at at more appearances work habit. "Ah evening Cooper." she gets a smile and wave the other he doesn't know quite well but gives a friendly smile and nod anyways.

The door is nudged open by a woman with her nose buried in a book - a book in French. She lifts her head enough to glance around, then lets out a quiet sigh - none of the cousins. /Again/. Where are they hiding themselves, these days? She keeps reading as she makes her way to the bar, propping herself up on a stool, and setting her book on the counter. "Do you have mulled wine?" she asks Tessa hopefully, offering Graham a brief smile and a nod of greeting.

From the languid look in the blonde auror's eyes, it seems that she was forcefully to her feet from some nice Saturday lazing. Sure she's in nicer clothing than usual, but that has little to do with her taste and everything to do with Frid's stupendous laundry skills. "What a joke that man is! You're too kind to give even give him your attentions," she tops off her laughter and to her delight, finds her co-worker at the bar. "Oh Graham, is it evening already?" Cooper checks her watch. "What brings you all the way out here?" The auror saddles her way onto a stool and lazily slumps against the bar top. "Hi Tessa, a vodka and orange juice please. I've got a killer headache."

"Yes, I'm quite sure that-…" but whatever she was sure of is interrupted by the arrival of her employer and her employer's companion. Tessa turns with a smile, tucking the rag she'd been using to wipe the bar down back into her apron's string, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Fairfax. Miss Cooper," and the latter also gets a friendly smile, "Just the usual Hogwarts lot yesterday. Luckily we were able to manage without Ellie; she's gone to see her mother. You know," and Tessa gives a vague wave, like Fabia will certainly understand what she means without her having to explain it further. She then moves to accommodate Cooper's request, setting it in front of the Auror (well, the other Auror) just as Kahren makes her way to the bar. "Of course," Tessa replies to the newcomer, "It'll just be a minute, love."

Fabia leans idly on the counter behind the bar, across from Cooper as Tessa is across from Graham; and looks round the pub and its patrons, dispensing a nod here and a smile there. She's in no hurry to do any actual work, though. She's made it in here, hasn't she? One step at a time. "More orange than vodka," she puts in helpfully to Tessa, re: Cooper's order, "she's already had one of my Bloody Marys with her breakfast." Nobody, but nobody, departs from Fabia's rooms upstairs without being adequately sloshed. She is very reliable in that respect.

Graham will look back another familiar face the healer from St Mungo's she gets a smile and wave too "It's good to see you again Miss Umbridge." he'll add not wishing to ignore her approach, before he turns back quickly "Eh work stuff as usual but always try to stop in here when I am out this way. You alright?" he will ask a moment eating a few more chips though he turns the proprietor of the place he knows only by a brief meeting "I believe we keep being stopped from proper introductions. I'm Graham Cohen." the young man says offering Fabia a hand.

"Oh, thank you," Kahren says warmly to Tessa, before offering Graham another smile. "Mister Cohen - hello again," she greets him.
Cooper's mention of a headache gets a curious and concerned look from the healer. She and Cooper were housemates once upon a time - not that Kahren seems to realize that fact. But the mention of bloody marys and vodka orange juice seems to explain away the woman's discomfort well enough. She smiles at the pair across from Graham briefly, but decides not to intrude, offering instead only a nod of greeting.

Sloshed it almost an accurate way to describe Saturday Cooper. Her swaying movements and her drooper posture would suggest that she is merely well watered. "Fine fine, more orange. So long as I can get sarnie as well," she grumbles with only a bit of protest. Graham's question gets the usual, "Yes yes. Busy with work as always." But she then she pauses remembering that she knows a little fact about Graham that perhaps she shouldn't have any business to know. Though concern colors her face when she asks him, "But are you okay?" The exchange between her coworker and Kahren however, earns the latter a long narrow eyed look. It could perhaps seem like one suspicion, but really Cooper was trying to place the girl's face. She knows her only in her slightly inebriated state she can't recall the first name.

It is indeed the work of but a moment before Tessa's back with a glass of mulled wine for Kahren, its scent wafting deliciously amongst those seated near her at the bar. It's certainly an appropriate choice for such a blustery day, though really pretty much anything the Broomsticks has on offer would do to warm one up, provided one drinks enough of it. As Graham and Cooper begin to speak, she doesn't respond to his earlier statements to her, but instead moves off to serve a few of the patrons not seated at the bar, though this is dispensed with quickly.

"Fabia Fairfax," that lady (though she's always the first to insist she isn't a lady) says cordially to Graham, offering her own diamond-bedecked and French-manicured hand across the bar. Her usual palm-down style, in which a gentleman may clasp her fingertips or kiss her knuckles but not really shake her hand. A Lumos seems to pop on in her head. She, too, knows something she oughtn't to know about this particular Auror — one of the many benefits of pouring G&Ts into journalist friends… She just smiles at him a little more warmly — resolves to remain within earshot of his conversation with Cooper — and asks him, "What are you drinking, sweetie?"

"Oh, thank you," Kahren says warmly as her wine is delivered, cupping it in both hands and breathing in the scent of it. She loves the winter simply for the readily available mulled wine - it's her favorite drink. She takes a small sip, then gives Cooper a puzzled and slightly concerned look at the way the woman's eyes are narrowed at her. "Yes…?" she asks uncertainly. "Can I help you with anything, Miss?"

"I'm sorry Miss Tessa, seems your getting more busy, but can I have a refill on cider please? No whiskey shot this time though. No rush only when you've seen to everyone of course." Graham will say and is apologetic for his intrusion. He turns to Cooper though if she hears the whiskey shot this might send up a red flag even before she asks. He raises an eyebrow though internally there are any number of lousy things which have happened lately. If words traveled far and wide that's no good but he has to answer. "I well, lots happened lately." the auror turns towards Fabia though and will grasp her hand though cant bring himself to properly lean to kiss it it's not brushed off though before he looks to Cooper "I have to ask which of my misfortunes has made it out to Hogsmead."

Cooper picks up the Screwdriver in her hand (fun fact: it wasn't known as a Screwdriver yet at this time according to Wikipedia) taking a delightful slip of the spike juice. "Mmmm, delightful Tessa. Much appreciated." But her ears catch the words whiskey shot and indeed the signal has sounded! Her posture stiffens up when he questions what they've heard. "Oh, nothing! Nothing at all! Right Fabia?" Cooper clears her throat to her friend and then a hand of frienship lays itself on Graham's shoulder, "Just know, that should you be nuptial… erm… I mean needful of anything… my ear is always open!"
Kahren however, gets another long look, and Cooper decides to think aloud, "I know you, yeah? We ran into each other again recently, yeah? What house were you in?"

It's no intrusion on Graham's part, of course; it is Tessa's job to serve him, and she's happy to do it, as well. "Of course," she replies, whisking away his glass and moving to fill it once more with cider and bringing it back again, placing it in front of him. "It's no trouble," she comments, before she begins to make her rounds again, as more and more witches and wizards begin to enter after their work days are over. There are a few waitresses to help her, though, and soon enough she takes her place behind the bar again. After all, she's far and away the best at mixing drinks. "Glad you approve, Miss Cooper," she replies, before walking to the end of the bar and removing the pint glass from the haggard-looking wizard sitting there. He seems to want another one, but a few good-natured admonishments from Tessa and he's placing some coins on the bar and collecting his things instead.

"Oh, nothing at all," Fabia echoes Cooper obligingly. And then, yes, she seems to recollect that she owns this joint. She reaches for a bottle, and then another, and — oh. She's only making a martini. Guess who that's for. And she's making it just opposite Cooper and Graham, in case the opportunity should arise for her to eavesdrop, interfere, or flirt with Cooper. She's just finished her Friday night fun; it's time to make a start on her Saturday night fun.

"Did we?" Kahren asks, sounding mildly embarrassed by her failure to remember. "I was in Hufflepuff. Kahren Umbridge," she offers. She's straining her own memory now, trying to place the woman, with a hint of color on her cheeks to show her discomfort over her ability to remember properly. She does spare Graham a briefly concerned look at his mention of multiple misfortunes - but that's not where the majority of her attention rests, for the moment.

"Thank you." Graham the auror will say and take a sip from his cider he does look back to the other auror and it's clear they are hurrying to change the subject. He will pause though turning to the pub owner before back the miss entered word gets a small shake of his head though he doesn't cringe away at the touch "Thanks Cooper, likewise." he will lean over now to speak lowered in volume to her. It's not that he wants business aired here but he has to know so he can prepare. He will sit back up waiting afterward though. He will notice the look from the healer "I'm alright, nothing health related. I don't think." he gives a half smile before focusing on Cooper

Cooper ahhhhs at Kahren, the memories flood back in just as how the spiked juice floods into her mouth. "Mmm yes! There we go! Umbridge! I was older, but we went to Hogwarts together. Fellow badger. Genevieve Cooper," she holds her hand out to shake her former schoolmate's hand.
But her lips press together when she leans in to hear what Graham whispers. For a moment it seems that she's mulling over what to say until she too murmurs something back. And once Cooper is upright she clarifies, "But it was purely said out of concern! Nothing malicious and we were all fairly drunk (like she is now sorta)." A glance at Fabia means, the proprietress is included in that 'we'. And to try and make things less awkward, she summons over Tessa again. "Tessa. I've decided more vodka. This orange juice doesn't seem to be doing much on it's own."

It's always a pleasure to be summoned by Cooper, and so Tessa doesn't waste any time in obliging, reaching forward over Fabia with a murmured excusal and plucking the glass from in front of the Auror. "Just the thing to set you right again, Miss Cooper," she concurs. Hair of the dog and all that. She moves away to add some more vodka to the glass, then looks at it critically, before topping it off with even more of the clear liquid. Fabia's taught her well. She brings it back and sets it down in front of Cooper once more, careful not to spill the contents of the now quite full and only slightly orange-tinted glass.

A fellow badger? Kahren seems appalled to have forgotten a housemate - and it's that very appalled feeling that brings back the memory of the more recent encounter. "Oh, of course! Miss Cooper! We met in the park. You had that muggle… contraption. What was it again? And how did you come across it? I would simply love to give it a try - it seemed so fascinating!"
She pays no mind to Cooper and Graham's whispered conversation. Whatever they were discussing - well. It was no concern of hers - though she does smile at Graham's comment to her. "I'm glad to hear your health hasn't been troubling you."

Making a martini is the work of moments for Fabia — enjoying a martini, likewise. she's lingering over this one, hiding behind the bar out of Tessa's way, listening to the scraps of chatter which drift across to her. Muggle contraption? Heavens, Cooper, we'll need to have a little chat about that… She eyes the Auror as though contemplating hauling her upstairs again to have said little chat now-ish. And more vodka? Not a bad idea in and of itself, but, having done a great deal of personal research into Cooper's capacity for holding drink within that slender figure she takes such trouble to disguise with misshapen knitwear — Fabia pops back into the kitchen (drink in hand) and comes out a minute or two later with a plate (and drink still in hand; some small trouble with the door), which she pushes across the bar to Cooper with a meaningful but twinkly smile. The sarnie she mentioned.

Graham will lean over to listen to the whisperd words from the other a moment. He will nod to her bit when she starts to explain he'll shake his head "It's okay Cooper, and unfortunately true, i'm dealing well the best I know how. I'll let you know if I need anything I promise." which he doesnt know how but that's not to bad said outloud here. He'll look back and take a drink from his cider now before looking to the healers "Thank you, I am as well."

"Oh the bicycle, yes. A friend of mind lent it to me for the day. Though I'd find it amusing, and I did up until the 100th time I fell," Cooper smooths out her messy hair to no avail and pushes up her slipping frames., "Unfortunately it broke down recently and the friend says it can't be repaired. Though I believe there are rental places around London should you be further interested." But to Graham she does give a truly apologetic look to the man, "You do that."
Oh but the revised Screwdriver and her lovely sarnie is set before her, and Cooper's face ignites with delight. "You two are a dream!" she grins to the barmaid and plants and very affectionate kiss on Fabia's cheek. One that seems much more than daughterly or sisterly. And unceremoniously, she picks up the sandwhich and digs in. "So Tessa, what is this I hear about a trip to France?" Her mouth is quite full as she asks.

"Oh, did it?" Kahren asks, sounding disappointed. It's a shame for such a fine contraption to be ruined. She takes a sip of her mulled wine before adding thoughtfully, "But there are rental places…?" Perhaps she will take her Uncle and give it a go, sometime. Take the contraption off somewhere remote where the Muggles won't see them bumbling about - and she can use healing magic if either of them get hurt on the fool thing. "It was called a bicycle?" she repeats thoughtfully.

Tessa's about to move away again to do another round of the pub, but Cooper's question stops her, and her usual friendly but no-nonsense demeanor melts into one that can only be described as 'girlish enthusiasm'. "Oh, did Mrs. Fairfax tell you?" she replies, leaning her elbows against the bar and lolling against it, quite different from her usual erect posture. "It's so kind of her to let me off for a week or so. I've never been further than London," she admits, "and I'd so like to see more of the world. Have you ever been to France?"

Cooper nods her confirmation to Kahren and brightly repeats, "A bicycle." Now that she's well fed and well boozed she can return to her usual bright self. She continues on with her gleeful nomming, washing the food down with the strong orange juice. "I certainly have. How else do you think I learned how to speak?" The question is indeed asked in a fluent French, but she's got manners so she switched back to the King's English. "That is very kind of her indeed. Only I'm a tad concerned about the timing on this. When will you be going?"

The young man will finish up his chips though he's listening around to the other conversations not wishing to be left behind to far anyways. "I recently had to take a muggle record player, to see about being fixed. It's possible they could fix the bicycle?" Graham will offer trying to rejoin and just drop the previous target. He looks back to the server. "A trip across the channel, that sounds wonderful. I'm sure you'll have a blast."

"You can speak French? Oh how delightful!" Kahren answers Cooper in French, smiling at the other woman. Cooper may recall that Kahren had been close friends with a girl born and raised in France from the time she was a first year.
But she likewise switches back to English. "Oh, it would be wonderful if the device could be fixed. It was such a charming and intriguing thing - quite large, though! You ride on it. Like a broom. Though it doesn't fly, of course."

It's lucky for Tessa that Cooper switches back quickly, for of course, she'd no more understand that than were it said in Gobbledygook. Or however you spell that. However, she's looking at Cooper with something akin to awe. "I didn't know you spoke French!" she exclaims, "You sound lovely." She wouldn't know a good accent if it smacked her in the face and stole her wallet, though. "I rather think in a few weeks," she says, "certainly before the Easter holidays. I can't be gone when Billy's here, you know." She then turns to Graham, "Oh, yes, I'm sure I shall. I'm so looking forward to it!" She might say more, but just then, Kahren breaks out her French. "Goodness! Mrs. Fairfax, you'll have to give me some more French lessons so I can keep up with our customers."

The door cracks open, the bell clinging gently as a shorter figure steps quickly inside the Three Brooms. Being inside where it's warm now, Elizabeth suppresses as shiver before she releases the grip on the front of her cloak. Exhaling a small breath, her tiny hands reach up to lightly brush back her hood, releasing a gentle wave of raven locks over her shoulders. Through her round wire frames, she gives the pub a brief glance around, curious.

Cooper nodnodnods more in her confirmation to Tessa and Kahren. "I do! But is was mostly for work really. Say Umbridge, did you have a French chum back in the day?" The last bits of the Sarnie are eaten. My goodness, where did it go? She practically inhaled it all in two seconds. "Mmmm I see. And how long will you be away for? I merely ask because things don't look all too good there. You should be wary of where you go. Is Fabia giving you a list?" And then she pause to blink. "Billy?"

With the sandwich delivered and Cooper's approbation received, Fabia has subsided into her usual state of absolute inutility — nibbling olives off the stick from her martini glass, one at a time, and crunching them between pearly white teeth. But when the subject of France arises, of course she considers that putting her oar in is compatible with snacking. "Oh," she puts in, "she'll be there only a week or so — we thought we'd look in the papers nearer to the time she leaves, to try to get an idea of where she ought to go. It — well," she sighs, "everyone seems to think it might be a girl's last chance to see Paris for rather a while, and wouldn't it be a shame if she missed it?"

"I did," Kahren confirms. "Marie. She's gone back for now - but I'm trying to convince her to come out here for a while." It's obvious she's concerned about the state of France in the current political climate, as well. "She hasn't agreed to it yet, but… I'm hopeful."

Graham will smile "Of course, you will." The young man will say to Tessa in regards to her trip though he's listening silently to the others he will look back out of habit as the door opens this tie admitting a student it would seem at least he is guessing so. He still will give a friendly smile and nod of the head in greeting if he catches a look remembering what it was like to come in here and things so odd.

"Oh! I mean my brother, Billy. He's up at Hogwarts, first year. He comes here on holiday, and I wouldn't dream of subjecting Mrs. Fairfax to his antics without me being there to mitigate them." Of course, really it would be Frid that would be subjected to Billy's antics, as had been the case with the infamous 'enchanted duck' incident. "Yes, just a week, and I shall steer clear of anywhere that mightn't be quite the thing." At this, she glances over the bar at the opening door and spies Elizabeth. "Come in, love!" she calls, somewhat unnecessarily but very genially, "What can I get you?"

Cooper scratches her chin at Fabia. "Yes I suppose it would be. Only I'm concerned with her going alone. Though sometimes that's the best way for a girl to find fun." There's tricky smirk on her face when she says it. "I think perhaps you should have Frid compile a list of destinations, with Fabia's suggestions. My gut tells me, he'd be more familiar with the safer areas." But her back stiffens again at the mention of Billy, "Your … little brother. A little boy? D-does he run around here often?"
Cooper's itchy now. She's so itchy with anxiety that when she answer Kahren, she seems rather distracted. "Oh uhm yes, you should definitely convince Marie to come here. Things don't look all to swell over there right now." So itchy. Perhaps she's read to get clean! "Fabia," she hops off the stool and to her feet, "I think I'm ready for a bath now."

"I'm certainly doing my best," Kahren agrees with Cooper. "And a talented witch like Marie - she'd have no trouble finding a place here." She finishes off the last of her mulled wine, before turning to give the entering student a friendly smile. She has a real fondness for students - so much promise and hope in them.

Tessa nods, "Yes, Frid's sure to know where I should go," she replies, though at Cooper seems to become uncomfortable, her expression turns rather sympathetic. After all, she's had to deal with the young boy all his life. She reaches forward to pat Cooper's hand, but the Auror's already rise, and so she draws it back again, saying instead, "Don't worry, Miss Cooper. He only comes on holidays, and I shall keep him well out of your sight." Well, she can try, anyway!

"Erm…yes. Much appreciated Tessa… thank you for the drink," Cooper clears her throat and straightens out her glasses once again. A tricky, albeit flirty look though is thrown to Fabia and she does indeed hold a hand out to the woman. "Yes, please do." she says. And of course, once she's reclaimed the dancer she will be off for her bath!

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes up in the direction she's greeted from. There's a small pause, but a faint smile touches her lips as she gently dips her chin. "Good afternoon." No students, just adults. Maybe there's something up and about that she's not aware of. Hm. She only ponders this briefly before her hands reach up to lightly brush back her cloak, her feet leading her to the bar. "Um, just a butterbeer please."

Fabia, much diverted, drains her martini (there isn't much left by now, is there?) and sets down the glass in the company of assorted other empties. "You can manage, can't you, Tessa?" she asks anxiously, as though Tessa hadn't already been managing singlehandedly the entire time her boss has been here.

Then she stretches her hand across the bar to Cooper, squeezes her fingers briefly, and jerks her head in the direction of the Staff Only door as she lets go. "Come on, darling," she beams, "bubblebaths don't fill themselves, you know." And off she trots, blithely irresponsible, hand in hand with her Auror friend, who is now distinctly unlikely to make it out of the pub before the morrow.

Graham will nod to Cooper though confused by her discomfort level here he'll turn back properly now to the others still present. "I can always help if she gets overwhelmed otherwise i'm just a bump on a log here." he will say to the owner turning back to Tessa "I dont think you will need my help but offer stands just in case." he will look to the healer next "Hope that the hospital isnt too busy lately?" he says finnaly back as the student approaches "A good choice against the cold." he pauses "Graham Cohen." he'll introduce himself he is really trying to be his friendly self.

"Of course, Mrs. Fairfax," Tessa replies, because, well. Quite. She looks back to Elizabeth, giving her a nod, "You'll have it in a moment, love." She then turns away, grabbing a pint glass and filling it with butterbeer, setting it gently in front of the Hogwarts student. "Here you are, then! That ought to warm you up." As Graham speaks, she laughs, "Thank you, Mr. Cohen, but I'll manage. You ought to have seen us yesterday! Overrun, we were."

"Have a lovely day, Miss Cooper!" Kahren calls after Cooper, before turning her attention to Tessa. "I'm feelin a bit peckish. What have you got to nibble on…? Just a little snack would be lovely."
Towards Graham the woman adds, "Oh, no. The hospital hasn't been any busier than usual. Which - well. Is certainly enough to keep me rather occupied, admittedly. Once more more comfortable in Creature Induced Injuries it should be less of an issue, though."
As Graham introduces himself to Elizabeth, she adds her own introduction. "I'm Kahren Umbridge. Good afternoon."

Elizabeth couldn't help the small smile that flickers across her lips as Tessa greets her, though the Ravenclaw girl is quiet as she slips into one of the seats. As the butterbeer is set in front of her, she takes out a few coins and sets it on the table. "Thank you very much." she says softly. "Winter is far from my favorite season."
Her pale eyes blink up at Graham nearby, another small smile touching her lips. "Elizabeth Dweedle. It's a pleasure to meet you." Those that are familiar with Diagon Alley knows that Dweedle is a familiar enough name. Her father runs a tiny but warm bookshop.

"That sounds like it'd be trying being that busy." Graham says with a grin he glances about an guesses she will be okay but he's been known to help where he thinks he's needed and stuff. The auror will look back to the healer and nod "That's good, well I know that when your days been busy people have bad days so i'm sure nobody wants that." he turns to the student "It's good to meet you Miss Dweedle, I think I know your fathers bookshop I am a rather big fan of books. How are things up at the school it's been a while since i've had reason to visit." he says placing the name.

Tessa returns Elizabeth's smile, scooping up the coins she leaves and dropping them in the till. "I know what you mean," she replies, "I'm quite fond of autumn, myself, but not once it gets too cold." At Kahren's question, Tessa obligingly provides the woman with a menu, "Here you are, then. Just pick whatever you fancy, the kitchen will have it made up for you in a tick."

"That's why I prefer quiet days at the hospital, myself. It does make the shift stretch on when there's not much to do - but I go over medical records, look for ways to improve outcomes for some of the patients… Put the ti me to use." Kahren smiles at Graham, then turns a thoughtful eye to the menu. "Maybe some jam, cheese, and bread?" she muses thoughtfully. Simple fare - but delicious, in her opinion. "I don't suppose there's any fig jam?" she asks Tessa.

Elizabeth hums in such a way that could be mistaken as a pleased chuckle, before she lifts her drink to her lips, taking a small sip. The sweet taste rolls over her tongue pleasantly. She smiles quietly to Kahren and Graham as she listens to the conversation. "I'm rather glad you think so highly of my father's shop." she murmurs quietly.

Kahren's question gives Tessa momentary pause, and she looks thoughtful, tapping her fingers against the bar like she's running through inventory in her mind. "I'll see what we have, how's that?" she replies, giving Kahren a smile before she turns away, heading for the door marked 'Staff Only.' She disappears from sight, presumably to look for the jam.

"Thank you," Kahren says to Tessa warmly, before turning her attention to the girl. "Your father has a bookshop?" she muses thoughtfully. "On Diagon Alley, isn't it? I believe I've been in, as well. I have a certain fondness for books." In fact, a book lies open in front of her - though it appears to be in French.

From behind her mug, Elizabeth's pale eyes watch as Tessa briefly as she heads into the back in search for jam, before her gaze glances back to Kahren. She sips another small moment before the drink is lowered to the bartop. "He does. Dweedle's Wheedles. It's rather a silly name." though she says this with a bit of quiet warmth. "It's a small place. If you had, I'm glad you visited." Elizabeth shifts her gaze to the book that's in front of Kahren. Her pale eyes narrow as she frowns. Though she's not familiar with the book itself… A boy's name? "Amadour?"

After a few minutes, Tessa's back, carrying a platter with a beautifully arranged variety of cheeses and breads, with a pot of jam and a small spoon on the side of the platter. "You're in luck," Tessa says, setting down the platter in front of Kahren, "you've just managed to get the last of it. Won't be seeing much more of that until summer, I'd wager." She glances down to the book, but as she doesn't understand French, as has been established, she doesn't give it more than that glance.

"Ah… yes. Amadour. He's a Muggle boy, fighting in the Great War, who was badly injured. A young witch found him, and is attempting to nurse him back to health - without letting him know about the wizarding world…" Kahren explains briefly. "It's not bad."
As Tessa returns with the tray, her expression brightens, and she gives her a warm and greatful smile. "Oh, lovely. But if that's the case - well. It's much too dear to hoarde, just to myself. You're welcome to have some as well, if you like." She includes, Tessa, Elizabeth, and even Graham in this offer.

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes at Kahren as she listens to the summary of the book, though she couldn't help a small smile. "That does sound romantic…" she murmurs softer. "If only wizard boys could be like that." But then again, boys. You can expect as much from them.

The book summary catches Tessa's attention, as well, and she glances toward Kahren again, a look on her face like she's trying to be nonchalant, but not quite making it there. "Hmm, interesting," she says, though her face belies her tone, and perhaps she has a weakness for just such things, though not in French. Kahren's offer, though, is declined with a wave, "Oh, no thank you, love. I've had enough of it to last me until next February," and she brushes her hands tellingly over her hips, giving the other woman a smile that's clearly meant to convey that she's sure Kahren knows what she means.

"Well. You should never expect too much of /boys/," Kahren says to Elizabeth in wry amusement. "They can be quite helpless, in my experience." She takes a piece of the bread, smearing with first cheese, and then jam, gesturing to Elizabeth. "Do feel free," she invites again, before taking a bite.
She then smiles at Tessa, adding, "I don't think I could survive a whole year without fig jam. How have you been, anyways, Tessa?" After all - the two had gone to school together. Even if they had been in different houses.

Elizabeth blinks at the jam and cheese smeared piece of toast, "Um, no thank you…" she murmurs, trying to smile. Some people just have odd tastes. Both hands cup her drink as she takes another steady sip of her butterbeer, pacing herself as she listens in on the conversation between the women now.

"Oh, I've been well," Tessa replies, for of course, she does know Kahren from her Hogwarts days, if only in passing from some classes. "I've just been here, mostly, myself. And you? I believe I heard Mr. Cohen say that you're working at St. Mungo's?" She smiles, "That's quite impressive. It seems like you've done very well for yourself." The same, perhaps, could not be said of Tessa, although maybe she doesn't mind tending bar.

"Yes, well, it was always my intention to be a healer," Kahren confirms. Before she even started school, to be completely honest. "So I'm just glad it all worked out. And you mentioned your little brother, earlier? He's at school now? Isn't that just marvelous."

"Yes," Tessa replies, "he's up at Hogwarts now, in Gryffindor. He's been up to quite a bit of mischief, but hopefully he'll settle down as he gets older." Dare to dream, Tessa. Dare to dream. "He's enjoying it, though. He's made some friends, which is lovely." Suddenly, a clock chimes, and Tessa turns, looking at the hour. "Oh! I'm sorry," she says, turning to Kahren, "but my shift's over and I really must walk Mrs. Fairfax's dog. Do come in again soon though, won't you?" She gives a smile and a wave to both, before disappearing through the 'Staff Only' door again, this time for good. Another bar wench, though not quite as pretty or as nice as her, arrives to take her place.

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