(1939-03-08) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 02 - Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 02 - Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff
Summary: Ravenclaw plays Hufflepuff in the second quidditch game of 1938 - 39.
Date: March 8, 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands, Hogwarts
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The Ravenclaw Team


The Hufflepuff Team


In the Stands


Usually Gaige doesn’t come down to watch the games, but when there are people that he’s concerned about playing, well… The fourth year has trudged his way towards the field, but he takes one of the stands that are barely lifted off the ground. It’s more difficult to see up in the sky surely, but he doesn’t have to know what’s going on. The boy is simply here to make sure nothing terrible happens.

Kirstin has for some reason taken a seat next to Gaige's, and she glances at the boy next to her, "Hey." Then her eyes return to the field, she's clearly excited. "We're gonna win, right?"

Angelus walks coolly up onto the stands, his chin lifted importantly as he scans the crowd. He is dressed neatly in uniform, but his robes are very high quality as they swirl around his form. He makes his way up to the very top, up to the best seats, followed by a couple of acquaintances. A hum escapes him as he steps onto the row of seats, lifting his head in greeting to the others already there and gesturing to the empty seats that have been saved specifically for him. He sits down, ready to be a speculator in this game.

Gaige is busy focusing on not paying attention onto where he is, so confusion knits his brows together when he’s addressed to. “What?” he mutters, his brows lowered as he turns his head to glance at Kirstin. He snorts in response to her question, silently lifting his shoulders an inch before he looks down at his self.

Artemis is wearing special robes for the game. Yellow and black falls around her, the underside of her sleeves longer and trailing around as she moves her arms. The fabric itself is mildly sparkly and gathered at the sides in decoration. In her hands she holds onto yellow pom-poms, which are laced with black, and as she chooses a place in the stands shakes them above her head. “Let’s plaaaaaay!”

“Let’s fly, let’s soar, let’s go, go, go!”

Anemone slowly wonders in all bundled up to keep warm, a scarf around her next in her houses colors and sits down on a bench next to her fellow classmates, and looks around the pitch smiling softly drawing her cloak a little closer keeping nice and warm.

On the pitch, Levi has kicked off as the game starts, as is often the case the start of the game is spent getting the feel for the play style and circling while his sole focus of finding the snitch can be accomplished. The sixth year keeps his head swivled things seemingly fairly even at least for the moment and he'll continue circling keeping his eyes peeled.

On the pitch, AND THEY'RE OFF! Elise, along with her fellow Ravenclaw teammates, zooms into place. Once the quaffle is in the air she aggressively goes for it, doing her level best to grab it from the air before anyone from Hufflepuff can get it, first.

Kirstin shrugs at Gaige's response, and instead looks more at the game. It seems things have started, so she's looking at the game, trying to figure out what's going on and occasionally shooting a competitive smirk towards any Hufflepuffs who happen to be near her.

On the pitch, Getting up into the air, Alexei doesn't seem to get hold of the Quaffle, so he turns to mark one of the other Ravenclaws, working on keeping that one out of the game while his fellow Chasers move in for the steal.

On the pitch, The seeker for Hufflepuff loses his focus a moment while getting caught up in the play going on. Levi turns sharply to continue the way he'd been meaning to head. He is more sure now to keep his attention on his task now.

On the pitch, Unfortunately, Elise's aggressive approach doesn't serve her well, and she completely misses the quaffle. Someone jostles her, or maybe it's just the wind - either way, she's a tiny thing and for several seconds she loses her balance on her broom, teetering to one side until she can get upright once again. It's a close thing, and she decides to try a more defensive approach this time around.

On the pitch, After having played the shadow game for a little while, Alexei moves in for a steal, managing to get the Quaffle free, but then losing it again now. There's a few muttered words as he moves to try help regaining it, more aggressively now.

On the pitch, Hooch flies around the pitch in her white and black striped robes. Her short blond hair fluttering in the wind that whips about her. "10 points for Hufflepuff!"

Artemis shakes her pom-poms, pumping the air as she cheers. “Good job, Hufflepuff! Yes, yes, yes! Whooooo!”

On the pitch, Levi has better luck this time with paying attention and being able to try and help his team win, and is able to keep his eye on what he needs to do though still not finding what he's looking for. The seeker for Hufflepuff turns to catch a glance on the other seeker a moment before he turns once again he'll gain some altitude to try and get a better overview of the field.

On the pitch, Moving in a bit more aggressively, Alexei gets the Quaffle, but once more fumbles it, moving to try blocking the path of one of the Ravenclaw chasers now. Muttering darkly to himself.

On the pitch, Elise pulls up next to whomever has the Quaffle, jostling to get closer, looking for her chance to grab it so she can bring it to the hoops and score. Then Alexei drops it, and she dives for it, hand outstretched…!

Kirstin sighs when Hufflepuff scores first, and gets up from her seat to yell something intended to encourage the Ravenclaws. … whether that's successful is another matter.

Loudly, Kirstin says, "Don't let the badgers dig your grave, fly proud ravens, be brave!"

Gaige just sits there quietly and sullen, staring up into to the sky with a permanent grimace on his face. He bites his bottom lip nervously.

Artemis dances a little, or at least what she can do with the space she has. She twirls and shakes her rump, giggling as she shakes her pom-poms. She pumps a single pom-pom overhead, followed by the other, as she chants. "Let's fly, let's soar, let's go, go, go! Little but fierce, that a girl, Harper! Keep at it, Moscovitz, you can do it! No giving up, Esmond! Whooooooo!"

On the pitch, Gabriel sees Elise dive for the quaffle and speeds ahead, jockeying for position to be clear for a pass if Elise finds herself in trouble or if there's an opportunity to pass the quaffle forward to advance it down the field.

On the pitch, The sixth year circles high above the game trying to find the snitch though no such luck from here he continues to keep his head swiveling back and forth. Levi will dive back down lower to see if maybe it's hovering low for the time being. He doesn't really want to be in the thick of it but just below the action so he can continue seeking.

On the pitch, "Oh no…" Alexei begins, in English as he sees Elise diving for the Quaffle, and he goes into a similar dive to attempt to interfere with her catch now. Moving fast, and perhaps a bit on the reckless side.

Artemis draws her pom-poms in, hugging her arms close to her as she stands completely still. Her eyes are intently on the action of the game, drawing in a breath as she watches the chase for the quaffle. “Oh, do be careful,” she murmurs out in concern.

On the pitch, Levi scoops back up and has to swerve to dodge a bludger, he is still looking and the corner of his eye catches a glint he turns towards it quickly though when he flies to see what it is at break neck speed of course, its simply the glint of something in the stands. This is undoubtedly a let down for fans who might have thought he'd seen the snitch however he's still seeking it turning quickly and flying back at the other direction.

On the pitch, Gabriel hits the breaks (metaphorically speaking) and smiles as one of the Hufflepuff chasers zooms by and then he speeds back up, keeping the passing lane between himself and Elise open.

Artemis gasps, gripping the handles of the pom-poms tightly. “Oh, good for you, Esm-“ She cuts off with a blink, blushing when it appears the Seeker is not pursuing anything. “Er, that’s okay!”

Sitting up high in the stands, Angelus is watching the game, following the plays. He doesn’t particularly cheer, but he does flinch when the bludgers get close to or actually hitting someone, humming thoughtfully. A smirk slips across his lips, letting out a chuckle as he says to the boy beside him, “Clearly no challenge for someone of my level.” He chuckles.

Kirstin watches the game, really trying to understand what's going on and which side is winning, though to her it seems that things should've been going better. Fortunately, she didn't hear what Angelus said.

On the pitch, Levi is still looking of course and only catching a bit of the action now though things seem to get more and more desperate as time goes on. He'll take a few more chances on the level of play ducking and dodging some while he tries to look before pulling up high to be able to take his time.

On the pitch, Gabriel ducks and dodges, swerving in and out of 'traffic' as the action moves back and forth along the pitch.

On the pitch, Hooch blows on her whistle with a smile, "Hufflepuff, 40! Ravenclaw, 20! Good game!"

On the pitch, Hooch continues to fly around enjoying the good clean game going on around her.

On the pitch, Hooch calls out, "50! 50 points to Hufflepuff!" when another quaffle sails through a hoop.

On the pitch, So the score could be better for the Ravenclaws, and Elise knows this. She's pretty quick with the math. Which means she's got to score. She and the other chasers on the team. She tries to catch Gabriel's eye… which might contribute to the way she narrowly misses a passing Hufflepuff who then scores. "Augh!" she cries, purely in frustration.

Kirstin frowns as she hears her house falling further and further behind, and she gets up in her stand to yell at the team, she might be getting a little agitated.

Loudly, Kirstin says, "What are you guys doing down there?! Yer supposed to be trashing them Badgers!"

On the pitch, Alexei smiles as he hears the score announced. He's not quite succeeding in doing much at the moment, aside from flying around the other team's players, and being a distraction to them.

On the pitch, Levi flies about the pitch another lap before he pulls up coming to a stop, above things so he can scope out the scene at hand. He's not had a glimpse of the snitch yet but he's still trying that's for certain as he's looking each area of the pitch over in turn for any sign.

Artemis cheers excitedly every time one of the teams scores, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw alike. She beats her pom-poms in the air, shrieking out energetically. “Let’s fly, let’s soar, go, go, go! Way to go, Badgers! Don’t fret it, Eagles, hang on in there!”

On the pitch, Gabriel seems to have decided that matching the rest of his teams attitude on the pitch will work best. His playing becomes noticeably more defensive as he stops ranging far ahead of the team keeping in closer formation, allowing for shorter, safer passes and making it easier for the Beaters to defend him and everyone else from the bludgers.

On the pitch, Moving forward again, Alexei seems to manage to hold on to the Quaffle for a few moments again now, and even pass it onwards a bit better than earlier. Aside from that, he works on being as much of a distraction to the other team as he can, making sure his teammates can get the chances now.

On the pitch, Elise does her best to stay in synch with Gabriel - after all, they've practiced long hours together for just such an occasion.

Gaige isn’t particularly concerned with score. He’s not even really watching the main action of the game, so he’s definitely missed goals for sure. He has no idea what the score of the game is as his dark blue eyes are locked intently on one particular player, his shoulders quite tense as he watches Ravenclaw’s Seeker. All cheering around him is ignored; he doesn’t even give Kirstin a look, barely even hears her.

On the pitch, Levi sits still for the moment still scanning over things, though still seeing nothing for the moment though at least the other seeker also doesn’t appear to be having any luck either. The sixth year decides that this tactic isn’t working and pushes his broom forward again to begin more actively seeking again.

On the pitch, Focusing so much on flying as part of the team doesn't seem to be working well for Gabriel. He's pays so much attention to his place on the pitch that he misses a few passes, fumbling the quaffle and having to dive for it or loosing it to the other team. And as usual this makes him just try harder, which makes his formation flying suffer.

On the pitch, Annnnnnd, Gabriel gets the Quaffle! Elise is eager to protect him from bludgers or Hufflepuffs, but once he fumbles it she goes after it herself, only to be beaten to the ball by the other team.

On the pitch, Hooch announces the current score after a blow of her whistle, "Hufflepuff: 110! Ravenclaw: 80! The snitch is elusive as ever. Good luck teams!"

On the pitch, The sixth year, finally spots the snitch, but catches eyes with the opposing seeker who also sees it. He spurs his broom onwards at the same time and finds it to be a tough battle each trying to occupy the same bit of airspace. It seems there will be some bumping and nudging for position. Levi will push the broom the bit harder going into a steep climb with the other right beside and into a dive finally he reaches out and just by finger-tip length is able to get his hand around the tiny golden ball and secure it only then does he slow. He grins broadly though holding the snitch up a moment before he'll move to join his team.

On the pitch, It's turning out to be a frustrating game for Elise, tonight, but she still tries her best to catch the quaffle and throw it through the hoops — right up until Levi catches the snitch. Her shoulders droop, though behind her goggles it would be hard to see disappointment. "Congratulations," she tells the Hufflepuffs as she passes them. "Good game." Ah, well, there will be other games.

On the pitch, As Gabriel returns to paying attention to his overall playing instead of his formation flying his performance once again improve, even teaming up with Elise for a couple of good passing runs ending in both of them scoring goals. And another run is in progress when a cheer goes up from the Hufflepuff side of the stands as Levi edges out Idrissa for the snitch. Letting out a big sigh, Gabriel turns around and like Elise starts to congratulate the Hufflepuff players.

On the pitch, Yes, he's played badly today, and he knows it. And so Alexei keeps quiet at the moment, unable to hold back a smile as the Snitch is caught, looking a bit relieved as he looks around. "Good work, all," he finally says, nodding to the Ravenclaws as well now. "Thank you."

On the pitch, Hooch blares her whistle for the final time to signal the end of the game once the snitch has been claimed by Seeker Levi, "Game Over! Hufflepuff WINS! 280 to Ravenclaws, 110! Excellent sportsmanship! House Points to all. Well done!"

On the pitch, Levi turns on his way back to the opposing team "Good game, hard fought really." He isn’t really a gloating sort and it was a rough game all the way around.

Artemis pumps her pom-poms ecstatically, squealing aloud as the whistle is blown. “You did it! You did it!” And then then rolling and twirling the pom-poms in more of a beat, she sings, “Hurray, Badgers, you won the game, you fought well and saw it through!” There’s a pause as she draws in a breath, and then shakes her pom-poms for Ravenclaw. “It’s all right, really it is. Eagles fought well, they’ll surely win the next one!”

A smug smile slips across Angelus’ lips. He’s satisfied, nodding his head once. He turns to the students he’s sitting with. “Neither is a match for a Star like me.” And he chuckles, drawing in a breath as he sticks out his chest. His blue eyes twinkle and he smirks, standing up from his seat. “Time to go, then,” he murmurs and starts to head down from the stands.

Kirstin sighs and gets up, "I guess that's it then." She heads off, looking a bit disappointed, but otherwise not seeming to care too much about having lost.

Win. Lose. Gaige simply relaxes when the game is called. The corner of his lips quirk a little as he stands up. Time to leave. He doesn’t waste any time on getting out of the stands, but he’s very careful to stay away from the edge despite the railing.

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