(1939-03-14) Financial Advice
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Summary: Rhyeline seeks out Hector for financial advice. It would seem the girl is hoping to invest her small fortune and will be soliciting applications from those who need funding to start businesses.
Date: Friday, March 14, 1939
Location: Carrow Investment Services LTD

The evening fog has rolled in causing windows to begin to drip with moisture as the office of Hector Carrow is warm in contrast. The man sits alone at his desk and seems to be working on a case, or a customer, or something else much more sinister. It's hard to tell since it's nothing but upside down papers to anyone who walks in. He is smoking a cigarette and his shirt is unbuttoned, his tie lays across the back of his chair, and his expression is impassive as he concentrates on his work. All in all, this is very typical of where one might find Hector on a late night.

To work up the courage to climb the steps leading to Hector Carrow's office took the better part of a quarter of an hour. Hands clasped tight behind her back, she wavers outside his door. She shouldn't be here. She knows this. Bailey would be so displeased with her. But, the little moth's curiosity has gotten the better of her. Taking a deep breath, she knocks faintly.

— "Come in." The voice is booming and confident like that of a school principle calling in a student whom has been waiting outside his office. His soft bronze eyes peer upward through the smoke in order to watch the door open and learn just who has come to see him at this hour in the evening.

Rhyeline's pulse quickens. Like a rabbit caught in the shadow of a hawk, the little one stands frozen for a moment. Seconds pass, but at last the handle slowly turns and Rhyeline peeks into his office. Her eyes shine with an edge of caution.

— At the sight of the woman Hector slowly stands to greet her, however he does not move from behind his desk. "Ms Diderot." His deep baritone voice echoes in the empty office as he waves her to come inside and sit down. Clearly the man assumes that since she is here at his office that this visit is business oriented. "Please sit. What can I do for you tonight." The man avoids the use of terms like 'this late hour' knowing full well that she sleeps just about as often as he does.

Rhyeline approaches, hands clasped tight behind her back. Upon reaching the chair, she places her hands upon the arms to slowly ease herself down. The little one's gaze remains fixed upon his eyes as she murmurs, "Forgive me for- for not sending you an owl. But… I was wondering if- if I could ask… financial advice…"

— As she comes closer Hector smiles in that thin manner and slows sinks to his own seat at the same time she takes hers. When her asks her question the man shakes his head. "You may not. You can pay me for adivce, since it would be ridiculous of me to give away my advice for free. It is how I may a living afterall." His expression softens however and he smirks, taking a drag of his cigarette before pointing to the silver case sitting on the table between them. Offering her one. "But…" He says as he exhales, "The better question to ask a man in my line of work is to consider providing you with advice on a particular financial interest that you are currently investigating."

Rhyeline blinks at his correction before shifting her gaze to the offered cigarette. Leaning forward, she reaches and accepts one. "Forgive me…" she murmurs with a nod. "I should have been more precise," she murmurs, settling back in her chair once the cigarette is lit. She brings it to her lips for but a moment. "I would like to pay you for… general advice on- on how I might best cultivate the small fortune that I inherited… How to make sure the funds do not simply dwindle over the years…"

— As Hector seems to consider this his eyes look her over, taking in the much more timid state she now displays to him. It's a stark constrast from the last time they met in the dress shop. "I can do that. Did you have anything of interest in mind? Since we are currently at war there are a multitude of natural resource options availible. Steel, coal, and oil are the most lucrative right now. Investing in mines or drilling sites can be a good start." Tilting his head now with a smirk he also adds, "However if your aims are more patriotic then there is always War Bonds." That last comment sounds suspiciously like a joke.

"I… I had thought to invest in… in research… or help open businesses," murmurs Rhyeline in a hushed, almost apologetic tone. Her cheeks have grown a bit warm as she betrays how deep her ignorance goes in such matters.

— Once again Hector appears to consider this change of direction as his head tilts back and forth. As he looks back to her he chuckles mildly and shrugs, "Research and new Businesses end up being closer to simply spending money than investing in. However, if your wealth is great enough that you don't require a steady income then these don't really fall under the umbrella of requiring an Investment Advisor." At this point however the man leans forward and looks directly at the woman, meeting her gaze. "However, should you make sound financial decisions that net your profits on a recurring basis if you choose not to reinvest in similarly lucrative options and instead invest in Research or other more furtive endevors… you would not be operating at a loss." Hector Carrow smiles and leans back. "Sometimes the long view of your own future can be the soundest of investments."

Rhyeline brings the cigarette to her lips. The breath she draws stills in her chest as Hector leans closer. It isn't until he leans back that she lets it out, coughing a bit. The subtle blush deepens as she nods, blinking back moisture in her eyes. "Y-yes… I… I understand that- that extractive industries at this time are lucrative… and important… but… with increasing tensions, I- I am cautious of relying on the stability of- of foreign markets…"

— "And during wartime if your local business is bombed, or your research fails to provide the intended results, is that any more unstable?" Hector stops himself and holds up and hand, as if to stop her has well. "I apologize. I am getting ahead of myself. You came to me with an idea already in mind so please do tell me about it. I will let you know if it's something I can help you with or not."

"How much can I expect your services to cost?" asks Rhyeline, peeking up at him as she takes a small draw from the cigarette. The smoke flows slowly from her parted lips.

— "That would depend on the level of involvment you want from me. Would you simply want me to consult on possible investments? Or would you rather that I be entrusted with a portion of your wealth to invest in the ventures you dictate and manage those investments on a regular basis?"

"I… for the moment, perhaps- a simple consultation… I am ignorant in such matters and- and I am simply looking for advice." Rhyeline tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear, shifting in her seat. "I would like to open doors for others… but in such a way that- that does not drain it away."

— For a moment Hector is silent, as if expecting more details. When they don't come he chuckles again and smiles. "Ms Diderot, I can't even begin to assume anything if I don't know the two details that make my job possible…" Another pause before he finishes by saying, "How much… and… for what?"

"Forgive me… I- I am not accustomed to speaking in specifics in such matters," murmurs Rhyeline, lowering her gaze as her cheeks burn with warmth. "I would like to invest in wizarding entrepreneurial ventures in the United Kingdom… and… I have about a thousand Galleons to administer…"

— "Have any of these ventures provided you with a portfolio? Any sort of long term benifits or profit projections?" Hector becomes serious enough to place his finished cigarette in the nearby ashtray. His hands now clasping over his chest as he leans back. "Usually a prospective investor would expect some sort of return on their investment."

"I… I do not have a specific venture in mind. But… I thought to- to perhaps… solicit applications… and- and then I- I could provide capital to- to the venture with the most sound portfolio." Biting her lower lip, Rhyeline peeks up at Hector like a student, hoping she got an answer correct in an oral exam.

— Once again Hector leans back, while this time opening his arms as if to approve in a very general manner. "That is the general idea of investments, yes. If you do come into possession of these portfolios please feel free to bring them back for my consideration and advice. Until then, I can only speculate on your intentions."

"But… so… this seems… a sound possibility?" murmurs Rhyeline, tilting her head with a tentative look of hope.

— Once again Hector shrugs. "Again, I cannot even speculate." Standing now the man motions for her to do so as well, lifting a hand toward the woman. "Thank you for considering Carrow Investment Services." It would seem that Hector is a very professional person while in his office, which might make one wonder about the difference in the man when not 'on the clock'.

Rhyeline nods, rising slowly. She snuffs the cigarette in the ashtray. "Thank you, Mr. Carrow… I appreciate your advice and- and your time. Please… send a bill to my flat…" She takes a small step back.

— Hector comes around the desk and walks the woman to the door. "I haven't done anything yet, so there is no bill required at this point." The door opens and Hector stands aside for the woman to leave. "If there is anything else you need, please feel free to send an owl next time. I can come to you instead if that would be more comfortable."

Rhyeline peeks up at him and after a moment of hesitation, nods. "Thank you, Mr. Carrow… Once I am sorting through portfolios, I- I will be sure to send you an owl… Good evening." And with that, hands clasped tight behind her back, she turns and slips out of his office.

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