(1939-03-07) Tickle Me Teacher
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Summary: Gage tries to get some work done in private, Kirstin's interruption causes consternation, and Mopsus faces the result of his own teaching.
Date: 03/08/1939
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

There isn't many in the commons right now. Those who enter only pass through going to the dormitories or out into the hallway. So Gaige has chosen it for a place to keep to himself, sitting off to the side near a window and directly on the floor. A book is opened, resting in his lap, but there's no way he can be reading it now. A grey bundle of fur is curled up like she owns the place. The feline purrs quite contently, pleased with the attention that he boy is giving her even as she might have interrupted. He doesn't mind though, a slight quirk of his lips in amusement as he strokes a hand over her spine. "Well," he speaks in a heavy Irish accent, "what do you 't'ink? Do you t'ink we'll get caught?" With no one else around him it's clear he's talking to his cat.

Kirstin was, until a moment prior, not really planning on saying anything to Gaige. Now though, … now she has to do something about this perception of being alone Gaige appears to have gotten. She flicks her wand at the cat, her movement accompanied bu the incantation, "Rictusempra." If she manages to pull off her attempt at spellcraft, that cat will be getting tickled.

Sitting here, by the window, with his head lowered Gaige is not very attentive. The passers through are ignored completely as he pets Shadow Mist, who is purring so very loudly. Just purring - there really is no responsive meow to the boy's questioning. But Gaige responds as if the cat had spoken back to him. "Exactly," he says, accent thick as he nods his head. His mouth slips into the beginning of a word, but before he can say anything the feline starts twitching. He doesn't hear the spell from the young girl, so the sudden spasms really freak the fourth year out. Everything just freezes as he inhales sharply, including breathing. Ack! Only a slight exhale before he's sucking in another breath. "You all roigh'? Mist? Mist?" There's a slight hint of a wheezing in his breathing. Panic!

Kirstin isn't a great spellcaster, so the tickling sensation the cat feels is likely to fade very quickly, and firstie responsible for it can't help but giggle a tad when she notices Gaige's reaction. Though that stops right when she notices Gaige is starting to wheeze and genuinely panic, and she heads closer and apologizes, her glaswegian accent easily noticed. "I'm sorry, it's just a tickling charm, it should fade quickly… I hope." She does sound genuinely contrite.

Mopsus's presence is herald by a clack of his staff on the floor and very sound seems to cease all hyjinx, including dispelling of any tickling remnants. "Hogwarts no longer condones the use of pets as practice subjects and potion ingredients Miss Cummins. Mr. Hart, do breath, hmm?" He gives both the students a smile and his hand barely waves about around Mist before he pets the cat gently and in a soothing manner.

Everything seems silent. Not a sound stirs, like a bubble swallowed up every bit of noise. Movement, fire, breathing, everything doesn't reach that bit of his brain. Then there's a giggle, and that seems to cut through it all, causing his head to turn sharply in Kirstin's direction as his eyes widen. He would speak, but all that his wheezing allows is an incomprehensible stutter. A growl follows as he grimaces. Before he even really realises it, the cat is rubbing up against him and meowing. She's fine, but it takes Gaige a little longer to start breathing normally. Clearly vexed, he's scowling when he realises someone is reaching to pet the feline, and the fourth year instinctively scoops her up into his arms, cuddling her up to his chest and scooting over the floor (which causes the book to fall out of his lap). "/Don't/," Gaige snaps as he shoots a look over at Kirstin, but the expression softens as his gaze focuses on her and he lets out a sigh. Then before he can say anything more to the girl, he's suddenly turning his head abruptly when he realises who the hand belonged too. Professor! Snuggling the cat more tightly in his arms, now it's more for his own comfort than protecting that feline, resting his head over the Shadow Mist's.

Kirstin looks down at her feet, "I'm sorry, professor." She still sounds genuinely contrite, though there's a slight, very slight drawing out of the word professor, putting a little bit of focus on the manner of address. If she had just been apologizing for Mopsus's sake, there'd likely have been an attempted whitticism in this statement, but she's just an uncomfortable quietness from the girl now.

Mopsus simply repeats to Gaige in a manner that is both soothing and cautionary. "Breath Mr. Hart." Kirstin's general direction is then turned to. "The wand motion is more a tickle of the air Miss Cummins…" He points one of his fingers out like a wand and gives it a wiggle as if he'd be tickling her if he was closer. His smile growing wider, playful.

A soft meow escapes the cat, lifting her head and licking Gaige's chin as if sensing the boy's uneasiness. In turn, Gaige kisses her head, staring down at the floor. So much for keeping to himself - maybe his dorm is empty. His dark blue eyes rise only when Mopsus begins his explanation to Kirstin, casting a look over to her. His brows furrow as he looks between the young girl and the professor, thoughts running through his head before Gaige finally just snorts and looks away. He turns to look to the window when he suddenly winces, muttering out quietly to himself and glancing to the book on the floor. A book which he doesn't really want a professor to see, ahem. The tall boy suddenly crouches, letting the grey cat leap out of his arms and snatches up the book on ghosts and souls.

Now that she's seated on the floor, Shadow Mist meows softly gives herself a quick shake. She strolls over the floor, tail flicking behind her, meowing vocally as she rubs up against Mopsus' leg.

Kirstin listens to that explanation, her wand still in her hand, "So I move my wand like this." She moves her wand like that, "And say Rictusempra." As she repeats the incantation, she repeats the wand movement. It surely is no coincidence the wand is pointing at Mopsus by now? Surely not. As her attempt at the spell is complete, she glances over to Gaige somewhere after that, but mostly seems glad for the distraction offered by the teacher.

Mopsus giggles at first like a little boy, when the silvery jet comes from Kirstin's wand but then he gains control of himself with a clearing of his throat. He then very subtle squirms. "Better, ahem, yes. Very good." He clears his throat again to mask another building giggle. To distract himself further he tilts to the side and pets Mist. Then the hand lifts to pat Kirstin on the shoulder. "Enjoy your day children." With that he turns about to head back into the Head of House's Chambers leaving the door cracked to denote animals and students alike are free to come in and exit freely.

Gaige quickly picks up the book before the professor can have a good look at it. Then he just freezes, holding his book in front of him and not doing a very good job at concealing it at all as he lets out a grunt. A thought just struck him, remembering that Mopsus can't even /see/ the book, and so his gaze slides over to the man. His eyebrows lower and forehead wrinkles as he just stares at the man curiously. /Can/ he? The boy is silent, but his thoughts are plentiful, until he's suddenly trying to turn off his brain as he shakes his head. Gaige is suddenly very uneasy, concerned even. Concentrating on not thinking, because now he's sure that the professor would be able to sense it or something. His relief comes out when the professor dismisses himself, and Gaige looking over to Kirstin with a scowl on his face. "You're trigger 'appy," mutters the boy in his thick Irish accent.

Kirstin's face forms deep dimples from the wide smile she gives Gaige when that accusation comes, "I'm just having fun." Her own accent is at least equally thick, maybe even worse, Scottish, Glaswegian, with enough to indicate that she probably doesn't speak English with her family. "You're Irish, right? I've been wondering how much Irish Gaelic resembles my Gaelic."

Gaige shoots a glance at the door Mopsus disappeared into. Only a quick glance before he's looking back to Kirstin. His dark blue eyes focus on her, staring at the girl wordlessly but with a familiarity in his eyes. The smile, the enthusiasm, reminds him of one of his closest friends. The corner of his lips twitch, but his shoulders lift an inch in response to her. "Well, Oi got to go," he mutters without saying anything in response to her Gaelic. He stands up to his full height and begins walking to the stairs, and he mutters out, "Slan," in Gaelic. Different dialect to be sure, developed on the island, but surely similar. He gestures to the cat as he goes, and both disappear up the stairs.

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