(1939-03-02) Getting It Back
Details for Getting It Back
Summary: Phil dons her Maggie disguise again and meets up with Tyree who gives Phil (as Maggie) back some of her stolen items. (Tyree is NPC'd by Myst)
Date: 2 March 1939
Location: A dive bar in London
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It's back into the dingy dive bar that Tyree frequents - The apprentice without his Master, as per usual. Tiberius seems to prefer the Dragon, where even the criminals are slightly more upmarket than here. Not that it's a bad place. Tyree has even found himself in a little booth, a hand fishing in one of the many pockets of his loose robes for a cigarette. The remains of a large glass of ale sit before him. His fingers brush up against the jewelry he'd stolen, before he finds the stolen silver cigarette case. It's placed on the table, a cylinder taken from it, screwed into his lips, and lit.

Maggie doesn't turn up at first. But then she hasn't been a steady presence in the bar, although she has turned up enough since their last meeting but always when Tyree seemed to be busy. Still the old man behind the bar has let Tyree know 'that gel was in asking for ya' so at least he was aware of the attention of the woman. When Maggie turns up now in her snug red jumper and hip-hugging skirt, both visible as her coat is unbuttoned, she isn't alone. Traipsing along with her is another leggy blonde. The pair are giggling over something as they come in arm and arm. After the 'robbery' Phil decided to change things a little, she was irritated by Tyree's breaking away from the request to just take her necklace. Irritated because she has had to suffer the well meaning but annoying coddling of her family and fiance since.

It doesn't take long for Tyree to notice the return of the girl he's done this for - The snug jumper and hippy skirt only alluding to what he's certain he's had before, and certain he'll have again. The blonde is an unexpected turn of events… While it's doubtless that she knows 'other people', Tyree doesn't seem to have expected company. While there's a small part of him that seems quite pleased with the potential of the turn of events (Men are pigs), there's a little voice of caution. Sadly, in the wake of what he's /sure/ is a blissful memory, he waves a hand to get her attention.

Maggie spies Tyree and throws a bright red-lipped smile his way. She leaves her friend at the bar and takes her half-pint of lager and heads over to Tyree. "'ello darlin'. I've been lookin' for you. F'ought you might not be real." She giggles and slides in across from him and leans forward, giving Tyree a nice eyeful of her promising physique. The blonde at the bar gives him a little wave but she makes no move to join them at present.

"Aww;" Tyree responds, taking a nice, long look without any trace of subtlety. "I's hopin' that you'd be wantin' to sit beside me. Tell ya what," The greasy haired man takes his ale and drains it, and then beckons across the table. "Lean 'cross. Chin up. Got a present for you." His hand reaches into his pocket, fingering the necklace that he'd stolen earlier. "Bit of shine'd look lovely around your neck."

She giggles, "I thought you might like to look at me." Maggie leans up, placing her palms on the table and leans over pushing her chest much closer to Tyree and his face. Up close as she is he can smell gin on her as well as heavy cloying perfume and cigarette smoke. "'ave ya missed me? I been f'inkin' you forgot me."

"A'course. Bit o'firelight, and a bit less'f these." Tyree plucks at the jumper with his left hand, as his right brings out what he doesn't know is already her necklace. Slid around her neck, it's fastened with nimble fingers, that then trace the gold from either side of her neck, and then follow it all the way down - And then further, to gently, but quite openly stroke the curves of her chest. "Not much I'd not do for a pretty girl and a bit o'coin. Got a little something more though, since I thought'd look pretty on ya."

Maggie coos appreciatively in such a way that he cannot help but think she is enjoying both the gift and the touch. She even shivers a little. Although that is more Phil shivering out of revulsion, she does manage to keep her Maggie face in a smile. As she sits back down again she fingers the necklace. "You be a clever one Tyree." Maggie winks at him and then quaffs some of her lager.

Tyree flicks the next piece of his pocket when she sits back, and tosses it gently into the air. The smile he wears is proud - Silly boy - And then it's held out for her to examine. "Got this off her as well. Thought'd be nicer on your hand - And good friend's you are, might be it'll add to my reward some?" It's… Her engagement ring, of all things. Liberated from her while unconscious, "Merlin knows I'd not want to wait til the motel f'everything." His eyes wander. Openly.

Maggie lets out a little squeal as the ring ends up landing in her lager glass. She raises the glass to eye level and laughs as she looks at the ring and through the glass at Tyree as well. "I f'ink a clever boy like you is gonna get a big fat reward." A glance is given towards the woman who came in with her. "F'at's me mate Lydia. She's gonna be so jealous."

"Why shouldn't she be? Y'everything she ain't." Tyree offers somewhat smoothly. "Ain't sayin' she's not pretty, but there's only one girl here I've taken for." He glances as well, but it returns to Maggie in relatively short order.

Carefully, so as not to choke on the ring, Maggie downs the rest of her half pint and ends up with the ring on her tongue. She opens her mouth and flashes Tyree the diamond and platinum ring that she holds between her teeth, grinning. The ring is taken and put on Maggie's right ring finger. "You coulda sold f'at for a fair few bob," she tells Tyree, sounding surprised that he didn't but also genuinely pleased too.

"Coulda." Tyree smirks, reaching out to stroke an affectionate finger along her hand, stopping at the ring. Huh. It fits perfectly. "Coulda made quite a profit on the necklace too. But a friend asked me for 'em, and so they go straight to a friend. 'Course, compensation doesn't hurt. Whether's the kind on a mattress or currency." A smirk, "But y'look classy as hell right now, Miss Maggie. Will be you'll look a thousand galleons wearing nothin' but your new shine."

Careful to not put it on her left hand, Phil beneath her Maggie make up finds it odd to look at her engagement ring on the wrong finger. She turns her hand over beneath Tyree's and gives his a squeeze. "Wot you doin' tonigh'? I got me some time off, but I promised Lydia I'd go wi'f her to see her old man. He just got out of the clink."

Tyree shakes his head. "No plans." Nothing he couldn't blow off, anyway. He smiles, sympathetically. "Tell y'what. 've had Miss Maggie on my mind since I lifted those pieces of pretty, might be we have a quick catchup in the bathroom so's Lydia ain't late to meet her old man? Y'know EXACTLY how jealous't'll make her." Yep. Pigs. "And might be we meet again later for a few more drinks and an encounter's more proper."

Her eyes widen and Maggie laughs throatily. "Go on f'en. You go make sure ain't nobody else in there and I'll go tell Lyds to wait for me." She strokes the top of her foot up along the inside of Tyree's calf as she runs the tip of her tongue over her red painted upper lip.

"Sounds like a plan." Tyree agrees somewhat enthusiastically - The young man rising, running a hand through short, greasy hair and making his way to the bathroom.

Leaning against a sink in a dive bar for five minutes gives him plenty of time to think. Five more gives him far too much. So before long, the apprentice thief peers out of the door - And finds both Maggie and her friend absent. A scowl, as he slips back into the dive proper, and orders a drink.

The wrong type of screw. That's for certain. But he'll give her until tonight for an explanation. It's unlikely she'll turn up.

And then he'll have to ask Tiberius just how much shit he might have jumped into.

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