(1939-03-09) Detention Star
Details for Detention Star
Summary: Kirstin talks to Elise about Astronomy, other classes and her reasons for getting detention.
Date: 9 March, 1939
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

It's evening, about an hour past dusk, and Kirstin is lying on the floor, looking clearly at the sky beyond the roof. On top of her lap she has some parchment, which is mapping out constellations and the locations of planets. This makes what she's doing look suspiciously much like homework for Astronomy class, and perhaps it is.

Homework? In the Ravenclaw common room? UNHEARD OF! Well, actually, just the opposite. Elise, in fact, is just coming in from the corridor outside, still dressed in her Quidditch gear, pink-cheeked from practice on the pitch. Her Ravenclaw-themed custom broom is in excellent shape, which cannot be said for her hair, which is doing a fairly good imitation of a bird's nest.

Kirstin spots Elise coming into the common room, just from the corner of her eyes, and after she jots down another star on her parchment, she says, "Shame we didn't win, do you think we'll do better the next game?"
"It was fairly awful," Elise agrees, her shoulders drooping. "We really tried but… the Hufflepuffs just were the better team, yesterday." As to the question, the little girl shrugs. "We'll certainly give it our best," she promises. She glances between the girl's parchement and the ceiling. "Homework?" she asks.

Kirstin yots down another dot, and writes a couple things on it, "Yeah. It's not my favorite subject, but I wouldn't want to ignore it." The girl has a very clear glaswegian accent to her English, "I'm Kirstin Cummins, if you didn't know yet." Girl's a bit of a known troublemaker.

"Astronomy's a good on," Elise agrees. "Even Muggles study it, did you know that?" Clearly she has no idea that Kirstin is Muggle-born. She sits in one of the chairs and carefully lays her broom across her lap, then bends over it to inspect it for wear and tear. From a pocket she produces her broom care kit. "My favorite is probably Herbology, though."

And it seems Kirstin feels no need to let Elise know that right now, "I know." She doesn't really care, which could be mistaken either for a 'who cares about muggles of all people?' and a 'of course I know.' Either way, the next thing gets a stronger response, "Herbology and potions are my best subjects, I think like Herbology better, it's so easy to make sketches a part of your notes there."

Elise nods. "I do try sketching," she says. "But I'm not very good at it, myself." There's a bit of a shrug, and she glances up toward the girl before going back to inspecting her broom. "How are you liking your first year, here?" she asks.

Kirstin replies easily, "It's fun, would be more fun without all the detention." Which was all well deserved, "I'm not looking forwards to exams, though. I can probably get decent grades easily, but I don't want to settle for decent, you know?"

"Detention?" Elise repeats, lifting her head to blink at the younger girl. "Whatever for?" As to the last part, Elise nods. "Of course not," she agrees. "That's what studying is good for, though. But even Ravenclaws sometimes get less than an O."

Kirstin siiighs, "Casting spells in the hallways, being out at night, making rude sketches of teachers, playing pranks on teachers, playing pranks on my classmates, swapping out someone else's ingredients in potions class, cussing out Prickle…"

Elise's eyes get a bit wider at every transgression Kirstin lists. "Oh," she says quietly. She nibbles on her lip for a bit, then bends over her broom again. Clearly, the girl has no idea what to say to Kirstin's wild shennanigans.

Kirstin giggles at Elise's reaction, "I haven't even listed any of the things I should've gotten detention for but didn't because I wasn't caught." She says after a few moments of giggles, "I'd be lying if I didn't deserve every bit of detention I got, though I did not always deserve it for the reason they thought I deserved it."

"Well… alright," Elise says, reserved, and looking a bit prim and proper even in spite of her wind-mussed hair. She seems at a loss for what to say. "I should… probably get to the girl's room," she says, standing slowly.

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